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May 25

May 25

Identity Theft Protection Offer for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Customers

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Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Starting today, PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States can begin the enrollment process for the identity theft protection program by visiting We are also notifying customers of the enrollment landing page via email, which you will receive in your inbox this week.

As previously announced, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment have made arrangements with Debix to offer the AllClear ID PLUS identity theft protection program to PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers who are concerned about identity theft following the criminal cyber attack on the network. AllClear ID PLUS is a premium identity protection service that uses advanced technology to deliver alerts to help protect you from identity theft. The service also provides identity theft insurance coverage and hands-on help from expert fraud investigators. Sony has arranged, at no charge to eligible PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders, for twelve months of this service to be provided by Debix to those who choose to enroll.

In order to be eligible, account holders must be residents of the United States with active accounts as of April 20, 2011.

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BehnoodZ0ne said:

May 29th, 6:43 am

i wish the playstation store will be up for canada please sony do it as fast as you guys can

Ztodafeezy said:

May 29th, 6:49 am

theres another error 80710092

Ztodafeezy said:

May 29th, 6:51 am

sony come on

Ztodafeezy said:

May 29th, 6:59 am

The most time we should wait for escalation DLC map pack is 6/3/11.

lilcanuck said:

May 29th, 6:59 am

im not sure this is relevant or not but on playstation network its actually showing stuff that is in the store and it says download now not sure if it did before though

Haysizzle said:

May 29th, 7:02 am


lilcanuck said:

May 29th, 7:05 am

on theplaystaion network site on comp sorry not on the ps3 i cant get on

hotbox267 said:

May 29th, 7:28 am

so how much longer?

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 7:29 am

Atari said when they made the comment about May 31st was that there is a que the games are going into. So anything that was supposed to be released around the time of the attack would go in first and everything after that would follow suit.
There is another issue which is that by giving exact dates that causes problems as we have seen. I have seen this first hand as well with another company and it was not fun to deal with. By giving the target/estimated/may whatever time line they are really covering themsevles.

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 7:29 am

@1204 Hopefully the end of the month

chaserunner5 said:

May 29th, 7:31 am

wtf Psn Is down again i dont wanna wait 3 more weeks -_-

chaserunner5 said:

May 29th, 7:32 am

no psn is DOWN!!!!! :(

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 7:33 am

What maybe happening is testing on the site I don’t know and @nick9221 I understand your frustrated. And besides for over 6 years I was called every name in the book and then some so not much phases me. Plus being accused of being the father of kids of a woman I never met now that takes alot.


May 29th, 7:43 am

is psn down right now i cant log on


May 29th, 7:54 am

So, any word on the PSN being down today? Guess it’s Fallout for me!

mummiess1 said:

May 29th, 8:06 am

me and my brother on his ps3 just got a message on the PSN saying ” Send this to all of your friends to receive the NEW ESCALATION MAP PACK!! including a all new zombie experience and 4 other maps this is a psn present for being offline for so long” and its a forward so i dont know if its true or not.

mummiess1 said:

May 29th, 8:07 am

PSN is up now

TONY-Q said:

May 29th, 8:38 am


these messages are gettin effin annoying. i keep gettin them n they’re B.S… i think if they were a present for bein down so long that they would have mentioned it some where here on this site. i wouldnt even waste my time with that $h!t man.

mummiess1 said:

May 29th, 8:47 am

yea i didnt think it true in the first place.

nick9221 said:

May 29th, 9:00 am

Hey Sony what do we have to do to loosen up those tight lips? … Eat a cok meat sandwich or two?

TONY-Q said:

May 29th, 9:07 am

@nick9221 lol

Carthero2010 said:

May 29th, 9:16 am

is psn up?

mummiess1 said:

May 29th, 9:17 am

yea i signed in

braintreefireE1 said:

May 29th, 9:20 am

i need the Store to be up cant play NHL11 or my other games that have online passes PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

doodooshorts said:

May 29th, 9:41 am

If on the 31st i hear another few days, im gunna go ape $h!t!!!!! im also going to take my meager $200-500 i spend on games thru the year and buy a……who cares, sony doesnt.

tommt5001 said:

May 29th, 9:51 am

Get the darn store open!!!

xXFree_SpiritXx said:

May 29th, 9:52 am

Sony, only does…noyhing.

xXFree_SpiritXx said:

May 29th, 9:53 am

nothing oops…

Klokateer1986 said:

May 29th, 10:14 am

You’ve got 2 days Sony… 2 days to live up to your word, and deliver the PS store… or face the backlash of your fans, further tarnishing your image in the gaming community.

Toastcat33 said:

May 29th, 10:18 am

Playstation 3.
It only store


May 29th, 10:34 am

Sony said they are targeting the store to be up by the end of the month…

that does not guarantee nothing so dont get your hopes up for tuesday because nothing is forsure yet because when the psn was down completely Sony gave many dates for a return of service and didnot live up to any of them. The first eta was services down 2 days,,, then it was a week,,, then asap in the end we waited almost a month to even get to play multiplayer again. So they can target whatever it dont mean nothing unless they make it happen… because we have heard this all before and are getting tired of waiting.

Jimmy_Cosmos said:

May 29th, 10:54 am

So Sony are you gonna keep posting silly stories about future games pretending a very key element of the PSN is down and still crippling games being released??????????????????????????????????????

Cannibasowns said:

May 29th, 11:21 am

Tick tock i see tuesday on my clock tick tock if not there gonna hope i stop. Tick tock i see tuesday on my clock

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 11:27 am

Let’s say you take your car in to get worked on. The mechanic says we have to order a part it will be in by this date. Well something happens like the part is harder to get ahold of or there is a shipping problem. So they say it may be in by this date. Another issue happens. Third time they say it maybe in by this date now. Who do you get mad at? Same thing here. Problems arise and saying it may be/target/ estimate are all words used to say we don’t know when but hopping on getting it fixed by this time.

fredster90 said:

May 29th, 11:28 am

tuesday, sony!!! if for some reason i don’t get my fix by tuesday, i’m getting a new drug dealer and waisting my NGP money on a 3DS!!!! TUESDAY SONY!!!!

omenblade18 said:

May 29th, 11:32 am

God I keep checking this blog every couple of hts for the past for days in hopes for good news. Get this store up already!! And you guys have a lot of explaining to do at E3!!!!!

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 11:36 am

@1242 what does Sony have to explain? The fact that they got hacked and had to do alot of work to get things back online?

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 11:41 am

sorry was distracted that was aimed at 1232

Digital-Big-Boss said:

May 29th, 12:02 pm

I received an inFamous 2 voucher code for RLS training, do those things have expiration dates?

delvato said:

May 29th, 12:10 pm

How about explaining why there system security was so outdated? or the fact that they have ignored there customers questons? or faild to update the blog on real updates. I wouldnt be suprised if they skip E3 this year out of embarressment.
Makes ya wonder if the Dev’s are gonna be sticking by them considering how much money they have lost.
they need to make things right..and I’m not talking about the store being up. they have much to explain.
If they dont get it together soon (there system) no one will take them seriuosly as a gaming threat again.
becides if I took my car to have it worked on and they gave me three diffrent dates, that would be the last time I had my car worked on there. (but thats me) I cant stand incompentence

omenblade18 said:

May 29th, 12:11 pm

@1233 they have to explain y they couldn’t keep us updated on the process

x5786 said:

May 29th, 12:12 pm

Bring the store up!I want escalation, please!

delvato said:

May 29th, 12:13 pm

@ 1235 not sure. I bought The first Dragon Age and it had redeem codes in it. the code was for dlc and it had a limited time offer but I used it a year after it expired and it still should be fine m8

delvato said:

May 29th, 12:29 pm

Or how about if ya bought I dont know, lets say a Corvette because ya like fast cars but you had to take it in for manditory (update) maintenance just to find out when ya got it back..there was a limiter they put on…and if you remove that limiter your warrinty is void. so a car you bought for speed no longer preforms liike the salesman said it would? who would you be mad at? the guy that sold you the car or the company wich forced it on you?
k done with the car refrences. Im glad some people have more patience in this company than me. For me Tuesday defines on if they loose another customer. Dont care to see another *still working around the clock*

iiClubD said:

May 29th, 12:36 pm

So are u guys gonna bring up the store when the canadian protection is out? or close to around that time?

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 12:39 pm

@1240 I have no clue what a limiter is, I’ve been told the entire time I’ve been driving(16 years) not to do anything just take it to the mechanic. I just like to try and post stuff to get people to think. I really don’t see how putting up on here your going to get another system,cursing, name calling, and whatever else helps this out. I understand how people act when they get frustrated but there are something that just don’t help.

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 12:40 pm

@1241 As far as we all know targeted for the 31st and no world on what the Canadians get. Part of the issue is they have to work within the laws and what is available in your country.

f4sasj4 said:

May 29th, 12:55 pm

wen will the store b up this is so annoying


May 29th, 1:07 pm

5 days and no new information on the store… this is some serious lack of communication between sony and there customers to ensure progress in restoration.

I will be very surprised to see the store tuesday or anytime soon because they are delaying so much with no exact date given only a target date thats not guaranteed… also we will not be getting all the missed content all at once so then again even more waiting for all the missed content that we should of got already.

The question really is when will the store be fully updated and restored completely with alll the content is supposed to be released already? and when will we start getting new content that is due on release on time??

delvato said:

May 29th, 1:13 pm

@ 1242 eh it was all in fun just to vent a bit bro..nothing at you. actually it might not be a limiter but a governer (the piece that makes your car not go past a certain speed). and I myself havent posted and cursing/or name calling..that I remember anyhow. not on here to fight with anyone.everone has an opinion and since Sony is being so hush hush to us its good to see people vent and address ther concerns. Yes I miss the store for dlc and thats it. my problem is I reformated my ps3 the day it went down and have a crap load of songs that I cant retrive, I would just like Sony to man up and say look here’s our problem and this is what we are trying to fix or stuck on fixing atm. I dont think alot of us like seeing all these new games on updates knowing the function of the network is not fully functional. I dont think its to much to ask them to at least address there customers on there blogs instead of having us look for info on non sony sites never said i was switching I am a pc gammer. my point was About an update on Tuesday..if its the same ol song and dance. Im giving up on them for a console gaming rig..Wont goto xbox 360 ever again. but as far as next gen..Sony will be out of my considering :)

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