UNCHARTED 3: Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Details for North America

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UNCHARTED 3: Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Details for North America

We’ve gotten a lot of questions via our blog comments, Facebook Wall posts and Twitter asking if there will be a Collector’s Edition of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception when the game is released in November 2011. Today, we can reveal the answer as a very definite YES for our fans in North America!

UNCHARTED 3: Collectors Edition

As you can see in the image above, the Collector’s Edition comes with a functional Traveling Chest replica which stores all of the other aspects to our Collector’s Edition – exclusive Steelbook case for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, a full size replica of Drake’s belt buckle from UNCHARTED 3, a full size replica of Drake’s necklace which includes Sir Francis Drake’s ring, and exclusive statue of Nathan Drake from Sideshow Collectibles.

You’ll be able to pre-order the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition from many retailers. Speaking of pre-orders… we’ve listened to a lot of your feedback about the pre-order bonuses from the UNCHARTED 2 release – mostly how many of you were bummed by not being able to get some in-game content without pre-ordering at multiple retailers or waiting for it to be added to the PSN Store over a year later. Because of that feedback, we’ve restructured how we provide pre-order content – nearly all of our retailer exclusive bonuses grant you early access to key multiplayer Weapon Mods, Boosters and Medal Kickbacks.

UNCHARTED 3: Creepy_Crawler

First up is early access to the Creepy Crawler Kickback, which is available now by pre-ordering at GameStop. The Creepy Crawler Kickback allows you, when you’ve scored the requisite number of Medals, to turn into a swarm of deadly creatures to overwhelm your opponents as long as you’ve got time left on the Kickback countdown timer.

UNCHARTED 3: Regeneration

By pre-ordering at Best Buy, you’ll unlock the Regeneration Booster early. The Regeneration Booster increases your healing rate in multiplayer, so that you can recover from your wounds and re-enter battle with full health sooner.

UNCHARTED 3: Carpet bomb


Pre-ordering at nabs you three pre-order bonuses – one Kickback and two Weapon Mods. The Carpet Bomb Kickback allows you to send out three grenades with a single throw to blanket your opponent – or take out a group of opponents – with multiple explosions. The Clip Size Mods for the Para- 9 and G-MAL increase the size of your bullet clip, allowing you to trade more shots with your opponent before you have to reload.

UNCHARTED 3: Callout


Over at Wal-Mart, you can get the Callout Weapon Mod, which allows you to equip your old friend, the AK-47, with a laser sight that enables your entire team to see the location of the opponent you are currently targeting.

If you don’t see your favorite retailer listed above, don’t fret – many other retailers who participate in our pre-order program will be offering a voucher code for an exclusive UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception PSN Avatar and PS3 XMB Theme.

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  • amazing. That sir Francis ring necklace is great. I love uncharted, this is a must have for me

  • I wonder how many people will be ordering from multiple stores…………..

  • oh my.. I want this so bad..

  • When is the welcome back.and why do the people that write the blog never reply WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHyYYY!!!!!!!

  • Will that jewelry turn my skin green?

  • well regardless of price, this will be in my collection for sure! wish that damn phurba dagger wasn’t limited to 200, i really wanted that!

  • If the soundtrack is included I might get the collector’s edition, otherwise I will just be pre-ordering for the bonuses from amazon probably.

  • day one buy for me :)

  • Hmm, out of everything offered in the CE I’m most excited about the necklace and, of course, the game itself all the other stuff is alright but it doesn’t really spark my interest. The CE should also include all the pre-order content maybe? I’ll probably be buying from Amazon as it seems to have the best content for now. Looking forward to this game tons =)

  • awesome!!! i always wanted that belt buckle since i love those kind of belts… so im sold hope its not 150 tho

  • Bought :D, especially for the steel case and ring!

  • When will this be available on Amazon, it’s not up yet. Also, is there any word on pricing?

  • Im getting the regular Im to poor to get this


    I would’ve paid top dolalr for the Fortune Edition!


  • @ 63 Uncharted 2 much? “Top Dollar”

  • @yazter Naughty Dog is the best:) They actually listen to their fans unlike a lot of people.

  • @64 angelspawn 77

    Yes, Uncharted 2, when they announced the FH edition. I was gonna buy it.. until I realized it was in sweepstakes only. And of course not “top” dollar, but I know it’d cost double the standard edition, yet I would’ve bought it.

  • Any chance of a Cross Game play with the upcoming Uncharted game for the NGP? Socom FTB1 did this with Socom 3 and it was pretty cool. You unlock things in one game and sync it to the other to open and unlock stuff on it. ie. medals, trophies, rewards, weapons, characters, story line etc… Any idea on price yet or a combo of the two? :)

  • SOLD SOLD SOLD X 1,000,000!!! 8)

  • @ yazter, haha yeah I know what you mean, I was just amused that you used top dollar, it sounds funny to me anywhere other than in Uncharted 2 for some reason.

  • Can the Callout Weapon Mod eventually be unlocked?

  • is it gonna come with a “Super Voucher” Like InFamous2 so we dont have to buy 66 copies of the game to get the pre order bonuses?

  • @63

    how much is top dollar? i have one ;-)

  • The creepy crawler looks real fun hahaa!

  • @73 Avalanche

    it’s called a hyperbole and a figure of speech. Jeeze Louise =)

  • It is mind boggling that people actually buy the collector editions for these games, such a huge waste of money. It’s bad enough the games are $60 a pop, let alone adding $40 on top of that for some useless junk that probably ends up being thrown out or put in storage a month after the initial purchase.

    Sony sure knows how to scam the kiddies.

  • @76

    why do you care how OTHERS spend there own money?

  • @72 – Anybody who buys multiple copies of a game just to get a few extra preorder bonuses should probably go check into the nearest mental hospital.

    Personally I say completely abolish all the preorder bonus incentives, it is getting out of control and is ruining online gaming.

  • Amazon, and Wal-Mart seem to be the best to me so far! I want the multiplayer Beta!

  • Nice collectors edition but I’ll be sticking with the regular edition. Amazon FTW, though!

  • You’ve got me intrigued, how much is it going to cost?

  • @78 Bonuses are OK right now just getting early access and stuff like that can be pretty cool. Especially if you were going to pre-order the game anyway. However, I completely agree that it has the potential to get out of hand, personally i think the bonuses should stick to early access; once you start giving out exclusive stuff its not as much fun for every body else.

  • how much?

  • Amazon sounds like they’ve got the best sounding pre-order bonus!

  • Wish we could have those here in Brazil… without have to sell one kidney… or something… its unfortunate that those CEs never appear around here… and if I decide to import one, the CUSTOMS taxes will rip me off a new one… so sad…

    I just love CEs… and love Uncharted even more…

  • Can you use the belt buckle? If so, sweet! If not, that’s kinda lame

  • Oops, saw it after I looked at a bigger pic. Anyway, Gamestops sounds coolest, but I’ll probably go for Best Buy. I like living : )

  • Ok, I know I sound like an idiot, but why is it that when I click the links to Bestbuy or Walmart or whatever, I’m being offered the standard and can’t find the CE anywhere??

  • keep knocking them out the park Naughty Dog!!!

  • Very nice! May considering going for this!

    ps- I hav preodered Uncharted3 like a week before ACRevelations, I was wondering, has nayone gotten a bump for a UC3 CE for having preordered awhile back?
    When I preordered ACR I was told got bumped to a LE(limited ed.) for preordering 1st in my local Gstop?

  • LOL I WANT THEM ALL. this game is going to be sooo good

  • Is Uncharted 3 going to be Move Compatible?

  • Bumped up my preorder as soon as this was announced. This is one SWEET collectors edition! Everything that a UNCHARTED fan could want is in here. Also, I’m super happy that Sideshow Collectibles made the Nathan Drake statue. I have a few of their statues and they’re great! Super excited for the beta release. Naughty Dog = Naughty Gods :)

  • Finally. Developers must understand that Action Figures of the game are a must for Collectors Edition.
    The Neckless makes it even better :)

    Thank you Naughty Dog for Uncharted, following you since Crash Bandicoot… i miss him a lot :(

  • OMG… that what im waiting for so long … finally its announced … definitely get it =)

  • How tall is the Drake’s status ??

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