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May 16

May 16

PSN FAQ – Restoration Questions Answered

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Now that PlayStation Network is once again operational, a great many of you are once again enjoying playing games online. Of course, that’s only part of the Network’s offerings – and you’ve got some questions about how the downtime affected planned releases and online events. Here are answers to some of the more pressing queries:

Q: So what exactly is working right now?
A: Sign-in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity (including the resetting of passwords), online gameplay for PS3 and PSP, playback of rental video content on PS3 (if within rental period), Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on PS3 (for current subscribers), access to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and MLB.tv, “Friends” category on PS3 (including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc), in-game leaderboards, and PlayStation Home.

Q: I’m having trouble changing my password/I forgot which email I used on my account/I used a fake email to set up my account.
A: Click here for a set of tips on resetting your password. If you’ve gone through the process and are waiting for an email from us, please note that the very large number of requests has caused certain ISPs to slow the rate at which recipients get emails from us. Please be patient as the systems work through the backlog.

Q: The PlayStation Store hasn’t updated since April 19th. When can I download digital games that were planned to be released since then?
A: To date, three Tuesday publishes were missed, which included items like Under Siege and the MotorStorm Apocalypse demo. Rest assured that you won’t miss any of this great content. To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored.  We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.

Q: How will PlayStation Plus members be affected by the PSN downtime? A number of games/items were slated to go live or come down on April 26th.
A: We will be picking back up with the PlayStation Plus content calendar where we left off to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything.

Q: Sucker Punch has indicated that they will extend the inFAMOUS 2 beta. Any details?
A: Sucker Punch is evaluating extending the inFAMOUS 2 beta, as well as expanding its scope. Stay tuned for more details here in the coming days.

Q: Is anything special planned for the SOCOM 4 multiplayer community?
A: Zipper will announce details on activities to re-engage fans of SOCOM 4 who have patiently waited to play online.

Q: What about the Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP weekend that was missed while PSN was down?
A: We have been in discussions with our friends at Treyarch, and they have ensured that all Call of Duty: Black Ops fans will get an extra Double XP event as soon as PSN comes back online. We don’t have details on timing just yet, but look forward to an announcement as soon as we have news.

Q: How can I redeem the Welcome Back offer that was mentioned by Kazuo Hirai? What’s in it?
A: Hang tight – we’ll be announcing all the details soon.

Q: How can I sign up for the Debix AllClear ID Plus protection announced last week?
A: More details are coming soon.

Q: When will the PlayStation.Blog start talking about games again?
A: Tomorrow! Thank you for bearing with us as our role changed over the past few weeks. We’ll be once again talking games every day leading up to E3, which is just a few short weeks away.

If you’ve got a PSN-related question that remains to be answered, please ask below, and we’ll do our best to answer.

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clay0706 said:

May 20th, 12:30 pm

I forgot to get accension before the PSN outage happens and now I rlly want to go to the PS store to get it! Plz reply if you know when you can get it back up!!!

nanagrandma said:

May 20th, 5:00 pm

Why is it that I can log on to your site with my e-mail & p/w , I can’t log on t0 the psn with same imformation?????? Help! Help! Now!

Shaggy213 said:

May 20th, 6:17 pm

when will the playstation store be back up again because i got the new MK and i can’t put my code in to get the extra online features so i can play MK online used up the trial and if i can get a reply a.s.a.p please

shadowkillerBk said:

May 20th, 6:51 pm

so whens the psn store coming back

mephistopholes73 said:

May 20th, 6:59 pm

I may have a clue as to when the Playstation Store will be up. Sony has stopped all e-commerce on any online catologue in the Playstation Network (including the RLS site). For the past week Sony blocked entry to the RLS site to its members as part of the systematic restructuring of the Playstation Networks security. Just prior to doing that they started to restructure their catologue (stating it will be back up on April 25th). This may or may not be tied into the Playstation Store being back up, but I common sense tells me that once any kind of e-commerce is up and running on one of the networks sites that the network should be secure enough so that it should be up on all sites as well (including the Playstation Store). Just a thought.

Legend_Legion said:

May 20th, 7:54 pm


crimsondragyn said:

May 21st, 1:48 am

Glad to see PSN back up and running. . .but I seem to have a small problem. Since my PS3 is the backbone of my entertainment center. . .it gets a lot of use. All except one thing. I cant access Netflix. I really hate lugging my laptop to the tv just to be able to use my Netflix account. When I go to whats new. . .the little loading timer doesnt show in the corner. I can get to netflix through the browser. . .and even get to the play lists, but cant play.

Is Netflix available yet or did i miss something.

crimsondragyn said:

May 21st, 1:54 am

Nevermind. . .i just found out how much of an airhead i can be
didnt realize the download for the app was on the video tab.

note to others that are confused. .

forddude99 said:

May 21st, 5:04 am

Add me if you play black ops

Sh8amer said:

May 21st, 5:22 am

Yay i was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to get my account back but thankfully for sony it’s back and yeah sony truly your amazing!!! thanks for taking care of our accounts and trying your hard to prevent thouse hackers from stealing datas. much love :*

Cochise0005 said:

May 21st, 7:08 am

thanks sony PSN rules!

Sizzle_D60 said:

May 21st, 8:07 am

WOOO you rule sony

Scaramanga1983 said:

May 21st, 9:10 am

Can I choose when to activate the one month free of charge PS+ account or it will be activated automatically when restored? Will I be able to download the PsOne Classics and Minis of previous months or just the ones of the current month?

AceBlasterX said:

May 21st, 9:19 am

Finally Playstation’s Back Online. But still i can’t wait for The Playstation Store to come back up. Can you please keep us informed because we’re all eager for The PS Store to come back since we want Playstation Plus to discounts on the new DLC Map for Black Ops (escalation). Also, is it true that we’ll be getting two free games?
Also, free themes, as a Welcome Back Package?

ferny_97_13 said:

May 21st, 9:26 am

hey my qriocity is not working … can anyone help??

MiddleLinebacker said:

May 21st, 9:51 am

Hello Sony clowns. Since you really don’t have a timeline for the store coming back up and you’re refusing to answer anymore questions, why not put a message on the web and on the PS3 console stating “no firm timeline for store restoration”?

This keeps people from wondering why no recent news and if end-of-May means 2011 or 2012. The BIGGEST immediate question is if the Black Ops DLC will be available June 2. It’s only the best-selling PS3 game ever, so you should really try to have some intelligent answers. The Sony circus still hasn’t learned anything about effective communication, has it? It will be a travesty if your slow-witted executives still have jobs after this unprecedented fiasco.

dominic_415 said:

May 21st, 10:22 am


epiunox99 said:

May 21st, 11:15 am

Keep doing good and the xbox will be extinct lol

Rangerbarrow said:

May 21st, 12:21 pm

Thanks Playstation/Sony, over the past few years more than a few top companies have lost customer information (including credit card companies) and none of them ever do anything for their customers so thanks for going above and beyond I appreciate the two games and other goodies I will be getting! I will be getting Infamous for free how cool is that! Keep up the good work no only if you could fix the awful internet browser… my phone has a better browser and it stores more than one internet connection.

seansierravista said:

May 21st, 12:56 pm

Thank you for all the hard work Sony, any word on DC Universe Online?

ceLLCUbe0618 said:

May 21st, 12:59 pm

@JEFF Do you have a PSN account so I can add you as a friend? One that you play on? Thanks and good job on the PSN outrage; Sony I appreciate all the hard work. The Welcome Back Package should be awesome those are fun games.

bking1223 said:

May 21st, 1:24 pm

PlayStation network stated that PlayStation and Qriocity services were back up and ready to be used but to find out they were lying i have been checking all of the services but almost all of them are not up and running yet for example playstation store is no back up yet or online gameplay can somebody tell when these services are back up

kill_time260 said:

May 21st, 1:26 pm

ok my friend game got the ylod and went 2 go buy a new ps3 and it says he cannot use the map packs on black ops will he have 2 buy those maps again or just wait till ps store is back up???


May 21st, 1:34 pm

When will the playstation store be up? i want to download the DLC for mx vs atv alive

cpkl4_rules said:

May 21st, 1:41 pm

After PSN came back, I go 2 pla MW2 Spec Ops and b4 it went down i wuz @ 100% but now im @ 0% plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

little-lu88 said:

May 21st, 2:40 pm

when we will be fully able to use all services like playstation store in the uk????????

hrdrocker said:

May 21st, 2:48 pm

every source i’ve gone to says psn store back up on May 24th as far as other services all mine work just fine internet is a little laggy though

mojesa said:

May 21st, 4:18 pm

i recently bought homefront and i need to enter a battle code that comes with the game but when i go to enter it it say that this service is currently under maitenance. is there any other way i can enter it?

USMC-WARPIG-8541 said:

May 21st, 6:54 pm

I am trying to redeme a promo code, is ther a time frame for when this will be up and running? I’m only asking because the code has an expiration date, and thanks for all the hard work and long hours you all have put in trying to get PSN back on it’s feet

The-T-Man2001 said:

May 21st, 7:51 pm

When will I be able to purchase items off of playstation store in idaho

billyeatspie1 said:

May 21st, 8:38 pm

Whens PlayStation Store coming back up? Does Anyone know?

avivozei said:

May 21st, 10:43 pm


Tank3rr101 said:

May 22nd, 1:20 am

So that chat thing, do we get multi game chats like xbox’s party chat or is it the old ps3 chat?

GICKS77 said:

May 22nd, 5:56 am


DTC_2010 said:

May 22nd, 6:35 am


Luufry said:

May 22nd, 8:01 am

My friend doesn’t have a psn account but she has a ps3. I wanted to know whether she would receive the ‘welcome back offer’ aswell if she made the accound now?

eosath said:

May 22nd, 9:27 am

how long before the store is back up and running i need to redownload all my games and im really starting to get bored i want a date or something just like most others want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

t12686721 said:

May 22nd, 9:48 am

Yes!!!!!!!!!! the doble Xp for black ops is awsome,thanks sony and playstation network…………………Dam yo, sony is woking hard to keep us happy with the entertainment we want……………………..nice job!!!!!

asimilation said:

May 22nd, 11:38 am

when are psn services going to be back on line for psp?

itzknickknac said:

May 22nd, 12:40 pm

i doubt he’ll reply to us anymore. his replies has been at 12 since he posted this.

animergamer04 said:

May 22nd, 12:42 pm

For all those people asking about when the PSN store will be up, Relax a bit, it might be the 24th of may, Also here’s something else from question 6: JoshuaKearney asked “When can we expect to see an update about when the Store will be brought back online?” The response from Jeff Rubenstein states “We’ll let you know when the Store is ready to go.” So give em a break guys, I have heard nothing but “gimme gimme” ever since it went down. I know you guys are wanting to play online and get stuff online. If it wasn’t for some geeks in the basement trying to steal from innocent people we would have been just fine. i’m wondering just as bad as all of you but the more you complain the less time they got to focus on restoring it. I know it’s an issue, even I’m wanting to go in there. The best thing you can do is sit back game online and hope that the network comes up on the 24th or sometime in the future. I know you feel like everything should be online people, but I would rather have safer routes then have the whole thing crash again.

animergamer04 said:

May 22nd, 12:43 pm

Would you rather go through no PSN again? I know personally I wouldn’t. They have to go through an buttload of testing to make sure everything is working properly for any new code they placed in the system, I know they got to make sure that nothing happens with the credit info especially, I bet they still got people looking it over as we game online. It’s an terrible thing guys I know, I just hope they get it up and running as soon as they possibly can, So relax people. I know how you feel about being excited about getting an new game and i bet some of you got money lined up. I know it sucks it’s down but hey kick back enjoy some online and hope they get it up quickly. I’m ready for them to bring it back up myself but understand the process of restoration. There is alot of caution to make sure we don’t have to go through this long thing again.

animergamer04 said:

May 22nd, 12:50 pm

I got one question for the people in charge, for those people that have extra time slated for usage like for DC universe online or free realms will they have to download the extra time or is it given automatically? Also the existing money on the PSN. Will we still have our wallets with our money? Also I’m sorry if I sounded like an jerk everyone but I know we are all excited for the return of the PSN. I just hope that they didn’t have to rollback anything. Also another question came in mind about free PSN plus. Would there be an charge per month if we got it free and wanted to continue it in some option?

Rocklobster said:

May 22nd, 1:42 pm

I am changing ISP’s and will need to change my account’s email address. I don’t want to create a new account or change my password. How will I do it?

Best_Shooterman said:

May 22nd, 2:05 pm

My parents bought me a psn card yesterday and i was wondering when will the playstation store be back up again?

Poodunk_1980 said:

May 22nd, 2:12 pm

This is crazy I got LA Noire and want to play my add-ons that came with the game but no I can’t because of the ps store

LJ31977 said:

May 22nd, 4:22 pm

whats up on play station store

Nightwolfshade said:

May 22nd, 4:50 pm

ANY news on when the store will be up and running coz my mate bought me a psn network card and it expires in 12 monthes and it was bought last week ???/

KJed_Wisdom said:

May 22nd, 5:06 pm

What if I bought my PS3 two days after the network went down and was not able to enjoy the benefits of the Playstation Network while everyone waited for it to come back up? Am I able to get the perks of the customer appreciation program as well?

cryptkpr007 said:

May 22nd, 6:30 pm

What about the subscription for DC online, will there be some kind of compensation for the down time?

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