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Jun 23

Jun 23

inFAMOUS 2 Now Available on PSN as Full Game Download

Wilson Cheng's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

Download the game that everyone is talking about! Today we’re happy to announce that the full inFAMOUS 2 game is now available for download on PSN.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can play up to 60 minutes of the full game for free as a trial and even earn in-game Trophies (Trophies will be realized after purchasing the full game). The cost for the game will be $59.99. Visit the New Releases category on PlayStation Store to download the game today! If you aren’t familiar with the inFAMOUS series, you can now also download the original inFAMOUS game for free on PSN as part of the “Welcome Back” program. For more information, please visit

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Death8u4u said:

June 23rd, 5:29 pm

NoGodsOnlyMan, you’re buying 5 copies of the game…why should they give you a $20 discount while also allowing you to have so many copies of the game distributed? That makes absolutely no sense…And nobody gauges their prices based on what you can sell their product back for.

fathead170, they aren’t going to announce digital downloads until AFTER retail has gotten a chance to sell their copies.

fathead170 said:

June 23rd, 5:29 pm

anyone who has a 20g or 40g is screwed on this download i have a friend who wont even take the free 30 days of ps3 plus because he only has a 40g an he cant handle the extra stuff

writingpoetry said:

June 23rd, 5:30 pm

i like the idea that sony is actually giving us the option to download games,my disc drive is fried,so i have to constantly download my games.

Death8u4u said:

June 23rd, 5:31 pm

“if any one can help me please!!!!! my house got broken into and they stole my all my games but luckly thay dident steal my ps3 if anyone can game transfer infamus 2 it will be great”

Literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard on this blog. Someone from Sony better ban this guy. Trying to get people to illegally game share with you simply because you’re too cheap to buy the game yourself is pathetic…get a job.

jman408 said:

June 23rd, 5:33 pm

The retail version would be better, i got the hero edition for only 40 bucks more and i thought it was worth it.

jdoub5678 said:

June 23rd, 5:33 pm

thts preaty good great job but 15 gb ill just go buy the disc version on saturday

blakseed said:

June 23rd, 5:43 pm

Infamous 2 is an awesome game. I just have one problem, and that’s logging on to the UGC server. I’m had this problem since I got it at launch. I thought it would work itself out, but I still can’t log in. Is anyone else having this problem?

DarkRecoil said:

June 23rd, 5:44 pm

Thanks to everyone at SuckerPunch & Sony who made this happen. I have already inFAMOUS on my PS3 HDD, and i will most certainly be adding the inFAMOUS 2 :)

No thanks to all the other developers who refuse to accept the inevitability that is digital distribution. (not i’m complaining too much. i get to buy your games used and very very cheap from gamestop & ebay :D )

IRA_RIOS said:

June 23rd, 5:49 pm

I’ve read LOTS of comments from people who seem to have boners for this cross game chat buisiness, how does it work, exactly? Would this mean I gotta sit there and listen to Johnny Jaggoff conversate with someone I can’t even hear?

timmy19888 said:

June 23rd, 5:54 pm

never could get into the first one. so this aint for me.

wocyob said:

June 23rd, 5:55 pm

say whhhhhaaa… going to DL this sucker (punch) :P soon!

Link01 said:

June 23rd, 6:08 pm

I appreciate the convenience, but it’s seriously a downer that we’re using up our HDD space and bandwidth and paying full price for the game.

Death8u4u said:

June 23rd, 6:09 pm

IRA_RIOS, it is essentially like the person in question is on a phone. (Because the people you are talking about clearly have never heard of what a phone is…) They would only hear the person they’re talking to in the cross game chat and the only people that would hear them are the others in that chat. You would never hear their conversation. At the same point, they will never hear you either…which removes any possibility of you being able to communicate effectively with your team, as some guy is focused on talking about the weather to someone who is playing Little Big Planet.

ChaseHammerJ said:

June 23rd, 6:14 pm

what a rip. So i can go get a disc copy and keep it forever for $59.99 or get a downloaded copy that takes up harddrive space and could possibly never be able to access again once the PS3 is obsolete for $59.99

let me think about that one…..DIGITAL SHOULD BE CHEAPER ANYWAYS!!! There is no extra production cost.

Spacerac said:

June 23rd, 6:18 pm

I’ll definitely play this. Hopefully someone can answer me this? I bought Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle and Sonic 2 is still showing an expiration date from when I downloaded it from PS+ (30 day trial). I will still own the game after the trial expires right?

chuckym80 said:

June 23rd, 6:18 pm

I have a question. If I download the 60 min trial and get trophies but dont purchase the game through psn but instead purchase it at retail, will i still unlock the trophys i got while i was playing the trial?

NeoRaidenX said:

June 23rd, 6:32 pm

If I download the trial and unlock some trophies will they stay unlocked or will the game save be resumable if I purchase a disc-based version later on?

donte1337 said:

June 23rd, 6:46 pm

wow that was fast

good idea, i hope more full games like battlefield bad company 1 and 2 show up on PSN

evil23alej said:

June 23rd, 6:47 pm

@65 The trophies will stay unlocked no matter if it’s digital or retail.

< Reaction to the price

evil23alej said:

June 23rd, 6:51 pm

Why didn’t you people released the game at the SAME TIME like you did with MASS EFFECT 2?

angelspawn77 said:

June 23rd, 6:59 pm

Sweet, but I can’t see why anyone would BUY it off the store, 15 gb would take a long time to download, at least at my house, probably around 3 days. For those who want to try it, its a great deal though, the 60 min will definitely give people a feel of the game, its a great game, I love the intro battle too, so that will probably persuade some people.

TallCrowe said:

June 23rd, 7:02 pm

I think I’ll just get the disc. That would take me a year and a day to download.

Ratchet426 said:

June 23rd, 7:08 pm

Ah, so that’s why my 510Mb download of Killzone Liberation is estimated at 180 minutes…..

Hey Sony…I guess that fancy new re-built PSN doesn’t have any increased bandwidth.

Tank_Baked said:

June 23rd, 7:08 pm

Thanks . I was waiting to see if this would go digital after I seen that the UK got it in their store . Will get it next week . I have multiple PS3’s so digital is always better for me .I can use it on all 3 ps3’s :) and with online storage I can get my saves anywhere .

namynos said:

June 23rd, 7:13 pm

Give me One good reason why i should download this game versus buying a disk copy?

I’ll give you 5 reason’s why you shouldn’t.

1) No game case or manual

2) It’s 15gb and I’m paying for every little bit of band width i waist downloading this game (so it’s costing me more money too DL it) and I’m not even going to count the hr’s of electricity i’d be using up.

3) If i wanted to bring it to a friends house’s or let my friend borrow the game i couldn’t. ( unless i Dl the 15gb again at his house)

4) After I’m done with the game I could NEVER ! get any money back for my purchase. Cant trade it in for another used game or such, it would have ZERO value!

5) And It STILL cost’s $59.99!!!!

Also if anyone is going to say” well at least i wont have to get up off my chair and head to the retail store to buy it, Think again, unless your willing to add your credit card info again on sony network. your still going to have to get your lazy A$$ up and go buy one of there PSN network cards.

So Sony i ask you again Why should i Go for Digital content over physical media ?

FORMIK said:

June 23rd, 7:13 pm

It seemed like a quiet news day for some reason. Interesting marketing plan, and hey – I’m glad to see multiple methods for purchase.

Mijeme said:

June 23rd, 7:25 pm

what about the DLC?

jmanxp said:

June 23rd, 7:29 pm

wow cool, now i got to make room in my hard drive

Death8u4u said:

June 23rd, 7:33 pm

namynos, you can buy PSN cards off the net as well. >.>

As far as the rest of your post goes. IF you don’t want the digital copy, then buy the disc based game. Nobody is forcing you to buy the digital copy. There are those of us who would prefer the digital copy however…people that don’t freak out over nickles and dimes.

donte1337 said:

June 23rd, 7:39 pm

@namynos #73

no disc swapping

thats the best part of these PSN games you dont’ have to stand up each time you want to play something else

donte1337 said:

June 23rd, 7:41 pm

whoever runs Steam on PC/MAC sony should take tips from them because they have paypal payment option and lots of sales and cross game voice chat

Its awesome more of these full games are coming on PSN, hope to see more and sales on them to

Prototype is $29.99 hope it goes on sale one week i’d buy it for $19.99

BBurgSteve said:

June 23rd, 7:41 pm

Don’t yet know if i2 DD and disc versions are compatible, but it worked for i1 that way.

As for being the same price as retail:

1) It’s still considered a new release, and

2) They don’t want to undercut retailers on price.

TruRage said:

June 23rd, 7:46 pm

Wow, that’s crazy! I’m kinda not sure about this. For one, I like having my games on my hard-drive. That way I don’t have to get up every single time. Yes, I’m lazy, but on the other hand. I like having a physical copy incase my hard-drive farts out. Hmmm, what 2 do…What 2 do….I think I’ll wait on a price drop for a digital copy. I’d gladly pay retail for a physical copy….

josefresh said:

June 23rd, 7:50 pm

15 GB What a waste of time I rather buy the physical product

namynos said:

June 23rd, 7:57 pm

@ Death8u4u
Wow i guess you didn’t get my post, i never said you should buy a disc. if you really want to use a Digital copy?

And if i can buy PSN cards online, i guess I’m going to need that credit card right? if i have a CC to buy a PSN card might as well just use that CC on the PSN and take the chance of getting hacked again.

Also I’m not freaking out over nickels and dimes It’s more like $40.00 in trade in value , tell me Death8u4u how much are you going to get back for your Digital copy?

And please give me your 5 reasons why i should DL it instead ?

Digital copies might be better for music Because of the ipod, that makes carrying your music more convent, But not for home consoles in my opinion. Sorry not trying to start a debate, just stating the way i feel about the way the industry wants to go.

TUSTIN1 said:

June 23rd, 8:01 pm

Will NEVER pay the same price for a digital download as a physical copy. Like others have said, once you figure in bandwidth usage it’s actually more expensive…

mitcho2013 said:

June 23rd, 8:04 pm

I thought that the game every is talking about was Mass Effect 3

DemoniOtaku said:

June 23rd, 8:05 pm

Welll… when I buy some digital content… I share the cost with some friends with the same interest and we download it on our PS3… So considering that you can download the game on 5 diferents PS3, If you don’t change PS3 so often, I think is a good price… I’m cosidering buy a 1TB harddisk for my Slim, if i’m gonna have the PSV, and if there are some others important releases like this…

About the price, Sony could consider the next:

Give us two options to buy Digital content.

the First is like tha actual One, that you can purchase, download on until 5 diferent PS3 at the retail price, like I said you can share the price with at least one more person…

and the second is a model similar to steam, when you purchase the with a lower price, at least 10-15$ less on full mainstream games, but you can play it if you log on your PSN ID… some kinda DRM…

Less price, you play alone, retail price you play together with friends, on games with multiplayers online could be a Great offert! Like the pack of 4 L4D/L4D2 on Steam for PC…

kaa_BOOmmmMMm said:

June 23rd, 8:07 pm

@71 your internet is slow it only takes me 6 minutes to download 510Mb.

I live with my son & my two little brothers so there are four PS3’s in my house. over time I brought everyone there own because they would fight over it. so for anyone like me with more then one system download is the way to go. I just pay for it once and everybody in my house has their own copy. plus on I got my 500 gig hard drives for $50 each.

kaa_BOOmmmMMm said:

June 23rd, 8:19 pm

comcast internet gives me unlimited bandwidth usage & 50 mbps download speeds. if some of you upgrade your hard drives & isp I bet a lot of you would change your minds about downloading.

Shinra_Soilder said:

June 23rd, 8:34 pm

I think that having both a DD and a retail version is cool. I may just buy Infamous 2 on PSN.
Now if they could only release Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PSN. ^_^

kakuzu_01 said:

June 23rd, 8:34 pm

uhmmmm yea my games taking 20 hrs to download thanks!

KidCommando said:

June 23rd, 8:39 pm

Until the pricing structure is adjusted, physical owns digital.

x9248 said:

June 23rd, 8:41 pm

1. Get wallet out
2. Remove credit card
3. Buy this on store
4. Remove pants
5. Bend over

tiuur said:

June 23rd, 8:42 pm

For how long?

Enigma777 said:

June 23rd, 8:54 pm

Well that was quick. Game hasn’t been out for a month yet.

El_Pollo_CA said:

June 23rd, 8:55 pm

Personally think it’s great to have the option of the digital download…and yes why is the digital version the same price? no box, no print or physical production what so ever. At least knock 5 or $10 off the full price.. And yes to some this is nickle and dime but to others that have to save up to purchase new retail games, it’s a huge difference.

By the by, if you purchase it from PSN it IS cheaper than the disc version as you DO NOT pay the nearly $5 in tax !!

I’m just saying

snowyedi said:

June 23rd, 9:07 pm

i have the coolest avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RoyAparicio said:

June 23rd, 9:15 pm

Don’t even bother, this game costs 54.99 on amazon, while on PSN costs 59.99, why is it more expensive on digital download than physical? i dont get it… its a huge disadvantage to buy it online then…

footballrule said:

June 23rd, 10:06 pm

15GB just for the game trial too? That’s way too much. I’ll get the disc version sometime later in the year.

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