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Mar 10

Mar 10

PlayStation Move Ape Escape Coming This Summer

Kumi Yuasa's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

I’m excited to announce that the next chapter of the Ape Escape franchise will be heading to PlayStation Move this summer in PlayStation Move Ape Escape. As a new title designed exclusively for PlayStation Move, this is the first time that this fun-filled series will join the PS3 family in North America.

Fun and accessible for gamers of all ages, get ready to dive into 15 new levels and watch your PlayStation Move controller transform into an assortment of gadgets while you scoop, swat, and target monkeys in pursuit of Specter, the leader of the monkey invasion.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

You’ll also be able to capture over 500 Monkeys and keep track of them all with your very own “MonkeyPedia”.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

And, challenge your friends with wacky mini-games including Tag Rally, Slingsnipe! and Sprayzer Defense Force.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

PlayStation Move Ape Escape will be available in the US via PlayStation Network. We’ll be back with more on the game soon, so stay tuned!

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saveur said:

March 10th, 11:44 am

As someone who’s a huge Ape Escape fan but doesn’t own the Move, I would love to hear news about Ape Escape 4, or an Ape Escape HD collection!

spideyal said:

March 10th, 1:29 pm

If this is the same game that I downloaded off the Japanese PSN then I am SO down to buy this. It’s amazingly fast paced and full of fun times.

There are only a few games I really enjoy for PSMove, and this is one I was hoping to be able to play. Glad to see it being released overseas.

KIT-_-KAT said:

March 10th, 2:01 pm

lokks good! If i supports 4 players and up then i might buy it.

maddymad said:

March 10th, 2:21 pm

Sweet! Love to play this game. I own Moves and I would love to see more fun games…

KILLZONE79 said:

March 10th, 2:37 pm

loved the PS1 game, never got to the PS2 version though

PhantomOfPanton said:

March 10th, 2:46 pm

Never really played Ape Escape, but I can’t wait for this one :D

Einhander138 said:

March 10th, 3:12 pm

So Europe gets a disc, we get shafted with PSN.

Instead of getting Ape Escape 4, we get a gimmicky, on rails shooter.

Jesus Sony, are you *trying* to kill every franchise?

@45 There’s absolutely no reason for this not to be on Blu-Ray in NA except for Sony being cheap.

TapDatApp said:

March 10th, 3:43 pm

Move seems like a great match for Ape Escape and as someone who has never played the series, but always wanted to, this seems like a great introduction for me!

However, please someone confirm that this name is “Subject to Change”. “Heroes on the Move” was nice and punny, then someone who doesn’t like fun changed it to the ULTRA bland “PlayStation Move Heroes”, however, “PlayStation Move Ape Escape” is even worse. I understand that PlayStation is desperately trying to just promote the new device itself, but this is not okay to butcher a great game’s title like this for sake of product awareness.

ClassicSpyroFan said:

March 10th, 3:44 pm

Finally another game that makes me want to get the PlayStation Move (PlayStation Move Heroes being the other one) Keep it up!! this year is legend for PlayStation!! O, and thanks for putting it out in the summer!! But how much will it be? Most of the PlayStation Move only games start out at $39.99.

Justp94 said:

March 10th, 3:44 pm

Diddy Kong?

Egz-Onine said:

March 11th, 1:26 am

Sounds great! I love the Ape Escape series. Will this require the navigation controller as well?

Elvick_ said:

March 11th, 7:28 am

Get us Ape Escape 4 news.

Fury Fury is great, but I’d rather have a real Ape Escape than an onrails game.

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