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Jun 07

Jun 07

God of War: Origins Collection Coming in 3D, Watch the Trailer

Marc Turndorf's Avatar Posted by Ready At Dawn Studios

We are extremely pleased to bring our two God of War titles – God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta – to PS3 with the God of War: Origins Collection! The move to HD has allowed us to show off the visual fidelity that these games offer in a whole new way. Both titles went through an in-depth re-mastering process to make them shine like never before. One of the features we’re truly excited about is the addition of stereoscopic 3D. Both games look truly awesome with this functionality and the amount of depth in the scenes, the layering and parallax of the backdrops, and the dynamic camera motion throughout really pays off when experienced in all of its 3D splendor. To give you a taste of what this compilation is offering, here’s a look at our first trailer…

This collection will also support DualShock controllers so every impact and every bone-crushing moment can now be felt in your hands. This is a huge deal to me personally because a God of War game contains so much over-the-top, heavy hitting action that you really want to feel a tactile connection to Kratos. Now you can! These games are also receiving a new Dolby 5.1 Surround mix to make the audio more enveloping. Everything from character sound effects, to positional audio sources in the world, to the incredible musical score now wrap around you while experiencing these epic games.

Additionally, God of War: Origins Collection will include unique Trophies to be unlocked as you battle your way to the top of Olympus. And there’s bonus content, including our special director’s roundtable video that was created for the release of Ghost of Sparta. It features an insightful discussion between the five directors of the five different titles in the God of War series and answers some big questions about the story, characters, and developers behind this massive franchise.
We are so proud to bring these games to PlayStation 3 and we hope you enjoy them!

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Butters360 said:

June 7th, 11:29 pm


angelspawn77 said:

June 8th, 2:32 am

Hope this collection is cheaper than the ps2 collections considering they are psp games and not ps3. Around 30$ would be good :D

GilgameshVIII said:

June 8th, 8:16 am

I’m going to get this regardless of the price, but i do hope the price is reasonable seeing as i can buy Chains of Olympus for 5 bucks and Ghost of Sparta for 9.99

CaptenMidnite said:

June 8th, 12:56 pm

this is great. im looking forward to buying this. thanks sony.

thshdw said:

June 8th, 1:26 pm

It will be great to play both games on the big screen. Trophy support is awesome!

aktirak said:

June 8th, 4:48 pm

What I woild like to know is if more games are going to be ported to the PS3 becaue there are some great PSP games that would e great to play on the PS3 like Rsistance Retribution or Assasin Creed Bodline

thehulkiscool1 said:

June 8th, 4:54 pm

to many god of wars

fredromero said:

June 8th, 6:00 pm

i didnt like chains of olympus cause once you played for 1st time there s no more reason to replay , but gow 3 i really liked it!!

RGPS said:

June 8th, 6:38 pm

Interesting but since I have both on my PSP and according to Amazon the pre-order price is $59.99 I’ll have to pass. When it’s $30 or less maybe I would consider.

David--Clark said:

June 9th, 9:09 am

hell yeah that’s what i was waitin for . A great game of god of war. but i feel bad cause I have 2 wait for this EPIC game. can’t wait XD

Dusk83 said:

June 9th, 10:35 am

cool! question whats the name of the song in the background of the trailer?

David--Clark said:

June 9th, 9:14 pm

Answer : I don’t know loool


June 11th, 11:55 am

When does GOW release? I can’t wait!

TONY-Q said:

June 11th, 2:41 pm

that looks awesome… damn, i still gotta play GoW 3.

AliBaba51341 said:

June 12th, 9:08 am

Q: Will we be able to transfer game saves + the pre-order downloads like the “Forest of the Forgotten Arena” and “Legionnaire Skin?”

coolfonz84 said:

June 24th, 11:42 pm

Wow, I was going to buy a PSP specifically for these games. Now I don’t have to. I’m pre-ordering this one.

AliBaba51341 said:

June 26th, 7:20 pm

I think after they release this, they should have God of War I, II, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta on the PS Vita with it’s own controls.

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