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Apr 05

Apr 05

SOCOM 4: Open Beta Schedule (April 5-13)

Jeremy Dunham's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta for PS3

The last three weeks have been great for us here at Zipper Interactive! Our private, PlayStation Plus, and Killzone 3 voucher testers have been integral in helping us put the finishing touches on the multiplayer aspects of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. But that’s the past – and now, the special invitation period is over because starting today, anyone and everyone with PSN access can freely download the SOCOM 4 beta from the PlayStation Store during its regularly-scheduled update. The beta’s availability on the PlayStation Store ends April 12th.

Our servers will be open all day, every day until the beta period ends on April 13 at 11:59pm Pacific Time (2:59am Eastern). However, we will limit what modes are available for the first few days to keep our testing focused before opening all queues for the home stretch. Here’s how the schedule looks in its final phase:

  • Tuesday (4/5) – Last Defense, Classic Last Defense, Uplink, Classic Uplink
  • Wednesday (4/6) – Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad, Last Defense, Classic Last Defense
  • Thursday (4/7) – Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom), Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad
  • Friday (4/8) – All Gametypes Open
  • Saturday (4/9) – All Gametypes Open
  • Sunday (4/10) – All Gametypes Open
  • Monday (4/11) – All Gametypes Open
  • Tuesday (4/12) – All Gametypes Open
  • Wednesday (4/13) – All Gametypes Open

Our multiplayer beta includes two maps, Port Authority and Assault & Battery, and offers a variety of built-in game-types and custom game-types. Here they are:

Suppression: SOCOM 4’s version of “team deathmatch.”
Last Defense: Capture controls points, discover the enemy base and destroy it.
Uplink: Steal enemy data and deliver it to your base.
Bomb Squad: Defend your bomb technician while he disarms enemy explosives.
Sniper Alley (Custom): An 8 vs. 8 version of Classic Suppression with higher damage. Weapons are limited to sniper rifles, shotguns, smoke grenades and poison gas.
Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom): Faster movement speed and reduced damage are applied to 16 vs. 16 Last Defense with weapons restricted to only shotguns and SMGs.
Scrum (Custom): Suppression is given rule tweaks of no respawn, faster movement and higher damage, while sniper rifles, frag grenades, concussion grenades and poison gas are disallowed.

SOCOM 4: Bomb SquadSOCOM 4 screenshot Explosion

All built-in game-types (i.e. non-“Custom” queues) are playable in both the Standard and Classic variations. Standard mode is similar to the single-player experience, while Classic mode is similar to older SOCOM titles with increased movement speeds, round-based play, no player respawns and the lack of health regeneration. Our Custom types mix and match a number of game settings depending on their focus.

After you’ve had a chance to play the beta, we’d need to hear your feedback! To do so, simply head on over to our official “Beta Forum” on where you can tell us what you think.

On behalf of everyone at Zipper Interactive, I want to thank all of you who have participated in the SOCOM 4 beta regardless of its phase, and look forward to seeing you again when we ship the full and complete version of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs when it launches on April 19 across North America.

Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order SOCOM 4 today to gain access to a pair of exclusive slug-powered shotguns (one each for Spec Ops and the Insurgents), while those who specifically pre-order at GameStop get the shotguns in addition to the exclusive Suppression map, “Abandoned,” inspired by the classic map of the same name from SOCOM 1 and II!

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hoehand said:

April 5th, 2:45 pm

beta is up now for free

LittIe_HitIer468 said:

April 5th, 2:57 pm

Whats the beta called in playstation im central time and its not in playstation store yet

LittIe_HitIer468 said:

April 5th, 2:59 pm

ANd this new socom is just like mag witch is really stupid because for most of us socom 3 was a real tatical shooter but zipper ruined it with killstreaks and stuff because little kids come and complain that theres no kill streaks and now i have to wait even longer to play socom 4 beta??? its BS!

KILLZONE79 said:

April 5th, 3:11 pm

@Jeremy Dunham

I have the beta from PS+, do i have to redownload the beta all over again

    Jeremy Dunham's Avatar

    Jeremy Dunham said:

    April 5th, 3:51 pm

    Nope — once you have the beta, you have it. Don’t need to grab it again.

oROMEo said:

April 5th, 3:16 pm

Nope Ya Good Man

phinnv8 said:

April 5th, 3:59 pm

Glad they are having a beta… I would absolutely need some kind of demo to play this game first after the disaster that was Socom Confrontation.

JCmasta said:

April 5th, 4:42 pm

Wait until the afternoon for the beta to show up on the store, download the beta, install the beta, install the initial update, and now i have to install a even bigger update which look like it can take hours!?

Don’t remember having to go through this much trouble with KZ3/Crysis 2 beta/demos.

hippiemike said:

April 5th, 4:50 pm

been playing the new socomo 4 beta test. I must say so far im failry impressed excellent work on the game fellas.. This is my first experience into the socom world so if anyone could suggested an older title that would be to try out thanks… Hippie mike.

farzam- said:

April 5th, 5:01 pm

”Your game data is incompatible with this version of the game, Please sigh into the playstation network and complete the patching process to continue.”
i am signed in and have the latest version of the beta?????!!!!???

Se7enthSign said:

April 5th, 5:04 pm

I’m getting the same error as #54. Am I doing something wrong?

eniomarquesjr said:

April 5th, 5:11 pm

getting the same error as you guys. Is the PS Move REQUIRED to play the game? the beta only? none?

JCmasta said:

April 5th, 5:15 pm

ugh getting errors now, way too much trouble to go through for a demo, i’ll just rent it if i have a chance.

ICourtesyFlush said:

April 5th, 5:24 pm

Come on now. I wait for an error message. Great marketing guys. Your first day of open beta (which by the way decides if I buy it or not) and it won’t work…..

“Your game data is incompatible with this version of the game. Please sign into the PlaystationNetwork and complete the patching process to continue.”


April 5th, 5:32 pm

Same error here

Se7enthSign said:

April 5th, 5:34 pm

@57: It’s not a demo, it’s a beta. Surely, it will be fixed at some point tonight. Gonna go for a jog.

LiL-D3V1L- said:

April 5th, 5:35 pm

Im getting an error 9:2 .. Its something about the beta in Maintainance? How long will it be? I really want to play it!! Im keep getting an error? PLease Reply Help!

Se7enthSign said:

April 5th, 5:41 pm

Just checked the Socom blog. I don’t think anyone is able to connect right now. Looks like a new patch is coming tonight.

XxAJTheRipperxX said:

April 5th, 5:42 pm

Ok so it’s not just me haha
almost went into a nerd rage….

xX7_CALI-LUV_7xX said:

April 5th, 5:42 pm

the beta doesnt work for me! can somone helpp me?

XxAJTheRipperxX said:

April 5th, 5:43 pm

See above comments.^

ICourtesyFlush said:

April 5th, 5:46 pm

@64 Read before you post….. a whole page of the same question.

@60 This is basiclly a demo. Realisticly they aren’t making any huge changes with the game dropping in two weeks which likely means shipments start going out this week or early next.

liquidcow said:

April 5th, 5:52 pm

DL’d Beta from PSNetowrk.. installed.. prompted to dload update (1.0.1).. now, rec same error msg as others: ”Your game data is incompatible with this version of the game, Please sigh into the playstation network and complete the patching process to continue.” Stumbled out PSN looking for anything to fix the prob..

Socom/Socom II started everything for me.. never did like 3.. 4 not starting out too good..

angelspawn77 said:

April 5th, 6:09 pm

Don’t know if you guys know this, but I downloaded the Socom beta as well as the patch and when I try to get in it says somtething like “your data is uncompatible with this version of the game, please sign in and complete the patching process to continue” I hit OK and it takes me to the screen again with the Socom soldier and then the message pops up again. I am not allowed to play the game or download said patch (unless the patch I downloaded is the one I needed, its not working) Really wanted to try this out :(

angelspawn77 said:

April 5th, 6:11 pm

whoops, didn’t read past the first page, seems like im not the only one :P

eRaDiCaTioN- said:

April 5th, 6:21 pm

Socom 4 IS GOOD!!
For everyone talkin down on it…yes it is different from all the older socom’s, but it is NOT trash.
Its a new socom game thats going to make more sales then in the past

spartan5585 said:

April 5th, 6:24 pm

hey JEREMY i just downloaded the socom 4 beta and it doesnt work…it says something about the patch update is not available please help =O!!!!!!

    Jeremy Dunham's Avatar

    Jeremy Dunham said:

    April 5th, 7:16 pm

    There was a server restart at around 5pm Pacific that prevented some folks from accessing the patch; anyone who had the problem earlier should try again. If you still have problems, head over to the SOCOM beta forums at where you can go into detail and find some possible solutions

farzam- said:

April 5th, 6:44 pm

it’s working now.
huuuge download

XxAJTheRipperxX said:

April 5th, 6:45 pm


footballrule said:

April 5th, 6:56 pm

Gonna start downloading again soon!

hippiemike said:

April 5th, 8:08 pm

I had the exact same problem as everyone above. Tried it again a few minutes later and it started downloading the patch. Although i must say the patch is twice as slow as the beta was to download for sure. but it should atleast work now at some point whenever it gets done. lol

FonFahbre said:

April 5th, 9:56 pm

I’ll download it again since I accidentally deleted it and forgot about it :p

spartan5585 said:

April 5th, 11:38 pm

@ JEREMY thanks for tip, i tried it again and it worked, took a while to load but totally worth it

Shadow_Dancer said:

April 6th, 4:05 am

SOCOM 4 is a piece of crap. I don’t know why you bothered having a beta. That would require Zipper taking in feedback and helping make the game better – something we’ve all been telling you for the past 8 years. Zipper isn’t very good at taking feedback.

JCmasta said:

April 6th, 10:49 am

I can even log onto the SOCOM forums to give feedback, lol.

JCmasta said:

April 6th, 10:49 am


Catch-u-SlipN said:

April 7th, 7:39 am


DisMYcheesyPoofs said:

April 8th, 2:04 am

i love this beta! its awsome! im totally going to buy this game

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