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Jun 03

Jun 03

Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

Dan Amrich's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Ubisoft

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the double XP period for Call of Duty: Black Ops in May – neither Treyarch nor Activision wanted to see any of the PS3 fans miss out just because of the technical issues. Now the next round of Black Ops action is locked and loaded: the long-awaited Escalation DLC pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10th.

Escalation features five big chunks of content – four multiplayer maps and one star-studded Zombies experience unlike any other. For fans of competitive combat, your new battlegrounds await:

  • HOTEL takes the sunny splendor of a luxirous Cuban casino resort and turns it into a bullet-riddled war zone. Details like the blown casino safe and poolside bar offer some unusual cover for run-and-gunners, but thanks to the high vantage points at opposite ends, it’s also a great map for snipers.
  • Why not visit the ZOO? The big cats and deadly reptiles left this abandoned Russian animal park long ago, but the overgrown, dilapidated facility still plays host to the world’s most dangerous game. Hide below in the bear lair or snipe from above on the monorail track – you’ve got the run of the place.

MP Match ZooMP Match Convoy

  • If you’re looking for a slice of classic Americana, check out the small-town motel and diner near the ambushed CONVOY. The freeway overpass has collapsed, leaving a missile stranded above and rubble littered below – not to mention a pre-fab house, apparently in transit by truck when the attack hit, now toppled on its side in ruins. Talk about trailer trash.

MP Stockpile 2

  • STOCKPILE looks like an ordinary town in remote Russia…until you find the warhead hidden in the building in the center of town. Use switches to slide the huge steel doors up and down – good for restricting access during objective-based games.


Last but not least, CALL OF THE DEAD goes meta on zombie lore itself with a unique setup: Cinema’s zombie godfather George A. Romero is making his latest undead epic – starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo – only to have a real zombie apocalypse break out, infecting the director himself and causing him to stalk you throughout the level. All the stars performed their roles with full motion capture and voice-over, so when you and three friends take on wave after wave of the zombie horde, you’ll do so as some of Hollywood’s most famous monster mashers. Proof positive that there’s a zombie killer in all of us.

Escalation will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10, and to celebrate, the double XP will flow once more – enjoy twice the rewards for your efforts through Sunday, June 12. It’s also a perfect time to try out some my unorthodox multiplayer strategies that will keep your opponents guessing.

Enjoy next weekend – I’ll see you online!

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dukeboy73 said:

June 5th, 1:19 am

but not about the first three

Hirollr69 said:

June 5th, 1:25 am

Black Ops is GARBAGE!!!!! It is the worst COD ever and i have every COD since the 1st one. I will never buy another Treyarch game again. Ill give Infinity Ward a chance cause i luv MW2. If it sucks i will never buy another COD again. Got MW3 and Battlefield 3 on reserve. Cant wait 2 play both. Lets c if COD stays on top.

Another_Oreo said:

June 5th, 2:04 am

I’m just thankful that we have a real date! Let’s stop crying, because the 10th will be here before you know it. Possibly since there is so much love for the game, PS3 can make a bid for beating 360 at the next contract with Activision and we can get the map packs early!

Kingsley375 said:

June 5th, 2:15 am

hey Dan u know what they say
“the Best Things in Life are Free!!!”

Gerry_the_Veg said:

June 5th, 3:53 am

Dang people please stop complaining!! I can only imagine how hard it must be to make a DLC add-on to a game!! now imagine doing it 3 times in a row!! >_< they must be overwhelmed! … I'm glad they have a set date now, and im really looking forward to the zombie's map!

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:02 am

dukeboy73 if you love xbox so much **** off and play xbox

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:04 am

gerry this activision we’re talking about here they’re a multi billion pound company maybe for a shed games company ( bedroom cder things ) but activision isnt made up of bedroom coders

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:08 am

dukeboy73 this an PS3 not an xbox post ps. xbox is for people who cant afford the ps3 because xbox has horrible grapics and is the worst console on the market except the wii

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:11 am

treyarc cpied infinity ward because infinity ward made the originals and mw2 and mw1 treyarcs games: cod waw and cod bo iw ‘s games: cod cod2 cod 3 cod4 mw2 see what i mean support infinity ward

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:13 am

you should do a trial thing for this dlc so people can see what the maps are like

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:15 am

time for maths ps3 + move = awesome xbox 360 + kinect + horrible + driving games are crap on kinect

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:17 am

yes make a post about nxt yr contracts dlc for cod and we can try and convince sony to make one nxt yr

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:21 am

dukeboy you can go to hell you xbox fanboy

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:26 am

guys the best shooter franchise is cod but its infinity wards cod infinity ward is so much better

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:28 am

you dont need more maps but acti make them for those dumb enough to buy them so they get more money

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:36 am

thrill kill yer right the xbox versions are always better i wonder why ( sarcasticly )

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:41 am


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:42 am


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:45 am

“Enjoy next weekend – I’ll see you online!” DAN WE WONT BECAUSE YOU HAVENT TOLD US YOU’RE USERNAME

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:48 am


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:51 am


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:57 am

Dr. Maxis and his scientist team, Group 935, was tasked with creating an army of super soldiers and new technology for the government project christened “Der Riese” or “The Giant”. In his experiments, Maxis used Element 115 to create the zombies. The zombies, however, couldn’t be controlled and would always be killed when they went berserk. While this was going on, Richtofen was testing 115 on living test subjects to create his super soldiers. In his experiments, Richtofen used Takeo, Nikolai, and an unknown Mexican. When Richtofen accidentally killed the Mexican, he replaced him with Dempsey. Dempsey had recently been captured when he led a Marine Recon team, the 4 marines in the first 2 maps, to rescue Dr. Peter McCain, an OSS spy sent to infiltrate Group 935. The testing affected each of the subjects’ minds, making Dempsey extremely aggressive, quieting Takeo into only reciting Japanese proverbs, and making Nikolai functionless without vodka. It erased their memories, and Richtofen also did testing on Samantha.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:58 am

The new weapons Group 935 created were also powered by 115. Maxis created the Ray Gun based on plans received from Shi No Numa. Richtofen created the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from 115 and the Monkey Bomb. Maxis promised to mass-produce the DG-2 to his superiors, but his growing infatuation with Sophia slowed his progress and infuriated Richtofen, who then plotted to overthrow him and take control of Group 935.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 4:59 am

Maxis also created 115-powered teleporters, but they would always destroy anything sent through them. All of these experiments were done with his assistant, Dr. Richtofen. When he used his daughter Samantha’s dog, Fluffy, as a teleporter test subject, he accidentally created the first hellhound. The dog was teleported, but instead of being destroyed like the past test subjects, she was zombified. When Samantha came running in and started questioning her dad about her dog, Richtofen left the room. Richtofen then followed through with his previously-planned betrayal by locking Maxis and his daughter in the room with the hellhound, which was originally believed to have killed them. Maxis and Samantha were killed and the zombies were unleashed, with Richtofen and his super soldiers escaping before being overwhelmed.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:00 am

In the introduction to Kino der Toten, Richtofen reveals that he knows much more about the energy created by 115, and that he was excited to learn that it was also capable of time travel. He seems unconcerned that he and his partners have been teleported to Nazi Germany in an unknown year.

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:01 am

Sometime prior to Ascension, Yuri Kravcheski was transferred to work on sending monkeys into space, much to his dismay. His transfer was caused by his superior, Gersch, who he holds a grudge against. As the radio messages progress, Yuri notices the teddy bear and the Matryoshka dolls and wonders how a child could be let into the station. A child then slowly drives Yuri insane. Yuri, in his state of insanity, finishes the Gersch Device and has Gersch activate it, letting in the zombies and seemingly killing Gersch. Yuri soon realizes his mistake and is heard screaming at the end of the last recording.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:02 am

After the events of Kino der Toten, the main characters somehow reach the abandoned Soviet launch pad in Ascension. When the game starts, the four are landing in the starting room on the lunar lander as the color turns to black and white (which the characters acknowledge). The characters then hear Gersch, who tells them that the mechanism must be repaired. He is referring to the Kassimir Mechanism, which must be repaired by completing different tasks. After all of the tasks are completed and the mechanism is repaired, Gersch is free and gives the players 90-second death machines.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:03 am

While the events of Ascension are occurring in Russia, the events of “Five” are also unfolding in the Pentagon. While John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon are negotiating, zombies break into the Pentagon with only the four of them left to fight them. While fighting, they call the characters in Ascension using three red telephones spread across the Pentagon. A piece of Intel reveals that all Wunderwaffe materials were to be moved to American-controlled installations. As a mainframe is visible behind one of the windows in “Five”, it is apparent that it was moved there as per this order.


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:03 am

Sometime in the present, George A. Romero stumbled upon Group 935’s research while making a WWII film. He and the cast took a ship out to an abandoned lab in Siberia. After he and the ship’s crew were zombified, only the cast, made up of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Rooker, remained. This set the stage for Call of the Dead. After the Kassimir Mechanism was completed in Ascension, it overloaded the teleporter and sent the original characters to a Group 935 facility in Siberia, where they were trapped behind a locked door. The celebrities then helped them escape to Paradise.


ASTRO_fro25 said:

June 5th, 5:06 am

Dan, Don’t you ever get tired of having to awnser the same redundant questions over and over again?

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 5:34 am


lil_tripp said:

June 5th, 5:48 am

First time comment. I didn’t get my 2nd game for ps3 and my psp but I don’t care bout that becuz it not my falt it’s urs. But yea we should get doudle xp thill then for the wait

ZeeBeeLad said:

June 5th, 5:58 am

o man i have to wait another week just for the DLC o well i can still play on my xbox for a week

ShortAfroMan21 said:

June 5th, 7:04 am

Crockiller7 suks shut up

Amilli22 said:

June 5th, 7:12 am

I don’t know what the deal is with XBOX always getting the map packs so much sooner honestly, I pretty much just have one thing to say about it though. I have COD world at war, modern warfare, modern warfare 2, and black ops and have always been loyal to COD and PS3. I’ve never bought any map pack from COD since my first online play because of this reason. No I’m not “whining” just clearly putting my statement out there that i will never buy a map pack from COD again until we get treated the same as XBOX players, we pay just as much for their game as XBOXers, I could care less what Microsoft pays them to get them sooner. COD treat us equal, or lose sales that you could have made, I know theres more people out there just like me.

KillerRain13 said:

June 5th, 8:19 am

@ Dan

Dont you ever get tired of replying on the comments that are similiar to each other.

lol im suprised black ops didnt give us a welcome back present what cheap people… lol

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:31 am


Alabama_King334 said:

June 5th, 8:31 am

How much is the escalation map pack going to cost if you have PS PLus?

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:35 am


crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:36 am

i dunno but it aint worth 15.00 dollars or 11.49 pounds

Rexon2000 said:

June 5th, 8:36 am

oh wow!!! i cant believe this. i heard it would be june 3rd and now june 10th and another thing xbox live gets it first. beacause they paid it to be first. and i dont know if i could trust ps3 anymore because psn said that the new escalation map pack is coming soon and they said this is their present for being down so long. LIE!!!!!

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:42 am

acti tell me how many millions you,ve made and you still want more in fact i know why microsoft did this , they’re being loyal to their custormers who pay for online ‘rewarding them’ ever thought of ‘rewarding us’ for buying you’re games and consoles and staying loyal

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:44 am

i know what you’re thinking acti but this wont go away

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:45 am

rexon3000 these messages ( i got one ) are internet scam frauds and are definetly not made by sony

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:48 am

cod black ops is fun but only in short bursts

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 8:59 am

dan i have an idea sell them ( the maps including zombies ) seperatly and say if you buy them all in a special package you get a discount

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 9:05 am

off topic : do not buy dreamies they make cats break walls walls cost money

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 9:18 am

modern warware 2 : who’s got to the top of the building on highrise ?

dukeboy73 said:

June 5th, 9:19 am

i was joking ive played ps consoles my whole life to hell with xbox you are so gullible. haha.

crockiller7 said:

June 5th, 9:21 am

yo usaid ps3 sucks

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