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May 29

May 29

PlayStation Fans: Watch E3 Online Right Here

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by

Sr. Social Media Manager

Last year, we invited three hundred fans into our press conference. This year, we’re shooting for a million.

You’ve been requesting it, so for the first time, we’ll be broadcasting the entirety of the PlayStation press conference directly into this Blog. Additionally, we’re setting up a mini-studio in the PlayStation booth, and we’ll be bringing in developers while the show floor is open for interviews, live demos and to answer your questions via a built-in chat module. It all starts right here on June 6th.

Kaz Hirai, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

UPDATE: We’ve got several hundred more entries than we’ve got spots open, so we’re cutting off the entries now. We’ll grade the papers over the next few days and contact winners by email. Thanks for entering!

Since this is an LA event, we’d still like to do something for some of our Southern California fans. Because our press conference is already at capacity, we unfortunately won’t be able to get anyone into building (again, everyone can watch the livestream right here). However, we were able to secure over one hundred 3-day passes to the E3 Expo, where attendees can visit our booth and go hands-on with NGP and our stellar PS3 lineup as a guest of PlayStation.

We want to make sure only the biggest local PlayStation fans get in, so instead of having folks queue up in the unpredictable Spring weather (as has been the case in past years), we’ve created a web quiz you can take from the comfort of [wherever you are sitting].

Here are a few things to note:

  • E3 takes place from June 7-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so you’ll obviously need to be in SoCal during that time to attend. Don’t bother taking the quiz if you won’t be there!
  • You must be 18 or older to attend E3 – that’s their rule! Your ID will be checked when you go to pick up your badge, so if you’re under 18… don’t bother taking the quiz!
  • E3 badges are non-transferable, so if you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to attend… don’t bother taking the quiz!
  • The information we’re asking for (name & email address only) is required for all attendees by the ESA, who run the E3 Expo. We won’t ask for any additional info!
  • We’ll grade quizzes and select winners by late next week, and contact winners via email with information on how to pick up your passes.

Good luck!

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devilmosh said:

May 29th, 12:48 pm

Thanks for the response, Jeff!

junpeai said:

May 29th, 12:49 pm

sweet ;.; thoe i tottaly wont win T;T

Neo-CTU said:

May 29th, 12:49 pm

MR Jeff Rubenstein, I Just wanna Make it Clear for my self and for the other, how many hours will be the press conference? is it really 5 hours ?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 29th, 12:56 pm

    The press conference itself will, I’m guessing, be comparable to past years. There’s an event for attendees afterwards.

crazy_kracker1 said:

May 29th, 12:50 pm

u notice they go from the end of the month to that our target date. tuesday will get here it will change again i did read a blog from eu saying an update will take place tuesday will be done wensday so if thats true sony failed again. IF thats true and its still not back tuesday way 2 keep ur word sony i did read in a blog u promised BUY the 31st not holding my breath

KazeEternal said:

May 29th, 12:50 pm

When can we expect the normal PS Blog posts to return? Like The Drop (obviously when the store is back), Week in Review, and What We’ve Been Reading.

Also I had some questions I didn’t think of about the new headset that is releasing:
1) Is the transmitter Bluetooth 3.0 or is this just some other RF transmission?
2) PS4 compatibility: I don’t want this dongle, will the PS4 allow me to ditch it?

Looking forward to E3

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 12:53 pm

@54 which blog did you read that on?

Karsghul said:

May 29th, 12:53 pm

Good news! Looking forward to watching SCEAs E3 here.

Very exited to see Uncharted 3 and the all the RPGs like Skyrim, Dark Souls and Mass Effect 3. plus any surprise announcement? :)

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 12:54 pm

When a company says they have a target date that isn’t a promise, it just means that is when they are trying to get everything up by.

SunnyBoy said:

May 29th, 12:54 pm

Is it possible to delay the press conference as i have a professional exam on the 7th!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 29th, 12:57 pm

    I’ll make that request for you…

darkninja333 said:

May 29th, 12:57 pm

E3 is something to look forward to but, If psn isint up before june, im never trusting sony again. That would be how many times dead-lines havnt been met?

cjscott_07 said:

May 29th, 12:59 pm

All hail Sony!

cjscott_07 said:

May 29th, 1:02 pm

Next Year I request E3 be in Atlanta!

Cobra1 said:

May 29th, 1:02 pm

Thanks for finally hosting the livestream PS Blog! Will it remain up afterwards for those of us who work during that time to watch later?

zzamaro said:

May 29th, 1:03 pm

It sucks I can’t enter because I’ll have my finals for college that week.

BJtheLegend said:

May 29th, 1:04 pm

Thanks Sony! just sent in my entry and really hoping I get in!

zzamaro said:

May 29th, 1:04 pm

lol at comment 59, good one =P

TheOnePistol said:

May 29th, 1:04 pm

Awesome, I cant wait to watch! Also the end of the month is near, meaning PS store should be back up soon! This is such a great week! :)

gdogg666 said:

May 29th, 1:05 pm

hey if u all gave out free airplane tickets i would try and win other then that florida sucks all year long

bigbaddoom31 said:

May 29th, 1:06 pm

I wish you guys would cut Sony some slack. With everything going on in Japan, the hacker attacks, and loosing money I’m sure they are working as hard as possible to get everything back online.

azariaspice said:

May 29th, 1:07 pm

For a second, I thought it was just a blog instead of a live stream! That would’ve seemed dull, since Nintendo is live-streaming their press conference on their site. I’m so excited to see what’s new for Playstation 3! And really excited for Nintendo’s announcements too! I love both companies, I get such different experiences from the two of you, and it’s fantastic!

I hope you guys manage to get the store up and running before E3! I’m sure you’re aiming to, it’d be a shame if it wasn’t up in time.

Knight_Rider96 said:

May 29th, 1:08 pm

Awesome! I can’t wait! But its too bad (but obvious) that I can only watch Sony’s conference. I always enjoy watching the others as I own all three systems. But I stll only play my ps3. Our exclusives are the best!

EAGELEEYE123456 said:

May 29th, 1:11 pm

when are the stores on playstation home and the store on playstation coming back up cause i have been waiting paitently for it to come back so i can put my 150 dollers of cards on there

LuiguiPR said:

May 29th, 1:13 pm

I’m sure that the next Ps Store Updated will be negative like NEED TO WAIT MORE

TommyHouck said:

May 29th, 1:14 pm

Okay I still have a question though! When will ps store be back up!

MiddleLinebacker said:

May 29th, 1:15 pm

What a laugher! What could Sony possibly say at E3?!

The store better be back up May 31.
I’m tired of having to “make.believe” that I’m enjoying the content I bought but can’t download.

undertaker9999 said:

May 29th, 1:19 pm

All Playstation login sites are down at the moment so you better stayed loged in or your SOL including US Playstation blog and forums

Link01 said:

May 29th, 1:19 pm

Just getting free tickets to this event would satisfy me. I could only hope that this life goal of mine has some luck to it :D

jdgaz11 said:

May 29th, 1:22 pm

phoned sony today and they said the store is in the final stages of testing,hope its up getting restless now.

time17 said:

May 29th, 1:23 pm

well the store still be back up by the end of the month

ninjasrule123 said:

May 29th, 1:25 pm

you guys are great. free tickets to E3? amazing. i wish i was old enough to go. and now even live feed! This is incredible. as soon as the store is up, my world will be complete.


May 29th, 1:25 pm

YES! Finally Live Stream here in the PS Blog! Hopefully it’s in HD but I think I won’t have to worry about that. What I do hope is that it doesn’t lag specially because I live in Spain :/

XxAmEnEmxX said:

May 29th, 1:25 pm

OMG Jeff u guyz rock !!!! btw 2 things

1- r u guyz going to stream the “other” consoles conventions
2- plz be aware that the site will be hammered the day the convention starts so plz have many servers for streaming

D-Roca said:

May 29th, 1:26 pm

@Jeff Rubenstein

This is great news….but unfortunately for me I won’t can’t acces the PS Blog site from work – it’s blocked.
It’s there an external link that we can watch E3 Live from? or anything other link that’s will be live streaming E3?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 29th, 1:50 pm

    We’re working to be able to make it embeddable on other sites as well, so hopefully you’ll be covered.

Mattht said:

May 29th, 1:26 pm

Shame, I was really looking forward to camp the night out before the E3 meetup! I had everything planned just in case :p

Hope you still do an E3 meetup and that I still have a good chance to fulfill a dream of mine: get into E3! This year is my once in a life time chance. I go back to France in July :'(

Zanora said:

May 29th, 1:27 pm

Good evening,

Jeff Rubenstein on May 29th, 2011 at 12:34 pm said:

“When we have an update, you’ll read it here.”

I was just curious, how can’t there be any form of an update for PSN Store. Given the time Sony has been working “around the clock” to get the Store back online. I find it hard to believe there is no update, seems more like Sony refuses to pass on a update to us. Unless they came across major problems.


    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 29th, 1:51 pm

    When we have a 100% locked in uptime for the store, we’ll tell you. Really, honestly, there’s not much else to say, is there?

jdgaz11 said:

May 29th, 1:30 pm

the store is in the final stages of testing

Boobnoob69 said:

May 29th, 1:33 pm

Yeah, and we’ve been requesting about a date when the store will be working again, yet still no word on that. Sony is just avoiding the issue.

LuiguiPR said:

May 29th, 1:36 pm

Jdgaz11@ really!! Thanks that update is better than the other updates of Sony

Dragun619 said:

May 29th, 1:36 pm

Hey, Jeff, will the livestream be in HD and will your Press conference be shown on tv like G4 perhaps? Thanks in advance. Definitely excited for E3 and I really want to go but if we win do we just get one pass? I could go but driving to LA is a pain and I don’t really want to go by myself.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

May 29th, 1:37 pm


xvbanevx said:

May 29th, 1:39 pm

i hope the store DOESNT come up the 31st, so all you “im sellin my junk if it aint back up!’, will do just that sell your system and go bug microsoft. you guys have been very irritating since all of this started. Shoo!

Laporta said:

May 29th, 1:40 pm

Que Bien!

Busca-Cabezas said:

May 29th, 1:40 pm

E3 broadcast?? Sweeeet!!! This is awesome!! I luv this BLOG!! Woot Woot!! :D

Bloodyrainx13 said:

May 29th, 1:46 pm

Just give us the Goddamn store…

patlabor4eva said:

May 29th, 1:47 pm

are you giving away ponchos for the honchos this time?????

materclobber said:

May 29th, 1:49 pm

jeff, do you know when there will be more NGP updates? PLEASE REPLY IF YOU KNOW!! Thank you jeff you are one guy that keeps us informed! :)

jdgaz11 said:

May 29th, 1:49 pm

luigipr@ yes i phoned sony today.

steven_bodner said:

May 29th, 1:50 pm

Actually, to correct this article, you have to be 17 to attend E3; not 18.

SpiritThief said:

May 29th, 1:59 pm

I have a question about the headphones. Do they allow me to listen to music netflix and games with the TV silent? Or are they just a headset headset?

InternatlGamer1 said:

May 29th, 2:01 pm

i cant wait for E3 this year. I’m confident Sony will win E3 this year getting the last laugh.
PSP titles remastered in HD for PS3 only. PS3 price drop to $199. PSP2 getting launch titles like FFVII HD remake.
More Exclusive RPG’s like “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”. PS2 downloadable titles, and the PSn title “Malicious”, and more titles for PSN like Guardian Heroes please.

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