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May 14

May 14

Kazuo Hirai: PlayStation Network Restoration Announcement

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

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speed6464 said:

May 15th, 8:11 am



killkrazy9 said:

May 15th, 8:12 am

Hi i have 2 accounts and I only use my other one.But when i try to restore my account i need to go to my email.But when i was creating my account on psn it would not allow me to use my real email accounts so i made one up and it worked.So now i cannot log in or restore my account.What should i do?

BOGGYMAN559 said:

May 15th, 8:16 am

Thank You Mr. Hirai i appreciate the constant update on the network it helped calm me down in my time of gaming need. I only Have Playstation consoles because of my trust in sony and no other systems i still own a PS 1 console because sony makes such good products please don’t let this happen again to us PS3 faithful.


May 15th, 8:17 am


hush404 said:

May 15th, 8:21 am

I’m happy as hell that PSN is back :) Hopefully the store makes it up soon.

jose213jose said:

May 15th, 8:23 am

Kazuo Hirai thanks & to sony. Keep the psn safe always. :) Sony wish i can make something to show u how much i care about sony. Hmmm i’ll make youtube video to show that sony is number one in the wholewide world then any other system out there. :)

TIME2DIE said:

May 15th, 8:24 am

Thank you for making the PSN better and safe.

ps: Could you add CROSS CHAT…its would be a great feature………

TIME2DIE said:

May 15th, 8:25 am

Good Job Sony! Still waiting for PS Store and PSN+, but keep up the good work!

mgsfoxhound2 said:

May 15th, 8:26 am

Thank you Kazuo Hirai! Love the video. happy to see PS back online again and I want to say I am happy for the waiting period because its better to have a greater security then to go back online when its not safe as it could be, so I honor you for taking the initiative for that and I hope this never has to happen again. thank you for keeping us so up to date on this!! that was awesome. That is the kind of updates I think everyone would like to see in future communications with Sony. Thank you very much! -loyal Sony PlayStation customer Mike Biggs

bishop0904 said:

May 15th, 8:27 am

Thank you sir ; I had no doubt that Sony would do the right thing in protecting our personel information moving forward which is what all of should be concerned about. My feelings are that if Sony can be hacked anyone can. Thank you for the Welcome Back package and the Identity Theft protection.

I am looking forward to the prosecution of the criminals that launched this attack on Sony.

Love my PS3 !

mgsfoxhound2 said:

May 15th, 8:27 am

see you at E3!

OggyFX51 said:

May 15th, 8:27 am

Alright alright!! Thank you for bringing the network up again ,
message to sony :
As you can see we are loyal customers LOYAL TO SONY!! can we at least have a one free game download for our loyalty

and thanks again


Sylin said:

May 15th, 8:31 am

Thanks, Sony. And thank you, Kaz. Nice office. I bet Kevin Butler is jealous.

ThAbyss said:

May 15th, 8:31 am

Good Job Sony!

manzoor47 said:

May 15th, 8:34 am

tbh, no one could have handle this situation better than Sony! thank you for keeping us up update of what was going.

zingytarek said:

May 15th, 8:36 am


kiidout said:

May 15th, 8:37 am

its been almost 3 keeps with no psn now its back…… im so hiped!!!!!

kiidout said:

May 15th, 8:37 am

its back in new york!!!

kiidout said:

May 15th, 8:38 am

add me when we can play cod black ops

TheCraZyCloWn said:

May 15th, 8:39 am

I appreciate the great message! That’s what I wanted to hear…thank you Sony and everyone that worked really hard in the past couple of weeks.

Hammricker said:

May 15th, 8:44 am

Thanks FOR NOT switching to a pay to play network. Appreciate all the hard work the I.T. Team put in. Have to get back to SOCOM now, Thanks Again Sony…….

DeSilverware said:

May 15th, 8:45 am

Thank you, Sony. Never doubted you for a second. Now, hopefully, this will shut the “cry babies” up for a while. lol

bleach_flame said:

May 15th, 8:47 am

It’s back in Texas!.. Thank you SONY!

bugs713 said:

May 15th, 8:50 am

1) Glad to be back!
2) XBL just does not compare to PSN!
3) As I bit my lip I say, PSN RULES!
4) As for some of those that could blog here during the outage, you are a bunch of whiny little butt-nuggets who are so immature, self centered and probably friendless…. if you are the future of our country/world, we are all in BIG trouble!!

KINGVader0401 said:

May 15th, 8:50 am

Awesome Sony Thanks Love Sony>>>Better Than XBOX>>>>>XBOX Sucks!!!!!

DrewDay626 said:

May 15th, 8:52 am

I would like to thank Sony for their very had work on restoring the PSN, I wasn’t able to log in and post comments on the blog, but to see all these sniveling little babies that sold there PS3′s for an xbox I laugh at them. Hope you like paying for something that is completely free on Playstation. You impatient fools. 3 weeks and 3 days was nothing to me, my personal info’s security is the more important to me then playing online. When Sony took the PSN offline is was the smartest thing they could have done at the time to save us. Now that they’ve added credit monitoring for free says to me that Sony cares about their consumers even after the fact of the intrusion. Rebuilding a network infrastructure is NO EASY feat, and when you have another intrusion lingering in the shadows and on top off that Millions of gamers just breathing down the neck of Sony’s IT support. Sony still prevailed! I would have never sold my ps3 and to the millions that didn’t well GAME ON! THANK YOU SONY! For your hard work, I know hearing stuff like this from your consumers sure makes it feel a whole lot better and worthwhile. Keep up the good work because I know you will.

kfunnybear said:

May 15th, 8:52 am

to be honest with you all i cry watching this Lol

SKILLED_27 said:

May 15th, 8:53 am

Hi Sony, I am glad that you brought Playstation network back but comment #13 gets me worried about playstation network getting an outage again.Please find the people who did this as soon as possible and put them in jail or something so me and all the rest of the people (including you) wont have to worry about it no more. I really like playstation network and i don’t want it to turn off again.And what if they do reattack PSN on may 20th will the PSN resist to it? Please write back and like i said please find the hackers as quickly as possible.

Thank you and keep reinforcing PSN ,your doing a really good job

x_Lava_x said:

May 15th, 8:53 am

Thanks Sony!

Evilcake911 said:

May 15th, 8:56 am


cheseweezle said:

May 15th, 8:58 am

During the outage I came to the blog for updates such as a majority of people. But I have a question; How were people able to post when the network was down? Don’t you log in via PSN ID?

BlackFuryX said:

May 15th, 9:00 am


frankirvan18 said:

May 15th, 9:04 am

finley fix thank you now i can play online again i hate the attacks but i am never an xbox fan i am always a sony fan becaus i grew up on sony my hole live and your system kicks ass thats why xbox still sucks i remember when xbox first came out there where little games for there system please keep up the good work sony.

bugs713 said:

May 15th, 9:06 am

If you were one of the few that were logged in online, you never got logged out.

gogueto said:

May 15th, 9:07 am

Thanks Sony team!. I am glad the PSN is back and running! You are the best!

terrynsue said:

May 15th, 9:08 am

I was a late bloomer refusing to upgrade into the XBox / Playstation 2 battle and was content with my SNES. I finally made the upgrade in 2004 because I was looking for a good golf simulation and sadly my choice at that time was the XBox. I was soon to be dissappointed when with the release of the XBox 360 games for the XBox immediately ceased to be released. The games I wanted continued to come out but my only choices where to goto either XBox360, Playstation 3, or Playstation 2. I chose Playstation 2 because financially I was not ready, and I glad I did. Even to this day I can still buy new PS2 games. Within 3 years I had my Playstation 3 and I have never looked back at XBox or any of their products. You have been there for me all along and I was there for you all along. Thanks for everything that you did and for all the hours of entertainment that you provide.

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

May 15th, 9:09 am

Kazuo Hirai I hope your for real. Because ever since me being a member I have had to deal with 1 hacker after the next! PSN is cool and everything. But it need’s change’s asap! Be more innovative with Cross Game Chat etc!
But thank you for restoring the online play!

jmajestyjersey15 said:

May 15th, 9:10 am

@ 125 during the outage u were still able to post comments by just logging in. Now if u never registered in this site then u couldnt post anything when the psn was down, but like i said if u had registered before the site was down all u had to do was log on and u were able to post. Got Me?


May 15th, 9:15 am

That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEhappyface said:

May 15th, 9:15 am

I was ecstatic when I logged on yesterday. Thanks Sony! I’m curious to see what this welcome back gift is.

Also, to people who are saying that one console is better than the other please cut the crap. I agree that they are both great systems. I play them both and both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages.

Elliott42 said:

May 15th, 9:15 am

It’s good to see the network up and running again! Thank you Sony, for all your hard work and for your diligence in restoring the systems. Many of us know that you were just as much a victim as we were.

cool773 said:

May 15th, 9:17 am

thank you for turning it back on cod he i come


May 15th, 9:17 am

Thanks Sony For All Your HARD WORK!!!!!!


May 15th, 9:20 am

Also Thanks For making PSN more safe!!!!

FinalArchemy said:

May 15th, 9:20 am

Hmm…I trust Sony again, as I have since PS1. But here’s something I wanted to know since I saw this video last night…Where can I get that song in the background.

Acejoker420 said:

May 15th, 9:21 am

Thank you sony, for taking your time to make sure it was good to go.

cool773 said:

May 15th, 9:22 am

thank you for turning it back on call of duty here i come

emojim said:

May 15th, 9:25 am

i just got a new psp all i want to know is when is the shop gonna be up

GhostGamer241 said:

May 15th, 9:26 am

Welcome back sony ^_^

davidcel2005 said:

May 15th, 9:33 am

I have 2 ps3’s (slim and original fat 20gb ps3) and the original fat 20gb has been rendered useless when it comes to playing ps2 games. I bought the system with the built in backwards compatibility at launch and because of patch 3.61 I cannot play a ps2 game in it (it wont even recognize the disk–and my disks are flawless and I tried multiple before anyone asks)…. anyone else having this issue? If this is the case then I really hope its an oversight on Sony’s part….. because if they took it out on purpose thats crap.

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