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May 16

May 16

PSN FAQ – Restoration Questions Answered

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Sr. Social Media Manager

Now that PlayStation Network is once again operational, a great many of you are once again enjoying playing games online. Of course, that’s only part of the Network’s offerings – and you’ve got some questions about how the downtime affected planned releases and online events. Here are answers to some of the more pressing queries:

Q: So what exactly is working right now?
A: Sign-in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity (including the resetting of passwords), online gameplay for PS3 and PSP, playback of rental video content on PS3 (if within rental period), Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on PS3 (for current subscribers), access to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and, “Friends” category on PS3 (including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc), in-game leaderboards, and PlayStation Home.

Q: I’m having trouble changing my password/I forgot which email I used on my account/I used a fake email to set up my account.
A: Click here for a set of tips on resetting your password. If you’ve gone through the process and are waiting for an email from us, please note that the very large number of requests has caused certain ISPs to slow the rate at which recipients get emails from us. Please be patient as the systems work through the backlog.

Q: The PlayStation Store hasn’t updated since April 19th. When can I download digital games that were planned to be released since then?
A: To date, three Tuesday publishes were missed, which included items like Under Siege and the MotorStorm Apocalypse demo. Rest assured that you won’t miss any of this great content. To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored.  We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.

Q: How will PlayStation Plus members be affected by the PSN downtime? A number of games/items were slated to go live or come down on April 26th.
A: We will be picking back up with the PlayStation Plus content calendar where we left off to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything.

Q: Sucker Punch has indicated that they will extend the inFAMOUS 2 beta. Any details?
A: Sucker Punch is evaluating extending the inFAMOUS 2 beta, as well as expanding its scope. Stay tuned for more details here in the coming days.

Q: Is anything special planned for the SOCOM 4 multiplayer community?
A: Zipper will announce details on activities to re-engage fans of SOCOM 4 who have patiently waited to play online.

Q: What about the Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP weekend that was missed while PSN was down?
A: We have been in discussions with our friends at Treyarch, and they have ensured that all Call of Duty: Black Ops fans will get an extra Double XP event as soon as PSN comes back online. We don’t have details on timing just yet, but look forward to an announcement as soon as we have news.

Q: How can I redeem the Welcome Back offer that was mentioned by Kazuo Hirai? What’s in it?
A: Hang tight – we’ll be announcing all the details soon.

Q: How can I sign up for the Debix AllClear ID Plus protection announced last week?
A: More details are coming soon.

Q: When will the PlayStation.Blog start talking about games again?
A: Tomorrow! Thank you for bearing with us as our role changed over the past few weeks. We’ll be once again talking games every day leading up to E3, which is just a few short weeks away.

If you’ve got a PSN-related question that remains to be answered, please ask below, and we’ll do our best to answer.

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ElementalBliiss said:

May 16th, 9:35 am

And I also need the store for DC Universe. So.. if it could be back within.. maybe a week? That’d be fine. Or heck; even tomorrow for a Tuesday update. :P

Ethereal said:

May 16th, 9:35 am

Ahh been awhile since I could log into the blog. Thanks Sony for all your hard work to restore the Playstation Network. Looking forward to put this behind us and focus on the great lineup of games coming out this year!

Citrean said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

If the store update is going to take some time, is there any chance that we can get access to at least what we have already purchased on our download list? These are items we have already paid for.

I’ve noticed I can download my PSP content, but I had lost all my data on my PS3 HD during the outage and I have nothing right now none of my DD content and its very frustrating to me.

U-E-N-D-I-L said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

I was on my account information on the pc and when you click on redeem code it seems like it would let you through has anyone tried this??

megamixer said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Is is safe to assume the Video and Comic stores will receive daily publishes like the games one?

How will the “deals of the week” the Game & Video stores get be handled? Will there be three weeks worth of those coming?

Also, how will this outage affect Red Johnson Chronicles PS+ exclusivity? It was supposed to be exclusive to those people for 2 weeks, will that still be so or will anybody be able to purchase (kind of a sad thought right there, not allowing all people to buy something…) it when the store resumes?

nygiantsfan1675 said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Can someone please let me know during the time of the network outage I could not continue my 30 day free trial of so I missed out on watching baseball games. Is there any way possible you can give us baseball. fans another 30 day free trial bc mine free trial expired during the outage and I missed out on watching ballgames.can someone please respond on this matter? It would be greatly appreciated

RickTrolI said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Thank you so much for this FAQ , Sony , it answered the most of my questions. Although I do have a few questions left:Sucker Punch said that after the PSN will be up again , they will do an InFamous 2 beta codes giveaway , do you have any information regarding the giveaway? My second question is something I believe most of us PS users would like to know: what kind of games will we get in the “Welcome Back!” program? Will it be $10 games? PSN Minis? A free month for a multiplayer game such as “DC Universe Online? Oh and thanks again for the FAQ , very helpful.

jonnygough09 said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Hi jeff,
I’m just wondering if you are all still thinking about bringing cross-game chat to playstation and if so when?

xxdudexx05 said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Im just glad i can play online again!

kick14 said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

In Qriocity it says I don’t have a premium subscription when I do. Is there any problems with Qriocity we need to know about?

RicAn6483 said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

People need to stop asking for free content when they didn’t even lose a penny through out this whole ordeal. Just be happy that Sony got the network up and running again.

PhillyPhreak said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

Put $150 in your “wallet”? Seriously, be reasonable, people. Sony has already spent millions of dollars to give us free ID theft protection (if you’re a victim) and overhauled the network’s security system to ensure this situation never happens again.

uzithegod said:

May 16th, 9:36 am

i was just wondering if i wanted to buy a plus package for call of duty black ops or any other game would it be okay to do so or do we still have to wait to buy and install those things….btw good job on getting everything running

subwaygame said:

May 16th, 9:37 am

Man! I started using the PSN for the first time. Then, three days later the PSN goes down. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

FallenAngelBKR said:

May 16th, 9:37 am

Just a quick and goofy question. Will the Escalation map pack for Black Ops be available when the Store is back online? Or if not, is there any idea of a release date? Thanks!! Thank you for the great work on the network!! So glad to have it back!!

jonny2010 said:

May 16th, 9:37 am

well its good to be back online!!!

TeamSmokeUm said:

May 16th, 9:37 am

For us ps+ owners who paid for the service, what are you guys going to do about 3 weeks of down time for us and what if you had money on your account, when will i see it added back to my account. I would buy the ps3 cards from game stop to have credit on the account I would like to make sure my funds should be there when you get the ps store back online. I have 2 systems that should both have credits, i just wanna make sure i get my money worth and not scammed for playstation and take it as a loss. So if everyone is getting a month free for ps+ does my account get 2 months credit than cause i paid for it? Please answer these questions for me.

hiphophockey said:

May 16th, 9:38 am

I understand Sony has an identity theft protection program in place for US residents. What’s their plan for Canadian residents?

blueDragon666 said:

May 16th, 9:39 am

I have 2 questions ^_^

1. I hear that with PS+ after your subscription is over your free stuff is taken away till you renew, now will this be the case with our free trial?

2. Do I need to provide a credit card number in order to get our free trial from the welcome back program?

Much appreciated if you reply on this Jeff, thanks.

SpasmaticFlow said:

May 16th, 9:39 am

I was wondering if any additional features would be added? Like cross-game chat? Maybe just for Playstation Plus?

dopeman604_ said:

May 16th, 9:39 am

when will the new ecalation map pack be releasded !!!

djgloboi said:

May 16th, 9:39 am

thnx so much for the tremendous amount of work you guys put in to get us back up and running.
I am looking forward to hearing more about the welcome back package being offered.
That being said i hope its a good one. BUT being that it is playstation creating the package how bad can it be.
thank you again for working to protect me and my info not to mention my love for playstation being kept and upheld.

ultimatedarklord said:

May 16th, 9:39 am

Will the free content be selective in some way? for example there are 5 games and we have to select like 2 or 3
And will the content change according to the the region we live in? and by the way Keep Up The Good Work SONY!

Berae said:

May 16th, 9:39 am


My friend bought MK9 when the PSN was down so he could not redeem is online code, will he have to wait for the PSN store to be back or you are going to do something before? Thanks

Btw, glad to hear that gaming news are back tomorrow on the blog, I was getting sick of those useless articles that people came up with about the PSN.

dpk5e7 said:

May 16th, 9:40 am

Jeff, thanks for the update.

FYI. There are a couple games that I’d like to play, but I’m waiting on finding out what’s in the Welcome Back package before I buy them. I’d bet I’m not the only one doing this.

Also, any idea if the free games are going to be retail level games or PSN level games?

Someone already mentioned this, but what happens if I’ve already purchased the free game? For example, I’ve already purchased the Back to the Future bundle. Will I get a refund if this is the free offering?

Also, why not just say something like “everyone gets $60 worth of free downloads from the PSN Store”? That way, people can get anything they want instead of having to choose 2 of 5 offerings. What if I don’t care for any of the 5 offerings?

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

KILLA_BiNO said:

May 16th, 9:40 am

How Come PlayStation Store is not back up yet?

dopeman604_ said:

May 16th, 9:40 am

for black ops

strat_08 said:

May 16th, 9:40 am

I recently purchased Homefront but unfortunately i can’t fully utilize the multiplayer due to requirement to enter the battle code. This doesn’t require an actual purchase but it does have to go through the store. Is there any reason why these types of transactions can’t come online before the remainder of the store is brought online?

xxSolshido35xx said:

May 16th, 9:40 am

good work guys, psn is on it way to recovery, i hope in that “good will package” we can buy a free game of our choosing from the store once its up

Lester17 said:

May 16th, 9:41 am

The bad thing is that i cant play Mortal Kombat online, because i cannot download the online pass. until the psn is up again and running.

uwcMiniMike said:

May 16th, 9:41 am

All that hate, turned into love.

Semir9002 said:

May 16th, 9:41 am

Sony please read this,
I tried to change my email adress for PSN
But it’s saying that it cant do it.
I have made an new Email so i wanted to change it but it wont let me T.T
Please sony…
Help me!

srhuston said:

May 16th, 9:41 am

One thing I didn’t see mentioned in the FAQs about the stolen data is the status of linked passwords, such as Facebook. I would imagine that when one’s Facebook password was entered into the PS3 to link trophies and purchases to one’s FB wall that it’s done the same way many other linked services are done – the password is instantly forwarded to Facebook for an authentication token, and only that token is held and not the actual password.

Either way, would it be good for those people who linked their PSN and Facebook accounts to change their Facebook password as well? I have anyway, both because of this and because of Facebook’s recent admission that their authentication tokens had been leaked by 3rd party applications, but it may be good to come from someone in an official capacity since Facebook’s own announcement was swept under the rug a bit and it may not be well known that those passwords should also change.

cmk2k10 said:

May 16th, 9:41 am

wen wel the playstation store be back up

BrKlynChilD4eva said:

May 16th, 9:42 am

Great Job Sony…just took some time

pandowando said:

May 16th, 9:42 am

Thanks Sony. I knew this day would come haha. And to all who switch to xbox 360 SUCK IT! lol I kid I kid but yea thx sony everything knew you’d be up eventually!

Hellman said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

Thanks for the info Jeff! Glad everything is going back to normal.

takkegame1 said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

nice work keep it when well they be a playstation 4 or something that made from yall

Pyrokid16 said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

Q: is it true that assassin’s creed 3 with be released this november for ps3

ixYi said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

thanks Nick for the update. Restoration of PSN definitely has relieved PS3 owners. And everyone would be waiting for its full restoration which will be sooner, I believe.

I want to ask that will the Welcome Back offer covers any specific region or country? Or it is for every PS3 owner worldwide?

Hoping to have your reply sooner.

thegame321 said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

Will the store be up by the end of the month? Also I would rather have the new COD black ops map pack, rather than a double XP weekend! Is that possible?

nv_Los said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

Great questions and answers

Busca-Cabezas said:

May 16th, 9:43 am

Resilience is the key here… Thx for showing the world Sony and SCE are and will always be on top of their game!! Great Resilience!! Thx!!

joeyboy178 said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

Sweet keep up the good work

AngelisObscuress said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

Ok. So I know that in your welcome back package, you have stated that all PSN users will be getting a month of Playstation Plus for free. My question is this. When will that start, or has it already started? If it has already started I feel that is unfair considering most of what PSN is about starts and ends with the Playstation Store which is still not available, and I feel that this should start when the Playstation Store is back online.

CreepingDeath391 said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

Good job Sony. thanks for all your hard work day and night to get the Network back up so we can all game on. I think i speak for everybody (well mostly everybody) when i say that we are very glad that you all worked so hard over the past few weeks. Thanks and heres hoping the new system will work and keep those hackers out. Thanks again all you good people at Sony!

TaiIs340 said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

Any idea when Ad-Hoc party will be available again? Tried to get on but it stayed on the loading screen. Want to get back to my Monster Hunter haha. Don’t want to seem like I’m rushing you all. Please take your time. :)

davivman said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

I want to redeem my Mortal Kombat online code that came with the game so that I can play online. The entering of playstation codes doesn’t appear to be working. Online play is disabled without entering this code. Will I have to wait until the playstation store is back up before I can enter this code to play on the hottest new game online?

missinginput said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

So no word on the Sony MMORPG affected by this odd.. you would think something the company has a vested monetary interest in would merit a A in a FAQ but nope COD is much more important….

What about all the badges and holiday events that were missed?

AngelisObscuress said:

May 16th, 9:44 am

Sorry What playstation plus is about lol!

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