E3 2011: It’s An Exciting Time to be a Member of the PlayStation Family

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E3 2011: It’s An Exciting Time to be a Member of the PlayStation Family

Over the years on the E3 stage, we’ve talked about the “PlayStation family” – our enthusiastic fans and loyal supporters around the world. This year, “PlayStation family” has taken on an increasingly important meaning. I personally want to thank each and every one of you for your patience during the recent PlayStation Network outage. We are extremely grateful for your passion and loyalty. The PlayStation community is stronger and more vibrant than ever and, as detailed a few minutes ago during the E3 press conference, we’re going to thank you for your loyalty with new gaming and entertainment experiences on PlayStation and PSN that will continue to affirm our leadership.

When we raised the curtain on our next-generation portable device this past January, we felt the waves of excitement that rippled throughout the industry. As Kazuo Hirai just announced onstage at E3, the official name of this revolutionary portable entertainment system is PlayStation Vita. PlayStation Vita with Wi-Fi will be available starting at $249. AT&T will be the exclusive U.S. wireless provider for PlayStation Vita, ensuring that you remain connected to content and your friends on the go. We also revealed a plethora of exciting new software titles, including Hot Shots Golf, Hustle Kings, LittleBigPlanet, Little Deviants, ModNation Racers, Reality Fighter, Ruin (working title) Sound Shapes, Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Stardust Delta, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, and Wipeout 2048. It’s a fantastic lineup…and that’s just the beginning. Take a look at the new PlayStation Vita.

The era of 3D has officially arrived and there are over 50 million PS3 units around the world that deliver the true 3D experience across games, movies and TV. Our 3D gaming portfolio is rapidly expanding with nearly 40 titles worldwide, including the upcoming UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception that promises to take 3D immersion to new heights. Today we also introduced a new PlayStation branded, high definition 24-inch 3D Display, which will be available later this year. The 3D Display comes with 3D glasses, an HDMI cable and the highly anticipated Resistance 3 game, to give you everything necessary to jump into the world of 3D, at a very affordable price. The monitor features advanced technology that allows two people playing a game to see individual, unique, full-screen images of gameplay rather than a split-screen image. We know PlayStation fans are always at the cutting-edge of innovation and we think you’ll love this immersive 3D experience that is optimized for gaming.

Last year, we introduced you to PlayStation Move and the reception was phenomenal. To date, we’ve sold 8.8 million units globally and there will be nearly 200 Move supported software titles available globally by the end of this year. And we keep adding to the experience. The Sharp Shooter attachment has been flying off of the shelves and has quickly become a must-have for anyone wanting to be placed into the thick of the battle playing one of our first-person shooters like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 or, later this year, Resistance 3. PlayStation will also continue to expand our Move software line-up for the casual gaming enthusiast, including our latest title for your next party at home with friends – Everybody Dance.

Our publishing partners really help set the PlayStation experience apart with amazing exclusive content only on PS3. For the army of fans of the popular first-person shooter Bioshock franchise, Ken Levine was onstage to announce that Bioshock Infinite will support PlayStation Move and that they are working on a Bioshock title for PlayStation Vita. We also unveiled exclusive content on a number of new games on PS3, including Battlefield 3, Dust, Need for Speed: The Run, Saint’s Row: The Third, and SSX: Deadly Descents.

The PlayStation brand has become synonymous with interactive entertainment and today we’re delighting more consumers across more platforms than ever before. Across hardware, software and PlayStation Network, our platform is stronger and more relevant than ever, delivering breakthrough experiences that consumers crave. There’s a lot to be excited about in 2011 and we look forward to sharing more news with you in the months ahead as valued members of our PlayStation family.

For those of you who were not able to join us at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena this evening, you can download the full presentation. Once again, thank you for your support.

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  • ====The things we have been asking and can’t wait for you SONY PlayStation to bring on this generation of consoles, not in the next generation====


    ====Regarding the Welcome Back Program====

    PLEASE FIX the COOP game play on DEAD NATION. As soon as one starts a COOP game, the Game Gets Disconnected.

    As of now it is looking like we got this game for free because it is broken. =(

    ====Regarding PSVita====

    We all are loving the price tag on it, but we are all hating on AT&T. Please, make 3G accessible over other 3G networks. Thanks.

  • Forget all the haters. Sony literally owned E3 this year.

  • Disappointed with the show. I’m glad you guys didn’t go the casual route, but outside of Team Ico collection and Uncharted 3, nothing interest me. I was expecting/hoping to see Agent, FFvsXIII, and The Last Guardian. You guys need to to give the non-shooter crowd something to look forward to.

  • AbruptedWotas

    3D and motion controllers won’t last, surprised wii lasted as long as it has, motion controllers and stuff like that is more of a novelty item

  • spartan8965

    Xxbox. Show the new modern warfare 3. Trailer and also demo

  • jose213jose

    Thanks Jack your the man, You were on top of the game, PS and sony is truly great video gaming company to have around. Hope to work for you guys one day. Peace Out Jack :)


  • I personally don’t think the PS3 is capable of much more coupled with simultaneous gaming. It only comes with 256 mb of ram.. although it’s high performance memory; it’s still a minuscule amount, which confounds me that they would only give it so much of a resource so abundant and accessible, and for what we were paying they could have easily included it.. a move like that only limits the game developer’s whom have openly voiced they’re frustrations about that, but Playstation could simply remedy the situation by releasing some form of hardware upgrade package.

    It could be just a simple flash plugin through the USB 2.0 port; and not only would it make the developers happy; but i think it would also allow for better content on the console itself. But I still feel a little let down by the lack of PS3 additions.. personally although the PSV looks amazing; I’m more of a console and controller type of individual, and I just think they could simply make more of an effort to cater to mine, as well as other similar individuals needs.

  • As I stated in #53 however I just think maybe they should find a way to at least include cross game chat; and to add to that I think they should upgrade the poor browser for the PS3.. I’m sure you could license Chrome from Google, and that the Playstation could run it without much difficulty.

  • Street_Killaz

    U guys killed it!!!Ps3 games that are coming out mind blowing they all look sick, even the 2k nba but with move looks fun, And Vita Looks sick!!

    Playstation for Life!!

  • AbruptedWotas

    Having using cross-game chat on 360 for soooo long, when my friends and i switch to ps3 for some playing games 360 don’t have IT IS SUCH A PAIN. it is like taking a step down man…WE NEED CROSS GAME CHAT It would be nice to have not only games but to have DURING ALL YOUR HORRIBLY SLOW GAME UPDATES!!!

  • Anyone see the arrested some fool involved with the PSN 4/20 hacking. F U hackers

  • AbruptedWotas


    Can we do that, get a chrome browser. I am gunna see..crossing fingers…can anyone even get facebook to work fully using ps3 browser

  • motocrossracer93



  • x1STP_KLOSRx

    Wowowowo1, why should those who support Cross Game Chat shut up? It’s a legit request and Sony has kept their mouth shut on it for a while now. It’s the most requested feature and it’s the feature that is holding the PlayStation 3 from being great. As it stands, why should anyone choose the PlayStation Network over XBOX Live? Yes, XBOX Live costs, but it also provides us with the ability to avoid talking to other players who do nothing but scream into the microphone. And even if those people are not screaming, the PlayStation Bluetooth Headset is awful in terms of blocking out background noise. I swear that it picks up anything, including a pin drop. I’ve tried using high end Bluetooth headsets with the PlayStation 3 and that actually made it worse. The noise cancelling was non-existent. With those things in mind, cross game chat should have happened a long time ago. Whether you want it or not is irrelevant. You don’t have to use it nor should you. If you think it will ruin teamwork, oh well. I won’t talk to randoms anyways as I sit on XBOX Live talking to my friends while on PlayStation. I should not have to do this in order to avoid listening to others.

  • AbruptedWotas


    Do they have a suspect in custody for the hacking?

  • love the new background yall have applied to the playstation blog

  • Great Jack Keep it Coming!!!! Viva the Vita!!!

  • ADD ME :)

  • idrivefast235

    holy crap 5 people arrested in the uk from anon.. lmao i love it!!!

  • footballrule

    Playstation forever! :D

  • Lulzsec havent been hacked or arrested… It was unconfirmed and now according to this, untrue. Lame, Fuck the hackers, i hope they all get cancer.

  • TheGuardianFID

    Way to go Jack, nice tie lol, well played Sony well played, I’m sold!!! 8)

  • wow E3 didn’t work on HOME epic fail Sony!

  • I must say I was not convinced by the NGP at first, but E3 coverage of the now PS Vita, and it seems that it’ll get the support from current developers/publishers, Vita has become a day one purchase for me. So far the line up looks solid, Uncharted, LBP, Modnation, SF X Tekken (with Cole’s bad @ssness); and a new Bioshock; theres no way in hell I’m passing up on those titles.

    Like everyone else mentioned I was slightly disapointed that the conference didn’t mention some of PS3 RPG’s like WKC2, Tales series, NiS, new Demon Soul’s, FF Versus, etc

    I missed Kevin Butler too…

  • davionwalker22

    sony owend e3 nice job sony

  • My favorite parts were when Jack said the conference was streaming in PS Home (it wasn’t), when they spent 10 minutes on a multi-platform sports game which will sell better on the 360 anyway, and when Sony threw hats made of money at Ken Levine to get Move support for Bioshock. :D

  • I personally don’t want all these damn social features that are built into games nowadays. Cross game chat , frickin faceytweet and tweety book.

    All of these extra features usurp resources that could have been used to make a better single player experience.

    If you want to socialize, go play the freaking Sims or throw a party. (sorry if that sounded a little antisocial).

  • cross chat for psVita but not for PS3,are you kidding me Sony?

  • x1STP_KLOSRx

    JEC, so it was Cross Game Chat that I saw on the Vita. My friend and I were watching the conference while talking on XBOX Live (How ironic…) and we both nearly lost our minds as to how this could be happening.

  • Some of you guys for get the fact the sprint and verizon and other phone companies are on contract . If you look at the service of at&t it owned by 97% of the united states population it has more customers and can reach more places with no cost to you free g3 services..

    Go look at the other services charges its cost money these things are coming to you for free. . for free. wats to complain about you dont have to have at&t acccount to use the services. I have a t&t phone n my phone billis 21$ a month . and its not pre paid either i also get 3G .

    also anything ps vista can do the ps3 can do . they can merg .Nothing to complain about..

  • Katsumottojp

    some complains:

    1 – Where are the RPGS?????, thats a must have for sony…, last year wasnt so good for rpgs on sony conference, this year either……, that was a huge fail

    2 – Wheres cross game chat for ps3???

    3 – Wheres Kevin?????

  • Also jack tritton looked mighty sharp/ i also like rey G suit and jeff suit as well..But i do think kaz jaccket and soft blue shirt is hi class and great taste. The guy can dress

  • 123@ the ps4 dont need cross game chat thits huge rumor of cross game video chat coming out. Yes chat on video while playing.. nothing to complain about. man

    ruins was a rpg for ps vista,, also kevin butler could not make it this yr it had nothing to do with sony.I think there presentation time was cut short.

  • lisatsunami

    1) What the h*ll happened with the promised presentation in Home? I was sitting with a virtual room full of virtual idiots waiting for the conference. Luckily, I have a second tv right next to my gaming tv so I could follow on G4 but I hated the annoying crawls at screen bottom so I finally switched to the blog streaming. Very annoying bait and switch.

    2) How could you have missed the tremendous PR boost that Kevin Butler would have brought? The crowd was restless and not that favorable from what I could tell. KB would have electrified the crowd, like he did last year.

    3) OK, I’m getting the Vita. You sold me. So glad I didn’t get the 3DS yet, just so I could play Zelda Ocarina. The cloud storage enabling transferring of game data between the PS3 and Vita?!!! That was the most freaking awesome part and MUST be enabled for all games!!

    4) The small 3D tv bundle coming this fall? Just for playing U3 in 3D is the final sell point for me and 3D tv. It shows just a little bit what a giant entertainment source Sony is and that they’re in for the long haul.

    Thanks, Jack!

  • 250$ for cutting edge technology, more features than you could shake a stick at, and a powerful quad core processor?

    Count me in !!!!

    On the ps3 side there were some great looking games, but where are the RPG’s/Strategy games ?Dark Cloud 3 must get made, it is an imperative I say, a destiny waiting to be fulfilled ! (Also, an Azure Dreams sequel please Konami, and an single player uncharted waters please Koei.)

  • spartan8965

    this holidays im thinking of buying a psvita or a ps3 what do u think i should buy

  • You did excellent Jack! I enjoyed the show! I really wish I didn’t have to fight through this mess to get that across to you. Ya’ll did very well. Hopefully some day I’ll be working for you developing games. Look to the future and pursue the future. We only look to past to learn from our mistakes, not dwell on them. Your consumers, gamers and loyalists know responsibility lies on the heads of the hackers that we hope somehow slip-up and get caught but you just keep on doing what you’re doing and keep the games rollin along. I’m sure you meant what you said when you mentioned you’d say nothing because “you love your job too much.”

  • @spartan8965
    Seeing as how the Vita is just getting PS3 ports, I’d say get a PS3 to have the real versions of games.

  • Sony, dont ruin yourselfs by pairing up with at&t, there one hell of a clowny company

  • did they mention if the Vita plays psp games?

  • Excellent show. Jack Tretton is easily the best public speaker employed at any of the major publishing companies. I knew he was good, but I never knew he was THAT good. He handled all of that with poise and professionalism, and he was still funny. None of the jokes fell flat.

    And I barely need to say anything about the content. The pricing on the Vita is perfect (even if the name is not) and the lineup of PS3 games is the best of any platform on the market. Sony’s still on top.

  • lebron james

  • The Vita looks amazing and at a reasonable price too! I just wish that they showed more for the PS3 besides the awesome lineup of games coming soon. I feel they sort off skimmed through the PS3 and made the show mostly about the Vita. Hopefully some features that the Vita has will make its way to the PS3.

  • Whoever asked, yes. The FBI has a “suspect” in custody. Big score for the good guys and another self richious idiot off his nerd box.
    – Cross game chat? Do not know what it is and do not care. Sony, let’s focus on gaming. If people want to be social go out or check out a chat room. Please do not waste your resources on gaming chat BS. I prefer gaming vs. listening to someone berating heavy as if gaming is some sort of physical activity. Here’s an idea, go outside and meet people. Maybe Sony can spend some time designing sunglasses for the socially inept.
    -3D TV? not sold, I like the bundle idea, just not 3D gaming. Gamers look sad enough with bulky headphones and other crap. Some square glasses won’t help. And who wants to deal with having to recharge another device. Give me a pattle w/ a 14′ cable and I’ll be stoked to trip my room mate up. Just put a break in the cord like xbox did.
    -portable gaming? Waste of money and not excited to see another device in everybody’s hands. Remember when people used to say hi in passing as we enjoyed the outdoors, or any other place we congregate. It’s ok to unplug. Real people exist and are friendly.
    -I did stream E3. You must be stupid if you could not figure that one out.

  • srry, i meant kobe bryant

  • JohnCarpenterFan

    Store Q, What happened to MA 2? I was gonna buy it on Friday yet it’s gone. :(

  • Why didn’t you start out with Vita ? You have new hardware and you don’t start the press conference with this ? Also, Vita is a bad name, in my opinion. Definitely some interesting innovations with Vita though. I agree with others in feeling AT&T was a bad choice of carriers. It is the reason I never got an iPhone when they first came out and their coverage issues was always the main complaint I heard from people who had it. Some exciting games for the system.

  • WilliamFuchs420

    I want specs on the vita ie internal storage how games are gona be released I know a propritary memory card and dling but to wat is it gona have a big hdd onboard flash or are we gona have to buy empty memory cards fir dl purposes

    Oh and sony can u release an offical external hdd for the ps3 im getin close to fillin my 250gb up since I store all my psp games on it and dl alot of psn games

  • WilliamFuchs420

    Maybe an offical usb drive that u can run games off of I hate having ti transfer these big files takes forever when I have to do it on my pspgo

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