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Jun 17

Jun 17

E3 Replay: Twisted Metal’s Iron Maiden Demo, Comic-Con Plans

David Jaffe's Avatar Posted by Video Game Designer/Director

Hey ya’ll! In case you missed it last week, here’s a broadcast segment we did with the PlayStation.Blog live from the SCEA booth on the E3 show floor. I get into a little about the character stories as well as talk about gameplay balance and the pros and cons between the game’s 15+ vehicles. I also gab a bit about the reveal of Iron Maiden, the biggest and most complicated boss we’ve ever had in a Twisted Metal game!

E3 was a blast this year! It was really cool to connect with fans at the booth while they went tried out Twisted Metal’s signature Nuke mode. It was also fun showing off our newest level: New York City during the holiday season. The very first Twisted Metal game – released back in 1995! – takes place at Christmas time as well and I guess we wanted to pay a little homage. Also, I just love the idea of chaos and destruction centered around what is usually one of the happiest, warmest, most fun times of the year! Does that make me bad?!? So check out the video- hope you dig it!

And next up is Comic-Con in San Diego July 21-24 so hope to see ya’ll there. Thank you again for the support, thanks so much for stopping by to play our game and say ‘hey’ at the show, and please stay tuned for more announcements about the game over the next few months!

P.S. In the video, I also explain why – for the campaign mode only – we’ve limited the selection to three playable human drivers (versus the usual 10-12). Campaign still lets you drive and battle in 15+ vehicles but we have limited the driver roles. I know focusing on just three character stories for the campaign has been a bit controversial for some of our Twisted fans and I’m curious to see – in the comment section below – if you agree or disagree with our decision after you hear me state our reasoning in the video.

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Craazy said:

June 17th, 2:16 pm

I love you TM…..we will very happy together someday

lisatsunami said:

June 17th, 2:16 pm

Hey, David. I enjoyed all your interviews last week & appreciated it when you said you remain loyal to Sony, just like us.

yazter said:

June 17th, 2:23 pm

I think this is the first interview he did where the F word was not blurted

yazter said:

June 17th, 2:24 pm

Regardless, definitely looking forward to this game!

Korbei83 said:

June 17th, 2:32 pm

The B roll footage you posted on twitter looked fantastic.

westendmatt said:

June 17th, 2:32 pm

Game looks really freaking fun! Though I’m an old fart who’s been in gaming since the start, for some reason I’ve never played a Twisted metal game. This will be a first and i can’t wait!!!! Gaming needs this sort of thing!

Motherboop said:

June 17th, 2:37 pm

More excited for this than I was for Twisted Metal Black! I feel more at home with this in relation to the old titles than I did with Black. Day one purchase here.

BluePhenix1115 said:

June 17th, 3:05 pm

I cant wait for TM!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! he is one of the coolist devs i ever seen. alot of passion for his game. wish sony gave you more time. i mean seriously theres about 20 high end games comeing out around the same time as you

Airwalkinman17 said:

June 17th, 3:09 pm

Hello ESP!
Just wanted to let ya’ll know that the game is lookin absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to get my split screen on ONLINE! I’m old school man. I love having a buddy next to me to help me kick some butt online. Really Lookin forward to this game. I’ve already preordered and paid in full :D Jaffe, your the man. I could hear you talk about games all day (well, maybe not ALL day, but you get my drift). I love your creativity for videogames. Keep the goods a coming!!!

Hradekal said:

June 17th, 3:22 pm

Yay Jaffe posted. Represent’n! Thank you so much for bringing this beloved franchise to us Playstation owners. We’re truly appreciative.

Flip_971 said:

June 17th, 3:26 pm

This game is looking so amazingly deep, I mean who would think to balance axel out like that so he is effective against talon! I love Jaffe’s passion for his game!

arcticjim said:

June 17th, 3:26 pm

Off topic but when I look on PS store on ps3 I keep on getting signed out. Why is this?

wocyob said:

June 17th, 3:29 pm

I always have to watch/read anything with Mr Jaffe.. he is truly a man that puts alot of love into his games and his fans

Great interview like always!

MarinoBrea said:

June 17th, 3:35 pm

David, your game looks great! I’m chipping in on the share of good luck and best wishes I know you will get by the truckload once it hits the shelves. Hopefully Sony will market the living hell out of this game and release a single-player (with splitscreen enabled) demo a week or so before 10-4. The trailers so far are the BEST for any game in recent memory!

naaros said:

June 17th, 3:39 pm

I’m a big fan of yours, and I love all of your interviews. In a previous one I saw, you said you hate how you talk so much on interviews, but I love it! I just love listening to you and the fact that you are so passionate about what you do. :) I’m very much looking forward to Twisted Metal – it looks like so much fun! I remember playing TM1 and 2 with my brother when I was younger and loving ’em! I also enjoyed TM: Black, of course.

D-Squad3 said:

June 17th, 3:53 pm

How about those Sweet Tooth action figures that you guys were suppose to give away?

dragon_frost said:

June 17th, 3:55 pm

Hats off to you guys at santa monica studio & eat sleep play studio thank you!

cortesc130 said:

June 17th, 3:55 pm

This is one reason why I like Playstation but please lets get some new features in.

Shadowtroop1 said:

June 17th, 4:02 pm

can you explain how this is going to work lol. Customization – Enter Sweet Tooth’s Custom shop to create your own weapon of mass destruction to play with online. Thousands of custom options available Fall 2011 on Twisted Metal.com.

bitbydeath said:

June 17th, 4:13 pm

Looking forward to this, this’ll be my number 1 online game until Starhawk arrives.

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 6:35 pm

what the hell is wrong with the PLAYSTATION NETWORK?????

MyUncle_Socks said:

June 17th, 6:40 pm


Trigg said:

June 17th, 6:47 pm

I agree with the Campaign decision but I’ll miss the variety of character intros, endings, and bios.

Antonisbob said:

June 17th, 6:54 pm

Wonder if it will be tougher than Dark Tooth in TM2 !?!? :D

IsmirZone said:

June 17th, 6:59 pm

WOW…This is why I got the PS3….Not that there aren’t many other reasons I love the fact that I own one.

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 7:05 pm


ice_478 said:

June 17th, 7:46 pm

i am having trouble signing in. what is the deal ps? also when is the next dxp gonna happen?

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 7:47 pm

does it say the connection with playstation network timed out.??

RH1N0S4UR said:

June 17th, 7:55 pm

Also unable to connect. What the heck is going on?

jedi_webslinger said:

June 17th, 7:56 pm

i cant wait for this game. i want it now :D

NinjaNabs said:

June 17th, 8:33 pm

jaffe is a god.

Fareo said:

June 17th, 8:37 pm

Hello Jaffe, it was an honor to meet you at E3 and thank you for taking the time to stop and talk to me about the game. http://i865.photobucket.com/albums/ab214/fistfullofpotions/E3%202011%20Day%203/DSC03902.jpg

As far as the, 3 characters for the campaign goes. I would say that I’m in the group of gamers who are a little concerned with this decision. However I also understand how this will allow you to deliver a more personal story and possibility to build upon it further in future titles. As my PSN avatar indicates I am also a pretty big Street Fighter fan and one thing about that franchise that has always bugged me is. I have made an emotional connection with these characters over the years and yet with each game all I get is a fragmented story and rinse in repeat game play. For something like Street Fighter which has a competitive tournament like EVO to back this decision up, I guess you could say that it works. But It still leaves me wanting to understand these people I’m playing as more. For nostalgia sake I would love a Twisted Metal 2 HD, but as a 2011 I.P. I totally see where you are taking Twisted Metal and I cant wait to see what else the game has to offer.

FullMetalGear said:

June 17th, 8:38 pm

Good guy. Even tho I may not always agree 100% with things he has to say, he never forces his opinion, and I can appreciate the way he looks at things. He seems to be an honest guy with much passion for his work.

kenny2858 said:

June 17th, 8:44 pm

i know this is off topic but does anyone have sign in problems? it says “The connection with PlayStation Network timed out.”

ice_478 said:

June 17th, 8:45 pm

yup. and i checked ,my connetion and it is fine

ice_478 said:

June 17th, 8:47 pm

i can’t keep a conntction to the network but i can stay on the internet just fine

ESO_714 said:

June 17th, 9:16 pm

Jaffe puts absolute passion into the games he makes and none fall short from the experience most would like to have!!! Much respect to him…Twisted metal brings me back years to the very first ps one demo I played and the underground demo CD that came with the original PS system! TW looks sick and without a doubt this is a title to look out for even if you never played the old classics!

Buchi1324 said:

June 17th, 9:30 pm

tm looks so freaking awesome

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 9:30 pm

do you guys have COX COMMUNICATION ?

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 9:38 pm


ImProdigyChild said:

June 17th, 9:43 pm

Yes there is a PS3 Issue right now, look it up on Google and type in date of today and you will see Millions are having the same problem. There is Also another update if you search Via, Internet that will pop up and people are being able to log in after that, BUT for only 5 mins or so and half there friends list are missing. So be cautious on the Update until you hear feedback from PS3 As I already DLed this Update just to verify what I heard and its true. So sit back and Relax your not the only ones with a messed up PSN right now.

ImProdigyChild said:

June 17th, 9:45 pm

@39 and 38 I have Cox Communications and it still isn’t working for me.

ImProdigyChild said:

June 17th, 9:47 pm

@39 Actually it is back up now for me. With COX Communications just took ab out 3 mins to work.

ImProdigyChild said:

June 17th, 9:49 pm

It Logged me out again……lol.

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 9:50 pm

yeah it stayed on 3 minutes logged me out…

DazeOfWar said:

June 17th, 9:51 pm

Come on Sony what’s going on? You need to talk to us. This is one of the worst sites for help. Does anybody even work on the blog?

kenny2858 said:

June 17th, 9:56 pm

Please sony let us know whats going on???

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 9:57 pm

im already at 3.65 that’s the latest update and im as well in cox, other people can sign on fine and play games and they have other ISP’s HMMMM

FAB426 said:

June 17th, 10:08 pm


imtooseryas said:

June 17th, 10:14 pm

cannot wait!!!!!

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