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May 25

May 25

Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle Coming Soon

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Associate Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle

With all of the gaming and entertainment features the PlayStation 3 offers – from 3D gaming to a built-in Blu-ray player – there are plenty of things to entice those looking for the best entertainment experience on the market. Today we’re giving you one more reason to join the PlayStation family. On May 31, we will be releasing the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle. Not only will you get a 160 GB PS3 system and a copy of Activision Publishing Inc. and Treyarch’s critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ll also be treated to the First Strike Content Pack – for free. This DLC features five diverse globe-spanning multiplayer maps, one of which is a new Zombie experience.

Packed with exceptional value, the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle will be available at retailers nationwide for $299.99.

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Lemon_Haze-421 said:

May 25th, 10:40 am

damn its cheaper the the regular ps3 by itself

LostHope95 said:

May 25th, 10:42 am

@kivi95 There already is an infamous 2 bundle.

AsianPocky said:

May 25th, 10:50 am

Does anyone know when Escalation the map pack is coming out then?

Freezeplyr8 said:

May 25th, 10:53 am

@Orangeninja1092:Get your facts straight it is infinity ward making mw3 but sledgehammer games helped them do the single player and raven software helped with the multiplayer and all three companys are owned by activision.

LostHope95 said:

May 25th, 10:54 am

@ sickntired213 Lmfao agreed. It’s always lag lag (host migration) lag lag (another host migration) lag, oh, i’m sorry we just wasted half an hour of your time, but this game lobby is now closed. -.-

TheUndertaker85 said:

May 25th, 10:54 am

Look, here’s a serious question. Why is NA releasing this bundle instead of releasing the inFamous 2 bundles that EU are getting? NA users really want the game/controller bundles in particular. Will we see these at all?

gotyoursritehere said:

May 25th, 11:09 am

i want black ops to have firing range 24/7 like the nuketown 24/7

Ethereal said:

May 25th, 11:11 am

Regardless of what people think. This is will still sell like hot cakes. People looking to get into a PS3 often purchase BO anyways, its just more of a reason to buy.

Wolverine959 said:

May 25th, 11:22 am

I already have everything in this bundle XD

IrosoMeyi said:

May 25th, 11:30 am

Yep of course Call of Duty modern warfare 3 will out sell BF3 because Alot of stupid people like this Stupid game. BF3 will kill CoD forever just you wait and see little children.

truekiler1234567 said:

May 25th, 11:33 am

thats not fair for people that already bought the ps3 and had to pay for the 1st map pack so why should they get a free map pack just FOR buying a ps3… if u going to give them the 1st map pack for free how about give the people the map pack 2 for free because its not fair that some people had to buy the map 1 and the others that buys this bundle gets it for free… whats up with that

IrosoMeyi said:

May 25th, 11:35 am

I second this ^ i do have CoD and i like zombies SORTA. gets extreamly boreing tho.

GibbShift said:

May 25th, 11:36 am

Hopefully there’ll be a Resistance 3 bundle if this crappy game gets one.

lildood1012 said:

May 25th, 11:46 am

i dont really care if people compare mw3 and bf3 im still gonna buy both!!

aVeRsioN_X said:

May 25th, 11:55 am

not bad.

Zpinkpanthr said:

May 25th, 11:56 am

looks cool i guess if ur in to cod but they shouldev included infamous 2 because that comes out in like a few weeks

truekiler1234567 said:

May 25th, 12:04 pm

when do psn store gets back on btw

Lord_Ka1n said:

May 25th, 12:08 pm


DarkFlame588 said:

May 25th, 12:18 pm

wow, this is a surprise to see, seeing as how the cod series is biased toward the other box…

vza004 said:

May 25th, 12:19 pm

I think Black Ops is totally a broken game. Don’t you guys have any other better game to bundle it with?

Kchow23 said:

May 25th, 12:26 pm

Would prefer if these bundles came with custom PS3s as opposed to just the standard PS3.

Octopium said:

May 25th, 12:29 pm

@ Everyone, They are selling a Black Ops Bundle rather then MW3 or BF3 Bundle because 1. I doubt their making any money off Black Ops anymore considering its popularity, and if they sold it with any new upcoming game they would lose so much money. PS3’s are worth $300 and if they sold MW3 with it, they’d be losing $60 bucks for each bundle sold. This is just to stimulate their market and HOPEFULLY relieve some of the damage done by the outage.

K3ViNPwNz- said:

May 25th, 12:31 pm

i hope this bundle lasts till June 9 as it’s my birthday…my bro already has the ps3 and black ops but it would be fun to play together at same time online


May 25th, 12:32 pm

why cod this is really boring why not Infamous 2

mluvag said:

May 25th, 12:36 pm

I am happy I bought the KZ3 Bundle. :p

shortA said:

May 25th, 12:37 pm

Sony this is awesome! Just, get the bundle out faster for MW3, like day one! The online gaming community is great, and it would be awesome if we could get more people but let’s try for quicker release to get more sales!

RoboticPenguin7 said:

May 25th, 12:44 pm

Dude, May 31st is my b-day!

fsufan300 said:

May 25th, 12:50 pm

why have a old game as a bundle

RabidFace said:

May 25th, 12:52 pm

They should do Motorstorm Apocalypse. It would fit perfectly in their Bundle timeline. Still have my 80GB MotorStorm bundle PS3; last batch of the real PS3s ;)

But as for the topic on hand, it’s funny they are releasing a bundle after the PSN fiasco, and bundled with the most played game on the PSN (or XBL), included with the first DLC maps. I for one think it’s a smart move. If there was someone on the fence about a PS3 or 360, who doesn’t already own either, this might be their push to get a PS3 in their home. It’s a great entertainment system, and it plays games.

Also, on the Call of Duty and Battlefield issue, I think people on just one side should be hush hush. They are slightly different games. Been playing since CoD 1 and BF1942 and they are different experiences, throughout both games timeline. If I want a smaller quarters game, with less thinking, I will play CoD (or CS, Quake,etc) But if I wanted a more open ended game with large maps, use vehicles, I will play a BF game.

I can’t wait for both Battlefield 3 and MW3. Would get both when they launch, but my paychecks are usually gone before I get them. So decisions to make when that time comes 

osowanted said:

May 25th, 12:53 pm

i am gonna wait for mw3 ima wait 3 months after realease to buy it or hate it the only problem is activision is goonna make MW3

fsufan300 said:

May 25th, 12:58 pm

ps3 bundles should be ps3 exclusive only nobody wants to buy the worst fps of all time

padenj69420 said:

May 25th, 1:00 pm

A terrible game on a gutted system.

SLicK_SLeV said:

May 25th, 1:02 pm

trying to win back the playstation gamers that switched to Xbox eeh, or trying to bribe some xbox gamers to come to the dark side?… or both.. id say both.


May 25th, 1:03 pm

well i already have blck ops and the first strike so i dont need it

KILLSON13 said:

May 25th, 1:08 pm

@1 Same here, friend has been saving up for Xbox but now w/ this bundle… =)

Hradekal said:

May 25th, 1:08 pm

Thanks for nothing, you’re 6 months late with this you jackasses. Would have been great back then.

fsufan300 said:

May 25th, 1:11 pm

i have to say both are but man sony pr sucks and tired of the bs with sony they never tell u anything hell ps store who knows when that be up

orangeguy17 said:

May 25th, 1:12 pm

Too late now that there offering this bundle when black ops and the first strike map pack came out a while ago. But it is still good for new comers!

Someguy12121 said:

May 25th, 1:14 pm

Why SONY?!?!?! Why would you bundle your amazing system with such crap?!?! CoD is dead and Battlefield has taken the title of best FPS this generation. CoD players are the biggest suckers in the community. They will pay $59.95 for the same game just different maps and then they will pay $5.99 for maps just to camp. Why are you wasting our time with CoD anyways??? The PSN is still not 100% up yet and you guys are taking time away from that to make crap bundles. Now if it were BC2 Ultimate Edition in a bundle then yes that is worth the money but this does not even come with any DLC. Proves that Activison is desperate. Just like Microsoft giving away 360s with laptops.


May 25th, 1:14 pm

doest any body know if the waw zombie map pack will come for ops or was it only from prestiage edition?

JonChaos6 said:

May 25th, 1:16 pm

Ya know i know SONY is tryin very hard to get the Store back up but i would like to know when it is goin to come back up because i just picked up a $20 PSN card for a game add on i want so bad. yea these other blog updates about certian stuff is fine but i would like to know when store comes back more then anything else, no offence to the guys working on the store but i really want to get this add on when ever you guys get it back up i would be greatful. thanks for yalls time ill keep checking for any updates for the PSstore.

DARKFlRE007 said:

May 25th, 1:19 pm

ok had that been an uncharted 3 bundle i would have upgraded from my old ps3 to get it, but COD? not worth 300 bucks.

why is everyone (who plays uncharted series) so impatient for the store? has it not occured to you that if the store is down past the 28th (i think) that when we get our month of free ps plus, we will ALL get the uncharted 3 demo early and free? i would rather be patient lol.

Dartanyan614 said:

May 25th, 1:22 pm

I agree with everyone eles.. Instead of doing a Black op’s limited addition that will only cover the DLC that not much people approves, It will only make sense to do a Limited Addition with a game that’s going to come out. Plus Not much people play Black op’s On PS3 anymore, Mw2 Was a successful game that had the most sell’s out of the Call Of Duty Franchise. The only problem with mw2 was just Noob Tubers and people who gave off free kill’s. I hope that Activision saw this problem in Mw2 and will fix it in mw3. But Like Most games/Company’s They Ignore There Fan’s and just Keep doing with whatever they wan’t to do. I think this is what it is because of all the negativity and stupidity that Us (the gamers) Say/Do. I really Hope SONY will start paying attention to it’s consumer’s… Than again I could be wrong…….But this is what I asume…..

NightRaven77 said:

May 25th, 1:26 pm

Apologies if it’s been covered past the first 50 comments.

The reason for this now is multifold. Yes, MW3 is coming… NOVEMBER. Yes the game’s been out a while, but with the MW3 announcement coming at E3, maybe someone who hasn’t tried any of the CODs might like to see what it’s all about. It’s timed with the availability of the new DLC. And in light of the recent PSN issues, it’s a great way to get new customers. If I were eight years younger and didn’t already have a PS3, this would be very tempting.

dime5150 said:

May 25th, 1:26 pm

Sooo you offer a bundle with DLC that can’t be even used since the PS Store is still not even up.. Nice job Sony.

Kenshiro88 said:

May 25th, 1:27 pm

I agree with KwietStorm. What Battlefield fans are you talking about? You are inviting them if anything.

Anyway, judging by the amount of people that are playing and loving the inFAMOUS 2 demo at my Gamestop store alone I would think an inFAMOUS 2 bundle would make PERFECT sense! It would get them the system and introduce them to Sony’s awesome 1st party exclusives (it should also come pre-bundled with demos of Uncharted 1 & 2, LBP, and GT5 but that would be just too forward thinking). But I’m sure it will come out a little too late to snag any sales from people finally ready to make the plunge. At least bundling a game with a system is a smart move, even if it has to be something as exploited and overrated as Call of Duty.

ChunkyDunk1 said:

May 25th, 1:30 pm

I think its a great bundle but whats the point doing it now? they should have done it 5 months ago when the game was new, instead they should bundle it with one of the new games that are coming out soon like battlefield3

Hooligantuan said:

May 25th, 1:35 pm

Black Ops multiplayer is still wicked broken.

ChunkyDunk1 said:

May 25th, 1:36 pm

@hooligantuan-yeah every other round for me gets a connection interuppted thing

shakoo_makoo said:

May 25th, 1:37 pm

@114. What Are you saying? BF2 came out in 2005 not 2010 BAD COMPANY 2 came out in 2010… Get ur facts right. And bfbc2 DOES have hardcore but no1 plays it. I bet u have never even played it so don’t talk. Bf3 <3

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