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Jul 01

Jul 01

UPDATED: Public Service Announcement – Claim Your Free Games Now!

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

UPDATE: The Welcome Back offer has been extended until 9am Pacific on Tuesday, July 5th. If you haven’t had a chance to download the offerings, please do so before then.

Welcome Back

Just a friendly reminder: Your complimentary Welcome Back games are waiting for you, but they won’t wait forever.

To welcome customers back after last month’s outage, we’ve made a selection of PS3 and PSP games, as well as a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus available for free download via our Welcome Back program. This offer expires on Sunday, July 3rd, so please make sure to claim what’s yours before then.

For more details on the Welcome Back program, please click here.

Now start downloading, and thanks for being a part of PlayStation Network!

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xZOMBIEx said:

July 3rd, 11:24 pm

Thanks Sony. I really hope this stays on for the ENTIRE 4th of July as that’s the fair thing to do since everyone who waited till the 3rd wasn’t able to get it. Actually to be honest, it should be left on for at least 2 maybe even 3 days just because of the people that weren’t able to get it and tried today, but might not know right away that it was back up or have time to do so on the 4th due to the holiday and such. So really the fair and right thing to do is leave it up a couple of days and at least put a new blog showing it’s been put back on.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 11:56 pm

    It will remain until Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific.

Aer0Blitz_ said:

July 3rd, 11:26 pm

I just checked it and it’s back again. Donno for how long will it be, but I JUST GOT MY 1 MONTH PSPLUS. Thanks Sony!

Others, please check back ASAP. The sooner you do the better since we don’t know for how long will it be up.

Aer0Blitz_ said:

July 3rd, 11:33 pm

@Dannybkn: For your free games. Did you try getting them through “Account management>Transaction Management>Services List>SCEA Promotions? Try that.

Dannybkn said:

July 3rd, 11:34 pm

Take note too, that everyones here have their consoles updates and with no pirates games or similiar, so…not worth it?
I’m my case, i was in 3.55(with OFW), for a long time, but this promotion make me update to the last version, what means that i lose the posibilities to make jailbreak or some of that process to get Custom FW. Later i decided to wait, because i don’t have enough time to chose and download the games, i prefer to wait to this following week, but i remember that the promotion will be able only until 7/3, so i entered now to check and happends what i told in the last comment.
Again, not worth it??

Dannybkn said:

July 3rd, 11:38 pm

@Aer0Blitz_: There’s no “SCEA Promotions” option, i guess it appears when you activate one of the voucher and then you not download one of the games

sonofanonion said:

July 3rd, 11:38 pm

2:35AM EST, just grabbed my 2nd free game before posting (sorry! didn’t want to wait anymore than I already have and [almost] miss out again), but the Welcome Back is indeed back! Glad I checked it again before I went to bed. Don’t see any free movies (never checked that before) but those were just rentals anyway I guess.

Dannybkn said:

July 3rd, 11:39 pm

It’s back!!!!!
Thanks sony!

Aer0Blitz_ said:

July 3rd, 11:43 pm

This blog post has an update:

“UPDATE: The Welcome Back offer has been extended until 9am Pacific on Tuesday, July 5th. If you haven’t had a chance to download the offerings, please do so before then.”

Go get ’em folks!

Thanks Sony!

Dannybkn said:

July 3rd, 11:53 pm

I don’t know why it shall end so early, but never mind, by now i’m downloading the games :D(Well puting them on the cart for download when i have more space(except for Wipeout, because i already have the demo installed))
Who say that Sony doesn’t hear their clients?
Thanks again!
PS:It would be a good idea put a alert mesage on the ps3, on news channel.

megamixer said:

July 4th, 12:07 am

Nice job SCEA. I’m glad our (mostly) rational feelings got through to the right people, and said people then acted benevolently all during a holiday no less. Something like this will help keep you guys above Nintendo of America in my personal rankings. :)

HollowFormIchigo said:

July 4th, 12:15 am

Nice job Sony thanks for extending now I downloaded my 2 free games and the best 2d beat em up of all time Streets of Rage 2 as part of the PS + deal looks like you get to keep a happy customer

megamixer said:

July 4th, 12:20 am

This screencap (courtesy of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky) says it all:

It takes two to tango, so fellow consumers let us return a bit of faith back to Sony for righting their potential wrong.

EvoAnubis said:

July 4th, 12:26 am

You people done whining now? Bloody hell.

Grimzentide said:

July 4th, 12:28 am

Unable to see the free games in the playstation store or under services… quite annoyed..

CaptJapan said:

July 4th, 12:44 am

Don’t know if you’re aware of Operation Rainfall.
But if there’s one thing you’ve always done right Sony, it’s listen to your fans.
Unlike Nintendo.
Good job on this one Sony. You’ve kept yourself a customer.

The_TKang said:

July 4th, 1:18 am

Fans have been asking for in-game party system that allows for voice chat. It has been 2 years since people have asked for that. I’m surprised the welcome back came back on, I’d expect you guys to brush it off like the voice chat.
So when will we get the party system Jeff? Or will you ignore this question?

YerMa69 said:

July 4th, 1:18 am

GREAT JOB JEFF! And thanks for listening to the fans complaining (on a holiday weekend no less) and for Sony doing the right thing. PROMISES MADE. PROMISES KEPT.

I’ve been kicking myself all afternoon for not downloading the PlayStation Plus subscription earlier. I was able to download my free games yesterday afternoon, but due to a relative being taken to the hospital for an allergic reaction, never got around to activating the PS Plus. I was hoping to take a little solace in the PS3 this afternoon, only to get furious at myself for botching the Welcome Back Program end date.

But you’ve heard enough complaining already. Thanks again for the help Jeff. Thanks for getting the Welcome Back tab turned back on and for the peace of mind. And thanks to Sony for listening to the PS Network members. You’ve satisfied a loyal customer.


Tooldragon said:

July 4th, 1:44 am

I dont know what I clicked on, but I was trying to get the both games and suddenly they dissapear, later the message and option to choose them (welcome back) was no longer available. Can I make something to download the games? Is it a way to redeem the welcome back offer? Someone can help me?

DrkrZen said:

July 4th, 3:11 am

I owned half the games, but still appreciated the goodwill gesture you guys offered gamers… sadly, I’m part of the minority.

It went from people complaining that they should have got something for free ‘cuz a FREE service was down for a 6 week period, to whining about what the free items were… and now we have people groaning that they missed out on getting the freebies that they were whining about when they had 30 days to get ’em!

Its people like Christian399 that have made the majority of gamers whining brats. But hey, proud to be part of the aforementioned minority. I’ve been gaming with Sony for 15+ years and will continue to do so as my faith has not been shaken and my games are top quality.

djtar4890 said:

July 4th, 5:17 am

sony put the program back up snag it while you can

thanx alot got my games a hour a go

MSN991 said:

July 4th, 5:28 am

The welcome back link is not available in store i cant find it please help me i wanna use my free psn plus

i live in middle east by the way

Bubaroo said:

July 4th, 5:52 am

See? Now for those that were whining, there you go. Might I recommend not waiting until the last minute, again. Or do, then you guys would have something else to whine about. “Wait, it was up for a month, that’s it? I am way to busy in my life of virginity and lameness to stop for ten minutes to download something that was free. No, I’ll just wait until the last minute like every other knob and hope it works. DUHHH.” Lol. You guys are funny. Complaining about free stuff.

Bubaroo said:

July 4th, 5:59 am

Once again Jeff, thanks for the free stuff and ignore the children that are greedy. It was up there for a month, more then enough time. “I was waiting to activate my ps+,” shouldn’t have waited. “Can’t find it,” open your eyes and look. I had mine downloaded within the first day. Just kind of pathetic how everyone is begging for you guys to put the free stuff up longer. HAHAHA. So glad I didn’t wait.

Bubaroo said:

July 4th, 6:11 am

Nope. Grateful I was given FREE stuff. It’s called appreciation. Might be a little much for you, but look it up in a dictionary. You know what those are right? Don’t get mad at me because I have manners.

the_crochet said:

July 4th, 6:37 am

Just got extended ??? Great… Someone heard our complaints… maybe Sony has actually changed in his customer service. Great job, can finally get my PS+ month. THANKS Sony !

thegnomeishere said:

July 4th, 6:41 am

I’m glad for the free games, but there’s a problem with little big planet. I can’t figure out if there’s a way to replay your tutorials in create mode once you’ve gone through them. There was some things I forgot about that they told me. And I don’t see an option to start a new game either. Does anyone know how to do this, or am I just going to have to delete my save data to start a new game?

linkin77 said:

July 4th, 7:05 am

@ thegnomeishere

You have to chose the item you want to see the tutorial for from your goodies bag or tool bag and press square for more info, you will see option to replay the tutorial for that item.

MICHIO87 said:

July 4th, 7:19 am

Thanks to the people at Sony for the extension! I wasn’t expectinhg this and have already moved on , but I still am grateful for the act.

Now, I’m just going to move on from this….

Thank you, again!

PixaJade said:

July 4th, 7:36 am

I really am very appreciative that the program was extended. I recently moved and upon hearing that the PSN was down anyway, the PS3 wasn’t one of my top priorities in getting things situated. Between working a full time job with weekly overtime, maintaining a house, and participating in community theater at night and on weekends, I haven’t had spare time until this holiday weekend to get the system going and log in for my games and PS+. Kudos, Sony… thanks for listening.

bluecomp5 said:

July 4th, 7:58 am

My ps3 got ylod when this started, and I haven’t gotten it back yet. Is there any other way to take advantage of this offer? I really wouldn’t mind a free copy of Infamous, lol.

LiQz0r said:

July 4th, 8:07 am

I’m unable to find the Welcome Back Pack anywhere on the PlayStation Store. Whether I check the service list (which is empty by the way) or the store itself. I’m located in Europe, but I assume that this extension applies to all regions?

When the pack was first released I was able to access it, however, I didn’t download anything at the time since I wasn’t sure what to get and I didn’t expect the Welcome Back Pack to get removed this fast.

Hope anyone can help me!

FrankAndStein said:

July 4th, 8:22 am

Maybe it’s because “Welcome Back” has been extended only for US PlayStation Store?
Any official comment from Sony in this subject?

thegnomeishere said:

July 4th, 8:38 am

@355 Thanks for the help.

LiQz0r said:

July 4th, 8:42 am

@FrankAndStein Yeah, maybe, but I can’t see a reason why they would only extend the offer in a certain region unless that region has had some downtime the other regions didn’t experience (which to my knowledge hasn’t happened).

FrankAndStein said:

July 4th, 8:45 am

@LiQz0r Downtime of PSN or early closure of Welcome Back? In both cases – Europe did experience those.

pudgenet said:

July 4th, 8:48 am

First of all, thank-you Sony for doing the right thing. Like some others, we were waiting until the last minute to do the PS+ thing, so we’d get the longest time with it. You guys had said through July 3rd, and we took that as your word. Thanks again for extending it.

Second, Bubaroo, you are not fooling anyone. If you actually had manners — note, I am asserting you do not — you would not be mocking and chastising people who are rightfully complaining.

Third, bluecomp5 (and others) who don’t have their PS3, you need to log on to someone else’s PS3 with your account, pick your games, etc. No need to download them: when you get your PS3 back, they will be available in your account. But make sure you select your games all the way TO the download screen.

marcxman said:

July 4th, 8:57 am

Ok What I Dont Understand Is Why Would Playstation Give You To The 3rd of July To Claim The Free Stuff…Shouldnt It Be When You Accessed The Free Program and 30 Days After You Accessed It…I Think They Should Change That Cause I Didnt Get My Second Game And I Started It Late In The Month Of June….Be Fair To The Customers That Been WIth Yall For Years Since PS1 Like ME!!!!!

LiQz0r said:

July 4th, 9:05 am

@FrankAndStein I wasn’t aware that there was any notable difference in the downtime of PSN in the USA vs. Europe, but if there was then they should’ve stated that in the updated “Public Service Announcement”.

MSN991 said:

July 4th, 9:06 am

how do I get my free psn plus ??? i already downloaded the 2 games

yesterday and I was going to download psn plus today but i just cant get

to it and there is no link to the ‘welcome back psn ‘ please help meeeeeee

LiQz0r said:

July 4th, 9:10 am

@FrankAndStein Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you meant that PSN was down longer in the USA, hence the extension on the offer. But I still think that they should’ve stated this more clearly on the announcement.

MohdZaki said:

July 4th, 9:12 am

I am a registered PSN from before April 2011 yet I cannot find the Welcome Back Tab, also in the the XMB and under the PlayStation Network column, go to Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List> “No content was found” message appears.
Please help me so I can get the offer before it ends.

MSN991 said:

July 4th, 9:13 am

how do I get my free psn plus ??? i already downloaded the 2 games
yesterday and I was going to download psn plus today but i just cant get
to it and there is no link to the ‘welcome back psn ‘ please help meeeeeee

FrankAndStein said:

July 4th, 9:15 am

Sorry – my bad.

I’ve just ment, that in both US an UE, the “Welcome back” has been cut short.
Only US received extension of the deadline.
It seems, that you know how to fight for your right.

tfcyclops said:

July 4th, 9:23 am

Went through the process for both games and everything looked good, but no games came down for my PS3. Thought I would go back and try it again but the options for both free PS3 games disappeared…all that was left are the PSP freebies. Did I do something wrong?

ecclimber said:

July 4th, 9:26 am

Thank you Sony for extending the Welcome back package. I am very glad you corrected the mistake of taking it down early. :)

TONY-Q said:

July 4th, 9:28 am


check ur services list, the games u picked should be in there and u can download from there. (under acc management.)

StarwindTheBold said:

July 4th, 9:30 am

Good job Sony for extending the Welcome Back deal, but honestly we all had 30 days to download the free games… why did so many people wait until the day of and then complain when it’s expiring? Or complaining about the free choices? We had a month and they are FREE. Sony didn’t have to give us anything, and everyone complaing sound really ungrateful and deserve to get nothing.

I DLed mine the second day and very thankful for them.

TONY-Q said:

July 4th, 9:32 am

i downloaded as soon as they came up, only problem i had was inFamous took about an hour n a half to download.

doggyboy5555 said:

July 4th, 9:35 am

Ok the video section “on us” when is that happening? It said ths weekend but there nothing on the store … So Just wanted to know if and when that’s gonna come or not. Or if it’s just off the welcome back list now.

feveroma said:

July 4th, 9:37 am

what about Euro accounts?? how is anyone to expect a public service announcement on a Friday T __ T

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