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May 19

May 19

Rockstar Games and Sony Joint Statement on L.A. Noire

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

We have received a very small number of customer support questions about PS3s overheating or shutting down while playing L.A. Noire. At this time, Rockstar Games and Sony can confirm that neither L.A. Noire or firmware update 3.61 are causing the PS3 hardware to overheat. We are both committed to working hard to find solutions to this and any issues that may arise. If you are experiencing any issues with L.A. Noire or your PS3 hardware, please contact technical support using any of the means provided below:

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GamesForU said:

May 19th, 6:51 pm

This has also happend to me well not the over heating part but u can try putting ur ps3 in recovery mode and Restore the ps3 files and Rebuild the database or something like that it fixed my problem maybe it can fix yours (:

ambiance said:

May 19th, 6:54 pm

I just had to shell out for a slim and I’m not impressed with this cop out from both Sony and Rockstar. R.I.P. 80GB 2007-2011.

Shinji-Ex said:

May 19th, 7:04 pm

It’s just a matter were so many people bought and are playing the game excessively

i.e. no different when other popular games come out and people claim the game broke there system

when it was do to poor management and care of there system

I have not had any issues I’m on a classic FAT Model 80HDD

RichyAndJess said:

May 19th, 7:07 pm

I got the game yesterday, and have played for 9 hours straight — no overheating or anything. I do have the new, slim and maybe that’s why I haven’t had problems? Couldn’t tell you guys why it could be over heating. As for the game, I very much recommend buying it. It’s actually a well, constructed story; the graphics are amazing — and the soundtrack is very rich in terms of fitting in with the 1940’s era. It definitely brings you back to that time period — definitely a recommend. I hope the problem does get fixed for those of you who are having problems with it — happy gaming people!

t3h_ninjZ said:

May 19th, 7:07 pm

I have had no trouble with my ps3 and L.A.Noire but… My black ops STILL is not working online it’s been half a year can you please fix this.

TOOHIZZY334 said:

May 19th, 7:08 pm

Ahhhhhh Sony!!! u need to step up !!for real !!!more problems r u serious this must b really herting ur pockets huh !!??

EyeSeeYew said:

May 19th, 7:10 pm

The only time my PS3 has frozen recently is when preparing multiplayer maps on Socom 4. Happened twice.

lilrobda1 said:

May 19th, 7:11 pm

Sony, you need to give free PS3’s to people who have had to send in their PS3’s after it stopped working because of the same problem. Example: My PS3 stops playing games, then when I turn it back on, there is no picture.

AK-69er said:

May 19th, 7:11 pm

These situations become misinforming rumors very fast. There is many variables which lead to the malfunction of the PS3 hardware. Rockstar took down the statement on their site very quickly when they realized that it was being misinterpreted, but many media outlet had already obtained some screenshots of the page and fed them to the public some more – no longer regarded as a simple statement, but some hidden document that “they don’t want us to see”, which of course causes the conspiracy theories and rumors to fly as usually do. It’s true that the game utilizes the capabilities of the hardware to their potential, but that can’t be the problem because most people don’t experience any problems at all. This is just a guess but I think that the instance of this problem is most likely influenced by the actual “health” of your PS3 console. Much like your PC it is really just a computer, but a dedicated one. The history of use and physical state of your console may affect the performance enough to cause malfunction in some select situations where the hardware simply has no means of dealing with the volume of task being requested of it and goes “poof”.

Moon_Spot said:

May 19th, 7:16 pm

@ambiance That sucks dude. Sorry to hear about the down grade.

@Sony How is it that games overheat systems? Wouldn’t the OS be in control of the fan and temp monitoring? beyond that the only thing would be a design flaw with the console cooloing system wouldn’t it?

I’ll just skip the rest of the “who’s fault is it trap” and get to a worthwhile solution.
If any of your HARDWARE engineers wouldn’t mind starting a blog/youtube channel for hardware mods for cooling system on the Phat boys that we (the people) can participate in at own own risk voiding the warranty. such a channel could also be used to tell/show users how to preform preventitive maintanance on their console’s (such as new thermal paste) and any number of other items that a company that wants to get involved with its customer could do. I would consider that a very forward thinking apporch form a company that cares and helps customers

RichyAndJess said:

May 19th, 7:20 pm

Well, doesn’t everyone know that the new slims’ have a downgraded drive anyway? Well, either or, if the new slim users have a problem — I apologize. But if it’s the older drives — I’m still shocked that they’d freeze up, or the fan’s start overheating; figured the old PS3’s were made better.

phantom12SI said:

May 19th, 7:21 pm

i just bought L.A Noire and my PS3 didnt freeze and i even played it all day

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 7:24 pm

According to a videogame show on you tube “rockstar finally fessed up and its their game, and will be releasing a patch soon” Don’t know how credible it is.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 7:28 pm

Its doing it to both the PS3 and 360. Wouldn’t that rule out the firmware update the fact its overheating the 360?

perrandy said:

May 19th, 7:38 pm

i can post again now that they have fixed the security flaw yayyy XD

marvel83 said:

May 19th, 7:42 pm

This is ridiculous, L.A. Noire froze and caused my PS3 to shut down. And when I turn it back on it wouldn’t recognize blu-rays, I did the recovery option “restore file system” and it was able to recognize the games again, but every time I played a game (Black Ops, KZ3, L.A. Noire) I would get as far a the title screen before getting stuck in a endless loading screen. Sony told me I had to get my PS3 repaired and now I’m forced to pay $144 for a mess up on either Sony’s part or Rockstar’s part.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 7:48 pm

I remember the day when consoles actually lasted, my original Nintendo still works so does my Sega Genesis..Now you have the 360 RRod, and the PS3 is not even immune YLoD.. I remember the original Playstation, had problems, and i had to turn it upside down to get it to work.

Blackdog466 said:

May 19th, 7:49 pm

I Dont have any problem with the console and overheating with the game all the time is Sony why the [DELETED] they no mention the Xbox 360? [DELETED] haters.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 7:51 pm

Oh and i went through two PS2’s


May 19th, 7:54 pm

i hope this doesn’t happen to my ps3 D:

invision2212 said:

May 19th, 7:56 pm

its rockstar games, red dead redemption is unplayable on my older ps3 as it freezes or you fall into the map all within 10-15 min of playing, GTA 4 runs like crap too on my ps3, very choppy and animations gets all messed up, glad i passed on this game but it did look really good.

JD_Daddy said:

May 19th, 7:57 pm

Seriously guys, “software” will not mess up a console. Step away from the ledge please.

A PS3 that is on the verge of dying can give you the impression that LA Noire or 3.61 as being the culprit when in fact it died a natural death. I can see how maybe outside forces ( environment, excessive heat, cleanliness) can interfere with electronics but a software title ruining a console is pretty far fetched. There has to be some other underlying problem. Many things can be the case of such demise to your lovely PS but let’s be serious. A game/update did not fry your PS3

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 7:57 pm


Atleast Sony’s customer service is better than Microsofts…When i call Microsoft its some 3rd world country it seems, and read off some major scripts..With Sony when fixing my internet connection problem, we actually joked around, while fixing it and the guy was really patient the time it took to help me go through my router to put it in DMZ mode so i could get full bandwidth. Boy I am doing some serious trolling. I’m trolling right? Lol

silentfatkiller said:

May 19th, 8:04 pm


AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 8:07 pm


I would have to agree with you, the info i posted above about it being rockstars fault, i really don’t know how credible it is its youtube after all…But I agree with the fact that its how people take care of their systems, I have seen PS3’s with a inch of dust on them, crammed into their entertainment centers along with the rest of their electronics. I baby my systems, I make sure they are clean, in a well open spot for air circulation(no entertainment centers) I have had my 360 since launch and ps3 and I have absolutely no problems.

marvel83 said:

May 19th, 8:14 pm


If the game causes your PS3 to freeze and shut down while the PS3 is saving or writhing something then it can cause a corruption in the file system, which will then cause the hardware to malfunction. My PS3 can recognize and load a game to the title screen but stops at that point for EVERY game I have. It doesn’t recognize Blu-ray movies for whatever reason but recognizes Blu-ray games? How is that possible? And all of this happened after L.A. Noire froze and shut down my system.

rhcp216 said:

May 19th, 8:14 pm

SOOPERGOOMAN seems to have the intelligence level of a squirrel. Your trying to claim that Black ops and Socom 4 are innovative while LA Noire and other Rockstar games are piles of junk. I love all 3 of the previously mentioned games but let me tell you, the amount of time and effort, and groundbreaking new gameplay in LA Noire, offers more “innovation” than all of those shooting games put together.

rhcp216 said:

May 19th, 8:15 pm

BTW all the people having problems with this game, need to buy the new slim model PS3. Noire is running amazingly on my system.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 8:16 pm

As for trolling WHO CARES!!! i can’t belief how many people get so butt hurt over a posting thats off the subject. GET OVER IT!!! MOVE ON!!!!


May 19th, 8:19 pm

I have a 40 gig ps3 and this game and RDR both make my ps3’s fans run constantly. No other games I own even make the fans come on.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 8:20 pm

As for supergooman, I have never seen some one so full of themselves and lie so much…when the PSN disaster was unfolding he claimed he was a world class hacker detective, sold his PS3, and claims to own stock in the company. when me and others have caught him in his lies…OOPS I TROLLED AGAIN

letherclad said:

May 19th, 8:20 pm

This isn’t sony’s fault, Rockstar games are always out of control glitched when they release them, GTA4 and rdr froze ps3s too

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 8:22 pm


SmokeECW said:

May 19th, 8:40 pm

i’m playin on the original 60gig ps3. n never once have i had a problem with the system, n haven’t had problems playin la noire or any other game. i don’t want to piss people off but if you guys would take care and shut your PS3 every so often and stop playin for hours n hours, you probably won’t have any problems, etc.. with your PS3. so guys take care of your PS3

saintaqua said:

May 19th, 8:42 pm

It’s happening on both consoles, and RockStar admits the problem is on their end.

ExpertZero said:

May 19th, 8:46 pm

its probably because they havnt used the ps3 in 3-4 weeks, put in the disk, long hours after a long break, probably why?

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 9:00 pm


Where did ya here your info, cuz I got my info off youtube about the same thing…I’m just seeing if its credible or not and that we are not spreading some rumor, know what I mean.

AbruptedWotas said:

May 19th, 9:03 pm

Man if it is true, here comes another class action lawsuit this time against Rockstar from people wanting their systems replaced

Ftwrthtx said:

May 19th, 9:05 pm

@131 and anyone who thinks it’s because people haven’t used their PS3 in a while.

I’m a serious gamer and have used my launch console almost every day since launch. Probably have a record number of hours on it. My daughter was watching netflix this afternoon. I decided to fire up LA Noir, and within 5 minutes my PS3 shut off. Blinking red light. Now it wont start at all.

Keep it clean and dust free.

The game must really put these older PS3’s through the wringer.

Ftwrthtx said:

May 19th, 9:07 pm


Software CAN cause issues if the software overtaxes the system’s resources

That’s just common sense.

JD_Daddy said:

May 19th, 9:08 pm

@ marvel83

I’d look into your Blu Ray lens. Seems to me that it is on the verge of dying. We all know that the lens is not the greatest quality to begin with. Try getting the lens swapped out, I’m pretty sure that will fix your problem.

Theres many documented cases of this. Movies have a different format then a game so I can see how a faulty lens is no longer working.

I’ve also seen problems with a “questionable” firmware not reading movies.

As far as the game locking up during save process, that’s something that will happen to just about any electronic equipment with read and write functionality.

TheMadHatter13 said:

May 19th, 9:14 pm

i was playing it for the 360 cuz my buddy got it so i was trying it out and his xbox crashed like i mean crashed to the point of no return so its not just the ps3 it must be sumthing with the game itself i remember another game doing this for both systems back when both systems were relatively new.

JD_Daddy said:

May 19th, 9:21 pm


Software can lock up a system if coded improperly but will not ruin a perfectly fine system. Wear and tear will eventually break down systems, sure. But to cause fear by saying LA Noire or any other game causes my PS3 to die is pretty far fetched. It’s extremely rare that a title causes any hardware to fail when there is no physical deterioration involved to begin with.

My La Noire frozed on the DLC page, but did I freak out? No because I’m wise enough to know that PS Store is down and, thats probably why it locked up to begin with. I’ve since played the game for about 6 hours straight and not one problem. Mind you I’ve got a fatty 40 gig I’m playing LA Noire on with 3.61. My slim is in the bedroom running GT5 24/7 since release

darbizzlebacon said:

May 19th, 9:40 pm

i’ve been playing LA Noire about 3 hours every day since the day it was released, I haven’t had a single problem. though about a month ago, I noticed the fan in my PS3 was really loud trying to keep it cool… so i took a look at the vents, and they were disgusting, just clogged with dust. So I cleaned out the dust and it is about as silent as my MacBook now. And for the record, I have a slim 250 GB model, I bought it December of 2009. I hope people experiencing these problems can get them resolved soon, its a game worth having in a solid collection

erikholl said:

May 19th, 9:44 pm

This was LA Noire’s fault – and the fact there are so many other players similarly effected by the same problem points to that fact. My system has never shut down in this manner, and hasn’t since I stopped playing LA Noire. (I sent it back to Amazon already).

You want to pretend it’s not a problem with LA Noire? Fine! But don’t expect me to buy you’re next title, lest my PS3 explode.

Ftwrthtx said:

May 19th, 9:44 pm


A 40 GB fatty doesn’t quite equal an original 60GB fatty. The hardware is definitely different and I’m wondering if LA Noir, with its facial simulation software, is a bit much for the older 60’s now that they have been in the wild for almost 5 years.

Wear and tear is a fact of life. I’m taking mine in the morning to get cleaned and reflowed and I’m hoping that will do the trick. I probably have more hours on my PS3 that just about anyone.

dragoon_slayer12 said:

May 19th, 9:46 pm

my problem is that sony is charging me 130 to fix my ps3 (20gb) or 100 to replace it due to THEIR faulty hardware…. i love my ps3, but thats not right. no company should make the customer pay for faulty hardware/THEIR mistake…. thing is, every game ive played since 2 weeks ago had a patch/update (1.03), and my ps3 updated too (which has always been up to date), then it crashed NES style…. i feel cheated that i have to pay for this crap…. so happy i own a 360 as well right now….

kostman20 said:

May 19th, 9:47 pm

pretty frustrating when im in the middle of the game and it freezes my question is how can you say its not the game that is causing this problem when everyone playing it are having the same issues with there system makes no sense to me my opinion is all the high tech graphics if you want to say that is to heavy on the outdated console causing it to crash/freeze

Ftwrthtx said:

May 19th, 9:50 pm


I’m wondering the same thing.

GameBoss01 said:

May 19th, 10:06 pm

I think I’m gonna wait until I can get this pre-owned for $20 lol ; no but I’ll get it when it’s cheaper.

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