Introducing Dyad for PSN

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Introducing Dyad for PSN
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I am very excited to be introducing ][ Game‘s first PlayStation Network game: Dyad.

Dyad is an abstract racing game that has influences in many genres including racing games, fighting games, puzzle games and classic arcade shooters.

Dyad does away with the traditional racing game mechanics of break and accelerate and replaces them with puzzle-like mechanics. You must interact with your enemies in unique and varying ways in order to gain speed.

Dyad for PS3 (PSN)

I’ve always loved the visceral feel racing games provided, especially the WipeOut series, and I wanted to translate that feeling into a puzzle game. In most racing games, each track has an ideal ‘racing line’ which players must memorize and translate into muscle memory in order to be successful – I remember months of repeating tracks in WipeOut XL for the PSX! With Dyad I replaced the mental process of memorizing a racing line with various combo mechanics. Dyad begins with very basic comboing rules centred around the polarity of enemies, and continuously adds new mechanics throughout the course of the game. You race quickly in Dyad by making smart decisions, not by memorizing static tracks.

Dyad for PS3 (PSN)

While discussing the contrasting differences in the mechanics in Dyad versus traditional racing games, we found a very strong correlation between the mental process of playing and learning Dyad to meditation. Dyad subtly plays off the meditation theme in order to aid you, and maybe get you thinking about new and different things you wouldn’t expect from a game. Without giving away too much, you’re also on a quest in Dyad… similar to the quest a particle might take in the Large Hadron Collider.

Dyad for PS3 (PSN)

I really wanted Dyad to be something anyone could enjoy; by “anyone” I mean literally “anyone,” not “anyone” in the context of casual games. Dyad is a very deep hardcore racing/puzzle game, but it’s designed to be enjoyed at many levels. The audio and visuals were designed to be appealing both actively and passively. I’ve shown Dyad at several public gaming and non-gaming events and people will stand around watching and listening without any idea what they’re seeing. New players and casual players get a lot out of the unique, intuitive mechanics, and hardcore players can really dive in to maximize their performance.

Dyad for PS3 (PSN)

We’ve been hard at work on Dyad for the past 3 years and I’m very happy with it, and it will only get better as it gets closer to completion. Dyad runs at 60fps at 1080p on the PlayStation 3. Thanks for checking it out! I’ll post again on the PlayStation blog when we’re ready to release.

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks super cool…..My kinda game!

  • DarkAkatosh

    Oh man this looks like it’s right up my alley. Will there be a demo? Also, where are the trailers?

  • DarkAkatosh

    Nevermind, I see the trailer. I’m dumb.

  • This is a weird unique game. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  • anyone else reminded of frequency for the PS2?

    It looks like a mix of Audio surf and Frequency

  • Pardon my oldness, but it reminds me of Tempest 2000 meets Rez, and Gradius. Very cool, I will keep my eye out of this.

  • mhh? dunno.

  • Err I said “Gradius” but I meant Gyruss :)

  • looks like child of eden

  • My kind of game. It’s like shatter and wipeout blended together lol.

  • It looks really cool…

  • ViPeRiZaTiOn_DiY

    PPop on u

  • ViPeRiZaTiOn_DiY

    I meant it looks like poop on a fart

  • The game looks fascinating. The art design is quite appealing too. Looks like something to keep my eye on.

  • it looks the kind of game that would look astonishing over 3D tech… will it be?

  • Reminds me of Tempest too

  • holy glow sticks batman…..
    how much acid did you guys hit before making this lovely game?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    That looks and sounds awesome , day one purchase!

  • KidCommando

    ok, I just had an epileptic seizure watching that vid.

    Me likey!

  • Whoa! Wicked game!!
    I sure hope the music is similar in the game as it is in the trailer!!! :D
    The music in games like this make the experience that much more exciting and fun!

    Oh, and did i see a reverse/rewind feature there towards the end of the video??! :D Love it!

    • Shawn McGrath
      Shawn McGrath


      The music in the trailer is from the game, so if you liked that, you’ll like it in game =) The music here was done by David Kanaga ( He’s doing the in-game music along with 6955 (

      There is a reverse/rewind thing… but it’s more of a timewarping effect based on principles of special relativity… yay science!

  • Looks VERY interesting, and the sountrack sounds great. Looking forward to more info!

  • Totally Tempist 2000.

  • David2Crazy

    Very cool, these unique experiences are always instant-buys for me.

  • StackedPancakes

    Too much black and not enough color. If you’re going to make this psychedelic, you might as well do it right. This reminds me of Outland. It’s pretty to look at , but as boring as watching a banana take a nap. 3years to make this and it looks so repetitive. It’s a poor man’s wipe0ut. And I’m sure its 8 bronze trophies will not help sales either.

  • PainOfSarrow

    looks superrrr boring, i cant get into stuff like this. maybe im wrong i need a demo first. love the colors though.

  • NICE. I will definitely be checking this out.


  • How do you pronounce “][|?

    • Shawn McGrath
      Shawn McGrath

      It’s kind of open to interpretation. I prefer ‘right square bracket left square bracket’ but people have come up with all sorts of weird pronunciations which are all correct… say it however you want!

  • Deathspear666

    Don’t take LSD while playing this game lol

  • 3D??

  • TurtleGotSkills

    this game is gonna be intense !!!!

  • is this psn exclusive.? and welcome to playstation. hope to see more from you. Alwys remeber if the game is good and talk to us we willbuy the dlc. Themore your talk the psn gamers you pull into buying.


    • Shawn McGrath
      Shawn McGrath

      Thanks! And yes, it’s PSN exclusive. DLC isn’t even something I’m thinking of yet =) gotta finish the game first, but once it’s done… =)

  • reminds me a bit or REZ x the classic Nitrous Oxide (NO2) – totally getting this!

    • Shawn McGrath
      Shawn McGrath

      N2o was awesome! Square published a game in Japan only for the PSX called “Internal Section” – that game was a crazy awesome tube shooter too.

  • Seems like fun!

  • This is gonna look stunning in HD!

  • yazter: How do you pronounce “][“?

    Right Squared Bracket, Left Squared Bracket

  • Purple_Falcon_

    looks cool. but not for me

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    It definitely reminds me of Frequency more than Wipeout. I’m hoping for a demo so I can see how this feels. Also, was it just me or was the video breaking up at certain times to the point where I could barely tell what was going on?


    @Robbie_G_Irish it was breaking up for me as well

  • Looks awesome, reminds me of Jeff Minter’s Tempest and Space Giraffe games (which I really wish were on PS3!)

    1080p is awesome! is the music HD-quality (24-bit and/or lossless assets) as well? who composed the music?

  • looks like a one-way trip on the epylepsy train for the hospital o_O

  • Cool stuff;)
    + I wish someone would make a updated version of ‘MUSIC 2000’ which was a PS1 music maker. I would buy that DAY 1! :P

  • Holy crap! This looks freakin trippy! You’ve got this PSN buyer interested.

  • Awesome! I played the demo at PAX East. Glad you’re coming to PSN, will look forward to purchasing whenever you do get it out the door!

  • Many interesting and original titles comming to PSN. small games that in most cases are better than full 60 bucks games. The game looks good.

  • xRedxViolence

    what did i just watch?
    not user friendly on the eyes that is for sure.

  • Interesting-looking game, I gotta say too, the name of your game company is awesome! haha

  • SpecDotSign

    I automatically called it RightLeft Games. Haha. On to the game: you had me sold on 60fps. The video you provided makes the game look silky smooth. Not many high profile games today can boast 60fps/1080p.

  • environments9

    This just jumped to the top of my want list.
    Will Dyad support custom soundtracks? Better yet, will it respond to custom soundtracks and build levels based on track data similar to Space Invaders Infinity Gene’s music stage mode or Audio Surf? What about 3D support?

  • loganwolf13

    is there online and what type of replay value is there

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