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Mar 18

Mar 18

Japan Tsunami Appeal On PSN

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO


It’s been over a week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, inflicting serious loss of life and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The Japanese people, together with support and compassion from the global community, are beginning what will be a long recovery process.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, and so we’ve heard firsthand of the disaster’s impact from our colleagues and friends. As we here in America watch the tragic events that continue to unfold, you might be left thinking, “Is there any way I can help?”

Sony Group is aiding the recovery through financial contributions and donations of radios, batteries and other equipment that can be used in the relief efforts. Today we’re making it possible for you to contribute directly to the earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts through a medium you’re already quite familiar with – the PlayStation Network.

You can make donations in the amount of $2, $5, $10, $25 and $50 from your wallet in the PlayStation Store. With your donation, you’ll get a free theme for your PlayStation 3. In order to make a donation, go to the “Aid Japan” area under the New Releases category on the PlayStation Store.

It’s important to note that your contributions will go directly to the American Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. Every penny donated will go to the fund, which supports emergency relief and recovery efforts, including deploying personnel, sending relief supplies and providing financial resources.

Many gamers in particular feel a special bond with Japan, even if they’ve never traveled there personally. Its ingenuity and innovation have shaped our industry, and its culture and style have brought a sense of community across the world.

Please join us now in helping the Japanese people during this great time of need. Together we can have a significant impact on the relief process.

For more information on Sony’s support of the relief efforts, visit http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/groupcsr.html.

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Blkant said:

March 18th, 1:51 pm

Awesome, simply awesome. :)

Destiny89 said:

March 18th, 1:52 pm

Very amazing way to help out people in Japan, thanks Sony, this is a great idea and i wish a quick recovery for Japan

TrueFFVIIFan said:

March 18th, 1:52 pm

Wished you would’ve talked about that FIRST when disaster event occurred. Not now. Why wait? Why not put up your favorite donation on this blog for people to make a small donation toward to help Japan? I don’t see that on here, but on different websites.

But at least, I hope that people over there in Japan are doing okay, despite they had to experience trauma firsthand. Pray that everything is okay.

ReaverLime21 said:

March 18th, 1:52 pm

Awesome Idea :)

athlete420 said:

March 18th, 1:54 pm

thats pretty cool, I’ll definately donating what I can

Zookey said:

March 18th, 1:55 pm

Great idea–will be buying it later today!

ioanina said:

March 18th, 1:58 pm

Thanks for committing this act of help for us, Sony! Now I will be sure to do donations for the people in Japan. May the donations provide a nice recovery!

Fryed_Mustard said:

March 18th, 2:00 pm

I was waiting for a chance to donate some money to help, I’m glad that Sony is doing this its a great idea!

reson8er said:

March 18th, 2:00 pm

While there is no shortage of ways to donate, I am particularly happy that I can make another donation via the PSN.

Thanks for this, and my thoughts go out to our fellow human beings in the land of the rising sun effected by the ongoing crisis.

VofEscaflowne said:

March 18th, 2:01 pm

Is this option not available in Canada? I just checked the store and don’t see anything. Regardless, I plan on making a donation to them anyway.

XMbeaner said:

March 18th, 2:01 pm

I submitted an idea like this on PSBlog share. Good to see you are doing something with it.

cronqvist said:

March 18th, 2:01 pm

Thanks for making a little bonus available for those who care. I’ve already made some donations, but helping a little more and getting a nice theme in the process doesn´t hurt anyone.

Hachimitsu-Boys said:

March 18th, 2:01 pm

I thank all cooperating all of you from Japan.

jimfear said:

March 18th, 2:01 pm

Great idea.

SilverPR said:

March 18th, 2:03 pm

Good Sony, we the good people that DOESN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT A DELAY will help to the cause. Thanks Sony for giving a great option to give back to those in need.

prince1hit-ko said:

March 18th, 2:03 pm

forget cod black ops dlc gona help japan

j-eye-s said:

March 18th, 2:03 pm

definitely a great idea!

sufficator said:

March 18th, 2:04 pm

@Jack Tretton- Just a quick question- is this available on the EU store aswell? Thanks :)

utopianacht said:

March 18th, 2:04 pm

thank you PSN for giving us this nice option..!!


March 18th, 2:05 pm

I’ve already donated to the Red Cross for Japan, but I still think this is a great idea. We spend hundreds, some of us even thousands each year on our gaming habits; sacrificing a few bucks towards a good cause should be an easy decision.

mikedo2007 said:

March 18th, 2:05 pm

I wish I had some money to donate to help Japan. I don’t have any money in my PS wallet. But 1+ kudo to you for doing this. Many people in the anime industry are doing like this. Japan has a special place in my heart.

djspinal said:

March 18th, 2:06 pm

Good show, good show!

CaruthK said:

March 18th, 2:07 pm

I just did it… Its not much but I’m glad to help in any way I can..

Angelshadow_7 said:

March 18th, 2:07 pm


only ONE question: Its an animated Theme? This wont change my mind of course just wanna know

Balargon said:

March 18th, 2:08 pm

Thank you Sony for this great initiative. I will donate today. =)

Dumad said:

March 18th, 2:08 pm

Nice!!! Mix my hobby of gaming and helping… Without doubt the first thing I will do as soon I get out of the office.

ArchAngelMai said:

March 18th, 2:09 pm

Donated and Installing theme! Thanks Sony for the small incentive to support a great cause! My brother and his family live in Japan and they’re having a hard time with their apartment destroyed!

ElektroDragon said:

March 18th, 2:11 pm

I already donated and got my donation matched at CheapAssGamer, but I will donate AGAIN because this is an excellent idea, and I like the Theme. Thanks again, Sony!

I look forward to visiting Japan for the first time after all this is over in a few years. I’ve always had a high degree of respect and admiration for the Japanese culture, and not just because of anime and games.

Riandisa said:

March 18th, 2:11 pm

Thanks for offering this method to donate! My thoughts go out to everyone in Japan and those around the world with family there during this time of multiple hardships.

Sneeches said:

March 18th, 2:12 pm

Donating right now :)

Butters360 said:

March 18th, 2:12 pm

Sweet Lords of Kobol. I’ve been waiting for this. Please let us do this for other countries in the event something disastrous happens again. $50 bucks donated ASAP.

Neil said:

March 18th, 2:13 pm

Will do this as soon as I get home.

I would like to see this extended to avatars as well. I’m certain it would increase the donations. Case in point; donating to the Red Cross via the PS Store could net the gamer a unique avatar that advertises to other gamers this donation feature – and so on and so on.



March 18th, 2:13 pm

VERY SMART IDEA! Kudos to whoever came up with it, and lets all donate!

Ar4chNova89 said:

March 18th, 2:13 pm

Wow. Really great idea. Will definitely donate right now.


March 18th, 2:14 pm

I will donate again, this time through PSN! Thank you for this excellent idea! Pray for Japan!

Dailus said:

March 18th, 2:15 pm

Wow, awesome idea! Just donated.


March 18th, 2:16 pm

Oh yeah, can someone please tell me who would rate this post anything lower than a 5? I swear people these days have no heart, and no souls!

SpyDudeFX said:

March 18th, 2:17 pm

Great idea, I will donate later today. The theme looks really cool too.

MR_Hessla said:

March 18th, 2:17 pm

Great idea sony!! i will make sure to donate the next time i log on to psn!!

CrimsonPaw said:

March 18th, 2:18 pm

I’m all for it; I’m still a little leery of the Red Cross after their antics with the 9/11 fund, but 10 years later I can only hope that my entire donation goes to the effort. I wish I could do more …

sithmathamatiks said:

March 18th, 2:19 pm

thank you playstation for making it easy for gamers to help out. my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. peace and one love to all.

SPOOKULA209 said:

March 18th, 2:21 pm

I’ll donate as soon as my GT5 b spec race is over

Amish_Gramish said:

March 18th, 2:22 pm

+1,000 internets for you, Sony!

manzoor47 said:

March 18th, 2:24 pm

thank you Sony! i will be happy to donate. GOD BLESS everyone in Japan and anyone affected by this disaster.

Korbei83 said:

March 18th, 2:24 pm


megamixer said:

March 18th, 2:26 pm

Sounds good to me. I’ve already donated money by ordering some Aksys games but I’ll throw in for this too.

nino1911 said:

March 18th, 2:26 pm

good job guys.

ShadowPhazon said:

March 18th, 2:28 pm

I just donated $10 via texting 90999 a half hour ago, although I might donate another $5 on PSN if I can. Great idea with this Sony, thanks! Heart goes out to Japan. For the past few days, it’s all I can really think about.

FearMonkey said:

March 18th, 2:30 pm

This is a wonderful idea.

I’ll be making a donation as soon as I get home. :)

KongWen said:

March 18th, 2:31 pm

I would happily donate through the Canadian Red Cross. Can you make this happen?

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