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Apr 22

Apr 22

Update On PlayStation Network/Qriocity Services

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

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xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 8:47 am

Same here.

They need to redo their server stability & security so that the network stays up and running without hackers and mega down times like this.


xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 8:48 am


I mean damn! I wish they’d at least give us an ETA of when we’d be able to go back on PSN & the PS Store!!


xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 8:49 am

I think we should be watching our bills and checking our online bank information frequently each day, every day anyway…


I hope that our personal information & credit card information has not been compromised. That would be grounds for Sony to get sued by everyone…lol…for failing to securely manage their network and exposing all of our information to the hackers.

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 8:51 am

Yea! I hate how some games these days require a constant connection to the PSN to even play! That’s the stupidest idea ever! How the hell would that make things more secure? It’s just an extra nuisance that we have to deal with, especially if the network goes down!

And keeping the game connected online while you play the game is not a very secure thing to do in case the network gets a DDoS attack like this. Hackers could easily get our information if they wanted to.

For that, I’ve disabled the wireless on the PS3 and the PSP til they get things fixed.

This is ridiculous Sony! Come on!! What the heck!!!


April 23rd, 8:53 am

WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! Still!? I got LBP2 a few days ago. I completed singleplayer and i want online levels :((((((

Lara_Croft_GodHD said:

April 23rd, 9:06 am

this better be fix tomrrow ok serious it’s been 3 days now no of us has be online and about to play im glad i get STEAM and Games for windows live im out of here of tred of this

dkenair said:

April 23rd, 9:08 am

Come on Sony! Stop effing around!

egee22 said:

April 23rd, 9:08 am


gamer_316 said:

April 23rd, 9:11 am

I’m glad they announced wat the issue is (basically hackers) altho we pretty much already knew wat was goin on & hopefully they can clear this up soon. I have a few trophies I need to sync lol

jayson-b1 said:

April 23rd, 9:14 am

whats an external intrusion?

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

April 23rd, 9:16 am


xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 9:19 am


xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 9:20 am

An “external intrusion” is what it sounds like…

Something from the outside, intruded into the PSN servers and disrupted service.

So it could be pretty much hackers.

We don’t know if it’s Anonymous, one of their affiliates, or simply another group of hackers all together.
Sony won’t say anything even if they know…which they should at least know this by now since it’s been offline for a week.

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

April 23rd, 9:21 am

lol, that mean someone from the outside of Sony corps have been access to the inside network.

kingotnw said:

April 23rd, 9:24 am

(1) Still this isn’t fixed? Are you kidding me? At least Netflix is working…

(2) What free movie rentals do Sony give us? I don’t remember this…

(3) I bought Portal 2, Socom 4, and Mortal Kombat last Tuesday… I wanted to play all of them online this weekend.

jayson-b1 said:

April 23rd, 9:34 am

@nike 626 so are they gonna just fix it or are they gonna give us an update and fix it?

Da_xavier said:

April 23rd, 9:40 am

@xxnike im just saying for those customers who have Netflix you can still use it with out PSN. Also XBL was down for 11 days in 2007. Also PSN is free why complain so much i mean jesus i love gaming and shi go have a life i know everyone says this but its true. PSN is down go hang with your friends and stop asking for free shi people its pathetic only thing free your gonna get on here is carpel-tunnel in ur wrists from whining so much about PSN being down.

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

April 23rd, 9:41 am

@ jayson-b1
yes, they gonna just fix.

Vyper82 said:

April 23rd, 9:43 am

3 days and counting!!!!!

Hurry up Sony and fix this mess.


Jimmy_Cosmos said:

April 23rd, 9:46 am

Seriously Sony needs to just close shop. This is an embarrassment. What kind of service is PSN if it can be taken down by a bunch of hacker kids? Now my CC info is compromised.

syk1288 said:

April 23rd, 9:51 am

I feel like killing everybody.

What’s taking you guys so long?!


Could we get rewarded for this wait?

ajayghosal said:

April 23rd, 9:56 am

i hate it when people say “go play outside or something”. Now its just psn, then when the entire ps3 goes down like during march ,people will say the same thing. I payed money for my ps3 and I should have the right to play whenever I want. It doesnt matter what u say. I knew I should have bought another console. Sony is a joke. I had some clan matches to play 2day.complete bs

Clewis94 said:

April 23rd, 9:59 am

want my PSN back, we complain about it being [DELETED] but when we lose it we want it back not so [DELETED] after all i guess lol.


April 23rd, 10:01 am

@ajayghosal agreed

Gekidami said:

April 23rd, 10:02 am

How is this not fixed yet? From what i’m hearing Sony themselves have taken PSN down, not hackers. In what twisted world is talking your online service down for more then 3 days, just as 3 major games have released (Socom 4, MK, Portal 2) a good idea?

And how am i logged into PSN, posting this comment right now?

HanzouKensei said:

April 23rd, 10:02 am

still waiting sony -_-“

SHOR73RM said:

April 23rd, 10:03 am

@Gekidami – different server

leDaveKron said:

April 23rd, 10:05 am

you’re not logged onto PSN, you’re logged on the blog webpage that use the same credentials as PSN logins.

Rene_Led said:

April 23rd, 10:06 am

@200 Yeah I am and will always (as of when I got a PS3) Primarily a story/sinlgle player.
I love gaming for a good story and just plain awesome game play (Zelda, Megaman, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted etc). Mutliplayer is fun, don’t get me wrong, but I will enjoy playing a game’s story mode 1st than spend about 60$ JUST to play online *cough you COD players lol*

@232 You always have trophies to update every 30 minutes XDD
I bet this is killing you lol!

Lopez9577 said:

April 23rd, 10:08 am

PSN Is Back Up Everybody :D!!!!!!!!!!

Jaimzterr said:

April 23rd, 10:09 am

“Anonymous” is on the attack. Find them, sue them, KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -___-

Johnmark said:

April 23rd, 10:11 am

not up where i am in canada. i expect there will be an update or one very VERY soon. im sure they were or are frantically working to get something together that will hopefully make this not happen again

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 10:13 am

We don’t know if they’re simply going to fix it and then continue on or give us a firmware up date to really patch the PS3 up and get it ready for the fixed up servers or whatever they do.

I don’t work at Sony nor know anyone that does. I’m just giving you some insight based on my knowledge in tech related matters. Though I’m not like a super-grand-master exper… =D … I do keep up with things.

jayson-b1 said:

April 23rd, 10:16 am

All hail nike he knows it all :D

Lara_Croft_GodHD said:

April 23rd, 10:18 am

o it’s still down now omg wow so much for a fun uncharted 2 weekend forget it now now i getta re plan this event for anythere time and the LAB was also this weekend too started (Yesteday) but no one can play so whats the point now Sony i hope i can signback in by tomrrow so i can play and we al can play online again well time to go onlive and play some unreal touranment 3 then


April 23rd, 10:18 am

Lopez you lied! :( thats not kewl


April 23rd, 10:19 am

Here in my house raining outside and cant play online :(

PointBlank771 said:

April 23rd, 10:22 am

First, for the people that say play outside, you go outside and KICK ROCKS. There are many of us that are hard working (You know having a job!) people with families(kids, duh!) and we look forward to our personal time to play some video games. I can handle PSN being down, because that is not my only console, but I will say that it saddens me that a HUGE corporation like Sony does not have a strong network infrastructure. Say what you will about MS, but this has never happened to XBL. Sony, I would gladly pay for an online service that was stable and feature rich. Good day to you all.

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 10:24 am

Same here man.

It’s raining out…well it was. It’s wet and muddy out now. No point in going outside. =P

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 10:26 am

There are also many of us who are trying to find a job, but can’t. Remember that part?

You at least have a job, make money… unlike others (including myself… T_T)

I also find it ridiculous that Sony can’t keep their network running safe, fast, and securely. I mean it’s 1 thing to have an outage for like 1 or 2 days, but to have an outage since like Tuesday/Wednesday of this week..and to still be down and still not be given an ETA of around when we’d get it (besides 1 or 2 more days…yea right…), that’s insulting and ridiculous IMO.

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 10:27 am

I don’t really play PS3 games much online besides an occasional few rounds of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV, and Uncharted 2. But it looks like I can’t even do that, or go into the PS Store to buy stuff with the funds I have in my account.


Sony messed up big time here.

:: goes back to playing SC2 Wings of Liberty and Dissidia Duodecim ::

xxnike629xx said:

April 23rd, 10:28 am

We don’t know for sure if this is Anonymous. It could be, but they did issue a statement saying they wouldn’t target the PSN and PS Store.


April 23rd, 10:29 am

I think is time to play minecraft after a long time xD

egee22 said:

April 23rd, 10:29 am

Anonymous and Hackers = MICROSOFT ?????????????

RyuuSkyez said:

April 23rd, 10:34 am

I Blame the Apoclyps, It was fortold that PSN would go down many times before the world ended……..not

s1mpl3______j4ck said:

April 23rd, 10:38 am

@PointBlank771- XBOX Live was down 2 year ago for 11 days bud, crap happens. we just have to deal with it

digitalman123 said:

April 23rd, 10:42 am

You’re basically telling us that it’s not back up yet, right? Sigh, and I just picked up Portal 2, with no online! Sad, really.

s1mpl3______j4ck said:

April 23rd, 10:46 am

there losing money every minute their down, they get no money from the store, no royalties or dividends for movies or shows being played and no advertising with their online. i’m sure their working as fast as they can…. but some teenager probably wrote up a virus on the back of a pizza box and was able to outsmart an entire corporation. haha, thats disappointing Sony

jayson-b1 said:

April 23rd, 11:05 am

psn is so awesome


April 23rd, 11:06 am

@jayson-b1 You kidding right?

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