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May 16

May 16

Details for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Customer Appreciation Program in North America

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Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Now that some PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been restored and you’re once again enjoying online gaming and entertainment, we’re happy to provide details about the “Welcome Back” appreciation program for customers in North America. We developed the program as an expression of our gratitude for your patience, support and continued loyalty during the service outage. From all of us at PlayStation, thank you and welcome back!

This package will be made available to all existing registered PlayStation Network and Qriocity users in North America (US and Canada), and will be made available shortly after we have fully restored the service. More specific details about these offers and eligibility requirements will be posted as the services go live.

All PlayStation Network customers can select two PS3 games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

For PSP owners, you will be eligible to download two PSP games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation
  • A selection of “On Us” rental movie titles will be available to PlayStation Network customers over one weekend, where Video Service is available. Those titles will be announced soon.
  • 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership for non PlayStation Plus subscribers.
  • Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an additional 60 days of free subscription.
  • Existing Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription members will receive an additional 30 days of free premium subscription.
  • Additional 30 days + time lost for existing members of Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscription free of charge for existing Premium/Basic members.
  • To welcome users Home, PlayStation Home will be offering 100 free virtual items. Additional free content will be released soon, including the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space, and Ooblag’s Alien Casino, an exclusive game.

We’d like to thank all of our publishing and development partners who’ve contributed to the Welcome Back program, including Bigbig Studios, Codeglue, Digital Leisure, Guerilla Games, Heavy Water, Housemarque, Lockwood, Loot, Mass Media, Media Molecule, SCE Cambridge Studios, SCE Studio Liverpool, SCE San Diego Studios, and Sucker Punch Productions. We couldn’t have created such a compelling package without them!

As a reminder, you will be able to access the above content shortly after services are fully restored. We are doing everything we can to make that happen as soon as possible. Please visit the following sites for more information about the Welcome Back program in Europe and Latin America.

Thank you again for your support!

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TheTwelve said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

Wow….and here I thought you couldn’t give me anything I actually don’t have, or wanted. Thank you.


Smokey said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

You should increase the PS3 game pool or provided a slidding scale of games based on what users have already downloaded from the store (or you have profiled via trophies). The offer you have provided is great to the casual user of PSN/PS3 but your above average PS3 customers more then likely have most, if not all, of the 5 games you are offering.

Just making a suggestion….happy to have the online gameplay back!

kingoftroy1135 said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

apology accepted!!

ReefrRulz said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

I appreciate the the gesture. Unfortunately, I already own all of the free PS3 titles most since there launch day.

All great games for people who haven’t played them or don’t own them.

Thanks for the PSP games.

In the End. I’m just glad to see PSN back online. Just waiting for Store to come back to buy some new games.

VampHuntD said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

so even with this awesome move, you can’t please everyone. I for one am saying thanks. I have owned every game on the list with the exception of Wipeout and it doesn’t matter. This was a classy move. Well Done Sony!

Dr-McLoViNs said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm

It’s ight i guess… It was so long though i had to move to the xbox.

CrazedZombies91 said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Deadnaion is what i’ve been wanting for a while thanks sony :) and i’ll pick up Super Stardust HD as well

jazzy734II said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Bless you SONY.

AdamMadman said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Its nice that you’re offering a welcome back package…but why is it so limited? I OWN EVERY SINGLE GAME ON THAT LIST ALREADY!

So what you’re saying is I will essentially be getting NOTHING for the Welcome Back package.

Thanks for nothing. Looks like this is the last Playstation console for me! E3 can’t come soon enough!

S73VNN said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Awwww yeah, now we’re talking lol.
If only we were given PS money instead -_-
Thanks though, I guess :x

devilmosh said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Cool! I only have Dead Nation in the list, but the demos of a few others. I was just telling my wife last night that I wished Wipeout + Fury was given, so WOW! Thank you! And I’ve been wanting InFAMOUS for some time now but never got around to it. Excellent! We’re looking forward to the Home items, too. Welcome back, indeed!

iCrizzo said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

Thanks Sony!! AWESOME!

xxitslaloxx said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

but my kuestio is when psnstore is on? and good job by away

hellslady said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

We should have more of a selection of games to choice from to be free forever, I mean look what we all went through! Look how long we had to go without playing online! That’s not much appreciation to me!!!!!

creadorsupremo said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

that is not fair sony. what if i already got all those games you are offering for free. i want something free. :(

kopthelot said:

May 16th, 2:26 pm

I know thats good and all but make a PARTY CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jshulze said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

Excellent!!! Thanks and welcome back PSN!!!

arjmontiel said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

I am glad that we are back online, good package for all user. Thanks

pazmo said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

pretty underwhelming. a marketing ploy to sell playstation plus to non subscribers and a bunch of games that are a few years old that most of us have already. i’ll take it because it’s free, who wouldn’t? they are great games but they are also great games that no one buys anymore. i was hoping for some newer premium titles but i guess i’m a hopeless romantic. thanks sony.

bucnup said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

These selections are not appealing at all. Your downtime did not only affect the target audience these games are based upon. I’ve been all sports all the time; since your inception. What are you doing for the sports community?

VofEscaflowne said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

Great selection but as both a PS3 and PSP owner… well I’ve bought a lot of games, most of these which I already own. The PS3 selection are all games I already bought and for the PSP, I own the only game which I wanted which is LittleBigPlanet. Still, it’s a great deal for those that can fully take advantage of this “Welcome Back” program. Unfortunately for me, most of it won’t serve me any purpose :(

Powie said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

Meh, not much of an appreciation, your long time customers already have all of those titles. Would have appreciated $20 in store credit more, as well as your 3rd party dev’s would have appreciated the sales from people like me who won’t be trusting you with our credit cards again.

SeeImage_inc said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

WOOHOO… Thanks Sony, I was not expecting anything FREE from you guys, but thanks and I will enjoy… LONG LIVE SONY and PLAYSTATION.

Stoffinator said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

What if you already have all those games? It kind of sucks that those of us will be left out,

tony2077 said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

so far I’m only interested in infamous not sure if i care about any of the other ones

SpyDudeFX said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

Good offer, thanks.

Caudill said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

I own all these already but I’m not too worried about free games.

Want to give me a welcome back gift? Get the store back online NOW…or atleast later today…or tomorrow at the latest. There are so many things that I want to buy :(

Trombone482 said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

I like this but outta the 5 ps3 games I own 4 of them :(

So all I get is Deadnation, honestly wish you would of just had it so we got $50 in our wallet. I know though the logistics of that would of been hard. Especially to compensate all the different companies.

pie4july said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

YES I LOVED INFAMOUS! i got rid of it and i regret it so much, yay! i can’t wait for inFAMOUS 2 :D

jmama62 said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

thank you psn,i dont need no freebies, im glad to be online gameing,thank you once again

Ehahneli-13 said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

This is stupid. I already have ALL of those PS3 games. So for supporting you and your games when they actually came out, I get screwed? The PSN outage was bad enough, but when other people are getting free stuff because they didn’t buy it when it came out and I am getting NOTHING because I have supported SONY… That is just BS! I expected some of the games to be ones I already had, but all of them… Really? And I know I’m not the only one that this will be the case for. Thanks for nothing…

kiapurity said:

May 16th, 2:27 pm

Is there any way to get Infamous in form of a disk copy rather than a digital download? I don’t even have enough HD space for a PS3 game :/

StickOfDoomXx said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

So is the store up then?

megamixer said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

Thanks for uh… something I guess? I have zero interest in those PS3/PSP games. Games I do have interest in I buy pretty much right away, so I suppose it can’t be helped. :p

looneyboy12 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

i just wish we could get a selection of 2 things from the whole store and the games that you get are they full games,betas or demos? other than that great work sony im sure everyone appreciates you and your company and if anyone wishes to add me go for it.

TEUFEL_937 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

Lol take that back, only one I don’t have is Wipeout HD, eh could always trade InFamous or LBP in and get the direct download, hmmmmm….

T_Bag_13 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

Great what about after those thirty days. Thanks for dropping the ball again sony!!!

codsniper06 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

oh those r terrible games besides little big planet =(

smack1512 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

infamous and lbp awswome

mexican_094 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

that all sounds good but will Australia be getting any packages?

InFeRnOgTitan said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

Well as a diehard PS fan and a PS+ subscriber I have to say I am utterly disappointed by this.


Kind of a slap in the face to good PS consumers Sony…just saying.

Jedicero said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

Thank you Sony
Dead Nation for sure, but don’t know which one between Infamous or Little big planet XD

dragonleader33 said:

May 16th, 2:28 pm

These are great picks but I already own 4 of these :/

Nick-30 said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

sucks for the people who arent in north america

Moosehole said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

That’s a nice list, and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful here, but I literally have all 5 of those PS3 games already…

I guess I’m [DELETED]?

nickatnoche said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

I’ve been a loyal customer since 1996 and have never been let down. Sony will continue to be my source for entertainment and gaming!

SkukeDaBuke said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

I own both PS3 & PSP, does this mean I get FOUR free games? Please answer!

Rosol said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

I’ve been a loyal fan of your console, so I happen to own all those games – I am disappointed here, can you guys give us another option should we choose to forgo the 2 free games, maybe another month of plus, or have a second list of more obscure games we wouldn’t already have?

perrandy said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

this is nice from you guys! thank you!!
i already own superstardust HD so its going to be wipeoutHD+fury since i’m not in to shooters and i dont like platformers either…oh well, like i said thank you for the freebies, your good intentions are appreciated :)

stevictory said:

May 16th, 2:29 pm

So I can get 2 psp and 2 ps3 games ?(I own both)

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