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May 19

May 19

Enjoy Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops This Weekend – Only on PS3

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Community Manager, Ubisoft


Leo Tolstoy once said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Ask any PlayStation gamer who missed out on the Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend a few weeks ago, and they’ll tell you: Leo knew what he was talking about. While other platforms soaked up the extra experience points, PS3 gamers had to hang in there while PlayStation put everything in order behind the scenes. In cases like that, patience isn’t a virtue — patience is a pain in the butt.

As the double-XP date loomed nearer, more and more PlayStation gamers wondered if they’d be able to take part in the festivities, and Treyarch – developer of Black Ops – swore to fans that they would not be forgotten. This weekend, they’re quickly making good on that promise, with a double-XP period that lasts from this Friday, May 20th at 10am all the way through the weekend and beyond – the good stuff keeps coming until 10am on Tuesday the 24th. What’s more, that’s going to be even sweeter thanks to a Nuketown 24/7 playlist that’s being added just for the event. Nuketown is my favorite map because it’s small and chaotic – and the close confines often result in high kill counts, which can really push you to the next level of Prestige in a hurry during a bonus XP weekend. It’s a fast, intense map – but don’t let that stop you from uncovering some of Nuketown’s hidden secrets.

So if the two most powerful warriors are patience and time…well, you’ve been patient, and it took some time. This weekend, enjoy being the warrior.

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mikeasauskie said:

May 23rd, 7:56 pm

i forgot to ask Dan. Can you please tell me any info (if its confidential i’m o.k. with it, don’t have to spoil surprises) or a least a little hint if they may make it (if you get any info) please and thanks in advance. :D

ruler1976 said:

May 23rd, 7:59 pm

double xp and double play time for me this weekend this is awesome

the_jimster said:

May 23rd, 8:01 pm

@Dan Amrich, since u work for Activision i would think u kno this. do u kno if the release date for the 2nd map pack for black ops has changed for ps3 since of the psn outage? because i kno pc gets it on june 2nd and it would be awesome if we did too cause my bday is june 2nd. do u kno if it is changed tho? plz answer if u can.

Andeeezzy602 said:

May 23rd, 8:07 pm

Hell Yeah!!! thx Call of Duty!!! :)

PerFecT-KiLLer94 said:

May 23rd, 8:24 pm

Are you good at black ops? I think I could beat you =D…. How about if I win we keep the 24/7 mode or one more day of free double xp XD….. Add ill ply you lol

Sonicdaguy said:

May 23rd, 8:40 pm

Hey Dan do you have any idea when the Playstation Store will be up again?

fast_4_life said:

May 23rd, 9:42 pm

When are we going to get the black ops patch ?

Kainor said:

May 23rd, 10:14 pm

vik21agu said:

May 23rd, 11:03 pm

To badd double experience is gonna be gone tomorrow. At 10am they should have taken it off when I’m home cause I have school. Or well hopefully they will make a double money day or something.

MamaBear-x said:

May 23rd, 11:10 pm

Well I’ve had my fill of double xp which was AWESOME, but anyone know when the new map pack or even when the ps store will be up?

CHAYOTIN19 said:

May 23rd, 11:12 pm

will we hav double xp again when tha new maps come out?

MamaBear-x said:

May 23rd, 11:12 pm

I hope so, that would be cool! :)

CHAYOTIN19 said:

May 23rd, 11:23 pm

add me im bored

JambiFrogg79 said:

May 23rd, 11:32 pm

All of you all can say what you want. I love Black Ops. one of the best online games ever. Don’t complain cuz you aint no good at it. I’m not that great but i still have a great time playing it. It’s a lot better than watchin TV or a lot of other games out there. *goes back to killin muthas*

Marrkko said:

May 23rd, 11:48 pm

Good Game….Shooting Zombies Rules…Wonder If We’ll Get The DLC Pack Soon…Call Of The Dead Is The $%^#….

notorious--LD said:

May 24th, 12:07 am

im just putting this out there- thanks for giving psn users the opportunity to make up the double xp weekend…but that doesnt make up for the time lost on the system- compensation! hahaha what can i say- we were being really nice about it for so long. not to mention has anyone noticed more lag & [DELETED] since the network went back up?

growlingspark said:

May 24th, 12:54 am

this game is so awesome i thought i would never get into a army games or first person shooter game but this game is awesome within a week i done made it to level 40 plus the double xp helps some this game is awesome and if anyone wants to play online together with me add me
psn growlingspark

steve_604 said:

May 24th, 1:32 am

it’s gonna end on tuesday? that suck’s if the psn was out for 1 month we should get more then that…

imbasic said:

May 24th, 3:35 am

i know you answered this question on the 19th and sorry to bug you and ask again, but now do they have an estamate date on when we can get escalation? thanks

brian19403 said:

May 24th, 4:27 am

Double XP Weekend was awesome and my wife let me play, all-day, Didnt ever think I would be thanking a outage but hey a few weeks of downtime from playstation and getting a awesome return, with all these cool welcome back stuff.

MIKE-420-89 said:

May 24th, 6:10 am

Double xp weekend rocked! It be nice for u guys to keep nuketown 24/7… Something to think about

rockyh5 said:

May 24th, 1:35 pm

yo psn should just put double xp every weekend for all cod games that would make more people happy and more people buy the games

UND3AD_-ANG3L said:

May 24th, 3:14 pm

i have a question dan please answer why doesnt black ops do double xp every weekend? and
is it a long proccess?

Rdowg4018 said:

May 24th, 6:59 pm

hey Dan please respond. in mw3 is it possible to add something kind of like the hackers version of zombies that they made for mw2 because when there were people that had it i personly thought it was greater then then the black ops zombie because of the way real people could be both zombies and humans it made it harder and more challenging because it would of not been as predictable as a computer being a zombie. if not what about the alien terroist mode so many people had herd roomers about on mw2 but was found out not to be true thanx

ps my spelling is not the best nor my grammer

TheDank4-20 said:

May 24th, 8:41 pm

yes dxp was great thanks guys for getting back as fast as possible

BIGWORM1121 said:

May 25th, 1:05 am

why are the maps on black ops freezing? ) -:|

joey13727 said:

May 25th, 11:09 am

Any idea if this holiday weekend will be another double XP weekend for black ops???? please get back to me if you notice this blog Dan I never hear back from you, Im starting to feel unwanted, LOL jk bro you do a great job considering how many comments get left on your blogs.

thegreattexican said:

May 25th, 12:33 pm

its telling me right now that the black ops server is not available at the time can anyone does anyone know why??

JULIOisabeastwtk said:

May 25th, 1:56 pm

Thank you for double XP i really needed it.

Rdowg4018 said:

May 26th, 6:16 pm

@ 1078 ITS NOT THE BLACK OPS SERVER is your connection it happens to me some times

ratedAforawosome said:

May 27th, 9:01 am

Good. its all good. Now I can enjoy eliminating everyone on demolition. :)

ll-DReaDBoY67-ll said:

May 28th, 8:46 am

i think escalation is coming out soon after the PS store is back online right?cuz it came out for xbox360 on may 3rd

ll-DReaDBoY67-ll said:

May 28th, 8:50 am

hey dan you work for PSN or something right?well cant u guys just ban hackers to prevent the breach from happening again?

SONofDrJekyll said:

May 29th, 2:55 pm

battle field 2 bad company epic win (nothing you say will change my mind ) ps did you see the play station blog post that tryarch made and on the front they had Xbox 360 game play ……..,EPIC FAILLLLLL!!!!!!

SONofDrJekyll said:

May 30th, 8:40 am

in space

IronStriker1995 said:

June 5th, 4:47 am

@ Dan Nuketown 24/7 is indeed fast-paced, non-stop killing. Playing Double XP weekend for the first time makes me want to say there should be more 2XP weekends on special occasions like holidays, when we have nothing going on, and 2XP weekends even AFTER Modern Warfare3 comes out November 8. I guarantee that people will still play Black Ops just like people are still playing MW2.

thehulkiscool1 said:

June 8th, 5:00 pm

black ops is getting old…… na just joking but it is getting a little bit old?!new map!!!!!!

thehulkiscool1 said:

June 8th, 5:01 pm

plz reply anyone :-P

thehulkiscool1 said:

June 8th, 5:01 pm

k im in for inFAMOUS 2

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