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Jun 24

Jun 24

Killzone 3: Welcome to a Triple-XP Weekend!

Victor Zuylen's Avatar Posted by Editor, Killzone Community

Earlier this week we released the third DLC pack for Killzone 3, “From The Ashes,” as well as a DLC bundle containing all three DLC packs. Of course there’s only one way to celebrate this momentous occasion — organize a Triple XP Weekend!

You read that right – from Friday, June 24 at 9:00AM Pacific Time, until Monday, June 27 at 9:00AM, all XP earned in Killzone 3’s multiplayer matches will be tripled. So whether you’re exploring new DLC maps or just re-acquainting yourself with the stock maps, you’ll rank up faster than ever!

Killzone 3: From the Ashes DLC

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Suicide_Surfer said:

June 24th, 6:16 am


Suicide_Surfer said:

June 24th, 6:18 am

dont really care about this the only games i want are uncharted, ratchet and clank, and twisted metal

squirvel said:

June 24th, 6:20 am

Awesome triple xp now this should have been what they did after the network came back up, but then cod xp would have been overshadowed.

Vorlord said:

June 24th, 6:23 am

Well now I have something to keep me busy until U3 Beta comes around. Still building my skills on K3 much for the competition, so I’m going to have a lot to work with. Prepare yourselves! @_@

KillerTuxAzteka said:

June 24th, 6:27 am

:) someone wants to play?

xThe1x said:

June 24th, 6:50 am

wowww triple xp. thx for the post! noobs will be mercd!

hush404 said:

June 24th, 6:54 am

I actually hate that these things come on weekends… as the weekend is when I get stuff other than gaming done. I usually end up either A) Not at home, or B) Entertaining or C) Doing something other than gaming… and so Monday rolls around and I’ve missed it all.

I vote we should have a “Midweek-madness” 3X – XP for like a Tue-Thur battle ;)

GGod0 said:

June 24th, 6:56 am

@2 Then why are you here wasting space on the internet?

GGod0 said:

June 24th, 6:58 am

@7 it”s not their fault that you’re not like most people and don’t play videogames on weekends.

JakeRuiner said:

June 24th, 7:00 am

@8 you replied to your own comment? lol

GGod0 said:

June 24th, 7:01 am

@9 lol, i meant @6

RH1N0S4UR said:

June 24th, 7:02 am

I don’t suppose I could redeem my Helghast edition codes this weekend to net 5X – XP? That would just be crazy. Crazy cool that is.

cool_Pinoy2343 said:

June 24th, 7:02 am

hell yeah

TheGuardianFID said:

June 24th, 7:05 am

Sweet, I’m in!!! 8)

JakeRuiner said:

June 24th, 7:06 am

Wow triple XP?! As if the new maps weren’t incentive enough to keep playing Killzone Multiplayer. Thanks for the event! I hope there are more of these XP weekends to look forward to in the future.

zekececil14 said:

June 24th, 7:07 am

Well i guess i will be playing some Killzone 3!

beastbarbour said:

June 24th, 7:48 am

very nice guys!

MoneyMaker110 said:

June 24th, 7:53 am

i should get back into kz3. i want to buy the map pack bundle but i think i already have the first one from the collectors edition and don’t know what to buy

KidCommando said:

June 24th, 7:53 am

Death to the ISA X 3

Buckis2002 said:

June 24th, 8:01 am

I’m playing KZ3 this weekend now

KwietStorm said:

June 24th, 8:07 am

Did this clown really post first and then say he doesn’t care about the game? They should make you pass a test to use the internet.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

June 24th, 8:11 am


DazeOfWar said:

June 24th, 8:15 am

Looks like I’ll be downloading the new maps today and getting in some triple XP. Thanks Guerrilla for a great game, triple XP, and always greatly priced map packs.

Ramza_x said:

June 24th, 8:23 am

Anyway, I can’t wait for some triple XP. Thanks Sony!!

RE_Player said:

June 24th, 8:25 am

Very cool. Defiantly going to play a ton tonight.

Skinz71 said:

June 24th, 8:28 am

sweet, I guess my weekend is filled!

Ramza_x said:

June 24th, 8:30 am



June 24th, 8:34 am

Can you guys do that for black ops???

SirTrigalot said:

June 24th, 8:39 am

awesome. Time to get those other unlockables

marlyt said:

June 24th, 9:18 am

@ 23
Ditto, see you there.

a7x_RoCk3r said:

June 24th, 9:24 am

Wow…Last time when you said there was a double xp weekend, I was playing on and off all weekend and not once did I get double xp for anything. What a scam

maolara said:

June 24th, 9:27 am

@2 If you don’t care, don’t post a comment here, by the way, this is good news

BigRon3400 said:

June 24th, 9:36 am

Operations is the best mode in the game yet it is not supported by any new maps. FAIL. I wish I could get my money back for this game. It feels like an unfinished product. GG you should be ashamed of this. I WILL NOT buy the next Killzone.

Jared_Helsin said:

June 24th, 9:43 am

I’m predicting a KZ3 weekend for me

BlackToTy said:

June 24th, 10:02 am

@35 me too :D

BlackToTy said:

June 24th, 10:02 am

I mean @34* LOL

soldiercell said:

June 24th, 10:06 am

Im in!

JaY_Ci_415 said:

June 24th, 10:18 am

It’s been a minute so I may just have to play KZ3 for a little while this weekend.

footballrule said:

June 24th, 10:20 am

GG is really trying to get people back to this game, huh?

KILLZONE79 said:

June 24th, 10:56 am


fijski8 said:

June 24th, 11:02 am

The new maps are awesome! Can’t wait for the extra XP.

SpiritThief said:

June 24th, 11:05 am

Sell Killzone 3 on the PSN store please.

metalboy921 said:

June 24th, 11:38 am

nah, I traded this after I platted it in 6 days. This feels kinda desperate.

Lintarius said:

June 24th, 11:39 am

@35 You created an infinite loop!!!

I have been playing the new maps, very fun. The triple XP is definitely a good incentive for playing this weekend.

Souledge94 said:

June 24th, 12:05 pm

I was just wishing for a double xp weekend. Looks like I got my wish and more. Also #43 it has nothing to do about being desperate. Its called catering to your fanbase. At least GG knows how to do that unlike other other games *coughCOD*cough*.

cjmc18 said:

June 24th, 1:05 pm


Razorback said:

June 24th, 1:11 pm

I am loving the 3X’s XP weekend. Will we have a 4x’s XP weekend once the fourth DLC pack is realeased?

ItoKimmons said:

June 24th, 1:22 pm

@18 if you already have the first map pack (Retro/Reclaimed Territories), just buy the other 2 on their own. it will cost pretty much the same if you bought the bundle.

Cylucious said:

June 24th, 1:24 pm

Sweet! Time to fire up the ps3

Arkafazin said:

June 24th, 1:25 pm

I recently got the Helghast edition and was planning on using my multiplayer bonuses this weekend. Will I have both my x2 exp from the super voucher and the x3 exp from this event? I’d really like to know.

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