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Apr 13

Apr 13

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: Terawatt Forest and the Mystery of the Creature Collector

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Community Lead, Insomniac Games

Yesterday in Los Angeles, we presented a new demo of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One to an audience of US and European journalists. While we presented some new levels and weapons/gadgets, we also wanted to show once again that All 4 One is a sprawling new Ratchet & Clank adventure, with a full story, big arsenal, and tons of co-op mayhem. Further, in All 4 One, we like to say there’s an “I” in team: work together, but reward yourself. You all have to help each other out, but at the same time, the winner will earn the best rewards and get the first chance to buy the newest weapons in the game.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Terawatt guardian

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Creature CollectionRatchet & Clank: All 4 One - Terawatt shard

We illustrated this in a new level of the game, set in the Terawatt Forest on Planet Magnus. It’s the home of a scientist named Dr. Croid — who holds the key to the mystery of the Creature Collector. The plants and animals here are mutated thanks to the presence of a strange meteor – and players will also have to look out for Dr. Croid’s giant Guardian robots that patrol the area (which you’ll see in the video above!).

As we showed previously, all the weapons have a co-op function to them. For instance, if everyone uses the new Darkstar Fission Rifle at the same time, it amplifies the effect – and we give players a bolt multiplier for co-op kills. But we also reward players for specializing. For instance, Ratchet can use the Arc Lasher to stun enemies while Clank finishes them off with the War Monger rocket launcher.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Thundersmack

Many of you have asked if each of the characters will play differently in All 4 One. For the first time yesterday, we showed that each of our characters will have a special gadget that only they can use. These gadgets are special, powerful, and can turn the tide of a battle. For instance, Ratchet can use his Doppelbanger ability to create a decoy that draws enemy fire – but it’ll also upgrade over time into a powerful Turret. Clank, meanwhile, has a Time Bomb that highlights his Zoni heritage and also allows him to slow a fast enemy or extend the amount of time the team has to revive a fallen comrade.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Terawatt decoyRatchet & Clank: All 4 One - Terawatt

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is on course for a Fall 2011 release and can be played in stereoscopic 3D by one to four players, with drop-in, drop-out co-op that can be enjoyed same-screen or online (and in any combination of online/same-screen players as well!). To keep up with all the latest, stay tuned to Insomniac’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

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ERC1980 said:

April 13th, 9:43 am


any chance for move support for this game

Dragun619 said:

April 13th, 9:54 am

Ah yeah, looking pretty awesome. Really like the UI, looks really nice. I was just at IGN watching Greg’s interview on the game. SMH at Greg. Looking forward to it’s release this fall right? I hope it doesn’t get mixed up with a few games that will be coming out in the fall too.

FonFahbre said:

April 13th, 9:55 am

The game looks beautiful!!.

ktiger34 said:

April 13th, 10:12 am

Unique turrets, and the co-op weapon look so awesome!!! I can’t w8!!!

onlineatron said:

April 13th, 10:23 am

Quick note to all developers: TURRET SECTIONS ARE NOT FUN.

There has never been a game where I’ve thought back and said ‘man, remember that awesome turret section?’. Sitting, waiting for an on rails sections to progress whilst holding down a trigger button to shoot waves of enemies IS NOT FUN.

Killzone 3 suffered from multiple turret sections, the original Dead Space as well. Especially when they are used as way to take down bosses. It’s an out to avoid creating unique boss sections… I’d rather a small boss, with unique attack patterns and a unique method needed to beat them, than a massive enemy where I’m stuck using a turret to destroy it.

I’d love for someone to tell me why developers constantly use turret sections.

ycole11 said:

April 13th, 10:31 am

looks great

poodude said:

April 13th, 10:33 am


I personally disagree, I love turret sections. If they’re done right of course. No one wants to sit there for five minutes shooting at a horde of enemies. But there’s something I enjoy about being in a helicopter/vehicle and mowing down enemies.

danduron said:

April 13th, 10:39 am

I agree with @poodude ; certain times, turret sections can be quite fun! A recent example is the Gunship Killstreak in Call of Duty; Black Ops. I just love getting it and it isn’t exactly the easiest Killstreak to get so it never feels like it gets overused.

As far as this game, it looks fantastic. Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorite game series of all time and this one looks like an excellent follow up to the previous entries. Plus, we need more local multiplayer games. At the moment, all I’ve really got is LittleBigPlanet 2, ModNation Racers, Rockband 3 and NBA 2K11. I’m not a huge fan of split-screen co-op in shooters (I have CoD and Resistance 2) because the screen gets so small. I’d like to see more games that share the same screen so everyone gets a good look at everything at once.

Back to the topic though, Ratchet and Clank; All for One looks amazing and I am extremely excited to play it!

ErniBACK5 said:

April 13th, 10:59 am

Bood Mechanics, i dont think to buy this game shortly because are coming to me a lot of good titles more like uncharted 3, soccom 4, killzone 3, little big planet 2, resistance 3, sly cooper collecion, fall out new vegas and i most have them XD

Go_Buddie_Go said:

April 13th, 11:09 am

Damn, The graphics are sexy!

So far I’m liking what I’m seeing, My friends and I are gonna have a blast playing this one. Good job, Insomniac! :)

Coheno said:

April 13th, 11:15 am

Looks as another fantastic Ratchet game!I will buy anything Insomniac has to offer! Which is 2 games this year!

MarinoBrea said:

April 13th, 11:27 am

Brilliant. This is truly deserving of the PlayStation brand name, not the move game I don’t even want to think about….


April 13th, 11:47 am

Getting this for sure! Just a few questions:
1. I can join a game even if the game started?
2. What happens if i join someone who is faaaar away from me in the story mode?
3. How does the progress saves if i´m playing with someone that is, lets say, at the end of the game and he is the leader?
4. The character selection is in order or i select him? like A- Ratchet B- Clank C- C. Qwark D- Dr. Nefarious

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    April 13th, 2:52 pm

    1 – Yup!
    2 thru 4 – We’ll talk more about that later =)

Airwalkinman17 said:

April 13th, 12:03 pm

Day 1 buy Insomniac!
this and Resistance 3 are looking fantastic. Keep up the awesome work!

I read the ign Greg Miller preview and I can’t believe the gaming media anymore!
Its like they wanna downplay how awesome the ps3 exclusives are. It started earlier this year with lbp2, then killzone3, now socom 4, AND ratchet & clank. The first two i mentioned are heaps & bounds better than their predessecors! I’m really lookin forward to All 4 One. I’ll be preordering as soon as i get a firm release date. Just as i did with R3. End of rant. Sorry

Just know that fans such as myself really appreciate your hard work!

StargamerX said:

April 13th, 12:25 pm

At this point, I just *know* to buy an Insomniac developed game, though I guess that’s always been the case. :P Super excited for both R&C and Resistance later this year!

remanutd5 said:

April 13th, 12:34 pm

playstation move support James?

D-Squad3 said:

April 13th, 1:21 pm

Great game to play with friends and family.

Rockstarmd said:

April 13th, 2:11 pm

I read IGN review where the graphics aren’t as sharp as the previous two Ratchet games will this be the case upon release or did the graphics have to take a hit in order to have the four player action?

Omen_20 said:

April 13th, 2:20 pm

Cant wait to play this with my friends! Hopefully this co-op gameplay makes it to ad-hoc play on NGP as well.

BLipp17 said:

April 13th, 2:35 pm

that turret section at the end immediately makes me think they are going to announce Playstation Move support for this game at some point. Not saying that as a bad thing, just making an observation.

EPRaider08 said:

April 13th, 2:53 pm

Looks awesome! Ratchet and Clank is probably my favourite game series of all time. Can’t wait to play this one.

darthlego said:

April 13th, 3:08 pm

Awesome! Cronk and Zypher reappear! Any more characters from earlier games we might run into?

I like the Doppelbanger ability. They remind me a bit of the decoys from the first two game, but it is too bad that they don’t look the same.

ioanina said:

April 13th, 3:26 pm

What about Klunk, Clank’s nefarious doppelganger? Get it? Nefarious doppelganger? Because Klunk is one of Dr. Nefarious’ creations and he’s also Clank’s doppelganger duplicate? I still thought Nefarious was gone for good, but how did he survive the explosion in his destroyed lair in A Crack in Time? Can’t wait to play that game!

PhantomOfPanton said:

April 13th, 3:41 pm


That looks so amazing! :D
Can’t wait till fall!

MyUncle_Socks said:

April 14th, 7:17 am

Isn’t SONY buying INSOMNIAC this DECEMBER 2011??

Ama_Daoes said:

April 14th, 8:27 am

This looks really good Insomniac. I love the innovative ideas you guys are coming up for the co-op and I look forward to hearing more, and of course playing with 3 of my friends come Fall 2011.

Thane_of_Fife said:

April 14th, 12:40 pm

This is a definite buy for me along with resistance 3, insomniac is the best.

MarvelousMont said:

April 14th, 5:50 pm

cant wait for this game.. but i will :). How long is this game expected to be? As long as ‘A Crack In Time’?

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