May 19

May 19

Enjoy Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops This Weekend – Only on PS3

Dan Amrich's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Ubisoft


Leo Tolstoy once said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Ask any PlayStation gamer who missed out on the Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend a few weeks ago, and they’ll tell you: Leo knew what he was talking about. While other platforms soaked up the extra experience points, PS3 gamers had to hang in there while PlayStation put everything in order behind the scenes. In cases like that, patience isn’t a virtue — patience is a pain in the butt.

As the double-XP date loomed nearer, more and more PlayStation gamers wondered if they’d be able to take part in the festivities, and Treyarch – developer of Black Ops – swore to fans that they would not be forgotten. This weekend, they’re quickly making good on that promise, with a double-XP period that lasts from this Friday, May 20th at 10am all the way through the weekend and beyond – the good stuff keeps coming until 10am on Tuesday the 24th. What’s more, that’s going to be even sweeter thanks to a Nuketown 24/7 playlist that’s being added just for the event. Nuketown is my favorite map because it’s small and chaotic – and the close confines often result in high kill counts, which can really push you to the next level of Prestige in a hurry during a bonus XP weekend. It’s a fast, intense map – but don’t let that stop you from uncovering some of Nuketown’s hidden secrets.

So if the two most powerful warriors are patience and time…well, you’ve been patient, and it took some time. This weekend, enjoy being the warrior.

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DC-monster- said:

May 19th, 7:51 pm

I think Its time for me to prestige again =)

Deathspear666 said:

May 19th, 7:55 pm

KZ 3 is having double xp this weekend also :) sooooo glad i can post again on here lol add me my name is the same as posted

nylt2310 said:

May 19th, 7:58 pm

Hey Dan….. i want the fallout new vegas dlc….. sooo when will the store be back up?

IsaacTheGamer said:

May 19th, 7:59 pm

Cool Double XP weekend playing Black Ops so much now thanks PlaystationNetwork for being there for us PSN user

xKajoh said:

May 19th, 8:00 pm

@192 I tried that before. I doesn’t work much. It’s either the internet or the COD server itself…

saints8088 said:

May 19th, 8:00 pm

well this sucks cause the worlds suppost to end on saturday

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    May 20th, 11:55 am

    Better make sure you play a LOT on Friday, then.

wilddirkDCM said:

May 19th, 8:02 pm

hey Dan, how about undoing the quickscoping patch?:)

SEAL_TEAM_7p said:

May 19th, 8:02 pm

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE MOVE oops caps lock… be implemented into this game but the levels seem too small for it. I would also love an adjustable scope for the sharpshooter for sniping of course this would be great on battlefield as well.

DarknessNova said:

May 19th, 8:06 pm

I got 99 problems but a Double XP weekend ain’t one :)

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    May 20th, 11:57 am

    In that case, I do not feel bad for you, son.

dakrrs said:

May 19th, 8:07 pm

how come the Call of Duty Website hasn’t posted anything about this?

wilddirkDCM said:

May 19th, 8:08 pm

@ 200 , haha I know! I even saw a billboard that said “may 21st, judgement day” lol

Go_Griz1 said:

May 19th, 8:08 pm

Sweet…double XP weekend and nuketown 24/7!!!

The Escalation maps probably will not be released for PS3 until after the free month of playstation plus is over. I believe plus members get maps free but am not sure. PS should have to buy us all the new maps for the inconvenience.

jdsprints said:

May 19th, 8:08 pm

Best Weekend ever!!

LightningBlitz99 said:

May 19th, 8:09 pm

gonna swing out my ak47 and kick some,uh, never mind.
But i will prestige no matter what!!!

RAUL54678 said:

May 19th, 8:13 pm


RAUL54678 said:

May 19th, 8:15 pm


Death8u4u said:

May 19th, 8:17 pm

Personally would have preferred to hear a confirmation on the date for the triple experience for Uncharted 2. Thanks anyway though, it’s nice to see the blog getting activity that isn’t constantly negative.

SMILEYHSC805 said:

May 19th, 8:20 pm


Death8u4u said:

May 19th, 8:23 pm

Go_Griz1, barely even a tenth of the PS3 community actually has Black Ops….Giving us the map pack would be a pathetic excuse of a compensation. They also have no rights to it, hence cannot give it away for free.

BlindMango said:

May 19th, 8:25 pm

I like you Dan, you actually care about the PSN community instead of blowing them off like most people over at Activision, you realize that we are also your customers and even respond to the worst of comments and I respect that, the reason PSN users hate Activision so much is because they’re simply screwed over by them over and over again recently, at least you’re honest with everything. Other posts by Activision have absolutely no comment replies except for this one. Hope to see you again on the blog!

get_smrt23 said:

May 19th, 8:26 pm

Why do you treyarch people that work there care all about your dumb money! Just because Microsoft gives you what, like 1 or 2 million dollars just to have the map pack first! That is just ***. I cant wait for MW3, its gonna be the cod b ops game! but wait heres the awesome part, it will have like 2 or 3 new guns!!!!!!!!!

LaTiNxKiLL said:

May 19th, 8:28 pm

Thank you! But the only problem is that I like shooters and I like Puzzles. Maybe I buy Black ops, so I get the Double XP :D

Ops_soldier5590 said:

May 19th, 8:30 pm

Yes Finally!!!! Need few more points to get to Prestige 10.

Inferno4691 said:

May 19th, 8:30 pm

well at least there is some rewards comeing earlyer then i expected but still i want psn store to be on soon plz work hard to bring it back up Also i think we shouled recieve black ops escalation map apck early and half price for this well i hope sony of treyarch takes this into consideration due to the long period of time for psn to be back up

Drob73 said:

May 19th, 8:31 pm

Dan tell the other people at Activision they are doing a great job and thnx for letting us know. Keep up the good work :)

Inferno4691 said:

May 19th, 8:31 pm

sorry i messed up alot of words in that last post LOL

Subzero316 said:

May 19th, 8:33 pm

i know what online game i’ll be playing all weekend.

SMILEYHSC805 said:

May 19th, 8:33 pm


Inferno4691 said:

May 19th, 8:34 pm

we should recieve Escalation a little bit early once psn store is back up i think it should be right there be availible for psn users to buy it and half price well i hope treyarch or activison or who ever is watching these post takes these ideads in to consideration

Death8u4u said:

May 19th, 8:35 pm

Inferno, they cannot give it to us “early”. Activision has a contract with Microsoft. Nothing Sony can do about it.

SMILEYHSC805 said:

May 19th, 8:35 pm


Inferno4691 said:

May 19th, 8:36 pm

Death i know that i am not stupid but i beleive that wan’t a very good descion to make and that just pissed psn users off

branchassassin said:

May 19th, 8:37 pm

just hit 9th prestige……. i can almost smell 10th…… spider emblem here i come.

Death8u4u said:

May 19th, 8:38 pm

It isn’t something you can blame Sony for. Or Activision. Or Microsoft for that matter. Activision had nothing to lose by accepting the offer and they had plenty to gain (they don’t care which system their gamers purchase the game on, as long as they purchase it).

Sony doesn’t try bribing their customers to buy games on their console.

Microsoft only knows one way to do business and it has worked out quite well for them.

Inferno4691 said:

May 19th, 8:41 pm

LOL IKR i agree

Aleksglz said:

May 19th, 8:42 pm

YAY nuketown 24/7 and only for PS3 suckers!!!

NikeLovesMe- said:

May 19th, 8:45 pm

yes!!! thank you playstation for giving us double exp……now i can get to 13th prestige this weekend no doubt ^_^

UchihaNin said:

May 19th, 8:45 pm


singhisking9699 said:

May 19th, 8:47 pm

Since we get playstation plus for a free month, do you know if we will get a discount or maybe even a ability to download it for free?

barter9 said:

May 19th, 8:47 pm

You had to choose Victoria Day Weekend, when people take off and do things other than sit inside playing video games all day… How about double XP week?

P_eezo said:

May 19th, 8:51 pm

Can’t wait for it! Imma be trying to prestige at least twice during the double xp weekend.

skinny01 said:

May 19th, 8:52 pm

Double XP AND 24/7 Nuketown?!

Going to be an EPIC long weekend!

Matt-S-O-N-Y said:

May 19th, 8:53 pm

Sweet, too bad i won’t be here for half of it. =(

brianb384 said:

May 19th, 8:59 pm


monyking said:

May 19th, 9:02 pm

I am ready to play. Thank you all for waiting for us to do this long Double XP event. I love how super different it is to modern warfare and others. just keep improving a butt load of stuff.
The only thing I have to say that is my problem is paying for the expansion of 15 dollars. Sooo much….ugh.
You guys made a killing selling the last one for both X and PS3 systems. Sheesh, you should give the Playstation players some sort of chance to get at a discount and i bet you guys still make a profit.
I think so.
Anyways, Thanks and look forward to this event. Either way, keep the action going!!!

Stoner0007 said:

May 19th, 9:02 pm


help what about time ending

bdog21ivl said:

May 19th, 9:09 pm

hey dan true ps3 gamer here, first off id say good job man XD and 2ed id say to all u h8ters out there h8en on sony or dan fk off =) i just had a few ?s 4 u bro um can u tell me witch outa the 5 games right ? can we pick from just the names. and thts it 4 me lol not to much to ask 4 . and hope every1 has a awesome epic weekend i know i will, gettin drunk and popin h8ters heads thts me woot swoot. cya sony & dan thank YOU!! 4 all your time tht u spent makin some ungratefull happy XD

ps. your #1 fan XP

aawhittt333Her00 said:

May 19th, 9:12 pm

blah who cares i dont need any more xp pionts

EdwardDG- said:

May 19th, 9:12 pm

Waiting for modern warfare 3 details!

Kavewoman48 said:

May 19th, 9:17 pm

@239 Stoner0007

It starts this Friday, May 20th at 10am pacific time all the way through the weekend and beyond – the good stuff keeps coming until 10am on Tuesday the 24th pacific time.

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