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Jun 15

Jun 15

Music Unlimited Expanding to Android Today, New Opportunity for PS3 Owners

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Music fans are in for a treat; starting today for a limited time, eligible PlayStation 3 owners* can try out a free 180-day Basic subscription of Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.

Xperia arc Music Unlimited

The timing couldn’t be better – the service’s Android App also launched today, so users can enjoy music on the go with their compatible Android mobile device or on a number of other Internet-connected Sony devices including 2010 and 2011 models of network-enabled BRAVIA HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players and Blu-ray Disc Home Theater systems as well as the PSP and personal computers including VAIO personal computers.

The cloud-based, digital music service gives music lovers streaming, commercial-free access at anytime and anywhere to an ever expanding catalogue of currently over seven million licensed tracks from major labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Music as well as leading independent labels and major publishers worldwide.

The Android App is compatible with Sony Ericsson’s Android-based mobile devices including Xperia arc, Xperia PLAY, Xperia X10, Xperia X8, Xperia neo, as well as Android-based third party devices. You can download the App now from the Android Market.

To access the 180 day Basic Service free trial, log on to your PlayStation 3 system and click on the Music Unlimited service below the Music icon. Once the application has downloaded, follow the sign up instructions.

Xperia arc Music Unlimited

*180 day free trial available if:

  • You are 18 or over
  • You own a Playstation 3 system
  • You do not currently hold or have not previously held a Music Unlimited subscription to the premium or basic plan
  • You are in a supported country/region (US)
  • Note: you will not be able to take advantage of the 180-day Subscription Free Trial on PS3 if you purchase other subscriptions.

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jazzyrider said:

June 15th, 8:05 am

Nice. Was hoping to try this out and its perfect timing!

PortlandRidah said:

June 15th, 8:08 am

and Canada gets excluded once again….

Korbei83 said:

June 15th, 8:08 am

Okay.. Google or Sony.. who’s going to have their cloud service available in Canada first?


….Apple? Dammit!

WebScud said:

June 15th, 8:09 am

Excellent! I’ve been waiting for an Android version to give the service a shot.

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 8:21 am

Now maybe an app for iOS and Windows Phone. iOS has Napster, Rhapsody, MOG and Rdio, don’t think it is much trouble to add Qriocity to the list. :-)

mi33ke said:

June 15th, 8:21 am


KazeEternal said:

June 15th, 8:23 am

THank you for not excluding the rest of us android users. I would have gotten an Xperia Play, but I just felt the Ericcson brand still had yet to prove to me it could work as advertised. I felt the Xperia Play was a big under powered for my needs.

FredNation said:

June 15th, 8:25 am

Finally! Hoping to do this soon! Lol. Still thinking about it, but please bring this to the TV’s also! Thanks. Love the service!

reson8er said:

June 15th, 8:28 am

Thanks for the heads up, this post clarified the fact that Qriocity has no intention of coming to iOS and therefore will not be use by myself. I liked the service, even subscribed to “Premium” before the network outage, but support for only Android devices makes it not worth the premium $10 fee a month to me.

gameSWAGG said:

June 15th, 8:31 am

Can someone tell me if the streams are accessible while playing games.. OR is this something that can/will be added in the future. That would pretty much make me sign up now..


k1ngsnak3 said:

June 15th, 8:35 am

nice – I’ve been rocking Qriocity for a while and love it so now on Android? killer.

Will this also work on a tablet?

G-Force08 said:

June 15th, 8:35 am

Well, that sucks. If you had a 30 day free trial before (even if it was interrupted by the PSN outage) you can not take advantage of the 180 day trial. Lame.

But I guess for people who haven’t given it a try yet it’s a good thing. Nice getting it on the Droid too.

AG-WarFighter said:

June 15th, 8:35 am

WHy are all good services not in Canada :( and Sony when is the ps3 going to get a REAL update firmware with features?

YoureATowel said:

June 15th, 8:37 am

This is great. Just in time for the summer!

aro52 said:

June 15th, 8:39 am

Seeing the Twitter message about this, I got excited that there was a PLAYSTATION Android App launching today… :(

[whiny_child_voice] Europe has one, why can’t WE have one?! [/whiny_child_voice]

xaos said:

June 15th, 8:41 am

Quick clarification; I just hopped on the Android market and am not seeing anything come up searching either Qriocity or Music Unlimited; is the app supposed to be there already? Eager to try this bad boy out

EnigmaNemesis said:

June 15th, 8:42 am

Still waiting on the PSN app for the iPhone that is out in Europe… so I suppose an iPhone app for this will take just as long, as in *crickets*?

remanutd5 said:

June 15th, 8:50 am

At 16 the app is on the market , i’ve donwloaded it already , when is playstation suite coming to android?

TheTwelve said:

June 15th, 8:55 am

Now that my Xperia finally updated, I can do this….


Shadow0130 said:

June 15th, 8:56 am

Trying to get the 180 day trial on my PS3 and I get a message saying “A connection to the server could not be established.” and then tells me to close the software.

    Patrick Seybold's Avatar

    Greg Belloni said:

    June 15th, 11:46 am

    If you’re still having issues with the 180 day subscription offer, try going into Account Settings and uncheck the box next to “Require password for each purchase”

Sponge-worthy said:

June 15th, 8:57 am

Android FTW!

At present Qriocity is a great compliment to Google’s Music beta service (considering, of course, that Google’s not-quite-ready-for-primetime service is currently free).

The Android app is very slick, intuitive, and easy. My only suggestion would be to make the “New Releases” section under “What’s New” behave the same as the “Global Top Chart” section. If you tap the thumbnails under “Global Top Chart,” it brings up a nice list view that the user can browse. However, if you tap “New Releases,” it immediately just starts to play a song (likely different than the one the user is currently playing). I would be nice if both “New Releases” mirrored “Global Top Chart” by bringing up a browse-able list view.

Nice job!

xaos said:

June 15th, 9:05 am

@18 What name did you find the app under; like I said, I searched under both the names I mentioned and didn’t see it; if you have any pointers to finding the dang thing, I’d appreciate it :)

dawn101 said:

June 15th, 9:08 am

well thanks alot sony once again Canadians NOT included

butcherknife said:

June 15th, 9:09 am

Already downloaded…and it works great on my DroidX2.

JDA2797 said:

June 15th, 9:11 am

do we only get demos for songs for a 180 wtf?

arcticjim said:

June 15th, 9:12 am

Will music unlimited be available for ps vita? Also (this is off topic) when will the ps vita come out and what price will the games be?

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 9:15 am

@16 The app is on the marketplace right now. I searched for Sony and found it. Looking nice on the Galaxy Tab 7 inch.

xaos said:

June 15th, 9:16 am

Hurr, nevermind, only on Sony Ericsson devices, my bad; not compatible with my Xoom or my Charge

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 9:18 am

I searched for Qriocity not Sony and got one result, Music Unlimited on top.

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 9:19 am

@28, this is not only for Sony Ericsson devices, it is also for third party android devices as mentioned on the post.

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 9:20 am

I have it running on my Galaxy Tab 7 inch perfectly.

KINGV84 said:

June 15th, 9:22 am

@26, pretty sure Music unlimited will be on PS Vita. Sony has not released any pricing on thr games or a release date for the PS Vita, just it will come out by the end of the year.

whiteboysc said:

June 15th, 9:23 am

I just hope they made it hack proof….

Enforcer_X said:

June 15th, 9:24 am

This WOULD be awesome if ALL my music was available on Qriocity, but as it stands it’s not even close not even 50%

Points for Android though, I always thought Google and Sony should hook up speaking of which how about some Chrome love for PS3?

JDA2797 said:

June 15th, 9:25 am

do we get a whole song or just demos

DanteGC said:

June 15th, 9:28 am

I still can’t get it to come up in the market.

reson8er said:

June 15th, 9:33 am

@ gameSWAGG

No, running Qriocity does not allow for “multitasking” on PS3. One you launch the app, your PS3 will stay in Qriocity until you quit out. In terms of functionality it operate like any other stand alone app on the XMB (Netflix, Hulu, etc). Also you cannot access Qrocity content on PS3 outside of that app like in games, the service must be used by launching the app.

zabelzerolp said:

June 15th, 9:39 am

Cool I can’t wait to try it!! :)

percast2 said:

June 15th, 9:41 am

Great! Gonna give it a try

JamesL007 said:

June 15th, 9:47 am

I can’t believe how easy the sign up was and that I just had to confirm it and that was it, now to rock and roll it on my Android phone and PS3, hope to find some new music has my library is old and I need some new tracks.

Thank You

Senjutsu_Dav said:

June 15th, 9:48 am

They should find a way to release things directly for north america. A kind of arrangement with devs/industries so Canada and US could be counted as one single release, as North American release! Right now it’s really a problem.

xaos said:

June 15th, 9:55 am

It’s definitely not compatible with all Android devices; the market explicitly told me from the web page that it was not compatible with either of my devices. If it is not showing up in the Market on your device, your device is not compatible with the app. As noted above, the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Droid Charge are apparently among the no-go devices for it.

DanteGC said:

June 15th, 10:12 am

Not sure I understand why it wouldn’t be compatible with my Droid X. I saw someone above post that it worked on their Droid X2 and the only difference in the phone is that the X2 has a dual core processor.

Omen_20 said:

June 15th, 10:17 am

So to be clear, can we download music from the service to our library? I expect it has DRM and stops playing if you unsubscribe, but can we download for when data is sketchy? I want to know if I can listen to music in the car for when my data slows down.

Omen_20 said:

June 15th, 10:18 am

It works on my Dell Venue. Planning on trying the basic free subscription later.

midknight24 said:

June 15th, 10:29 am

So how exactly do you add songs to your library? the website is down evidently or massive traffic. When you try to add them on the PS3 it just says go to qriosity .com to learn how to add songs to your library.

Sharingan_itachi said:

June 15th, 10:43 am

Sweet, I can get 180 day free :)

OrangE_KusH_SodA said:

June 15th, 11:22 am

slacker is better. Because the app is compatible with my phone. -_-

xI2esistanc3x_0 said:

June 15th, 11:25 am

well I have trouble shooting this in my ps3 it always gives me an error msg saying the server timed out but I’ll love to get that free trial

R3DhairDNTcare said:

June 15th, 11:25 am


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