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Mar 18

Mar 18

Japan Tsunami Appeal On PSN

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO


It’s been over a week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, inflicting serious loss of life and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The Japanese people, together with support and compassion from the global community, are beginning what will be a long recovery process.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, and so we’ve heard firsthand of the disaster’s impact from our colleagues and friends. As we here in America watch the tragic events that continue to unfold, you might be left thinking, “Is there any way I can help?”

Sony Group is aiding the recovery through financial contributions and donations of radios, batteries and other equipment that can be used in the relief efforts. Today we’re making it possible for you to contribute directly to the earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts through a medium you’re already quite familiar with – the PlayStation Network.

You can make donations in the amount of $2, $5, $10, $25 and $50 from your wallet in the PlayStation Store. With your donation, you’ll get a free theme for your PlayStation 3. In order to make a donation, go to the “Aid Japan” area under the New Releases category on the PlayStation Store.

It’s important to note that your contributions will go directly to the American Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. Every penny donated will go to the fund, which supports emergency relief and recovery efforts, including deploying personnel, sending relief supplies and providing financial resources.

Many gamers in particular feel a special bond with Japan, even if they’ve never traveled there personally. Its ingenuity and innovation have shaped our industry, and its culture and style have brought a sense of community across the world.

Please join us now in helping the Japanese people during this great time of need. Together we can have a significant impact on the relief process.

For more information on Sony’s support of the relief efforts, visit http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/groupcsr.html.

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Capshot18 said:

March 20th, 9:38 am

Even though I won’t be able to donate much, I’ll try to give as much as I can.
It’s nice that Sony would do this to help.

pitythefool852 said:

March 20th, 9:55 am

Dear all commentors – it’s already been announced that tax will be credited back to your wallets… I think :S

tbt924 said:

March 20th, 10:35 am

Nice one Sony. A good way for all of us to participate. Definitely making a donation today & uploading an amazing theme. <3

SuMizzle said:

March 20th, 10:48 am

Donated $5. Thanks for offering us a way to help. It’s things like this that make me happy to be a loyal PS customer.

Gnordy said:

March 20th, 11:43 am

@236, If you put $5 into your account and use $2, you still have $3 in your account. Companies can not report earnings until the $3 is spent on a product. So, while you may have added funds to your account and Sony has the cash, it would be sitting in a balance sheet account. After you spend the $3, the amount moves out of the Balance Sheet and is recorded as revenue.

Same idea as with gift cards, if you buy a Best Buy gift card, they do not recognize income until you use the gift card to buy something. If you never use the gift card, the balance is reported to the state as unclaimed property (in most states).

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed this accounting minute.

TurretNinja said:

March 20th, 12:29 pm

This is such a creative and great way to assist the citizens of Japan affected by this disaster. I’m sure donations will come flooding in. :)

trinigamer101 said:

March 20th, 12:44 pm

i be donating very soon on this, and i like the new Blog site :)

TheGuardianFID said:

March 20th, 1:28 pm

Way to go Sony, GREAT Idea, I’ll do what I can to help!!! 8)

lyfestory said:

March 20th, 1:34 pm

I’ve already donated directly to the American Red Cross-International Fund… I appreciate anyone else who does so, as well as Sony for making an effort to make Playstation gamers aware of this.. I would also like to hear what Sony is doing themselves in this recovery….

Fenrisulfr_ said:

March 20th, 1:46 pm

Nice move. I’ll still be donating to a legitimate organization to help Japan instead, but it’s a lovely gesture.

MazzingerZ said:

March 20th, 2:31 pm

I’ll help. Thanks “Jacky” for giving the PS community a chance to help out via a safe channel. Sincerely /Just another PS community member

smilymander said:

March 20th, 2:51 pm

just donated

sfgdfds said:

March 20th, 3:29 pm


WakizashiM said:

March 20th, 7:02 pm

I donated.

Amuro1X said:

March 20th, 10:37 pm

I’d like to make a larger donation, but I’m currently strapped for cash. Thankfully, I had at least $2 left in my wallet from a previous purchase (since $5 is the minimum you can add to your wallet…) So I went ahead and donated that. The fact that it’s been rated upwards of 3,000 times means that at least that many have made donations. I hope it keeps going up.

Hooligantuan said:

March 21st, 6:25 am

Just put in $50. Thank you, Sony, for providing such a convenient means to contribute.

djnealb said:

March 21st, 6:48 am

I donated $5 yesterday. The tax thing bugged me a little, but I’m glad to see that Sony is on top of that. You may want to think of adding a small update or something to the post mentioning that if you were accidentally taxed, that it will be refunded to the wallet. Hopefully I’ll be able to donate more later.
BTW, I love the theme. I wish it was a dynamic theme, though.

Jaspzx said:

March 21st, 7:29 am

I can’t seem to find the page… … is the donation available in Singapore?

JonJonXD said:

March 21st, 7:38 am

I was surprised at having to pay tax on a donation…

Great way to aid Japan…this made it real easy for me to aid in some way :D

leonardokim7474 said:

March 21st, 9:06 am

I really apreciate the chance to help people in need in these hard times. Even better is to see how the gaming community is engaged with that great idea ! And I am calling every friend or relative of mine for this.
Many thanks to Sony for that !

However, I have to say I disagree with the taxes charge because it is not a commercial issue, it is a humanitarian issue.


March 21st, 11:30 am

I don’t mind donating but I don’t want the religious organization The Red Cross getting credit for helping with my money.

El-Vagabond said:

March 21st, 11:47 am

Super initiative! I totally like it and gladly make the “big” contribution! Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Japan!

cve312 said:

March 21st, 7:00 pm

I just donated 5 dollars, wish it could be more, im currently on un-employment so thats all i could give at the moment, sorry Japan it couldnt have more. My prayers are going out to all of you!! MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!

igorrocks2 said:

March 22nd, 1:14 am

Interesting facts on TEPCO Crisis:
1. People are calm in Japan no panic what so ever (may be a little)
2, Mother nature strikes only those who will and be stronger after this because they need to be
3. World forget all disagreements in this disaster… Which did open up something good in in the most
people worldwide UNITY it is.
4, The World Bank said this Monday – Purchases of Japanese companies stock share sky rocked this Monday and continue, if it continues for 2 weeks World Bank say Japan may recover even faster then expected 5 years and even become richer country, ch surprise with confirmed damage 1/4 of trillion dollars- well I guess it’s japan and their economy strategy is true miracle… strike on the knee but still standing – impressed that’s why I respect them and love this country!

ToFeY said:

March 22nd, 1:27 pm

i just donated again :D i will be donating more but i’ll wait tomorrow
if there’s nothing interesting in the PS store update i’ll be donating more xD


March 22nd, 9:28 pm

@ 251 You are right Sony does not report the $3 until you spend it. But if you don’t spend the money within their breakage policy then they will report it as revenue since most people don’t spend their unused funds right away.

BTW you missed the point about the economic benefits that Sony is making from having a $2 donation available.

Anyways enough has been said about this its great many people are donating to the Japan Fund!

Gum3 said:

March 27th, 1:37 pm

Thanks to Sony and to everyone for all your support for earthquake relief in Japan!

Kirkpad said:

March 30th, 2:08 pm

*cough* Checked the other day, and they are still taking taxes on donations. Maybe they can’t return the taxes because we get something in return. They are charging tax on Steam for the TF2 hats that go to charity.

DarkRavenXIII said:

April 5th, 5:11 pm

I was definitely glad to donate $5, but I have a question. I didn’t get the theme pictured above. Instead, it was a similarly colored wallpaper, but totally different picture although the preview showed what was above (as in the picture for this blog).

Was the theme pictured above only available for a short period of time and they just recently changed it, or was it only specific to certain regions? Please tell me it’s available somewhere so I have an excuse to donate more money XD

Strider-J said:

April 8th, 3:56 pm

@DarkRavenXIII: The picture above was available on PSN recently, but it’s not available now for some reason (unless it was moved to an area of the store that I don’t know about). I’ve been looking for it too, since I missed a chance to buy it the first time around (I couldn’t make up my mind upon seeing that picture and the picture of the rabbit at night), and haven’t found it for the past few days. I really hope it shows up again though, cause I’d love to buy it.

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