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Jun 06

Jun 06

PS3 System Software Update (v3.65)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Earlier tonight we released an optional system software update (v3.65) for PlayStation 3. This new firmware improves the operating stability of some PS3 format software, and changes the XMB item SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)].

Again, this update is optional, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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Death8u4u said:

June 7th, 3:02 am

“Cross game chat needs to happen sooner or later, lets face it, the voice comms on certain titles are pretty poor and temperamental to say the least.”

You acknowledge that but you want cross game chat to be made? It would be far worse…it wouldn’t make call quality better chief.

airredy1 said:

June 7th, 3:08 am

Hi gamers! Do you think the COD War Fare games are still being affected by hacks? MWF 2 was a mess the last time I played it… before the outage. Down loaded the update without problems, have cable connection, not sure that matters. All the best, game on!

blue_reign said:

June 7th, 3:14 am

for all of you threatening to get an xbox stop talking about it and be about it. You complain about this that are just software updates and are most likley in the future. So please give your ps3 to someone who will appreciate its technology that was before its time and enjoy your xbox. Let me know how the cell proccessor works on the xbox as well as the bluray player…oh wait a second they have neither. Just a reminder you cant download either of those via update. Sony is a complete powerhouse. Xbox lets just say the ropes becoming fraid and the drop is never ending.

mario_1az said:

June 7th, 3:15 am

Psn after it was back up I can’t join some of my friends in all games or I can’t here them over my headset

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:18 am

What is the point of Cross-game chatting? I don’t understand how cross-game chatting is useful especially when most of the people just use the headsets to trash talk anyway. I’m good. I don’t even use my headset it gets so bad. I guess so that way you don’t have to walk a couple of feet to pick up a phone?

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:20 am

Just don’t understand why it’s so important. I’ve seen post after post about it, and for the life of me can’t figure out why it’s so important. Is it only because the xbox has it. or does someone have a legitimate reason?

TUSTIN1 said:

June 7th, 3:24 am

@ 242 Bubaroo Do not want or need cross game chat thanks – I too own a telephone. If that doesn’t work for you, use Skype ore one of many other options to talk to people you aren’t actually playing a game with…

Death8u4u said:

June 7th, 3:25 am

Bubaroo, the main point I seem to see is that everyone hates the fact that Xbox has this feature and we do not. Next we’ll find out that it’s unfair that Xbox has the red ring of death. >.>

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:28 am

So then no one can provide me with an acutal useful reason? I kind of figured it was “Well they have it, I want it to.” I got a five year old that does that all the time.

TUSTIN1 said:

June 7th, 3:29 am

Yeah, it’s cooler than the yellow light – we should be given the right to choose – quick vote that idea up – LMAO

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:32 am

But what if I don’t like red or yellow? Do I get the option of green or blue if I want it.

blue_reign said:

June 7th, 3:36 am

Bubaroo you are exactley right. Most of these people can not be pacified unless they have every option that all the consoles have when we should be greatful that the ps3 almost does. Now i love to trash talk just as much as everyone else when im ripping faces off in Black Ops but it is all in good fun. I do not care about Cross Game chat at all thats just more of a reason to have greater lag in games where you need everybit of a connection in order for the game to work to its full online potential. Peace Love and KY Jelly BLUE_REIGN OUT!!!!

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:40 am

And I don’t care for the trash talking. I always looked at the headset as a means of advanced stretegy. I stopped using it because even my friends refused to use it except for bashing on other people. And while I almost completely quit playing black ops, when I do, it’s without a headset and everyone is muted. A good point, Blue. People complain enough about the games being glitchy and lag. Will adding Cross-Game chat fix that or make it worse? The only thing I was ever upset that xbox has that we don’t, is the music while playing thing. I wish we had that, but not enough to complain. I still own my ps after all these years, still have never bought a box.

iPROFamily said:

June 7th, 3:41 am

i <3 you sony

TheMarsZeppelin said:

June 7th, 3:43 am

im seriously confused as to people complaining about it being optional then having to sign on and having to update i just signed on and it did not ask me to update maybe you missed the last update.

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:46 am

@252 Same here. I have it downloading now though. I usually do all the updates regardless what they’re for or if they’re optional.

blue_reign said:

June 7th, 3:47 am

Do not get me wrong i use it for advanced strategy all the time. I do not get annoying i use it to put the people in there place that do get annoying for being hush hush doesnt work with most. when game is on it is used for only communication among the teammates but when the lobby is full of idiots that compain when they loose its either mute time or they get an ear full of quick witted responses and remarks comming from a far more intelligent person. music while playing is fine as long as a person doesnt have there mic on and doing it just to be annoying. i cannot stand the people that blair there music and have there mic on. If you want to jam be my guest but there is no reason everyone else has to hear it. Its like the guy with 2 154 inche subs in his car and no mid range or highs congrats on your bass but it sounds like a pile of smashes a holes

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:53 am

I meant the music in games like Fallout or Pac-man. Games not necissarily with other people and where the music isn’t as important. I feel ya on the weiners that blare their music. As for the trash-talking, I just don’t do it. I’m not saying you’re a poor gamer, but I was always taught if you can’t say anything nice, dont’ say anything at all. And of course, Two wrongs don’t make a right. I imagine you to be a serious gamer, but like most, as soon as the headset goes on, everyone has giant brass….controllers and the words fly. It is nice to hear about other people actually using it for what it’s for, lol even if you still trash talk in the lobby. It boggles me that people would want to take away from acutally making something that’s useful to make something that’s just trivial.

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 3:54 am

BTW Especially fallout. Hearing the same four songs over and over is torture.

DarknessNova said:

June 7th, 3:55 am

Update is not optional.

Harerazer said:

June 7th, 4:02 am

I’m just curious: Say you have your headset on and you’re playing CoD or SOCOM and working on some team goal coordinating movement, wouldn’t a cross game chat not only interrupt you but also interfere with the conversations you’re having in your game? Or if you’re watching a movie with your family and someone wants to chat, wouldn’t that interfere with the movie?
So what again, is the importance of it?

Also, since it is the number one requested feature AND it hasn’t been put in, did anyone ever think that maybe Microsoft has a patent on it like they do for custom music soundtracks being played on a console thru hardware (game developers CAN implement this feature thru software ala Burnout Paradise but it can’t be done thru hardware)? I don’t know that they do but if it hasn’t been put in by now common sense would make you look for the reason why as opposed to simply asking “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 4:02 am

On a plus note, it is Tuesday. New movies and games today. I love tuesdays.

Harerazer said:

June 7th, 4:04 am

BTW, I JUST signed in without ever seeing the update screen so it IS indeed optional. Maybe you’re being forced to update because you’re stupid and Sony is trying to weed out the gene pool.

Bubaroo said:

June 7th, 4:04 am

I just gave up with the music thing. Figured, I wanna listen to music that bad, I’ll just turn on the stereo. Kind of like the people about the cross game chat picking up a phone. They do come without cords the last time I checked. lol

Harerazer said:

June 7th, 4:10 am

Bubaroo, I would love to play my own music in games (I usually just turn off the music in the options menu for every game i own) but after 4 year of not having it, I’m not going to ask anymore. Sony’s not gonna pay M$ and, like you, I can turn on my own music since my PC is 2 feet away from the TV. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out why people keep pushing the cross game chat. I understand everyone has a right to be as stupid as they wanna be but must they exercise it every day?

djspinshouse4u said:

June 7th, 4:11 am

No Cross Game Chat for me , thanks… I would much rather have the focus on security!!!

explosive78 said:

June 7th, 4:19 am

Can we get some DMV changes, better trophy comparison, faster loading in game xmb, new game related features?

WarriorOfPersia said:

June 7th, 4:25 am

Mmhhh… Thanks for the update, but if you have a PS.Blog.Share, would you take care of what people ask for in there? Cross chat and everything else? Or are you waiting for the PS4? Because I think not even Vita has it :S

A_Belmont said:

June 7th, 4:28 am

You know…people say I should be fed up with Sony right now, but to be honest, I feel I’ve been addequately bribed by now. I mean, four games over the loss of my name and address – I’ve already given that to google, who knows what they’ll do with it? I gave that a LOOOONG time ago. Four games is plenty to make up for that. And while the communication was absolutely frustrating, have you ever been part of a large machine like Sony? You can’t change company policy THAT quickly – so yes it was frustrating, yes I was on here complaining about it, but all in all Sony fixed it, I was satisfied with the reward at the end of the tunnel, and now let’s move on.

What’s the deal with cross chat anyways? It sounds like people are just clinging to something to complain about. Sony – realize that you can input cross game chat, but these people are probably just going to keep going on about something or another you haven’t implemented yet….they’re probably still sore you lost their name and addresses.

monstadreadhead said:

June 7th, 4:30 am

1st people was crying because the network was down, then it was about the games they were giving for free. Then more complaining about the store not being up, and now they’re back complaining about cross game chat. Kids are never satisfied.

The only reason they want cross game chat is simply because xbox has it. Who really wants to chat with someone that’s not playing the same game as them?

djspinshouse4u said:

June 7th, 4:38 am

Yup… a generation of peeps with SEVERE entitlement issues!!!
8~( Sad )~8

WILDBILL1876 said:

June 7th, 4:40 am

the reason party chat is necessary is because sum games have awful voice chat like this past week all my buddies and I all got wipeout hd it has terrible voice chat the game is awesome but the ability not to chat freely is a big let down and making the game unplayable

Elway358 said:

June 7th, 4:46 am

I was online last night when a friend logged off and then came back and said she had to do the FW update to log back in. I didnt bother logging off and figured I would get it this morning…

Got up and logged on a little bit ago and I DID NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANY FW UPDATE! and I am definately still on 3.6 and logged in playing with no issues, So apparently it is supposed to be optional but it seems that it’s basically mandatory for some. strange….

TUSTIN1 said:

June 7th, 4:59 am

@269 WILDBILL1876 “terrible voice chat…making the game unplayable.”

You’re making this comment about Wipeout HD??? How is voice chat in any way remotely integral to the gameplay???

MatthewAlan said:

June 7th, 5:01 am

Comment 1 of 2:: For those confused about cross game chat: It’s wanted because it has many advantages. Yes, if you’re playing a team type game with friends in-game chat works fine unless someone disconnects from the game, gets kicked from the party, etc. Also, if you’re like me and join a lobby with random players the first thing I do is mute everyone. RARELY do you get randoms that want to actually work together as a team. As far as PSN messages (text) go, have you ever tried to read a message while in a game? You have to bring up the XMB, let it load (slowly) go to messages, read it. If it was cross game chat, it would solve that problem. Also, if you could set it to only here people in your cross game chat “party”, it would save you the trouble of muting people (not a big deal).

MatthewAlan said:

June 7th, 5:02 am

Comment 2 of 2:: If I could be in a “party” (I know XBL calls it that, but thats the best way to describe it) with people I want to talk to, it would be good. It could also help you communicate with each other, decide to play games, or just in general discuss things. Sometimes using a phone isn’t an option especially if you have friends in other countries. Also, some “friends” I only know from online (ex: meeting on forums) and wouldn’t trust giving my number to everyone. PS3 already has an option for “voice chat” via XMB, would it really be that hard to make it accessible via “in-game xmb” or while in-game?

ThaWatchman said:

June 7th, 5:10 am

good e3, but how about an announcement for google tv on ps3 or play tv….i really want my ps3 to be the media hub, dont make me buy an xbox just for the live tv option. other than that great price on psv will be a day one purchase. what are the specs will it have built in memory?will it take sd cards?

XtraTrstrL said:

June 7th, 5:11 am

Cross Game Chat would be one of the best gifts Sony could give us. It would make life so much easier on the PS3. It doesn’t even have to be 8 ppl chat or whatever like 360. I just would like it in general, even 4 ppl chats would be fine if we could just be able to do it through XMB and stay in it while doing whatever on the PS3. It would help in getting matches going and partying up in games so much.

Cross Game Chat has been the #1 request on the PS Blog Share for over a year now. It’d be nice to see more of the top requests on that list start getting checked off.

TJF588 said:

June 7th, 5:21 am

Optional AND backs up my PSP saves?!

Oh…! The only way this could be better is if I can back them up to the cloud.

WILDBILL1876 said:

June 7th, 5:22 am

it’s unplayable cause the voice chat is broken and I don’t want to play it if I can’t chat with my friends what’s the point of playing a multiplayer game if the voice chat is crap yea I know there’s singleplayer but what’s the point in even connecting to psn if I can’t chat freely with my buddies in game

fatmanotto said:

June 7th, 5:30 am

What’s the new stuff they’re offering?

A_Belmont said:

June 7th, 5:33 am

Really? When I was a kid, we had Super Mario World and Battle Toads & Double Dragon for our multiplayer experience, and NO INTERNET AT ALL. Having no voice chat for a multiplayer is nice for wipeout, let’s me concentrate and do some spectacular runs. I would bet the Sony lab boys are working on it though, playtesting it and what not. I guess I could understand people wanting it, I’ve just never played games in a way that would make any use of it. o.o

Put_Your_Mom_On said:

June 7th, 5:42 am

yeah… can somebody who’s downloaded it already tell us if there’s anything new involved in the update? anything we should know about before making a decision on updating?

all i see is a bunch of winey pre-teens crying about cross chat…

my advice is this… get ur buddies… build a system that can do what the ps3 does, get the developers to develop games for said system, get the retailers to add shelf space for said system and system games… as well as accessories, spend money to promote it, as well as for customer support… then add ur cross game chat. SONY makes the playstation. Therefore… SONY makes the rules man. how u gonna tell the boss what to do? stay focused.

you should have investigated what the ps3 offered and didn’t offer before purchasing one.

if u don’t like it, switch to xbox.. it’s not really rocket science.

anyways… hows the update guys?

PSKratos said:

June 7th, 5:46 am

Hey Eric (:
My PS3 system is using the Dutch language and when I press the “add to blocked person list” it shows a message isnt Dutch but some other language. I know its not a big problem at all and I dont mind but I just wanted to let you know about this “bug”.
Great work the rest you guys do at Sony (:

bldudas said:

June 7th, 5:46 am

I guess I’ll download this, I download all system updates, no matter what.

A_Belmont said:

June 7th, 5:51 am

@280 – see, your reasoning is flawed – I’m not wanting to support the whiners, but….c’mon man, the way business works is as follows.
1. Company wants to make profit
2. Company finds a service or product they can provide to customers who want it.
3. The company makes said product, if consumers like it they buy it.
4. If consumers don’t like it and don’t buy it, company must change the product or go broke
4b. Companies generally don’t like going broke.
5. Company changes product/service, consumers patronize yet again.
6. Profit

So no, Sony’s not the boss, less you mindlessly buy their products. I did a TON of research when selling my desktop to go console for games. At the time, the Slim model was attractively priced and chock full of features – even though most of my friends had an xbox, Sony to me had the better product for what I wanted, so I got that.
Remember, I bet a lot of kids are whining about no cross-game chat, their mums, dads, and older siblings don’t care what they want. So….they’re not going to listen. =P
Just remember, Sony’s not the boss, YOU ARE =)

elitescorpion94 said:

June 7th, 5:52 am

I hope this update will fix the errors I am getting on playstation home because everytime when I load it up, I get wierd error messages and it was annoying me. I was trying to go on to see E3 but the errors I am getting just takes me back to the main menu of playstation home.

Put_Your_Mom_On said:

June 7th, 6:00 am

283… i respect ur logic. I really do. But i think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

Im sure out of the 7 million people who own a ps3 less than half would trade there system in for an xbox simply because of cross-game chat. and im sure the percentage of people who would simply not buy a ps3 altogether for that reason alone is very low, so im sure that sony isn’t losing sleep over it.

i used to own an xbox and i personally hated it. nothing sucks more than being in the 10th round of a fight night match and one of ur boys is like “what up son, what u doin?” ur competition is over there wondering wtf that is then BAM… lights out.

yeah.. thanks man… i WAS just playing fight night.

i do understand the logic behind wanting it, and im not saying they’re wrong in their opinion. Im just saying that i don’t really need to read about it in every blog.

if it’s THAT important to you to have cross game chat, then i would either switch systems, or like somebody else suggested. use another means.

u can set up a FREE tiny chat chat room and communicate that way.

Sonic42 said:

June 7th, 6:01 am

Does this remove any features? Like music or games?

rjejr said:

June 7th, 6:06 am

Signed in at 8 EST this morning and no sign of the update and it let me DL Qore (I want to see the DNF coverage). So, either they forgot to set it as optional last night and it’s now optional or you need it to game online – I haven’t tried that yet.

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