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Jun 06

Jun 06

NGP is now PlayStation Vita, Starting at $249

Scott Steinberg's Avatar Posted by VP of Product Marketing

PlayStation Vita

Just moments ago during our 2011 E3 press conference we proudly unveiled an incredible 2011 software lineup and amazing new PS3 peripherals, and also shed new light on our highly anticipated handheld gaming device, officially named PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). “Vita,” which means “Life” in Latin, was chosen as the name for our next-generation portable entertainment system because it enables a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context.

By blurring the lines between interactive entertainment and reality, our goal was to design a device that offered a revolutionary combination of rich gaming capabilities and social connectivity, bringing users closer to each other and closer to their gaming experiences wherever they are. Connectivity was a key objective and our goal was to create experiences and content that would challenge the traditional notions of gaming. It was vital to make a device that was an extension of a user’s entertainment world, no matter where one would go.

PlayStation Vita

Successively launching in the global market for $249 starting the end of this year, PS Vita incorporates a beautiful 5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) as the front display and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear. Two analog sticks enable a wider range of game genres. Together with the front touch screen and the rear touch pad, PS Vita offers new gameplay, enabling entirely new experiences.


We know you’ve been closely following all of the news since we announced the product in January. With mobile connectivity playing a huge role in PS Vita’s interactive experience, we know many of you have been wondering what carrier will be helping us bring you closer to other users and closer to your gaming experiences on the go. Today, we proudly announced a partnership with AT&T, which powers the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network, who will serve as the exclusive service provider for PS Vita in the United States. By having both Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi models available, PS Vita will enable infinite possibilities for you to “encounter,” “connect,” “discover,” “share” and “play” with your friends wherever they are.

Ruin img0164

Ruin for PS Vita

The excitement doesn’t stop there. We believe that 2011 will be a defining year as we usher in a new era of portable gaming. With the official North American unveiling of PlayStation Vita also comes the introduction of an extensive line-up of software for the platform. PS Vita’s launch lineup is a force to be reckoned with, featuring exciting and attractive new titles from SCE Worldwide Studios, including UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet, and Ruin (working title), which utilize PS Vita’s groundbreaking technology to make unprecedented immersive, interactive and social game play available on-the-go. In addition, titles such as Little Deviants, Hot Shots Golf, Reality Fighter, Hustle Kings, ModNation Racers, Wipeout, Super Stardust Delta and a broad range of third-party game developers and publishers make use of PS Vita’s unique feature set. We can let all of you know that the biggest and best 1st and 3rd party gaming franchises will be coming to PS Vita.

Further enhancing your entertainment experience are new PS Vita features, such as “LiveArea,” an interactive space for each PS Vita software title that allows you to access the latest game information through PlayStation Network; “near,” a pre-installed application that lets you see what other PS Vita users in the vicinity are playing; “Party,” which lets you voice chat or text chat while playing games or using the Internet browser; and “Welcome Park,” a tutorial application designed specifically to guide you through PS Vita’s new user interface. For more information, be sure to visit http://us.playstation.com/ngp/.

2011 is sure to be an epic year for us here at PlayStation. We’re always looking for ways to create compelling experiences for all of you and we’re very excited to bring you unparalleled gaming experiences with PS Vita. Let us know your thoughts and looking forward to having you try out PS Vita for yourselves!

Read more about PlayStation at E3!

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Dusean17 said:

June 7th, 9:57 pm

I Don’t Even Know if anyone will read 501 comments to get to mine anyway

I Absolutely love PlayStation VITA ,Sony never give in you’ll be knocking the 3DS out in no time with that amazing prixce to tell the truth i wouldn’t have pre-ordered it for more but it’s just cause it don’t have the money thanks again.

And a little advice Sony please release the dual analog PS1 Titles like Digimon World 3 and keep it fair aswell no region locks and no forgetting about PSP cause I want them on my PlayStation VITA Thanx Sony this is why I LOVE U!!!


June 7th, 9:59 pm

Only AT&T? I know their network is faster for 3G, but its not the most reliable. I hate every phone company, they are all trash, but alienating us Verizon customers is stupid. You guys lost alot of customers, alot. No buy for me.

Devin93 said:

June 7th, 10:02 pm

i want to know more about the ui

Dessron said:

June 7th, 10:41 pm

I just pre-ordered this awesome piece of hardware. Can’t wait to get my hands on it in 6 months!!!

jayrabbit said:

June 7th, 10:58 pm

So sad 3g is not going to be coming from sprint, I moved away from at&t a year ago because of the bad service and billing, over to t-mobile and now I was looking for a new provider since t-mobile was going to be bought out by at&t… Anyway we can get a unlocked version?

Sasuraa1 said:

June 7th, 11:10 pm

I am going to make sure I pre-order it. The Playstation Vita is going to fly of the shelves, just watch!

Spacerac said:

June 7th, 11:11 pm

I’m sorry, but ya’ll gotta get rid of At&t. No one likes them, and most will opt for the $250 model to not have to deal with At&t. This is still a beast console.

HongoXIII said:

June 7th, 11:35 pm

Great game line up already? $249? Bound to see tons of support worldwide?

Day 1, Sony. Day 1.

zeejay22 said:

June 8th, 2:11 am

I need more details such as the important one:

How’s the battery life?

FerretSpy440 said:

June 8th, 3:42 am

Day 1 buy for sure.
Also, since you already have the Playstation Suite on the android market, why not get the android market onto the Vita? Seriously, that would create an instant library of hundreds of games, plus you would be able to grab those casual gamers.

Eh, I’m the 508th comment so I probably won’t be heard. If I was that would be pretty spacial lol.

DaxtertheAvatar said:

June 8th, 4:59 am

Wow! This is amazing what do you know a true mobile gaming powerhouse with at least 4x the processing power of the 3DS, and more powerful than the Ipad 2, and yet it only cost $250!!!!!!!!! I am definitley getting this when it comes out! I just hope it can hook up through USB 3.0 & maybe that new bi-directional transfer port by Intel called thunderbolt/lightpeak, because USB 2.0 is 11 years old now and it just isn’t fast enough when it comes to transferring huge sums of data and I never have transferred data at it’s full speed which is 480Mbits/sec BTW. Cameras I won’t be surprised if the front facing camera is low res like the 3DS is, but the rear-facing camera should be able to do at least 480p @ 30FPS, and take at least 3.2MegaPixel images I hope! It really is frustrating to decide whether or not I should get a Wi-Fi only model or the Wi-Fi+3G model…….

loao21 said:

June 8th, 5:57 am

buen presio y mejor calidad de juegos grasias sony

darwyndobrasil said:

June 8th, 6:55 am

My doubt is this, the vita will have 3G from At&t does that mean we are locked on to at&t? I ask because in my case i travel alot and at&t coverage ends right over the border, in some places they charge roaming in other there is no sign of life what so ever. So if i have to live in South america for 3 months and 3G is my only option am i out of luck with this device?????

PainOfSarrow said:

June 8th, 8:14 am

to much money, and when is the store going to be up ? i want my free games already. its ben wayy to long.

GilgameshVIII said:

June 8th, 8:28 am

Vita = Stupid name. Day 1 purchase 3G version.

Dante989 said:

June 8th, 8:30 am

AT&T’s 3G is pretty bad… I’m gonna be sticking with the Wi-Fi only model on this.

usedtoiletpaper said:

June 8th, 8:50 am

I wonder how long it takes to boot up, or how long the loading times will be, and how
long it is playable on a full charge.

elementsk8er13 said:

June 8th, 8:57 am

This is the greatest handheld ever. Can’t wait!

digitalman123 said:

June 8th, 9:07 am

Livin’ la [PS]Vita Awesome!

TheTwelve said:

June 8th, 9:12 am

Day 1….please make sure it comes out this year!


djnealb said:

June 8th, 9:44 am

When you announced the prices, I fully on board for getting the 3g+wi-fi version. Then you announced that it would be exclusive to AT&T only. I think it’s great that you listened to your consumers about what they wanted for the PSP’s succesor, but it also helps to do a little outside research before making a decision like that. There is a reason half the theatre BOOED at that announcement!. As for me, well, I guess you won’t be getting my extra $50.

mamiimam said:

June 8th, 10:02 am

i only got 2 questions in my mind for Vita

1- how responsive is front touch screen ? (man in touch screen market there is Apple and others sadly they are best in touch screens)

2- Why there is no details about Vita specs ? like ram ? or user interace ? hope coming days will reveal more

LAST thing this E3 is dissapointing for me maybe one of the worst E3 ever for big 3 but what important for me is Sony and it’s huge let down . Every E3 Sony reveal at least 1 exclusive game new IP ? in that perspective it’s huuuge dissapointment

They announce vita price which is awsome but vita presentation was … meh

in whole press show 2 things amazed me 1- UC3 2- vita price

hope in upcoming days sony make own show better than E3 less talk more video announcements more ex games ….

J70mega777 said:

June 8th, 11:19 am

I’ve always been proud to be part of the Sony Playstation family. Sine Psx through to PSOne on to PS2. I bought the original PSP and the PSPGO. I’am now a proud owner of a PS3 and LOVE IT TOO DEATH. So I’m definitely picking up PSVITA. I want 3G and don’t know why everyone disses At&t or is shocked they have the iphone and I don’t know what xperia is on. At&t is decent I’ve had every company except Verizon and At&t and T-Mobile are two that haven’t given me problems. Though I wish it was on T-mobile since that’s what my Droid is on, but who know if it doesn’t need a contract I’ll grab it through at&t. If not maybe by then I’ll need a new company anyways lol.

J70mega777 said:

June 8th, 11:48 am

I do agree it should be hooked up with Android market. Then eventually multiple companies. Though we are using mainly for gaming like things right? When you don’t have reception play your games and no use complaining. Sony probably as a good reason for choosing at&t such as money maybe the price would double through Verizon or Sprint or maybe it’s just temporary and the other companies wouldn’t partner with them. Maybe if the sales are high the other companies will jump on board and sell it remember if you want it on other companies YOUR BUY MAY INFLUENCE THAT. Sony may even make it transferrable when and if they go multi-service. Sony loves us and wants us to enjoy or experiences with them so instead of bashing them think outside the box this is a buisness. I know they care to because I don’t have to sell my organs on the black market to purchase there things like you do with some electronics nowadays especially when phone companies get involved lol

J70mega777 said:

June 8th, 12:03 pm

Besides can it call people?? Otherwise all you’d need is the 3G web right? No minutes or texts no reason for roaming especially if you can turn web off when you can’t use it. All I know is I back Sony and Playstation thoroughly and return their love and dedication with my support and love of being part of the family.

GRG89 said:

June 8th, 12:13 pm

So..is there a black and white version? Did Kaz it?

k1llabeastie said:

June 8th, 12:36 pm

Sony is awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

osmund_9514 said:

June 8th, 1:59 pm


GRG89 said:

June 8th, 2:04 pm

*Did Kaz mentioned it?* Black and white PSVita?

RychussNik said:

June 8th, 2:10 pm

it will come in white or black

dawack1 said:

June 8th, 2:43 pm

vita needs advanced remote play to kick wii u out of the water and honestly i thought psp 1000 was suppost to have that and whats up with att is that a one time price or what!??? thanx :)

DizerPro said:

June 8th, 4:29 pm

I Want 1 so many good things coming out this years and i dont know what to get!!!!

EseBones said:

June 8th, 4:45 pm

Sony just killed the 3DS with the pricing. i just preorderd my ngp anyone know wen its being released

superbowlnfl said:

June 8th, 4:47 pm

3DS, you’re seriously dead. Even though you’re 3D. Vita, with your price, you will be a HIT. Just like the PS2 was.

superbowlnfl said:

June 8th, 4:48 pm

Esebones, it’ll be released December 31 2011.

superbowlnfl said:

June 8th, 4:49 pm

Does anyone know where I can trade in a Wii which works great for a Vita pre-order?

EseBones said:

June 8th, 5:41 pm

that wat up fool try seling that wii on craigslist cuz gamestop wont realy give u that much for it though they giving $25 extra tarde in credit for wii it beter then nothing. but foreal try an find someone directly to sell it to first to get as much as u can for it

Crow_50 said:

June 8th, 6:24 pm

Lame very LAme will be $299.99 in Canada same price as my ps3. Wouldn’t pay more than $149 for something like this. Rip people off more and more Sony

notintoit said:

June 8th, 6:44 pm

Sony please answer.
1. Will At&t add a monthly fee to the 3g?
2. Can the 3g play games online anywhere anytime no wifi?
3. Whats the bandwidth for wifi? basically what cell phone hotspot can power it to play games online?
o and why not verizon being the only U.S. carrier of your playstation phone?

stewbrew said:

June 8th, 7:07 pm

Got to get it right away !!!!!!!!!

Gamer_Matt97 said:

June 8th, 7:24 pm

sony nxt yr is gonna be a killer profit for u guys this price is so low for me i promise i will buy it on the 1st day also thx u for the welcome back program i loved it but had some errors but still thx u in no time u will be restored 2 your former glory and let see if microsoft can top that hopefully u guys can find those hackers who responsible for the hack again thx u for the support and efforts u hav done

NosRider said:

June 8th, 8:44 pm

Why just 3G, something new like this should at lest have 4G.
Also, AT&T BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

mogakids said:

June 8th, 9:24 pm

Some one needs to tell me if you have to get a plan with AT&T to have the 3G capability, because they haven’t said so yet.

rasengan357 said:

June 8th, 10:14 pm

Are they going to make a deal where if you trade in your PSP and you get a huge discount of the PS Vita?

abtyler4 said:

June 9th, 1:03 am

Can’t wait to get it so happy

SovereignD said:

June 9th, 6:36 am

So AT&T, Really.. Well sucks to be you, this thing will be fighting bandwidth with apple now, remember your i-phone contracts. verizon with 4g would have been the better option. loving the $250 price tag, anyone remember when the first psp-1000s hit the streets… Now [DELETED] is with a 24in tv. come on… 32in is the bare min when you’re talking about having two people sit there and play the thing. And whats the big hush on the two player mode anyway, everyone knows how dual image shutter technology works. I need to know if I my 62in 240hz 1080p LCD is gonna work with your glasses, or are you gonna offer a 55in adult model, two sets of glasses, w/ Uncharted 3 $1999.99??? Total crash and burn on that one sony. Anyhow a shout out to cross game chat… WHAT UP? WHERE’S IT AT??? WHAT THE [DELETED]!!! There’s my [DELETED], The rest looks great, Loved the Uncharted 3 peek…

Lergrodan said:

June 9th, 7:48 am

Is it possible to connect the new Playstation headset to the Vita?
That would be awesome if it would be possible.

angel_gonzalez7 said:

June 9th, 7:54 am

no 3G for me

MR-Key-man said:

June 9th, 8:20 am

It looks really cool at a great price. My two problems with the psp is media go it does not work on the Mac and the system is not powerful, there should be multitasking and quicker performance. But it still looks awesome!!

TooL-666-Schism said:

June 9th, 9:06 am

I’m honestly confused as to who this is marketed too… I mean i’ve been an avid gamer my entire life stretching all the way back to the atari 2600 but i just CANT get into handheld games..

I have an original PSP that hasn’t been touched since the day I bought it. Only thing it ever seemed good for was watchin naughty flicks ;-)

I’d rather see more features brought to PSN like cross-game chat but whatever.

I will admit that it is a pretty cool piece of hardware, Hi-res touch screen with a touch pad on the back and dual cameras should make it an all around useful media device. Would definitely buy one of these way before i wasted a dime on that stupid Nintendo 3DS garbage.

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