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Jun 21

Jun 21

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update:

It’s the first day of summer and the PlayStation Store has some great updates for everyone today. More “Welcome Back” offers from EA are available in PlayStation Plus, and they include great discounts for 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, Madden NFL Arcade and The Masters Eagle Pack for Tiger Woods 2012. Alien Zombie Mega Death, available for $7.99, is the new PS3 downloadable game this week. And for those of you with PlayStation Move and/or a 3D-enabled television, you’ll want to try the Virtua Tennis 4 demo (which supports both Move and 3D!). There’s tons of great add-ons to your favorite PS3 games, including DLC for Marvel vs Capcom 3, L.A. Noire, Killzone 3, Rock Band 3 and more.

As a reminder, there are less than two weeks left to get the Welcome Back offers of the free PS3 and PSP games and free 30-day access to PlayStation Plus. Visit the PlayStation Store today!

PlayStation Plus

Discounted Games

  • 3 on 3 NHL Arcade (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $9.99)
  • Madden NFL Arcade (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, regular price $9.99)
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters Eagle Pack (PlayStation Plus price $20.99, regular price $34.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars

  • Growing Garden Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • Mega Man Legends 2 – 18 Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)


Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 – Sale (PS3) (now $9.99, original price $14.99)
Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Sale (PS3) (now $4.99, original price $9.99)

Downloadable Games

Alien Zombie Mega Death ($7.99)
When death by Alien Zombie just isn’t enough. You need to stick some MEGA into the mix! Not that it’s only blasting you’ll be doing. Oh no! There’s bombs to defuse. Space babies to rescue. Jet packs for flying silliness. Spread out over 70 levels combining both one shot adventure levels and to the death survival modes. All dressed up in traditional PomPom silliness, so as to avoid traumatizing any small children.
ESRB Rated E10+
File size 256 MB

Game Demos (free)

Sonic Generations Demo
Download the demo to play Classic Sonic through all new, re-imagined 2D Green Hill Zone – the ultimate Sonic celebration!
ESRB Rated: RP
File Size: 664MB

Virtua Tennis 4 PS3 Move/3D Demo
The Virtua Tennis 4 development team are always trying to break new boundaries and for this version of the game two evolutionary new inclusions are the use of PlayStation Move motion controller and stunning stereoscopic 3D. Both have been implemented setting a new video gaming benchmark – try them for free now with the demo.
ESRB Rated E
File size 455 MB

Add-on Game Content

ModNation Racers Moon Colony Props Pack ($4.99)
Take your latest ModNation Racers track creations into orbit with the Moon Colony Parts Pack to create the ultimate space race!
File size: 100 KB

Killzone 3 From The Ashes Pack ($4.99)
Brace yourself – the ISA and Helghast armies are set to clash in some intense online multiplayer battles. Join the front line on two new battlefields and two Killzone 2 retro maps on planet Helghan. Download this Killzone 3 From The Ashes Pack today!
File size: 719 MB

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ressurection ($9.99)
Follow up to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow “reverie”. Gabriel’s fate and that of the Belmont class is laid bare, find out his fate in Resurrection, the stunning finale to CV:LOS.
File size: 687 MB

Record of Agarest War Zero – Additional Costumes and Packs (free – $7.99) (x14)
This is Record of Agarest War Zero DLC. A battle across generations, with the fate of an entire planet at stake!
File size: 130 KB – 57 MB

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – Shadow Battle 10 ($0.99)
The 10th installment of Shadow Battle allows you to fight special and unique AI opponents, and win new titles to boot! Do you have what it takes to take on these one-of-a-kind fighters in a match of MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3!?
File size: 276 KB

Cars 2: Add-ons ($0.99 – $2.99) (x4)
Play as various characters in Cars 2: The Video Game!
File size: 4.98 MB – 82.04 MB

Mortal Kombat – Warrior Skarlet ($4.99)
Download and play as the Mortal Kombat Warrior Skarlet.
File size: 73 MB

L.A. Noire: “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson Case (Free with purchase of L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass) ($3.99)
At 9:45 in the morning, a thunderous explosion rocks Los Angeles. City blocks are flattened and smoke and ash fill the air. Detectives Phelps and Biggs race to the site of the former Nicholson Electroplating plant to find a pile of unanswered questions.
File size: 685 MB

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Jack Pack 4 ($4.99)
Still here?! Three bonus packs of TRIVIA INSANITY ain’t enough?! Fine. Get a load of these 10 SPANKIN’-NEW EPISODES of the world’s favorite quiz show party game and hunker down with tons more trivia and verbal abuse. Your host Cookie has reached deep into his darkest trivia orifices to retrieve fresh questions and fresher prizes, along with some not-so-fresh unmentionables. It’s more YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!
File size: 287 MB

F.E.A.R. 3 – F.E.A.R. Pass ($9.99)
Activate F.E.A.R. Pass today to access two additional multiplayer modes: F**king Run and Soul Survivor!
File size: 117 MB

Yoostar 2: various scenes ($1.99 – $6.99) (x13)
Various scenes from movies.
File size: 64 MB – 595 MB

Rock Band 3
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Blurry” – Puddle of Mudd ($1.99)
  • “Control” – Puddle of Mudd ($1.99)
  • “She Hates Me” – Puddle of Mudd ($1.99)
  • “Misery” – Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • “This Love” – Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • “Won’t Go Home Without You” – Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • Maroon 5 Pack 2 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game album: Maroon 5 Pack 02. This pack includes “This Love”, “Misery” and “Won’t Go Home Without You”. By Maroon 5.
  • Puddle of Mudd Pack 1 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game album: Puddle of Mudd Pack 01. This pack includes “Blurry”, “Control” and “She Hates Me”. By Puddle of Mudd.
  • File size:19 MB – 79 MB

Rock Band Network V2.0

  • “Chameleon Carneval” – Andromeda ($1.99)
  • “Deception – Concealing Fate Part Two” – TesseracT ($1.99)
  • “Half Crazy” – Jukebox the Ghost ($1.99)
  • “Veil Of Illumination (Part 1)” – Andromeda ($1.99)
  • “Veil Of Illumination (Part 2)” – Andromeda ($1.99)
  • File size: 20 MB – 50 MB


Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle ($9.99)
File size: 1.38 GB

Buy Marvel Pinball – Get ZEN PINBALL FREE ($9.99)
File size: 591 MB

Cars 2: The Video Game – Undercover Character Bundle ($2.99)
File size: 82.04 MB

Sonic’s 20th Birthday Bundle Sale ($19.99)
It’s Sonic’s 20th Birthday! We are celebrating it by offering a bundle sale of Sonic games, including Sonic The Hedgehog 1, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Sonic Adventure & the Sonic Adventure Add-on.
File Size: 1.95 GB


Prinny 2: Phantom Thief Avatar ($0.49)
File size: 100 KB

Game Videos (free)

Top Spin 4 – Playstyles Trailer #4: All Around
File size: 54 MB (HD)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Multiplayer Preview Trailer
File size: 147 MB (HD)

Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts DLC Trailer
File size: 60 MB (HD)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2: Heroes’ Trailer
File size: 45 MB (HD)

Call Of Juarez The Cartel Gameplay Trailer
File size: 90 MB (HD)

Storm – Winter Trailer
File size: 52 MB (HD)

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trailer
File size: 154 MB (HD)

PS3 Themes

Armageddon Riders Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
File size: 6.48 MB

PlayStation Move Ape Escape Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
File size: 3.23 MB

American Pride Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
File size: 11 MB

PS3 Wallpapers (free)

Armageddon Riders: Wallpaper 2
File size: 900 KB (HD)

PlayStation Store for PSP

PSP minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Brick Breaker ($3.99)
ESRB Rated: E
File size: 12 MB

Labyrinth ($3.99)
ESRB Rated: E
File size: 13 MB

Solitaire ($3.99)
ESRB Rated: E
File size: 14 MB

Add Your Own

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StrikingWater said:

June 21st, 6:04 pm

In my opinion, we should have received 60 free days of playstation plus. Sony was so busy with E3 and trying to reassure everyone that PSN is secure, that the really skimped on the playstation store this past month.

NeoPhantome said:

June 21st, 6:15 pm

Got Record of Agarest War Zero DLC so i’m happy ! Thx :) Waiting for the next week update for this game :D

YISEL12 said:

June 21st, 6:17 pm

y not someting for playstation home?

mmaher said:

June 21st, 6:19 pm


Just maybe. Lawl.

GameBoss01 said:

June 21st, 6:33 pm

Bionic Commando Rearmed pricing is not updated to the sale!

Kirkpad said:

June 21st, 6:37 pm

I think this is the most replies on a PS Update EVER.

NeoX360 said:

June 21st, 6:39 pm

Thanks for the update. Not really a thrilling update, at least for me, but hey new stuff and I am all for that. What exactly is the sonic bundle?

Kirkpad said:

June 21st, 6:41 pm

Oh, and DO NOT buy Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Not only does the game suck, it has DRM on it which requires you to be signed in to play the game. This means that if the PSN went out again you can’t play the game.

smokerPRO92 said:

June 21st, 6:59 pm

Sigh. What about a PSN Final Fantasy X??? A downloadable one like ff9 and ff7? I know I know, I’m complaining…but seriously! :(

JG4Horrorshow said:

June 21st, 7:08 pm

Dissidia DLC, where is it?

Final Fantasy 5 and 6, where are they?

Parasite Eve 2, where is it?

monyking said:

June 21st, 7:09 pm

What I would like to see is the Modern Combat discounted…I have been waiting for it to get just cheaper and I know there is second one coming up pretty soon.

smokerPRO92 said:

June 21st, 7:11 pm

Oh, I also forgot to say:

I agree With some of the other users. the “DLC” thing has really gotten outta hand. Why not put it on the game? When I pay 60$ for a game, I want the WHOLE game. Costumes..maps..ect. I understand that it takes longer than the release of a game to make those extra add-ons…for some. However, you can put a vivdly amazing game like FFX on ONE disc, but you can’t include a few extra costumes on a PS3 DISC!

Wake up people. THINK… Some of these things should come with a lable, “Consult your Cranium before buying”.

PimblyCharles said:

June 21st, 7:12 pm

@Ro Hernandez

Thank you for answering to the questions about Beyond Good & Evil! We are all very excited to finally check it out!

smokerPRO92 said:

June 21st, 7:13 pm

Is the Dissidia DLC the whole game for the PS3?

If so…I’m definately jumping on the bandwagon here…, “WHERE IS IT!!!”

BigPoppaB said:

June 21st, 7:18 pm

Just my luck that Sony actually publishes their updates early.

Added my billing info to account, all set to buy Rockstar pass then see its now $12.

Eff that!

Weapon_20_X said:

June 21st, 7:19 pm

So I gotta say not impressed at all. There was only 1 thing I was really excited about and that was the Mortal Kombat DLC. I should have expected that while EVERYONE is a plus customer that nothing was going to come out that gives any want or need to continue being PS Plus Customers after our FREE Month. Even when PS Plus wasn’t free it really wasnt giving much of a discount on anything important. The only thing that is somewhat good was the Free 60 Min of games fully unlocked. I got to test a few games with that. I think I will keep my money though and once my PS Plus “FREE” month is up I am done.

smokerPRO92 said:

June 21st, 7:34 pm

I agree with Weapon_20_X.

I Wasn’t a Plus member before the Welcome Back Package. But since being a free Plus member. I barely see a difference between regular and Plus. A dollar off here or there on (unimportant, probably wouldn’t buy anyways) game…yadda yadda. There’s nothing really special to being a Plus Member. It’s not like they get Map packs earlier. or anything like that. The discount’s really aren’t even that much… a number like 20% OFF FOR PLUS ONLY… really only equals to about a dollar or two off most games.

Eh…I’m glad Sony gave out this free 30 Days, let me know what it was like to be a Plus Member. Eh…I’m not impressed. Thanks Sony!

omnichaotic said:

June 21st, 7:35 pm

Please, a DLC for Little Big planet TWO was suppose to come out a couple of months ago when MotorCross Apocalypse came out. They accidentally posted the MotorCross DLC from Little Big Planet ONE instead. Their is a huge difference between these two DLC. Please, inform who ever does this stuff that they need to upload the Little Big Planet TWO DLC of MotorCross Apocalypse. This is for the US store only. The European store did not make this same screw up.

omnichaotic said:

June 21st, 7:37 pm

chilidawg1477 said:

June 21st, 7:40 pm

how come we hardly c any goog psp stuff
i play my psp more the my ps3 so get better stuff

NappyAzzFro said:

June 21st, 7:40 pm

Mann i hope this hurry up! im tryna play Black ops!

Hooligantuan said:

June 21st, 7:44 pm

Yeah, hi, Sony?

Still waiting on word on what the heck/where the heck this Sonic 20th Birthday Bundle business is.

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

June 21st, 7:44 pm

I am so glad nothing of interest for me is in this update, as my system is still under the knife and likely won’t be fixed until Friday!!! Ack, this is really killing my Playstation Plus time! Lol.

jimmyjam14810 said:

June 21st, 7:47 pm

i wanna see more ps1 classics like breath of fire 3 and 4 plus ff anthology

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

June 21st, 7:49 pm

Smoker, I also was not a member before this Welcome Back package, but I’m antsy about the time lost while my system undergoes maintenance. The reason I care is because there are Game trials I haven’t played yet, and some free games that will expire with the month subscription I haven’t finished yet (namely Magic: the Gathering, Planeswalkers and a couple others.) So I do see the difference in the material I wouldn’t have access to otherwise, but it’s still not enough of a difference for me to pay repeatedly to keep it. I’ll just wait for the regular sales like I usually do.

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

June 21st, 7:50 pm

I think the best deal for getting Playstation Plus was getting Under Seige for half off when it’s worth the $20 in my opinion.

Lil_Mermaid_Girl said:

June 21st, 7:56 pm

Not a very impressive update :( The free theme is nice, but that’s all I’m downloading. I’m happy with plus though recently, Magic was a nice freebie. But I thought they’d try harder to keep all the people as + subscribers.

I hope they try harder with the vita than they have with the psp cause I worry about getting the vita if it is going to be treated the same way the psp has been…

janoc7 said:

June 21st, 8:00 pm

I would’ve been just as disappointed by this update as everyone else (especially so soon after the PSN outage) if not for the Zen Pinball deal which I am ALL OVER.

hush404 said:

June 21st, 8:04 pm

Honestly Sony… Just give me my [DELETED] Beyond Good & Evil HD.

broodwars said:

June 21st, 8:23 pm

Neither of the Bionic Commando Rearmed games are priced correctly on the store. This is the second week in a row where the updates have incorrectly announced a price. Someone needs to get their act together, because this is getting really old.

onslaughtree said:

June 21st, 8:32 pm

Ok, It’s time for this weeks PSN Review.
Kinda black and white this week. On one hand we have DLC for KZ3, MK, Caltlevania, LA Noire and so on, a few PsPlus titles ( all sports I might add ), the Zen pinball givaway is a good bundle, but on the other hand, we have MK character priced at $4.99 ? are you kidding me ? I know this is not the doing of sony, but give me a break, $1.99 would have been perfect. Makes me wonder who’s more crazy, the person pricing this DLC or the gamers purchasing it.
Again we have the KZ3 DLCpriced at $4.99, perfect. and on the other hand we have Castlevania DLC priced at $9.99. REALLY ? Sprinkle in the V Tennis demo and the limited PsPlus freebies and we have a very underwelming PSN Tuesday. We need at least 1 PsOne classic a week sony.
All in all, this week gets a well desirved C grade….Oh and megamixer, your review was ok, but giving PSN update a 0/5 is just hateful. The KZ3 DLC alone, bumps it up a knotch…you my friend gets a SHAQ-Fu (C Grade)…..As always, Keep on Gamin.

im_a_pterodactyl said:

June 21st, 8:35 pm

Nice! I’ll be grabbing the LA Noire DLC… my Rockstar Pass has finally saved me some money! I’m also curious about Alien Zombie Mega Death. And if I’ve read Ro Hernandez’ comments here correctly, then both Beyond Good and Evil and Gatling Gears are coming next week. Not bad at all.

shadefz said:

June 21st, 8:35 pm

disappointing..oh well need to wait till next week..

broodwars said:

June 21st, 8:38 pm

Correction: Bionic Command Rearmed 1 is priced incorrectly. Rearmed 2 seems to be priced right.

im_a_pterodactyl said:

June 21st, 8:39 pm

Think I’ll grab the pinball bundle too. I’ve been on the fence about Marvel Pinball for a while, and getting Zen with it for free clinches the deal. I’m liking Plus so far too, actually. $5 Fancy Pants? Sweet.

XxBloodShockxX said:

June 21st, 8:41 pm

I know this may be off topic, but I really want to change my psn ID name, can you guys please make something that would let you do that, kind of like the xbox 360.

kcasa said:

June 21st, 8:42 pm


KoldStrejke said:

June 21st, 8:46 pm

hey what comes in the Sonic’s 20th Birthday Bundle. when will it be released. answer me sony.

Nates4Christ said:

June 21st, 8:51 pm

Sweet. Moon Props for modnation. Man I hope this means that we can make space levels now. Can’t wait!

mmaher said:

June 21st, 8:52 pm

yes! breath of fire 3, 4 and final fantasy anthology! listen to those guys up there! ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Juan1992 said:

June 21st, 8:53 pm

About the welcome back program, does the PS Plus subscription offer end in 2 weeks or can you hold on to it for as long as you want. I really need to know.

Juan1992 said:

June 21st, 9:01 pm

lol forget about what i just said fail

JanLVP said:

June 21st, 9:18 pm

I just want the rest of the SF3rd avatars…

djml9 said:

June 21st, 9:19 pm

Any update is good, theres just no pleasing these infants. anyways, still wondering about the LBP2 motorstorm:apocalypse minipack, info plz and thank u.

Chuckbait said:

June 21st, 9:24 pm

I should’ve gotten Fancy Pants while it was on sale. Oh well, hopefully it goes for $5.00 again sometime…

Wolf26pack said:

June 21st, 9:30 pm

Come on guys go out with a BANG!!! Here are some of the things I’d like to see…

– 50% discount on the Scott Pilgrim game
– Discounts on some dynamic themes such as
* Afrika Dynamic Theme
* LittleBigPlanet Dynamic Theme
* Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme
* Flower Dynamic Theme
* Killzone 3 Dynamic Theme’s
* etc….

and let’s a good dynamic theme for Sly 4 when it comes out.

Finally I’d just like to know why haven’t you guys brought the original Twisted Metal out on the PS Store. Come on the new one is hitting soon and I’d like to play the classic as well. Make it happen!!! Please ;-(

God-Of-Lyf said:

June 21st, 9:36 pm

Seems like an average update to me. Plus freebies are every other week for the PLUS newbies.

The thing about PLUS that members need to be aware of, it is set by default to auto renew. Make sure you change that option before the month is out if you don’t want to continue, or you will be charged. And if you do decide to not renew, anything you got for free from plus will no longer work! Just so you know how it works.

I’m downloading the new member for MK only this week as everything else released is not really my thing.

marlyt said:

June 21st, 9:41 pm

@ Ro,

The Sonic bundle is not on the store. Is this an oversight? I know how to search the store and it’s not there. The other bundles are as advertised, but Sonic is not.

IsmirZone said:

June 21st, 9:48 pm

Where are the DEMOS?

ToFeY said:

June 21st, 9:49 pm

i agree with smokerPRO92!!
i’d buy FFX even if it was 50$

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