Visit the PlayStation Loft at Coachella (or follow along from home)

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Visit the PlayStation Loft at Coachella (or follow along from home)

We’re heading back to the desert for another year of great music and so many great people at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California! If you’re also headed out to the Californian desert for some music and R&R, make sure you stop by the PlayStation Loft.

The PlayStation Loft is a 60’x60’ pop art inspired space designed to let the PS3 experience blow you away. You’ll be able to get your hands on awesome stereoscopic 3D games like Killzone 3, compete in a Home Run Derby with MLB 11: The Show with PlayStation Move, and Kompete as Kratos in Mortal Kombat before it hits stores!

Coachella Posters

Along with all the hot games, every day between 4 and 5pm we’re hosting a Mortal Kombat Hour where you can see and hear the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and meet Coachella performing DJs like Skrillex and JFK from Death From Above 1979. They’ll even be gaming against the fans! And to make things cooler, artists like Sleigh Bells and Phantogram will be stopping by.

To get you dressed and ready to go, we’re giving away 100 Coachella virtual t-shirts and poster for your PlayStation Home avatar RIGHT NOW with this code: 6JKM-2TNK-HQLP (first come, first served!)

Home Shirt and Poster

If you can’t make it out to the event, we’re bringing Coachella and all of our other live events right to you on Twitter. Follow us at @HeyPlaystation to keep up with what’s going down at the PlayStation Loft at Coachella, the PlayStation Experience Truck, and all of our other live events. You’ll also get a chance to win some cool PlayStation stuff including games, premiums, and more – like that Coachella PlayStation Home shirt, which we expect won’t last long…

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  • I love what I am reading #Gears3Beta.

  • They should rename California to Playstaion land all of the event are in CALI. :)

  • Thanks, just redeemed the code.

  • Pretty cool, I’d sure like to go this year.

  • Awesome I got the code in, wish I could attend though :( maybe next year

  • Oh well…. I guess all the codes are already redeemed :( *lame*

    I cant attend or get a code… FML! lol

    Hope everyone has a good time that is able to go.

    • Theresa Custodio
      Theresa Custodio

      There’s still a chance to get the Coachella Home t-shirt and poster. We’ll be giving away them away throughout the weekend on Twitter @HeyPlayStation

  • damn all gone

  • @6 Yeah I wanna go to, if you go on Twitter you have a chance to got, yeah I didn’t get the code tee shirt either.

    @7 Yeah it sucks, I tried aroung 11:30am pacific tine, was gone.

  • around*

  • lol not even ten comments but the codes are all gone, dang it

  • yea G-Force as Rewards Beta Testers we enterd to win this trip too but like all else lame as usual…and the codes are gone, how the [DELETED] is there limited #’s of a virtual items, SONY ARE SOME [DELETED] Sometimes i really wonder.

  • I’ve got a question, on Twitter all I have to do is click the button that says ‘retweet’ on the, HeyPlaystation post right?

  • ChaseHammerJ

    bah i call foul. it just showed up on the website and the code is already used maximum times?

    sigh :(

  • ChaseHammerJ



    follow @HeyPlaystation


  • spawnsniper

    i live in Coachella, and right down the street (ave 50) from the polo grounds. close enough to hear the music. do you think u can get me in? :)

  • UnicornMufin

    Wish I Could Go!!! Skrillex, Phantogram and Sleigh bells are some of my favorites, along with playstion:)

  • footballrule

    Aww, I missed out on the code! Hope more will be posted later.

    • Theresa Custodio
      Theresa Custodio

      You’ll get a few more chances to score the PlayStation Home Coachella virtual t-shirt and poster and more this weekend when you follow us @HeyPlayStation on Twitter :)

  • Theresa Custodio
    Theresa Custodio
    Theresa Custodio

    You’ll get a few more chances to score the PlayStation Home Coachella virtual t-shirt and poster and more this weekend when you follow us @HeyPlayStation on Twitter :)

  • exterminator_123

    hellooooooooooo were are the codes forPS+ menbers it is not fair =(

    • Theresa Custodio
      Theresa Custodio

      These codes are for anyone who gets to them first (not limited to only PS+ members). Keep following us @HeyPlayStation throughout the weekend to get your hands on them.

  • tonydamiani


  • aww i messed the redeem code it doesn’t work no more, are there going to put the redeem code again or something

  • neostardust

    Aw man, well hope you guys make more events like this one.

  • i got 80023156 when i try to enter the code, what is that?

  • i forgot to say “80023156 error”

  • Barely any love Southeast. Luckily I’ll be in Atlanta when the PS Experience gets there. Maybe make a special trip to Ft. Stewart and give our hard working soldiers a nice time.

  • That came out wrong…..”PS Experience is barely showing any love to the Southeast. Luckily I’ll be in Atlanta the weekend it gets there. Maybe the PS Experience can travel 4 hours south and show some love to the soldiers who just got back to Ft.. Stewart.”

  • It says All Weekend, yet there was NO POST FOR SATURDAY!!!

  • punkmusic2009

    i entered the code it dont work

  • readytorelease

    Hey are you guys still giving out HOME codes? I missed the entire event and would really like the shirt and poster.

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