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Apr 15

Apr 15

MotorStorm Apocalypse Racing onto Store Shelves May 3

Brian Dunn's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

I am pleased to announce that MotorStorm Apocalypse will be in stores across North America beginning May 3. That means that in just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to get your hands on the most exciting MotorStorm game to date, with more action than a summer Hollywood blockbuster!

MotorStorm Apocalypse Skyline

To give you a taste as to what’s in store come May 3, take a look at our recent sit-down interview with Game Director Matt Southern as he talks about his vision for MotorStorm Apocalypse and how the game will deliver one of the best racing experiences to date on the PS3:

I’m also happy to reveal that every new copy of the game will include a voucher for the Premier Pack DLC bundle, which will give you two exclusive in-game vehicles and more (pictured below).

MotorStorm Apocalypse Premier Pack image

Gamespot recently gave the game an 8.5, saying the “destructive environments and excellent track design make MotorStorm Apocalypse one of the most exciting racing experiences on the PlayStation 3.” And IGN can’t wait for the game, saying “MotorStorm Apocalypse has me all revved up… Controls feel tight and the destruction is off the charts. Toss in how pretty this game is and how impressed I am with 3D… (It) can’t get here soon enough.” Look for more reviews for the US launch to start hitting soon as we get closer to launch.

MotorStorm Apocalypse Mainline
MotorStorm Apocalypse Skyline Mile High

There’s still plenty of time left before May 3 to pre-order your copy of the game and receive one of the exclusive Carbon Edition vehicles available. Choose from the supercar, rally car, or superbike. Each exclusive vehicle also comes with a sticker decal pack to trick out your in-game vehicles with the deep vehicle livery editor, as well as a unique dynamic theme and set of PSN avatars.

MotorStorm Apocalypse pre-order car

We’ll be posting more MotorStorm Apocalypse news between now and launch, including information about the upcoming demo and DLC plans, so stay tuned here to the PlayStation.Blog!

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uncleniccius said:

April 16th, 2:23 pm

will the uk be getting the 2 dlc cars? and are they skins or separate cars? because we have had one dlc and that was a separate car (the supercar elite)

NigelDocker said:

April 16th, 2:42 pm

“I’m also happy to reveal that every new copy of the game will include a voucher for the Premier Pack DLC bundle, which will give you two exclusive in-game vehicles and more (pictured below).”

Iv’e already got the game here in the UK and its great i love it, a few niggles not working proply online at the moment but im sure it will be patched in no time. But I never got any code for ‘dlc’ in my new copy? Iv’e already supported you guys and payed the £4.00 for that one skin of a (special one time) car to show my support because of the lack of viehcles at the moment (Ino theres lots of other stuff in the game like tracks and destruction but ultimatly you could have included more viehcles in the finished game but kept them back for ‘dlc’), which is incredibly expensive, but I get it you don’t haveto buy it but I wan’t to show my support because i like the game. But will I be able to get this free DLC when it comes out in america also? If not they I will be extremely annoyed and im not joking will probly get rid of it just for the principle.

So my question is will I be able to get this free DLC in the UK as I already have the game? Or do you expect me to go and buy a new copy? or not be able to have them atall…

thunderbear said:

April 16th, 3:12 pm

Very excited about this game. Have actually avoided a lot of media because I don’t want the game spoiled. Imagine that, worried about spoilers in a racing game! Was waiting for the solid release date to pre-order. Getting my VIP Theatre in the mail any day so perfect timing for my projector 3D setup! Can’t wait to experience it in 3D!

SSully said:

April 16th, 8:07 pm

I have gotten each motorstorm game on release day and loved them to death, this shouldn’t be any different. Keep up the great work Evolution Studios!

CrazedZombies91 said:

April 17th, 12:37 pm

I”m thinking of getting game mostly from gamefly(Buy it later :) but it will also be my first MotorStorm game.


April 17th, 4:05 pm

for preordering this game i’m covered i’ve preordered it since March 12 so it’s all good

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