Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • Ironic, i just got my infamous 2 beta code, i was diying to get on the beta, and now i cant redeem the code lol, hope the psn is back by sunday

  • Im number #400 in comment we are 400 Spartan now Yay!! lol

  • Poozilla024

    No ur not ur 401

  • Fail

  • now the PSN come back tonight or tomorrow and all the people connect at the same time and PSN collapses again…. lol

  • Hooligantuan

    Moar leik PSN Outrage amirite??


  • @405


  • who’s next Xbox live…just saying its only fair.XD

  • Baron_Von_Bonbon

    I wonder if the lack of blog posts today is connected?

  • @ 407 XBL was down for 13 days back in 2007.So a few days of being down for a free service isn’t that big of a deal in comparison.


    This is all Zipper’s fault! Socom4 sux and PSN wants nothing to do with it and has went on strike!

  • Blackstar131

    screw Xbox360

  • zekececil14

    This sucks because it has been raining for the past week, and I don’t watch TV. So, anyone who says to go outside, it’s thunderstorming here. I was really looking forward to finishing an LBP level my friend and I were working on, prestiging on CoD (9th), GT 5 online, Portal 2……….JE JOUE AUX JEUX VIDÉO! (I play video games! in french. I was bored, so i googled stuff) Also, a Google is defined as a 1 followed by 100 zeros. So, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • No it comes up googol not google

  • xxnike629xx

    XBLA going down for 13 days…

    Imagine what that did to the Halo and Gears of War gamers..ROFL…

    But that was back in 2007. There’s no excuse for such down times these days. Technology 4 years ago is nothing compared to how much things have improved these days.

    For investing so much money on a PS3, I think the least they can do is keep their servers running smooth, and if something happens, have a back up or 2 to keep the servers up until the main is repaired & restored.

    The PSN/PS Store has been down for about a week now.

    I think we deserve some explanation, especially since this isn’t like a problem only in the US….it’s a problem across the world.

  • Still?

  • xxnike629xx

    Yep. Still down…


  • fuzzyclutter

    + xxnike629xx the PSN is not some run of the mill server software being run on a PC located in somebodies home office underneith a desk … we are talking entire buildings of servers. having backup on that scale is not only impracticle , but … back up will also do NO GOOD in certain circumstances .

  • why they hell does Netflix now require psn to work?

  • unreal…

  • xxnike629xx

    It’s not like I don’t that.

    It’s obvious that they have a large building with servers and whatnot.

    But to have it all go down, & offline for this long is ridiculous. We’re talking about Sony here. Sony is a huge company that can afford to have a system put into place in case something like this happens, or at least be able to fix it within 24 ~ 48 hours.

    This is taking them way too long which is getting people suspicious.

  • @416 (fuzzyclutter): You a PSN tech or something? Just wondering cos you seem to claim a lot of insight on PSN while simultaneously undermining others’ understanding of it.

    Having no backup on *any* scale is not a matter of being practical, it is irresponsible, careless, arrogant, blind in this day and age.

  • xxnike629xx

    Yea. I agree with you. It’s obvious that Sony failed to have a backup means in case their server goes down. It’s a stupid thing especially these days.

    PSN caters millions of people around the world, and every PSN user is now blocked out of PSN b/c of Sony’s irresponsible & simply idiotic way of doing business.They need to have some sort of means to counter such situations like this.

    Whatever excuse Sony gives us whenever this things gets fixed will probably be half-true with a lot of details not given. But the way I see it, we might be dealing with Anonymous or another group like Anonymous who hacked into the network.

    It was made clear way back then when they talked about how vulnerable the PS3’s architecture really is. So who’s to say that the PSN & PS Store isn’t equally as vulnerable?

    It seems to me that Sony really needs to boost up their security, stability, and back up of their PSN & PS Store service.

    fuzzyclutter…if you think you know so much about Sony, why don’t you go over there and fix things? Hm? You make yourself sound like you know everything and understand everything, and comment said by other people are all flat out wrong.

  • Jimmy_Cosmos

    So it wasn’t Microsoft or Nintendo that took Sony out of the videogame market.. just some neckbeards mad about Other OS being taken away. Freaking amazing..

  • yellowjacket486

    sony needs to get some ninja hacker assassins and take care of the problem

  • @423 may be they do have it that why psn still down flight over a world to repair it all physically impossible but I am sure they do some work to protect us and investments so when Anon group will PSN will kiss you know what and go to jail

  • PennStateCivic

    In defense of @fuzzyclutter he has a valid point. My dad is an IT director at an engineering and architectural firm that specializes in data centers (server BUILDINGS). When we are talking a network the size of the PSN it is definitely impractical/impossible to back it up. These are facilities that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and maintain. Server facilities are updated every five years or less under normal conditions and backing up that much data is nearly impossible. My dad is in the middle of a data transfer for his company’s servers and its going to take months due to the change in storage media. To back up everything would require another facility or a much larger one as well as a ton more staffing. I’m sure that they are rushing because the loss of trafficking through their servers is probably costing them tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per HOUR. The loss of cash flow is probably so noticeable by now that someone is either going to be fired or is being placed under tremendous pressure. I still agree with everyone that Sony needs a MAJOR security upgrade and probably new networking software and hardware to avoid this problem in the future.

  • datastorm98632

    I don’t think this is any workings of hackers. I think Sony may have suffered major damage some where.
    If it is hackers, well, they managed to do one thing that none has done before.

    Oh and people have you checked Sony’s SNE lately?

    Sony’s PlayStation Network, which provides PlayStation 3 users with downloadable games, movies and TV shows, says it may be another day or two before a network outage is resolved.

    Patrick Seybold, the company’s senior director of corporate communications and social media, said it could be another day or two before they are back online.

    “While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.”

  • datastorm98632

    part 2
    A Sony spokesperson declined to comment further on the situation.

    For now, while the outage corresponds with Amazon’s cloud difficulties, which has now been officially out for more than a day, there are no signs that there is any correlation between the two.

    In fact, Sony’s outage is being blamed on Anonymous, the same hacker group involved in retaliation efforts surrounding the Wikileaks shutdown, because they were involved again earlier this month in shutdowns on various Sony sites, reports the Christian Science Monitor. It’s also plausible that something far less sinister, like routine maintenance, brought the network down.

    A user who goes by the name of mixedkidbx wrote: “WHAT???? MORTAL KOMBAT just came out and now i cant play online. I cant play 80% of my games that have online functions.” In another post, he added: “Right i got the inFAMOUS 2 beta too.
    Does that answer your Question?

  • datastorm98632

    What is going on with you SNE 6578?

  • also I suggest Sony have mirror IP addresses if Anon will focus on this website a simple ping request may cause big problems for us all

  • Times like this i wish i had an Xbox 360. Much better online.

  • @426 routinG maintenance could be done partially and without much of sacrifices if they don’t made major Networks structure upgrade in matter of point to point communications (security measures) So if who ever will DDoS them it not bring much of effect in the future but maee easy to track blackhole – an open doors will have guards

  • Damn I was going to play Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2 multiplayer today… O well, I will play GT5 and GOW collection for platinums.(Not GT5 platinum, that [DELETED] is too hard lol)

  • datastorm98632

    I have to agree. Some the costs associated with the loss by now in the millions.
    SNE 6578 is at -31. something and being that low isn’t good for there stocks.

    So this outage is hurting them every where.
    It is costing them to hire people, it is costing them in lost revenues from sales and it is costing them a great deal in other areas.

    I am not sure how the cooperation has things set up but this kind of thing could make or break there gaming division.

    So My questions is this.
    If Sony has had to sue funds to repair or replace buildings for manufacturing things from the quake and tsunami and then they are being sued, and then something like this happens, can a company Survive?
    This is where having a financial infrastructure that plans for the worst case scenario can come in handy. Question is, did Sony Put into place that kind of infrastructure or did they Not?
    maybe Sony aught Bring back other OS , Maybe it will bring them back good Karma ?

  • datastorm98632

    Oh I find it odd were able to sign in here ???

  • this is just a danm joke why cant they give us a lil info, but i still receive a danm e-mail saying go buy portal 2 now and add more cash to your cash station, so they have time for those e-mails but never e-mail nobody about whats happening.

  • fuzzyclutter

    + xxnike629xx too long compared to what ??? xbox live was down for as long as 13 days once . besides all that … it’s a gaming network … not life support .either play sp games or just walk away for a couple days , it will be back and 6 months from now , everybody will be going …” what outage ??? ” .

  • PSN is Back UP!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!

  • I figured it out its the new plot for Die Hard Five: Die smarter

  • Unseen_Soul

    So many pathetic people…

  • Hooligantuan

    Hey, I have an idea, let’s be all lofty and judgemental about people who want to spend some of their weekend off playing some games and can’t.

    DIAF @ 437

  • zekececil14

    Really? Don’t be an *** .

  • ……


    ok sony you should really let us know whats going on that would be great you said 1 to 2 days and you are coming close to 2 days and im being patient i just want an update on what you are doing with fixing the problem

  • zekececil14

    Read this in knowledge center

    We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. It may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter.

    During this time you may:

    Not be able to access the PlayStation®Store

    Have difficulty signing in to the PlayStation®Network

    Not be able to play online games

    See a maintenance page when attempting to access the PlayStation®Network
    Note: When you log into the PlayStation Network, a message may appear which states, “the PlayStation Network has been suspended”.  This does notmean that your account has been suspended; it simply means the PlayStation Network has been taken offline.  Please wait until the maintenance window has passed before attempting to connect to the PlayStation Network again.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • xXCoLtKiLLeR

    WOW wtf going on. Your PR is HORRIBLE. Same blast message for days now, we are aware BLAH blah 1 or 2 days. Sony always keeps its customers in the dark. Bad for sales if ya ask me, 3 major releases all online compatible and 24 hours after release PSN is down.

  • @435
    That was just plain childish!

    It is not up people, at least not here on the West Coast.

    And for those of you that say that Sony does not have a backup and that you can’t backup that much data, you are plain wrong. Data centers have backups too and ALL their servers have redundancy on the hardware level and on the network level. If a hard drive fails on a server machine there are still up to several on that server that are usable and contain all the data. The failed HD can be replaced and re synced with the rest of the array. Same goes for a server in the farm, if one fails completely, another mirror server kicks in and takes over.

    Believe me they have backups and redundancy. But if there is a problem with networking switches or the backbone to the internet or the power in the building or their diesel generators then the redundancy doesn’t mean anything.

    The thing that is the most annoying here is that Sony should be posting more updates as to what the problem is and keeping their customers in the loop. Sony, you need to be more transparent. They have surely identified the problem and I am sure they are fixing it but still more updates would go along way to keep your customers happy.



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