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Apr 13

Apr 13

Valve Reveals Portal 2 for PlayStation 3: Steam Details

Doug Lombardi's Avatar Posted by VP of Marketing, Valve

A few months back, Valve announced some initial details of Steam’s debut in the PS3 version of Portal 2. While people were excited to hear about the PS3 game’s inclusion of Steam access to Portal 2 on any PC or Mac, they also had a bunch of questions.

So, here’s a bit more info about Steam on the PS3.


Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 is the first title to support Steam on a console. Specifically, that means it offers cross-platform matchmaking, gameplay, friends, chat, and achievements, all powered by Steam. Steam on the PS3 also saves co-op game progress and single player saved games to the Steam Cloud, enabling players to pick up where they left off on any PlayStation 3.

Steam makes its appearance on the PS3 as an overlay within Portal 2. Here, the Steam overlay provides access to Steam Friends, displaying their in-game or online status and providing a quick pathway to text chats, player profiles, friend requests, and game invites. Steam Achievements are earned in lockstep with PSN Trophies and are also accessible within the Steam overlay.

Steam on the PS3 provides access to all of these features once the player has linked their PlayStation Network account with a Steam account, which is done right within the game. A Steam user can login to an existing account, and anyone new to Steam can create an account with the click of a button.

With all these features, Portal 2 on the PS3 is the best console version of the game, just as it was suggested it would be back at E3 last year. If you’re still hungry for more details, head over to and learn more about Portal 2 for PS3.


Portal 2 will be available next Tuesday, April 19th.

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clupula668 said:

April 14th, 5:41 am

Thank you, Valve, for finally coming to your sense and supporting us. In return, I will gladly support you by picking this up and recommending it as many friends as possible. Thank you again. :)

zombie9 said:

April 14th, 7:30 am

I will not support Valve OR EA for that mater. Plus game has no 3-D support. No move support.

J1Dopeman said:

April 14th, 8:42 am

It still doesn’t answer the one question I was curious about. Can you lend or resell the ps3 version or is it forever linked to your psn/steam account? I never resell my games, but very often I lend them to my brother or friends who won’t have access to my accounts.

ElektroDragon said:

April 14th, 8:54 am

I hear that you won’t be able to play with relatives in the same house with the same account, one on PS3, the other with the “free” PC copy. If so, I am canceling my pre-order. What a missed opportunity.

p0wd3rd said:

April 14th, 10:03 am

If I ever post here, its usually some caustic, biting comment of disapproval. But this once, I would like to post only the following to expess my overwhelming approval:

Also, why not toss in a mega awesome hat for TF2 players for the people that buy the PS3 version and sync it to their Steam account? I never got buds and I feel left out due to its exclusivity hehe ;)

SnDin9 said:

April 18th, 8:25 am

Ahhhhh, I can’t wait! Loved the first one as a kid.

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