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Apr 25

Apr 25

PSN Update

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time.

As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.

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Heisem said:

April 25th, 8:21 am

thank you!

Gskyace said:

April 25th, 8:23 am

Thank you,and please block piracy and cheaters.

XMbeaner said:

April 25th, 8:23 am

These are the time I am glad I have a PSP and a 360.

Destiny89 said:

April 25th, 8:23 am

Aw come on already :(..take your time i guess but please dont make it 2 weeks

EatDeath said:

April 25th, 8:23 am

Thank you, its a shame it had to come to this, wonder why there was an external intrusion in the first place, people ruining it for us. Good thing I can still watch Blu-rays!

SPOOKULA209 said:

April 25th, 8:23 am

People are not going to be happy. I hope Sony is prepared to deal with the negative press and complaints that arise from this. Otherwise, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we all hope the issues will be truly resolved when the network is functional again. Shalom

Lonestar134578 said:

April 25th, 8:24 am

Since it might of been a outside attack is our personal info safe?

GameLordGX said:

April 25th, 8:25 am

Awesome. Keep up the good work. We are grateful for your efforts.

northen_cail_209 said:

April 25th, 8:25 am

x mas of 2008 xbox live was down for 2 weeks

cronqvist said:

April 25th, 8:25 am

I can’t see how hackerz like to be praised as heroes when all they’re doing is ruin the fun for legitimate users, many of which are their very friends and followers.

Mo-green28 said:

April 25th, 8:26 am

Thanks for talking to us… but I sure am bored with Socom 4’s single player already :(

proskatercam said:

April 25th, 8:26 am

Too funny. *waits for influx of hundreds of comments about no COD, and compensation, and such until next blog post*

rjejr said:

April 25th, 8:26 am

Thanks for posting. At least we know that you don’t know anything (though most people will find it hard to believe that YOU don’t know anything).

Can’t believe I just thanked somebody for not telling us anything.

kenny-1995 said:

April 25th, 8:27 am

that’s not enough information.

BlueFrog007 said:

April 25th, 8:27 am

Thanks for the update, Patrick.

Sanador62 said:

April 25th, 8:27 am

Bummer. Thanks for the continual updates, though.

SGAShepp said:

April 25th, 8:28 am

Thanks for the update! Every bit is appreciated.

santasedai said:

April 25th, 8:28 am

Thanks for the update, but i believe what everyone wants to know is wheter credit card info and the money already in our accounts was compromised at any point.

MaxPayneV3 said:

April 25th, 8:29 am

keep on updating us that’s all we your dedicated fans ask for.

NecroC said:

April 25th, 8:29 am

Boy I sure am glad I paid $50 for a membership I cant use, and pay $15 a month for a game I cant play. I was fine with a day or two, but we are hitting on day 5.

bigdaddykraven said:

April 25th, 8:29 am

Well I hope the rebuilding of your network also helps make certain things on the PSN quicker (looking at profiles and comparing trophies for example). First and foremost though, just do whats needed to get secure and get the system up and running.

MairusuPawa said:

April 25th, 8:30 am

Thanks for the update.

Do you have a ETA for OtherOS’ return, too?

Twinkling82 said:

April 25th, 8:32 am

According to the European Sony PS blog on Facebook, our private information is safe. Especially stuff like credit card info. :)

utopianacht said:

April 25th, 8:32 am

well I’m back to work after 4 days weekend… a little sad because of this.. but luckily I had a lot of games to play offline.. keep working to get us back online..!!! (and give us a little nice surprise when you get us back.. it would be a nice detail)

pitythefool852 said:

April 25th, 8:34 am

Thanks for the update. Even though I know there probably isn’t much to say, it’s good that you’re checking in here to talk to the masses.

I hope that everything is going smoothly for you guys, as it sounds like a massive operation that you’re undertaking. Your fan-base are only getting rowdy because they miss PSN.

By the way, I hope you guys can mention something to people about their personal information. People are getting nervous about their addresses, credit card details, stuff like that. Whatever the case may be, please let people know the status of their information held on the servers.

Thanks guys

Ar4chNova89 said:

April 25th, 8:34 am

Meh. Wake me when the new Nintendo console is revealed.

gold5225 said:

April 25th, 8:34 am

Thanks for the update Jobin!

megamixer said:

April 25th, 8:34 am

Well, looks like I may as well do my PS Store review early.

PS3 Legacy: 0
PSP Legacy: 0
PS1 Legacy: 0

Boring. It’s like they’re not even trying.

Zero PSN, Minis, PSP titles as well. Game-less weeks are never good, especially when we were at least supposed to have gotten BttF Part 3….

…aww, no seriously though. This stinks. :(


April 25th, 8:35 am

SONY i better get some free games or something. send me some nugs

Chuckbait said:

April 25th, 8:35 am

Thanks for giving us some sort of update, even if it was to only say “We have no new updates.”

Tis better than nothing. I hope you’re starting to notice a theme here. We (meaning logical people) just want updates (once a day) even if you don’t tell us anything.

By saying, “we don’t have an ETA” at the moment… this leads me to think it will be at least two more days (but more likely, approximately 10-15 days).

Good luck, and please continue to keep us updated.

Aggie_CEO said:

April 25th, 8:35 am

**plays Portal 2 on Steam**

wakingthedead17 said:

April 25th, 8:36 am

You guys must have SOME idea of a timeframe for things getting back online. Even if you think it’s going to be weeks, months, whatever, give us something here.

Vandaliser said:

April 25th, 8:36 am

sony, a word of advice. hire some competent engineers. Sony japan are clueless when it comes to security.

do not bring back psn without being sure that all security loopholes have been fixed. i dont want another outage in a few days again

bbonds_007 said:

April 25th, 8:36 am

WTF, an “update” to tell us you dont have an update!


Bug42 said:

April 25th, 8:36 am

I understand the issue at hand, but i also understand that the PS3 has a large community, a community that has supported the PS3 through its up and down. This however is getting a bit crazy. What happened to it only taking a day or two?. A back up should have been place since day one in case something like this happened. I was fine with it being off for a day or 2, but we are coming up to a week. Again I understand the situation is not an easy one to be in but I, like so many other gamers are a bit frustrated

Thanks for the update, please keep them coming

PaperCarrier said:

April 25th, 8:37 am

Developers must be just as upset and frustrated as players are while they can’t sell / promote any of their online products and services on the PSN during this outage.

Kajax said:

April 25th, 8:38 am

add cross game chat when you rebuild the system, and make looking at profiles and comparing trophies for faster

MUGEN02 said:

April 25th, 8:39 am

GEARS 3 beta!

fatjoe400 said:

April 25th, 8:39 am

Guess I’ll leave a comment on this update too. Seems to me like the psn is getting a serous overhaul. Can’t wait to see the fruits of their labor :3

Chuckbait said:

April 25th, 8:40 am

why would you want cross game chat? freaks…

pizzaboy53 said:

April 25th, 8:40 am

how quick can they be trying if its been 4 days without psn online for anything.

pitythefool852 said:

April 25th, 8:40 am

Also, Sony dudes, maybe this is a good time to try to get a positive spin on all this mayhem.

I know there’s a lot of people asking for credit, games, blah blah blah, but – greedy gamers aside – once PSN comes back online there will be an opportunity for SCE/SNE to win people over.

Perhaps a Plus one month trial, with an extra month for existing members. Something like that.

I’m not saying that I personally want/need those things… just that there’s an opportunity here for Sony to make a very good impression with gamers, fans, haters and the media.

Have a think about it, when you’re not repeatedly hitting the PSN servers with a hammer.

Amans91 said:

April 25th, 8:41 am

i have been hearing it might be back up tomorrow, but now this message completely destroyed all my hopes of that :( thanks for the message anyway

Nick36542 said:

April 25th, 8:42 am

Take your time, I just really want to know if our personal info is still secure.

BlindsideDork said:

April 25th, 8:43 am

So you are saying, no Outland tomorrow. Swell…


April 25th, 8:43 am

SONY stop failing…

hush404 said:

April 25th, 8:44 am

Damn hackers. :( Making our lives miserable.


April 25th, 8:44 am

Good things come to those who wait. I’ll never doubt you Sony.

PatriotEyez27 said:

April 25th, 8:45 am

Thanks for the update :(

Mister-Nep said:

April 25th, 8:45 am

I’m just glad you’re posting something. Even if it’s just posts of relatively nothing. I don’t mind.

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