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Mar 31

Mar 31

LittleBigPrius Contest: See the Winning Level

David Winding's Avatar Posted by Director of Network Advertising, SCEA

Nearly 100,000 people have downloaded and played our “LittleBigPrius” level since it was released in early February. As you know, we asked the LittleBigPlanet community to use the objects they earned from playing our level to create their own Prius-themed levels, and the response was overwhelming.

The community has spoken, the judges have rendered a verdict, and we’re happy to announce the contest winners. Finalists, who have won a PlayStation Move Sports Champion bundle, include:

And the Grand Prize winner is… “Eco Adventure” by rhansen2!

From the main menu screen that lets you select chapters, to the level checkpoints featuring miniature versions of the windmills from our Prius level, this three-part platformer is so polished that we wondered if we had accidentally downloaded a level directly from developer Media Molecule! After some great action sequences utilizing the Grabinator and Paintinator in an outdoor environment and a futuristic Toyota factory, you’ll eventually make your way into the very heart of the gigantic Gas Hog — an evil swine robot bent on polluting Craftworld! The level works well as either a single-player or multiplayer experience, and it speaks to the Prius’s message of harmony between man, machine and the environment. Add hidden items and even an LBP-ized 3D TV for a level prize, and we think you’ll agree that “Eco Adventure” is something special. The creator, Rhansen2, has earned himself a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV and a PlayStation Move hardware bundle for his effort. Congratulations!

If you haven’t done so already, download and play Eco Adventure and all the other contest winners inside LittleBigPlanet 2 today. A free dynamic theme based upon our “LittleBigPrius” level is also available for download from the PlayStation Store.

Thanks to everyone who played our level and entered the “LittleBigPrius” contest!

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fabtrocks said:

March 31st, 10:30 am

I should have submitted mine, I would have won obviously these don’t seem that good, I was too slow to submit now no T.v. for me!

CECH-1337 said:

March 31st, 10:37 am

Currently at work: Luckyly I have a PS3 here at work, only bad part I do not have the game disk to check it out….4 hours….28 mins…..12 seconds….Yes PSBLOG, I’m counting down… :D

I have to say it because everyone does on every LBP2 Blog entry, more DLC? hahaha

ChaseHammerJ said:

March 31st, 10:37 am

@fabtrocks (#1)

should’a would’a could’a but didn’t

MoneyMaker110 said:

March 31st, 10:39 am

i’ll have to add these levels on lbp.me

fabtrocks said:

March 31st, 11:00 am

@ ChaseHammerJ, yeah, I forgot about my level because I thought it wasn’t good enough, than I played all of the winning levels, and I felt stupid, because my level was awesome.

scorpio182 said:

March 31st, 11:16 am

Congrats to the winner!!!!

riclucas said:

March 31st, 11:30 am

Can’t find “Prius Goes Hollywood” by Stephie Rawks on lbp.me but I’ve added the others to my LBP2 queue.

SpyDudeFX said:

March 31st, 11:30 am

Her PSN is StephieRawks one word, and congrats to all the winners especially Rawks for her great level.

SeeImage_inc said:

March 31st, 12:26 pm

Try my level that did not make it… Its a really good level but I did not finish it until the end of the contest…
Congratulations to all that won…!

Prius_Moving_Forward (FILM)


Jedi_Jeff said:

March 31st, 12:42 pm

Congratulations to the winners. I just wish there would have been a special page that listed all of the contest entries so everyone could have equal exposure. I thought my level turned out pretty well given the time constraints, but it didn’t get many plays. If anyone would like to try it it’s called “Prius_Double O Trouble” by Jedi_Jeff. Here’s the lbp.me link : http://lbp.me/v/ydp2gs Have fun. :)


rhansen2 said:

March 31st, 1:25 pm

Thank you guys so much for holding the contest!
Can’t wait to get my hands on some 3D games!

    David Winding's Avatar

    David Winding said:

    March 31st, 4:31 pm

    Thanks for entering, and congratulations again!

    Might we suggest Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, MLB ’11: The Show, EyePet, Super Stardust HD, PAIN, Hustle Kings and Tumble just to name a few to get you started?

StephieRawks said:

March 31st, 2:00 pm

Wow, I’m on the PS Blog! :D Thanks to the LBP/Prius team and especially the voters! rhansen2, your level was awesome, since it wasn’t me, I’m glad it was you. riclucas(and anyone else who want to check out Prius goes Hollywood), here’s the LBP.me link:

rjejr said:

March 31st, 2:03 pm

fabtrocks – only takes a minute to post your level to LBP2 so we can all decide for ourselves (why hasn’t anybody pointed this out yet?)

Encoded-Msg said:

March 31st, 2:36 pm

I still think my level was better than most of the above, but I didn’t advertise it so it barely got played. Goes to show that you have to spam your level like crazy to get noticed.
Anywhoo, I liked the contest and hope Mm could hold more of these. Thanx for holding the contest and congrats to the winner and finalists.

al2009man said:

March 31st, 3:10 pm


PhadedWun said:

March 31st, 3:59 pm

The first four obviously had something to do with the Prius but the winner… I actually had no idea how that had anything to do with the Prius.

    David Winding's Avatar

    David Winding said:

    March 31st, 4:32 pm

    It seems that you are just going by the video and haven’t had a chance to play the level yet, so definitely check it out when you can.

    There’s an entire section that takes place in a futuristic-looking factory that has everything to do with the Prius, and the ending…well, let’s just say that we didn’t want to give it away in the video, but you’ll find that the Prius is a vital element in defeating the boss!

FeistFan said:

March 31st, 4:28 pm

Please, when listing LBP2 levels, provide the appropriate lbp.me link so we can add them to our queue while we’re reading the article! Media Molecule found an incredible way to connect the web to their game, why doesn’t the PSN blog, at least, take advantage of it?!?!

FeistFan said:

March 31st, 4:31 pm

Grand Prize Winner, “Eco Adventure” by rhansen2: http://lbp.me/v/xhkk-4

“Prius Fights Back” by Hymanator – http://lbp.me/v/xddjh1
“Prius Goes Hollywood” by Stephie Rawks – did not find
“Prius Commercial” by wildbil1217 – did not find
“Driving Test” by GoodDogPhoebe – http://lbp.me/v/x5wqc7

David Winding's Avatar

David Winding said:

March 31st, 4:50 pm

That should be “Prius Fights Back,” actually, but the URL is correct.

digitalman123 said:

March 31st, 5:34 pm

I had an idea, but stopped. Forgot why…
What was the grand prize again?

D-Squad3 said:

March 31st, 8:52 pm

Please continue providing contests not just for LBP.

Jedi_Jeff said:

March 31st, 9:10 pm

Congratulations to the winners. I thought my level turned out pretty well given the time constraints, but like SeeImage_inc I didn’t publish it until near the end of the contest. If anyone would like to try it, it’s called “Prius_Double O Trouble”.


I hope you enjoy it. :)


mjc0961 said:

March 31st, 9:49 pm

Congratulations to all the winners! I’m looking forward to trying out your levels.

FonFahbre said:

March 31st, 10:28 pm

The amount of dedication and talent gamers have when creating a level in, LittleBigPlanet is outstanding. I can only envy their skills and imagination.

Hooligantuan said:

April 1st, 10:31 am

So basically the winner took a level he was already working on and put a Prius at the scoreboard.

Great job, guy.

DJ_DTM said:

April 1st, 3:52 pm

MONSTER ADVERTISING MACHINE, play that to see the best Prius level. next time let Canada enter!!!

BalramRules said:

April 2nd, 6:40 am

LBP iz sooooo epic!

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