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Jun 06

Jun 06

Introducing DUST 514, a Persistent Shooter from CCP

James Egan's Avatar Posted by DUST 514 Community Manager, CCP

Hi everyone! I’m the Community Manager for DUST 514, an upcoming title from CCP. This is the first time you’ll have seen DUST 514 highlighted on the PlayStation.Blog and we’re happy that we can reveal more about our game to you.

DUST 514 is a very different type of game. Yes, many people say this about their respective game titles — everyone thinks their baby is special, right? We really mean it though.

When playing your FPS title of choice, have you ever wished that there was something more to it beyond your rank, weapon unlocks, your kill/death ratio and leaderboard prominence? Those things are all great – but what if those matches you fought in actually meant something? What if your successes and failures against your opponents impacted the course of events in a vast setting, potentially changed a virtual world and the gameplay experience of thousands of other players? More than that, what if that impact was felt across two separate games – one on PS3 and one on PC/Mac – that share the same sci-fi universe?

DUST 514 is that game.

DUST 514 for PS3

The Persistent Shooter Concept

Some may know CCP as the creator of EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO with an open galactic setting. It’s a game perhaps best known for its sweeping fleet battles involving thousands of players, its dynamic player-driven economy, and for having (and allowing!) espionage and spycraft. We think of EVE as the ultimate sci-fi simulation, and that’s where DUST 514 comes in. It’s a whole new way of experiencing the EVE universe through what we call a “persistent shooter”.

“Persistence” is the key word here. The world of DUST 514 doesn’t spawn when you fire up your PlayStation 3 — it’s always there and always being experienced and influenced by other players in the EVE universe. When you take part in events in the EVE universe through combat in DUST 514, you’re taking part in something greater than your own individual experience of that world.

Your Battles Have Impact

Your actions have significance. We think that’s a compelling approach to a game, and something that’s currently lacking in the industry. But impact on what? The EVE universe is made up of thousands of solar systems, each with a number of planets within those systems. Those same planets seen in EVE Online, where the MMO players create various planetary structures and colonies, are the potential battlegrounds of DUST 514.

Your fights impact the entire EVE setting, comprised of both DUST 514 mercenaries and EVE Online starship pilots, known as “capsuleers“. When you capture or destroy planetary structures, you are asserting dominance over regions of that planet – perhaps eventually the planet itself. As you profit while wiping out your opposition in DUST 514, the outcomes of these conflicts can affect territorial control of vast regions of space in EVE Online, something of great importance to EVE’s starship pilots.

But making allies of some capsuleers makes rivals of others… and that’s where things get even more interesting. (Can you say, “orbital strike“?) Players of both games will have ways of influencing each other, and actions will ripple between DUST 514 and EVE Online.

Part of what makes EVE Online uncommon among MMOs is that the open setting allows for emergent gameplay. Large-scale fleet warfare is fought among the stars in complex military campaigns that can span months, while spies can infiltrate corps and funnel sensitive intel to the opposition. Industrialists plot and topple rivals on the financial markets rather than through violence; skilled corps of hired guns settle disputes through… aggressive negotiations. This is just a fraction of what players accomplish in the EVE setting, which DUST 514 mercenaries will find their own unique ways to engage in. The possibilities are all there to become a part of this, but what happens is up to you.

Of course, either game can exist on its own without the EVE-DUST Link, but both sides benefit from it greatly when the players of each respective game choose to use the connections for all they’re worth.
DUST 514 for PS3

A Single Community That Spans DUST 514 and EVE Online

Ah, an aspect of DUST 514 that’s near and dear to my heart. Those friends and enemies you make between the games leads to a great deal of player community interaction. CCP provides the setting with the EVE universe but ultimately it’s you, the players, who really breathe life into it. And people have certainly done so already, long before DUST 514 was even a twinkle in our eye.

EVE Online has history spanning more than eight years, with a vibrant and (usually) mature community linked together through EVE Gate, a social network for EVE players that is tied in with their characters. EVE Online players use it to communicate with their friends and enemies alike, and interact with their corporation even when not playing the game. We will open EVE Gate up to DUST 514 players as well. Opportunities will always be there for those who want to be part of the social fabric of this linked community, the wider EVE setting.

There are definitely challenges ahead, with a unified console and PC gamer community each influencing a shared setting through their respective types of gameplay. Rivalries, alliances and, dare I say, even some drama. Interesting times.

The Virtual Goods Economy

A strength of EVE Online is the depth of its economy. We are taking a similar approach to DUST 514, though we will do so carefully, with a slow integration of economic activity between both titles. (Fun fact: CCP employs two economists to oversee the EVE universe’s virtual economy, one for EVE Online and another focused on DUST 514.)

Virtual goods will be a major part of the in-game economy, and our business model for DUST 514 is built upon digital distribution and virtual goods transactions rather than following the traditional boxed games model. In fact, that’s another key thing that led us to abandon the FPS label in the first place — as a persistent shooter, our approach to creating and operating DUST 514 is more like an MMO. We will continually develop and improve upon DUST 514, but that won’t be funded by going the ‘map pack sales’ route. DUST 514 will have free expansions, and that development will be funded through virtual goods sales. Plus, everyone likes having customization options, right?

The virtual goods themselves will provide all manner of weaponry and defensive technology, vehicles, and more. This perpetual arms race will provide DUST players with variety in their gameplay and an array of virtual goods that supports a chosen playstyle.

“Would you like to know more?”

We are just now beginning to pull back the curtain and reveal more about DUST 514. So this is an important time for CCP, and we’re very much looking forward to bringing you something that’s quite unique in the gaming world. If you’d like to hear more about DUST 514, be sure to check the following for more info over the coming months:

Official website: www.dust514.com

Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/dust514

Twitter: @dust514 (hashtag is #dust514)

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ccpgames

And if you’re a true masochist, you can follow me on Twitter: @ccp_shadow

Now, do you have questions for me about DUST 514? If so, I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can in the comments below.

Read more about PlayStation at E3!

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Gothicdoom said:

June 6th, 9:15 pm

Both by brother and I are very excited. he told me about Dust 514 a while ago, a year ago I think, and he has had me pumped since. He has been an EVE Pilot for a while now and he has brought me into the game and I can’t wait to be contracted by his corp. Thanks for giving us Dust.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 9:39 pm

    You’re welcome. :)

NYPUNK88 said:

June 6th, 9:21 pm

I’m definitely intrigued. What, wait….Mac support? Sold! : )

Lovecraftian_ said:

June 6th, 9:22 pm

Looks great, though I’d like more info on how the battles will play out. Will certain Corps have a better equipped army since they can dump more ISK into it then others? Balancing the numbers would be easy enough on a map, but gets a bit tricky as far as player/team levels and equipment go.


June 6th, 9:29 pm

Well Sekoku I don’t have any stake to claim in EVE universe either but COD and Battlefield is boring to me it’s the same thing over and over. Maybe this game was not meant to be marketed to COD or Battlefield gamers. Personally this sounds more like MAG territory. So I guess we wont see you in game not to be rude or anything!

swordfishkatana said:

June 6th, 9:29 pm

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45mlVuLs_Nw this is the future of eve and dust as far as we believe

GAM3R_16 said:

June 6th, 9:31 pm

Whoa this game looks amazing! I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one for sure!

AmericanAce said:

June 6th, 9:31 pm

Call of duty fans: STAY AWAY. PLEASE.

Arcturon said:

June 6th, 9:32 pm

Will the war barge concept still make it into DUST 514? I remember CCP saying that it will appear in the same space an EVE ships and can engage in combat with them.

TwoPerfect said:

June 6th, 9:36 pm

I’ve never played EVE but this looks promising. Great concept! Definitely a fresh take on FPS. Deliver the promise guys! :D

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 9:52 pm

    We will. Glad you like what we’re doing with DUST 514. And there’ll be plenty more info on the way in the coming months.

Etero_Narciss said:

June 6th, 9:43 pm

It is precisely because Dust 514 offers such a massive persistent world to console gamers that makes it so compelling (to me at least).

In the end, I’d just like to conquer planets for my Dust corp (or at least like, half of one).

On an unrelated note…

When are we getting the details for the vehicles!? They’re one of the most important things to know about this game to me! Other than the finer details of course.

Beltyra said:

June 6th, 9:43 pm

So, after reading all the comments I dont think I saw my question…

Those of us that are current capsuliers in EVE now, we ARE NOT going to be the “mercs”? My character in EVE and all his money and skills etc is not the same guy nor cannot be the same guy on the ground? Those of us that will want to play both will have to treat it like an alt or something? I log into one and send items/isk to the other or whatever?

If this is true, it makes me really sad that my character wont be the one fighting on the ground, as I have become quite attached to…well…me.

Karsghul said:

June 6th, 9:45 pm

Interesting stuff. Thanks for the info.

swordfishkatana said:

June 6th, 9:46 pm

+ James Egan on June 6th, 2011 at 9:27 pm said:

“P.S. CCP Shadow do I get my Nyx now?”




Lol atleast I got a response,

Love you too Shadow


Lemondish said:

June 6th, 9:57 pm

“Can you clarify please? DUST 514 is part of the EVE universe, the same setting will be shared by EVE Online and DUST 514. EVE Online for space battles, and DUST 514 for shooting people in the face.”

Very well put!

I can’t wait to get some hands on time with this. I have always been extremely interested in Eve Online, but nearly every video I see (including the one on the front page of eveonline.com) just makes it look extremely daunting. I like a challenge, but sometimes the learning curve just seems too high for me. Eventually I’ll find the time and energy to really delve into the trial in the interest of fairness, but it seems nearly hopeless.

This, however, is much easier to get my head around. Shooting people in the face is about 75% of what I do on any given game night, so I’ll feel right at home. I just need to make sure I get in on the action early so I don’t feel like there’s a veritable TOME of learning before I can do all the cool stuff.

Nergil said:

June 6th, 10:03 pm

Really? No monthly fee? That just sold me and I almost looked right past this game. The ripple effect between the two games sounds very very cool.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 10:07 pm


    And yes, the ability to influence the setting is what makes this game unique.

Nergil said:

June 6th, 10:10 pm

In that case, I will buy your dlc or “virtual goods” and support you as much as possible…more companies should learn that generosity pays.

Necrodrox said:

June 6th, 10:11 pm

Will the game at some point in time be released for the PC? I know it was announced a PS3 exclusive but I love FPS and prefer mine on the PC or will i have to relearn using a controller for shooters?

Arcturon said:

June 6th, 10:17 pm

So will there be racial equipment? like each race has itsw own weapons and vehicles with different stats? I haven’t really senn any different looking vehicles in the video.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 12:46 am

    In short, yes. :)

Nergil said:

June 6th, 10:17 pm

Not to be an ass or anything but if it was going to be released later on the PC do you really think he would tell you right now on this blog when it’s being billed as a PS3 exclusive?

Da_xavier said:

June 6th, 10:19 pm

Good to hear james and thank you for answering my question. Corps(or clans) in online play is always a big selling point for people who are into competitive gaming. I cant wait to see more on Dust and if there is a beta hopefully Test it. Game looks amazing and the Depth you talk about in clan tools i cant wait to see. Ive played socom since it dropped and it has always been one of the best Clan option rich games out there. If you guys bring the heat like you did in this trailer i think im gonna have a new favorite game :P)

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 12:31 am

    Hope we’ll see you soon then!

en4cer291 said:

June 6th, 10:20 pm

Heya CCP Shadow!

So, the big key is getting Incarna up and running, bugs worked out, then linking in Dust 514 beta eh?

I’ve been playing on Duality for a bit, like the new features and just want to say as an avid player, can’t wait man. EVE is forever! just as promised.

Hat’s off to the dev team, keep up the good work!

Aliosis II – Dead On Arrival Alliance (Eve-Online) ;)

P.S. for those who don’t play EVE signup, or msg me, I’ll send you an invite! ;)

ChronoJoe said:

June 6th, 10:23 pm

This game is primarily PVP? Just wondering cause in the demo you showed it looked like you were killing AI.

Also, what size in regards to playercount, are you targeting for battles? is it like for instance MAG where 256 players are loaded onto a map, or much larger in scale?

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 10:30 pm

    Yes, the game driven by conflict between players. And that conflict spans two games — DUST 514 on console, EVE Online on PC/Mac.

leukoplast said:

June 6th, 10:24 pm

Going to be honest here, I never heard of EVE and have absolutely no idea what that game is about or how it is even played. But I will say this, I am keeping my eye on Dust514 even though the whole description of this game makes no sense to me whatsoever. Very intriguing but I cannot possibly imagine how it is going to be played or what the gameplay will be like.

But hey, I do understand one thing, that this game is a futuristic FPS that is going to do something that no other console FPS has done before (to my knowledge). That is enough to get me interested! Not to mention that this is a PS3 exclusive, which is another solid reason to buy it. I guess those on XBL are missing out because M$ wants to keep their borders closed when it comes to cross-platform play. To bad for them. Their loss, our monumental gain, +1 to Sony being open-minded with their network.

dsi24 said:

June 6th, 10:32 pm

James if you’re still answering questions… Why did you decide to go the route of having microtransactions? They are widely known to ruin otherwise good games in the FPS community, and many people are expecting DUST to be yet another one of ‘those’ games. (Including myself sadly, it smells very Pay 2 Win right now)

Reading the devblog that contains information about this I notice “Certain items are only available through ISK transactions, while others are only available through AUR.” You should realize that this sounds a LOT like other Pay 2 Win systems in place, where the cheaper players have a hard time and the richer players have a very easy time by comparison. “These are then traded freely on a player-driven secondary marketplace”, this sounds very good, but why will people sell their 100,000,000 AUR item on the market? FPS players get attached to their favorite weapons, and unless you’re going to be streaming in new items (or re-balancing old ones) daily I don’t see how the secondary market will succeed in balancing out the game.

Maybe I’m wrong and a microtransaction system will somehow beat out the tried and true monthly payment system for MMOFPSes, (well, all one of them…) but who knows.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 2:03 am

    Subs are certainly a tried and true way of funding an MMO, and we’re well aware of the arguments for and against monthly subs. Virtual goods sales fit our goals much better with DUST 514, and there is no “I win” button to be had.

    The dev blog you read from CCP Praetorian today at the official DUST 514 website really only touches upon the system in the broadest of ways. This will all become clearer once we can reveal more about the marketplace, but that’s something for our resident economist (mentioned in the dev blog) to better explain than I am able to. He will be doing so in dev blogs in the coming months.

Necrodrox said:

June 6th, 10:33 pm

Maybe but in the past many games were exclusive to one platform only to be released on others. Also the release is about a year away things can change like community outrage or not enough hype for the game to justify a single platform release. I think by putting it on another platform it will cause headaches and problems for eve online players without an outlet for them to use. It’s hard enough for corporations in eve to find ways to make money, now they have to talk with PS3 players to protect a planet they own or have a factory on. Unless the only thing Eve players will do is orbital strikes to piss off the PS3 players.

snowboardin13 said:

June 6th, 10:43 pm

@ comment #4, you say it looks like a crysis, cod, battlefield mix. Really? this game looks like nothing I have ever seen before, I dont think the developers would be very happy if people just started calling it a mix of a few current games. By the way, game looks mean

aiefo said:

June 6th, 10:44 pm

i take it there will be no story mode??
if not is there going to atleast be a bots mode or something to keep us entertained should psn have troubles in the future??

xjumpman23 said:

June 6th, 10:46 pm

I’m already sold on the concept of the game, but am a bit skeptical of the gunplay mechanics.

Will the game be a twitch shooter like COD, and players die pretty quickly, or will players be able to strafe and dodge gun fire when engaged in a firefight?

dsi24 said:

June 6th, 10:48 pm

@snowboardin13 (Comment #110)
It mostly reminds me of Planetside with a heaping of grimdark piled on, that isn’t exactly a bad thing.

@aiefo (Comment #111)
I think the idea is that you’re writing the story ;p
I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a “Training Mode” or something for offline though.

MeMpHiS--KiLLj0Y said:

June 6th, 10:48 pm

looks like a more futuristic mag game but instead of individual games everyone is in the same game in the universe fighting to gain terroritories

leptoonERs said:

June 6th, 10:52 pm

I’m saddened my the sarcastic response to my inquiries. I’m a loyal, long time subscriber of EVE-Online and I would have appreciated a more thorough response.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:12 pm

    Hey leptoonERs, my response “PlayStation Plus = friends with benefits?”, while an off-the-cuff reply, is about as much as I’m allowed to even hint at right now. I can’t comment directly on the business development aspects of DUST 514 on PSN — incentive programs, pricing, and such. I’m the DUST 514 Community Manager so it’s not something I can really speak to.

    As to another question you asked earlier, I believe I’d already stated in the comments here that CCP would like for EVE Online players to be an integral part of the DUST 514 beta testers selected, but we’re not at the point yet where we can start taking beta signups.

aiefo said:

June 6th, 10:59 pm

@leptooners guy i went back and read your thingy…its a full game from what i see a full download from the store would be massive and dosn’t seem reasonable everything else seems to be directly answered in other replies…im much to lazy to copy paste everything lol

KGH said:

June 6th, 11:00 pm

cannot wait to hear a release date!

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:02 pm

    Summer 2012 but I can’t get any more precise than that, at this point.

z3r0grav66 said:

June 6th, 11:03 pm

“Use skill points earned as you play (and even when you’re offline) to train skills that improve your battlefield effectiveness”

Does this mean that the way you develop your character in Dust, as in skills, will be the same way as in Eve? By that I mean will you have to put skills in a queue time to develop them in actual time.

Etero_Narciss said:

June 6th, 11:11 pm

To expand on z3r0grav66’s question, does that mean that an active player can train said skills faster? Because if so I think it’s a pretty ingenious way to get people to play while not punishing them for being offline.

leptoonERs said:

June 6th, 11:11 pm

@aiefo, there are many full games available for download on the PSN, including games that are over 10 gigs.

Mcgnnis said:

June 6th, 11:14 pm

so If i am playing Eve on my PC?..can I actually land on a planet if I have a Ps3 and a copy of Dust 514? and participate in a battle?

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:30 pm

    Mcgnnis, you won’t be able to – as an EVE Online player – fly from space down to a planet’s surface and start fighting. EVE Online players are called capsuleers – in lore terms, immortal through cloning technology, but very much individuals who maintain that immortality through the technologies inherent to their starships. DUST mercs are different from EVE capsuleers. So, you cannot be the same character in DUST 514 that you are in EVE.

VassagoOo said:

June 6th, 11:19 pm

This game look amazing i think i will start looking for eve, im more shooter one, but to start to know the universe will be a good thing till we wait to that amazing games to come out. I got 1 question : can we know how much time you guys work on this or you have the idea to make this incredible idea ? Keep up the good work im already sign in :)

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:35 pm

    VassagoOo, this was well before my time but I believe the project first took root back in 2007, around when the CCP Shanghai studio was established. That’s when we were only a handful of people here in Shanghai.

Melvins1 said:

June 6th, 11:19 pm

A beta would be welcome.

Cable201 said:

June 6th, 11:27 pm

I must admit, I am very impressed with the depth of this concept. I have heard of Eve Online, but before reading this I had no idea . . . If CCP is capable of pulling this off, and from the comments of avid Eve players they most definitely are, then I will certainly will be signing up.

There have been a couple of games lately (ie. MAG, The Agency) that made big promises about a persistent universe where battles had tangible ramifications in the games space. These projects lacked the history and socio-economic infrastructure that would have really given the universe scope and the battles compelling magnitude. A shooter alone is one dimensional, it isn’t complex enough to truly deliver on the concept. The integration of Dust 514 with the existing Eve Online mythos should help to generate that missing significance in the mind of the player. I’m sold . . . Now to catch up on some background history. I’ve apparently got a lot of research to do if I’m going to ready to enter the Eve universe when Dust drops next year.

Thanks for keeping things interesting CCP.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:42 pm

    Hey Cable201. I enjoyed reading this.

    I’d like to point you in the direction of a few things.

    The EVE Online Blog Pack is a player-run listing of some of the most active blogs about EVE. It was started by David Perry, known to many as blogger, podcaster, and EVE player “CrazyKinux”. Here’s where to see what people who play the game are saying about it — http://www.crazykinux.com/2008/06/eve-online-blog-pack.html

    If you’re on Twitter, you can check out the “Tweetfleet”, hashtag #tweetfleet. There’s always a pretty good amount of activity happening with them.

    As to that EVE mythos you mentioned, here’s the EVE Chronicles, which are short works of fiction that flesh out the setting that DUST 514 mercs will soon be a part of. http://www.eveonline.com/background/potw/

    I hope this helps!

    — Shadow


June 6th, 11:29 pm

@VassagoOo From what I know they have been working on this game since 09 they could’ve been working on the concept well before that!

@Melvins1 They said there will be a beta before the year is out!

@ James Egen I thought the release was for spring 2012

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:48 pm


    From the press release that went out in tandem with the reveals today:

    “Reykjavik, Iceland and LOS ANGELES, CALIF., JUNE 6, 2011 – CCP and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced an agreement to bring the groundbreaking persistent shooter DUST 514® exclusively to PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system in Summer 2012. DUST 514 is the first console game to link players in real time with a multiplayer universe on the PC, CCP’s award winning sci-fi MMO EVE Online.”

Ethereal said:

June 6th, 11:29 pm

Love EVE online and hearing about this project was music to my ears last year. Now a PS3 exclusive? Love it! Great work guys and I am looking forward to seeing more!

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:50 pm

    Very glad to hear this.

Basindo said:

June 6th, 11:35 pm

I’m really confused…are you saying it’s totally possible for Dust players, to, for example, wipeout all the planets? I know there is social connectivity and stuff between both games and platforms which is freaking awesome but I don’t get/understand how that would work in terms of balance and actual gameplay. I mean is it like the Dust players fight and if they win a couple hundred matches the planet gets destroyed or something? I understand the concept of connectivity with both games, but when you say the actions of Dust players affect the worlds of EVE what exactly does that mean…or to what extent?

Also, why is it called Dust 514? Hope I’m not trying to sound mean here, it’s just that I have no idea what the title means and, more specifically, what the number stands for. I doubt there were 513 games before this haha

Thanks, and interesting game, especially with added move support.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 6th, 11:59 pm

    Basindo, the goal isn’t to destroy the planets themselves, but to lay claim to them by whatever means necessary. That can benefit you and your fellow DUST 514 mercs, working together as a corp. Or, it can benefit your EVE capsuleer allies as well. Territorial control in the EVE universe is major aspect of the persistent world.

    Also the significance of the name “DUST 514” is something which has been theorized about quite a bit…

FonFahbre said:

June 6th, 11:45 pm

The game looks incredible. Thank you for bringing it to the PS3! : )


June 6th, 11:52 pm

@ James Egen Thanks on that info


June 6th, 11:56 pm

The REGIS can’t stop watching the trailer my anticipation for this game is killing me! Need more info I’m going to start my research now must read up on everything. Why did CCP do this to The REGIS!!

Etero_Narciss said:

June 7th, 12:09 am

I agree with The Regis and share his frustrations. I demand immediate compensation in the form of a guaranteed access into the beta.


Cable201 said:

June 7th, 12:19 am

Thanks for the info, Shadow. Your attention to the questions and concerns expressed by the readers and fans is certainly appreciated. With so many publishers pushing profits at the cost of product quality, it’s great to find a proven Dev with a strong IP that is deserving of the support. The positive comments from Eve players even further my interest in following up on Dust 514 and the Eve Universe as a whole.

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 12:30 am

    You’re welcome!

PsychoZ2k said:

June 7th, 12:20 am

I’ve been an EVE capsuleer for over a year now and have found a happy home in the online universe. My question is geared toward the interaction between the two games.

What is to stop a fleet of dreads sieging a planet and wiping out everything they don’t like? How do you plan to balance the power of the spaceships above and the mercenaries on the ground. The E3 demo showed a planetary building firing out into a fleet in space, and the trailer you released a while back showed a eve ship firing down at a planet, is this something that will be synchronized real-time?

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 12:30 am

    PsychoZ2k, I wish I could really elaborate on these game mechanics but things of this magnitude will be explained in the future dev blogs seen on http://www.DUST514.com in the coming months, by the people involved with designing the game.

    Also I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying EVE. It’s been a bit over four years for me since I first started playing. Haven’t looked back since.

ZeroCyx said:

June 7th, 12:48 am

Hey, do we need Playstation MOVE to play Dust? or do I have the option to play with a normal controller as well?

    James Egan's Avatar

    James Egan said:

    June 7th, 1:34 am

    You can play DUST 514 with the regular controller, ZeroCyx.

    MOVE, PlayStation Home, Vita. These things all just add to what you can do in DUST 514.

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