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May 16

May 16

Details for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Customer Appreciation Program in North America

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Now that some PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been restored and you’re once again enjoying online gaming and entertainment, we’re happy to provide details about the “Welcome Back” appreciation program for customers in North America. We developed the program as an expression of our gratitude for your patience, support and continued loyalty during the service outage. From all of us at PlayStation, thank you and welcome back!

This package will be made available to all existing registered PlayStation Network and Qriocity users in North America (US and Canada), and will be made available shortly after we have fully restored the service. More specific details about these offers and eligibility requirements will be posted as the services go live.

All PlayStation Network customers can select two PS3 games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

For PSP owners, you will be eligible to download two PSP games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation
  • A selection of “On Us” rental movie titles will be available to PlayStation Network customers over one weekend, where Video Service is available. Those titles will be announced soon.
  • 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership for non PlayStation Plus subscribers.
  • Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an additional 60 days of free subscription.
  • Existing Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription members will receive an additional 30 days of free premium subscription.
  • Additional 30 days + time lost for existing members of Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscription free of charge for existing Premium/Basic members.
  • To welcome users Home, PlayStation Home will be offering 100 free virtual items. Additional free content will be released soon, including the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space, and Ooblag’s Alien Casino, an exclusive game.

We’d like to thank all of our publishing and development partners who’ve contributed to the Welcome Back program, including Bigbig Studios, Codeglue, Digital Leisure, Guerilla Games, Heavy Water, Housemarque, Lockwood, Loot, Mass Media, Media Molecule, SCE Cambridge Studios, SCE Studio Liverpool, SCE San Diego Studios, and Sucker Punch Productions. We couldn’t have created such a compelling package without them!

As a reminder, you will be able to access the above content shortly after services are fully restored. We are doing everything we can to make that happen as soon as possible. Please visit the following sites for more information about the Welcome Back program in Europe and Latin America.

Thank you again for your support!

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sansalove said:

May 29th, 5:24 am

let’s see here did anyone here have to pay for their monthly psn subscription… that means it’s free.

xbox users pay 60 bucks a year for their service, so if something like this happens microsoft has to reimburse them for lost time and money.

sony didn’t need to do this but they chose to because good PR never hurts. If they were truly greedy then they’d offer only two games and nothing else,

so question is what do you think would make everyone happy?

sageofcelluloid said:

May 29th, 7:22 am

@ sansalove

Xbox only charges for it’s Gold membership just like Playstation only charges for PSN+ membership.

Xbox’s Silver membership as well as Playstations standard membership are free.

To answer your question, after reading these many, many comments it seems to me that everyone would be happy with a better option to choose.

No one is complaining about the free PSN+. It’s the game choices that have people miffed.

sansalove said:

May 29th, 7:33 am

thanks for clarifying that for me, i did not know that, but you do have to get a gold membership If you want to play online right?

xDeVazTaToR- said:

May 29th, 7:39 am

no what are you talking about 6953?

xDeVazTaToR- said:

May 29th, 7:39 am

can anybody sign into psn as of 5/29/2011?

OverseerD said:

May 29th, 12:06 pm

@Sansalove yes you need gold to play online which is ridiculous and greedy it’s like it’s not enough you but the xbox and a $60 game you need to pay $70 which it’s now not $60 a year to play online. I recently switched to ps3 and I’m glad it did even though I got it a week before all this happened still glad ps3 FTW add me ppl and thanks Sony for the free stuff wasn’t necessary but good stuff thanks again.

animergamer04 said:

May 29th, 12:16 pm

Ok somebody tell me why people are complaining about free stuff? They didn’t have to give out free stuff you know? Some idiot or idiots decided to hack them and then everyone is on sony? come on really? Are you serious? The best thing this company did was give people free identity theft protection and that’s an pretty big deal because your credit and good name is not being dragged through the mud by some buttheads that decided to take your info. Hacking is pretty serious, They choose their targets with no concern for the people having fun online. That is the people we should be yelling at, The game choices? I know you people already have certain games It’s no expiration for the choices and whoever thought that obviously never read the whole thing. But hey free Playstation plus means you get discounts and possibly more free games with no expirations, I still got an couple of free games that didn’t have an expiration on it from plus, There are quite a few games from the list they have on plus already and I know for an fact that some of them don’t have expirations you just have to pick and choose, usually the PS+ tells you which ones are going to expired and stuff.

animergamer04 said:

May 29th, 12:18 pm

So you got 4 game choices right? some of you feel shorted out correct? I know a few people are complaining about how “crappy” it is to get free stuff. Hey it’s your choice to download or not. To be quite honest with you they probably tried to get more choices but certain companies were not willing to help you out. There is an difficult process involved. You got to work with the company and the game developers in order to see who is willing to give out stuff. So relax and enjoy the ride, if you don’t like it maybe there might be something good in store for you.

headtripp421 said:

May 29th, 1:02 pm

It’s really great that so many of you are easily amused. I would assume that with a welcome back package, the givers would have to make some kind of sacrifice, which they didn’t accept for the identity theft protection, which is great, but I’m also a plus subscriber, which is not free, I pay for my services for sony and I do not feel appreciated by this promotional package they did not make an effort to get content anyone wanted.

sansalove said:

May 29th, 1:55 pm

okay then what would it take to make you happy then if anything

sansalove said:

May 29th, 2:01 pm

“they did not make an effort to get content anyone wanted.” really? let me think I want dead nation and infamous, I’ve always wanted to try ps+ and who doesn’t love free movies?

You do know other companies make sonys games right?

there is a long process that sony has to go through to be able to offer free games and not many developers out there want to give the stuff away.

sansalove said:

May 29th, 2:03 pm

hey overseer do you have killzone 3 and mic? then add me

headtripp421 said:

May 29th, 2:23 pm

the point of a welcome back package like this is to show your customers you appreciate them by sacrificing, if sony didn’t pay for the games or paid minimally I don’t feel like I’ve seen any sacrifice. I would be happy if they refunded me for the month of plus I didn’t get to use being that I auto pay for the service the free month doesn’t mean much. The identity theft protection is great other than that, this is not a welcome back it’s a promotion. It’s great that some of you are satisfied, but every ps3 owner I’ve actually spoken with are not. We should be able to pick some dlc. It would be in sony’s best interest to keep their customers happy. It takes money to make money.

headtripp421 said:

May 29th, 2:26 pm

yes you have to have gold membership to play online, but really 60 bucks isn’t bad, too bad xbox sucks.

Volvagia_Freak said:

May 29th, 3:03 pm

Okay let’s sum this up, okay? Free stuff is awesome. Xbox sucks. The Vectrex is obviously the superior 7th gen system.

headtripp421 said:

May 29th, 3:06 pm

would a free turd be awesome?

sansalove said:

May 29th, 5:00 pm

as long as it isn’t 2 girls 1 cup

KillerTuxAzteka said:

May 29th, 6:09 pm


You WiLL rise AGAIN

dchero98 said:

May 29th, 11:21 pm

Awesome thanks for the playstation plus now i can download all the free games

mdavido said:

May 29th, 11:22 pm

LOL… 2 girls 1 cup…

I’ve had my PS3 since 2006, and it sucked not being able to play online for so F****n long… But Sony’s Customer Appreciation Program is pretty awesome! I’m getting LBP and Infamous!( which are still selling for about $30 each). But even if you already have all the games ( or dont like them?), you have the credit protection – which is nice, and Playstation Plus. PS+ gives you plenty of discounts on a lot of sweet games. Even After your PS+ subscription expires, you still get to keep all the Discounted games you bought! Can’t wait to take advantage of that! Thanks Sony, and to Sony’s publishing and development partners!

Darkwombat said:

May 30th, 1:16 am

Sweet Now The wait is just going to suck.

beardsplitter said:

May 30th, 2:18 am

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beardsplitter said:

May 30th, 2:19 am

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beardsplitter said:

May 30th, 2:31 am

Oh yea one more thing if you were 1 of the hundreds of thousand Idiotsout there who gave SONY(or anybody) your C.C. info over a” WORLD WIDE WEB” then you deserve to have your identity stolen. There are THUGS- n SCUMBAGS- out there who steal off their own family .Buy aPoints Card and be safe.THIIIIIIIIINK!!!!!!

arcticsniper1234 said:

May 30th, 6:10 am

AWESOME deal, thanks Sony!

arcticsniper1234 said:

May 30th, 6:13 am

@ sageofcelluloid

If you have an XBox Silver membership you STILL can’t play online only chat with friends in text or voice you NEED GOLD membership to play online.

smokydbear said:

May 30th, 6:21 am

the hackers didnt want ur id they wantend to teach sony a lesson about invading privacy. since the hack sony has bs more than the bush family. they have yet to admit this was a personal attack on sony and that sony knew months b4 they were running a browser that expired 3 years ago with NO i repeat NO firewall. and now 2 thank loyal consumers like my self they r going to give me 2 $10 games? all u idiots dogging xbox u get what u pay 4. yea u pay $60 a year to be able to play online but the servers r WAY better, the cross game chat is great. i switch from nintendo to sony with the ps1 i have always been a fan but this outage has opened my eyes. the only thing sony has over xbox is the ability 2 play blu ray. even thier games r half assed why does the ps have better graphics but evry game ive played on both systems looks better on the xbox.

xxbsbxx said:

May 30th, 6:57 am

Bin – Thank you for proving the point that you have no idea what you are talking about. For starters: just cancelling your card takes care of everything…wrong…they have all your persoal info so that does nothing..They dont care about the card you registered because it lacks the security code, its the personal info that they have that enables one to take out other cards or loans in your name that you dont know about that will adversly effect your rating. Secondly your scenario with a waitress isnt even the same subject..thats called credit fraud – we are talking about identity theft. Fraud is handled daily by credit agencies and you dont have to pay anything if they charge something to your card. .Now get back to class and pay attention this time because you are truly clueless and that is exactly why you think this deal makes you a winner.

cmb12345 said:

May 30th, 10:23 am

when will playstation store be back up?

DARK_KNIGHT220 said:

May 30th, 11:33 am

@ 6968
You only get to keep the games you download if you stay a PlayStation plus customer once your times up with playstation plus you cant play the games anymore

Blackstar131 said:

May 30th, 12:40 pm

will you be able to download 2 ps3 games and 2psp games or is it you only can download two games

tootall421 said:

May 30th, 12:56 pm

I complained to Sorry…I mean Sony about the lackluster BS “welcome back program” and this was their sorry butt excuse!!!

We apologize that you are not satisfied with the content that we are currently offering with our “Welcome Back” program. We have done our best to offer a variety of items to try to meet everyone’s needs. Unfortunately we are not able to alter the content that we are offering at this time. The ‘Welcome Back’ program has not yet been fully implemented, more specific details about these offers and eligibility requirements will be posted as the services go live. We recommend monitoring our blog at for possible updates on this and other programs.

They still failed to answer my question, where do I send all my Sony products to get a refund?? My issue is not with the retailer yet the products themselves just suck!!

darkersaintsfan said:

May 30th, 12:59 pm

lets see how happy go lucky everybody is if the store isnt up by the last day of the month

gfsuperman said:

May 30th, 4:09 pm

Will we be able to keep the ‘free’ games even if we dont continue with the free 30 days playstation plus? or will everything get taken away? just curious.

Dokejema said:

May 30th, 4:31 pm

This SUX.. because all the items Sony’s offering for the “Welcome Back” campaign, or “Customer Appreciation” I already have and PAID for it!! That blows chucks on so many levels. :( What about the ppl who are TRUE BLUE PSN players? Who really do support PSN by PAYING for their games! :(

Woody14527 said:

May 30th, 6:45 pm

I just want the store up im anxiously waiting for the 31st to see if the rumor is true. I cannot wait to get some free DLC and I had a great wekend last week with the double xp weekend for black ops so thank you treyarc!!! Please sony let the rumor be true or at least give us a real accurate update we have all been awaiting its return….

r8rsfans75 said:

May 31st, 6:37 am

I was glad to see the update on the store being up by the end of the week, but no update on the welcome back package. :(

I have this sinking feeling that we will be waiting awhile for this.

ACM999PT said:

May 31st, 2:58 pm


lambo979 said:

May 31st, 7:32 pm

So when exactly will Playstation store be available?

headtripp421 said:

June 1st, 1:06 am

so much for end of may.

Cali-Cali-Man said:

June 1st, 1:36 am

Maybe SONY uses the lunar calendar, that explains why the PSN Store isnt up yet.

swagster27 said:

June 1st, 9:19 am

end of MAY and still nothing.!!!!

honkayjeezus said:

June 1st, 10:21 pm

When are we going to be alerted about this program being “active”? Store is up, somewhat, but the offer isn’t available yet?

Chukz15 said:

June 2nd, 4:29 am

BS my compensation still isn’t up.

wesdogg82 said:

June 2nd, 7:24 am

psn on the psp is back up but there still chargeing me for the free games wtf

Chukz15 said:

June 2nd, 7:41 am

this sucks that the welcome back isnt up, I STILL HAVE TO WAIT.

XxMB3NS3TT3xX said:

June 2nd, 8:58 am

I was on the PlayStation Store earlier and I searched for LittleBigPlanet and it wasn’t free?

DrewManeLaflare said:

June 2nd, 9:22 am

SOOOOOO! where is this package youve been speaking so much of… I want my stuff MAN.

Justin7414 said:

June 2nd, 10:07 am

Why is it I can’t get the 2 free games it say I have to pay Wtf

Justin7414 said:

June 2nd, 10:07 am

Why is it I can’t get the 2 free games it say I have to pay Wtf

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