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Jun 16

Jun 16

E3 Replay: Naughty Dog demos UNCHARTED 3

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist


One of my personal favorite moments from our E3 PlayStation live show has to be Naughty Dog’s visit. Community Strategist Arne Meyer brought along a doggie bag of Sully fries, a double quarter-pounder of Nathan Drake, and a jaw-dropping demo which premiered at our PlayStation E3 press event. You may have also seen this demo make its late-night premiere on Jimmy Fallon last night, but that was only a fraction of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. Arne was awesome enough to walk us through the full demo and explain some of technical hurdles Naughty Dog is jumping in order to bring such an impressive demo to E3 2011.

Watch for moments when we chat about their evolved water effects engine, dynamical changing the environments around you, horseback riding, and best of all — answering your Twitter questions. Enjoy the ride.

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usedtoiletpaper said:

June 16th, 11:45 am

Man this game is going to be very good.

TheGuardianFID said:

June 16th, 11:46 am


zfredo90 said:

June 16th, 11:46 am

I love uncharted like the cover system in this game and it looks amazing but if had zombies I will preorder now so add a zombie lvl it would just make it grate

DJKim0701 said:

June 16th, 11:49 am

Hello, Rey. Good to see u to back to Playstation Blog.

What’s about The Drop: New release on every Sunday at Playstation Blog??

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Rey Gutierrez said:

    June 16th, 1:57 pm

    Thanks! Expect The Drop to return this Sunday! (crosses fingers)

soup4n said:

June 16th, 11:54 am

day one buy :D

WilliamFuchs420 said:

June 16th, 11:59 am

Need an opinion guys outland or magic witch to spend my ten on

FisFis said:

June 16th, 12:04 pm

AK-74?? Really?? & What ever happened to normal looking people??

jordan23457 said:

June 16th, 12:07 pm

This game is going to be very nice can’t wait for beta of uncharted 3

tiuur said:

June 16th, 12:18 pm

GOTY! nuff said!… Waiting for the playable demo on the Store! =)

Zinacef said:

June 16th, 12:23 pm

Finally good to see you interviewing Rey! You look different from your pic.

materclobber said:

June 16th, 12:25 pm

are you guys planning on a Uncharted 4? sorry for thinking to far ahead

GameBreak68 said:

June 16th, 12:26 pm

@3 Yes, because we need another game with zombies–don’t forget a first-person :|

Anyhow, awesome, looking forward to Nov, and the MP beta 8)

materclobber said:

June 16th, 12:27 pm

added to #11:
I just want to see if you think this game is strong enough to have a fourth.

Sharingan_itachi said:

June 16th, 12:28 pm

Charted 3!

Airwalkinman17 said:

June 16th, 12:35 pm

Can’t wait for this game! Plus the Multiplayer BETA is in a couple of weeks!
So excited for this. My older bro seen the E3 stage demo and was blown away. He had never even seen Uncharted (although I own both games-and have asked if he wants to borrow it) and he instantly said that he was going to buy it! I already preordered and am ready to go :D

Butters360 said:

June 16th, 12:43 pm

I need this NOW!

ajritchie said:

June 16th, 12:59 pm

Not sure I got the full feel of the game just by watching the video. It doesn’t do the hard work from the dedicated and brilliant people at Naughty Dog any justice. I suppose you’ll just have to put the demo on the PSN so we can truly appreciate it. If nothing else, it would let us enjoy it without two people talking throughout the whole thing.

jqtaxpayer said:

June 16th, 1:00 pm

I don’t have the Uncharted Fever like some folks around the PS Blog do, but I recognize that they’re both excellent games. That said, I’ve got to say that the E3 demonstration of Uncharted 3 made the first two look like garbage by comparison. Uncharted 3’s barely made my radar, particularly because it launches the same day as the new Elder Scrolls game, but after seeing it in action, I think I just might be catching the fever.

EnigmaNemesis said:

June 16th, 1:08 pm


Alyyse said:

June 16th, 1:27 pm

its going to be awsome. cant wait

DaveedT13 said:

June 16th, 1:29 pm

Can’t wait to try my hands at the game!

Even if I’m a little worried so far about the “multiplayer competitive” part of the game so far as far as balance/fair gameplay because we can customise weapons so maybe higher levels will have better weapons (wich is not the thing to do in online competitives games imo) and because of medal kickbacks wich could be more balanced than I may think so far…

But for ALL the other part of the game, I KNOW it WILL be AWESOME!! : ) (Story mode, Coop modes etc.)

I like so much all these animations, little tweaks, general look of the game etc.

TimChamp said:

June 16th, 1:47 pm


AK-1001 said:

June 16th, 1:54 pm

man, i need this game


June 16th, 1:57 pm

Rather have a demo than see a demo. I already saw stuff from before E3 now it’s time for hands on.

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Rey Gutierrez said:

    June 16th, 1:59 pm

    Multiplayer beta is coming, it’s June 28th!

angelspawn77 said:

June 16th, 2:08 pm


you just gotta appreciate the tech behind the demo, this is what I noticed when they showed the demo at E3 they went more for a technical show in the demo rather than a fun gameplay show. Not everyone would appreciate it unless they actually gave a crap about technical stuff in games. Personally I’m a nerd and I love that stuff.

That said, I wish they would have shown something different so that everyone would have loved it (assuming they love great games :P) I enjoyed the demo for Uncharted 2 at e3 more than this one because that one was “holy crap! I wanna do that!” good. Tech demos are nice, but not so sure that was the best route to go for e3 even if it was impressive.

narrowonflow said:

June 16th, 2:29 pm

wut is up with that stash lol

Korbei83 said:

June 16th, 2:29 pm

Couple more weeks for the beta. Can’t wait.

KILLA_KING_007 said:

June 16th, 2:49 pm

Are they doing anything different w the grenade? Looks pretty awesome btw.

fester420 said:

June 16th, 2:54 pm

Will the multiplayer beta be in 3D?

TallCrowe said:

June 16th, 3:56 pm

I would like to play this.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

June 16th, 4:23 pm



June 16th, 4:27 pm

Jeff, Rey, and Sid for President!!!

bigbren97 said:

June 16th, 4:55 pm

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

HeLLeVeN11 said:

June 16th, 5:19 pm

Can’t wait for the beta!!!

Glad to hear ‘The Drop’ will be back soon too.

theo-98 said:

June 16th, 5:40 pm

Another perfect game!!!!!! Thanks Naughty Dog!

Shamash said:

June 16th, 5:43 pm

Ande, you said “sort of” twenty times.. jus sayin’ =) game looks epic, day one here! Exclusives rock my world. ALL HAIL PLAYSTATION!!!!

Shamash said:

June 16th, 5:47 pm


Plecko said:

June 16th, 6:23 pm

Oh my goodness!! Dude this game better not get delayed or I am gonna crack some skulls!!
Gonna be Shweet

THECammachine said:

June 16th, 7:37 pm

can’t wait till this game comes out.

bimo9mm9 said:

June 16th, 7:56 pm

FINALY!! ive been waiting for uncharted 3 since march 2011!!!! and now thave finaly shown us an official demo! YAY!!!! WOOOO! i have both uncharteds and now another!!!! WOOOOOO! lets hope for an uncharted 4 :D

lbmanuel1 said:

June 16th, 8:40 pm


BTK88 said:

June 16th, 8:59 pm

Pure awesomeness! can’t wait for UC3!, and multiplayer beta on June 28!

dhfhs2 said:

June 16th, 9:44 pm

Hopefully weapons will be more powerful in multiplayer.. In U2 players almost need to be standing over the grenade to kill them… And sometimes it takes nearly a full clip from the AK-47 to kill people. You have to shoot players before punching or they turn around and kill you… I can’t even imagine how the single player will be though :D

KAPADO said:

June 16th, 9:46 pm

My brother … what is up with that dastardly moustache ??

JaY_Ci_415 said:

June 16th, 11:00 pm

There is no way that I am not getting this game. Wow.

pitythefool852 said:

June 16th, 11:44 pm

Rey: Would you ever consider getting a Naughty Dog tattoo?

I love the multiplayer in Uncharted 2, and I’m looking forward to the UC3 multiplayer beta, but I’m wondering what will happen to UC2 multiplayer after UC3 launches?

Also, will there be any cross-play with Vita? If we could have cross platform multiplayer then that would be amazing, although I wonder if the Vita could handle UC3’s multiplayer component.

Perhaps we could have a unified UC2 / UC Vita multiplayer component :) or have a couple of game modes where all three games can play together.

pitythefool852 said:

June 16th, 11:53 pm


What the hell is “normal looking?” Sounds overrated.

Do you look normal, dude?

CombustionManX said:

June 17th, 5:07 am

That guy has an epic moustache

phyllito1 said:

June 17th, 7:50 am

Am I the only person that is scared & kind of thinks Uncharted 3 won’t live up to the HYPE?

SmooshyKing said:

June 17th, 8:59 am


Yup. You are.

The only one.

Naughty Dog always delivers.

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