May 25

May 25

Identity Theft Protection Offer for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Customers

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Starting today, PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States can begin the enrollment process for the identity theft protection program by visiting http://us.playstation.com/news/consumeralerts/identity-theft-protection/. We are also notifying customers of the enrollment landing page via email, which you will receive in your inbox this week.

As previously announced, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment have made arrangements with Debix to offer the AllClear ID PLUS identity theft protection program to PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers who are concerned about identity theft following the criminal cyber attack on the network. AllClear ID PLUS is a premium identity protection service that uses advanced technology to deliver alerts to help protect you from identity theft. The service also provides identity theft insurance coverage and hands-on help from expert fraud investigators. Sony has arranged, at no charge to eligible PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders, for twelve months of this service to be provided by Debix to those who choose to enroll.

In order to be eligible, account holders must be residents of the United States with active accounts as of April 20, 2011.

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Jabouty said:

May 25th, 9:47 pm

It would be wonderful if instead of utilizing a third party domain to send your mass emails (example: PlayStation_Network@playstation-email.com, extremely suspicious to those of us who are wary of such things, even more so with the recent security … “issues” … that Sony has had) you utilize something that we’re better able to verify and recognize as “safe”. Perhaps: PSN@playstation.com. Short, sweet, simple and obvious.

The only reason I’m bringing this up is that a) Sony admitted that our email addresses were stolen, and therefore phishing attempts will be rampant since that information is in the wild and b) Since they also have our unique ID for our units, it’s very simple to form a malformed URL providing a link with the right information for those of us who look and potentially fool the folks into believing that a malformed link is legit.

Jabouty said:

May 25th, 9:47 pm

My suggestions are as follows:
a) Have all URLs embedded within an official Sony / Playstation Network communication linked properly and directly to the proper playstation.com subdomain / address instead of through a linking service as your latest email to us concerning the ID theft Protection is (http://playstation-email.com/r?xxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&promocode=XXNNN&campaign_name=XXXXxxxxxxxXX&psu_number=XXXXXXXXX&email=X@X.com is *NOT* a safe looking link from within an email communication).

Example: http://playstation.com/r?xxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The end hash can be deciphered on the server as the proper psu_number and anything else you need for a particular individualized email.

b) Have all emails come directly from the playstation.com servers

Example: PSN@playstation.com

Those two things, implemented properly, would serve to both address customer concerns regarding your electronic communication to us in light of the complete failure to adequately protect our sensitive information as well as garner some much needed trust in how the company does business with our information. ie, not giving it to some third party emailing service.

That is my 2 copper, do with it what you will.

LisVender said:

May 25th, 9:52 pm

C’mon, everybody, all together now:


Because constant complaints always help

shadowsikle34 said:

May 25th, 9:52 pm

im a candian i need to know when updates are!!!!

liln213 said:

May 25th, 9:52 pm

i have a $20 card i want to spend try to hurry up thx

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 9:53 pm

@Deathspear666 You sound like a strait up Bit$h made little girl that needs to be pounded in her a$$. You keep calling everyone on her little kids and whiners because they want the store to be up so they can get things they paid for.. or at least know exacly when the store will be up.. You really need to shut your face and rinse your mouth out with buckshot.

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 9:53 pm

@The-Lazlow..I know what trolling is lol And i guess you haven’t been reading all the blog posts today…But anyways if you want you can add me with the same name as posted :)

fredster90 said:

May 25th, 9:54 pm

thanks sony you guys are awesome less than a week for ps store awesome!!!!

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 9:58 pm

@nick9921…Why dont you jump off of a highway over-pass head first!! It’s worthless scumbags like you that give us REAL gamers a bad name..I’m probably old enough to be your dad you little f u c k i n g punk..You talk real big behind that screen…I’d make you s h i t teeth for a week son…

superbatman2669 said:

May 25th, 9:59 pm

i want the dang store back…. i got no games right now and the only thing im waiting for is the store so i can get some demos till i do get games

pariah164 said:

May 25th, 10:01 pm

@Deathspear666 Stop trying to be an internet tough guy. Not a good look.

arreola123 said:

May 25th, 10:02 pm

When will The Playstation Store Be Back Up???

sickntired213 said:

May 25th, 10:02 pm

I would have spent about $200 in tha store by now…..good job sony…

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:04 pm

@pariah164…How about you mind your own business before speaking??? Apparently you didnt see what was said before hand….

fatbacon64 said:

May 25th, 10:07 pm

i want a date sony plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me 1

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 10:10 pm

Deathspear You need to get speared in your a $ $ to teach you some respect, but you probably like that idea don’t you. You clame to be so old when your propably not any older than I am. What is your obsesion with calling everyone kids? Sounds like your projecting to me little boy. Your openions are crap and your only goal is to sit here and try to P people off. If you don’t have anything relevant to say then S T F U

masamune1585 said:

May 25th, 10:15 pm

Hey i dont care when the store is back up as long as its up on the 31st im happy. I mean yeah i have 3 dlc vouchers and a psn card but its all good im patient. Good job so far sony.

teampinas said:

May 25th, 10:15 pm

how about here in canada, update pls..

The-Lazlow said:

May 25th, 10:17 pm

+ teampinas
Dude they replied about canada’s id protection 3 times. Read all the damn comments.

teampinas said:

May 25th, 10:19 pm

canadian psn store update pls.. tnk u sony..

dlhdav7 said:

May 25th, 10:22 pm

we all need to get high !!!!! not fight !!

The-Lazlow said:

May 25th, 10:23 pm

+ dlhdav7
3 steps ahead of you bro

dlhdav7 said:

May 25th, 10:25 pm

do yo mean three tokes?

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 10:25 pm

where did my buddie go?.. I’m sad now.. not really. I just want my prestige black ops zombie maps..

masamune1585 said:

May 25th, 10:27 pm

@ dlhdav7

Good plan

dlhdav7 said:

May 25th, 10:28 pm

im stoned !!!!lol

dlhdav7 said:

May 25th, 10:30 pm

what store r u guys talking about?

BuchNasty said:

May 25th, 10:32 pm

Lol @ all the canadians not paying attention to the multiple responses saying canada is getting one it just isn’t up yet, i do miss the store though…

BlackmarketHero said:

May 25th, 10:34 pm

You get what you pay for… You pay [DELETED], you get [DELETED]. Xbox live is so worth the money. Im done with Sony.

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:36 pm


Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:38 pm

@The Lazlow and dlhdav7..pass that my way…weed sounds good atm lol

Fawndle said:

May 25th, 10:41 pm

To those trying to hack isthesonystoreonline.com (no, still down.) keep it up. It is web dev 101 to protect against remote inclusion, SQL injection, directory traversal, authentication bypass, and other common web application security threats.

This is why I am so angry: yes, any company can be hacked. But when a large multi-national corp like Sony fails at even the most basic due diligence with respect to information, network and application security it signals a pervasive and likely cultural lack of competence in the digital domain.

Remember when PSN came back, more secure than ever? Well that was still laughably insecure. Google the “OWASP Top 10” vulnerabilities and check off all of the basic risks which Sony consistently ignored and continues to ignore.

This week alone there have been one after another SQL injection attack compromising Sony customer information. Putting them at risk through phishing attacks, some launched from pwned Sony servers themselves! This is basic stuff, covered in COMPETENT design and code reviews, QA testing, operational procedures.

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 10:44 pm

OMG deathspear all that time and thats the best you came up with lol your pathetic for real. I read through all these posts and all I see is YOU running your mouth calling everyone crybaby whiny kids and telling them to stop cringing about the store.. WTF are you even posting her for if your not concerned about the store then F off. Some of us would like to know the status of the store restoration with out having to read through all of your crap about how old you are. Hey Im old and your all crybaby kids bla bla bla oh yea and Im tougher than you too.. my names deathspear cuz Im a queer.

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:44 pm

@Fawndle..That is true bro..Them using out-dated Apache servers w/no patches pretty much did them in lol

Fawndle said:

May 25th, 10:45 pm

Sony has demonstrated a pervasive and continued lack of competence with respect to security at design, development, testing, and operational stages.

Every single exploited vulnerability encountered (and there have been 10+ so far this year to date! TEN breaches!) would have been mitigated early on in the design or development process with competent security engineering practices, if they cared about them.

And the inept operational response to these breaches has compounded the damage because Sony can’t even respond effectively when they do get hacked.

Sony, what will it take? I want to see substance, not excuses or silence.

Give us a reason to trust you, show us you are making an honest effort. This B.S. isn’t going to cut it.

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:48 pm

@nick9221…Really??!! I mean REALLY??!! Let it go c u mstain lol I’m trying to get back to grown up talk here lol So let us intelligent folks speak about more important things than ummmm you… Have a nice night :)

romdogg_03 said:

May 25th, 10:51 pm

i just want to know when the psn store will be back u i have 5 online pass codes that i cant use dirt 3 MK and so on and so on . and its not hard to get on here and let us know there jeff i have a ps3 for 5 years now im on ps3 number 4 over 1200 bucks just on ps3 and i have over 1000 bucks of dlc on the store

freddzika said:

May 25th, 10:51 pm

Hei, When Is Norway Getting This?

Plzz Answer Soon.

pariah164 said:

May 25th, 10:54 pm

@Deathspear666 And all you do is keep proving my point.

u mad?

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 10:55 pm

oh so your smarter than everyone els too huh.. man you truly are full of yourself arn’t you. You must be psychic too cuz you can tell peopls age through a computer screen.. thats amazing. How old did you say I was? 10..12..13?

Fawndle said:

May 25th, 10:57 pm

Also, pass that herb over this way…. I need to chill. :P

… Ok, I’ve said my peace.

T-8k8O_ said:

May 25th, 10:57 pm

They are making sure every user account can be safe before releasing the ps store.

Juggalo1_07 said:

May 25th, 10:58 pm

Thanks Sony 4 what ur doing and keep it up

Deathspear666 said:

May 25th, 10:59 pm

@Fawndle…lmmfao i’m w/you on that :)

smokinjoe_79 said:

May 25th, 11:01 pm

thanks sony

randolph2527 said:

May 25th, 11:02 pm

did the store back?

nick9221 said:

May 25th, 11:04 pm

hey deathspear you can find my c u mstain in your wife’s panties.


May 25th, 11:04 pm

At least i have my xbox to play online and buy games, im lucky to own both console, its sad for those of you with only the ps3.
I like both system but i have to say that xbox live is way better and secure(for now) , but sony will comeback (i really hope)with a more safe online features after what happen.

Im not a xbox fanboy, i really like almost all the excellent exclusives games for the ps3 and that was the reason that make me buy the ps3 and the blu-ray player.

Hope that the store will be back soon and i cant wait for Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3.

JEC94 said:

May 25th, 11:06 pm

all I want is the store

alanaxeman said:

May 25th, 11:10 pm

Good job on looking out for us Sony..we forgive you…and know this was not your doing..I hope this is the first and last of this and know that you do as well..PSN is home to a lot of us gamers and we want to feel safe at home.. thank’s..

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