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Jul 05

Jul 05

Qore Episode 38 – Journey, Captain America, Ted Price, No More Heroes

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

With both summer blockbusters and big time fall previews of some huge titles, July’s Episode 38 of Qore travels from the deserts of Journey to the far reaches of the Ratchet & Clank universe.

Journey for PS3 (PSN)

To start things off, Veronica Belmont explores the sand dunes of thatgamecompany’s latest game Journey. With shifting sands, different environments and a new take on co-op play, Qore travels deep into this new PlayStation Network exclusive.

Veronica also takes us behind the scenes of Insomniac Games to profile industry legend, Ted Price. Ted talks about how they got their start, how to get started in the industry and how his company is putting the final touches on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and Resistance 3.

With the blockbuster movie set for release, Captain America: Super Soldier brings the fight to the PlayStation 3. Go behind the shield for a preview of the storyline and the new fighting mechanics (including how to use that very cool shield).

Climbing to the top of the ranks of a secret association of assassins has never been as wild or as over the top in No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. With upgraded graphics, wild new bosses, and PlayStation Move support, check out this ultimate version for the PS3.

Annual Qore subscribers also receive an exclusive Journey theme and a new dynamic theme lava lamp to set the mood for another busy summer of gaming….

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BluePhenix1115 said:

July 5th, 12:40 pm

II love the new format of Qore did you change it in june? or was it like that a few months before?

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    July 6th, 6:30 am

    The new interface design was launched last month in the June episode.

Cat_Corye said:

July 5th, 12:53 pm

Sweet I love watching Qore.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

July 5th, 12:54 pm

I checked out the latest episode which I get with Plus and saw there was no download content link anymore. I felt bad for annual subscribers.

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    July 6th, 6:35 am

    The download section is only visible to Qore annual subscribers. You won’t see it in the single episode version available in PLUS.

RE_Player said:

July 5th, 1:02 pm

Very excited for this Qore. I still haven’t experienced the new format, bandwidth caps prevented me from downloading Qore, so that is my most anticipated aspect along with the No More Heroes coverage.

Mobius2525 said:

July 5th, 1:22 pm

I want to known if No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition will be coming to the us or will i have to import it?

Autoxfool said:

July 5th, 1:27 pm

Alright, one I might actually watch. :)

LovesJapanManga said:

July 5th, 1:39 pm

Awesome. I hope that we all will be able to download some exclusive goodies coming from Qore… Because when I was one of original subscribers for Qore back in when it first started. It offered plenty of goodies, but now not anymore? Is it is safe for me to assume that the subscription service is not on anymore? If that is the case, then oh well.

FfoegNosnibor said:

July 5th, 1:41 pm

@2 PS+ hasn’t been able to download anything from Qore since they released TerRover as an exclusive demo, which was also a demo exclusive to PS+.

Everyone on PS+ started complaining about exclusivity. The next month’s episode had downloads available only to annual Qore subscribers.

I don’t know why Sony made the change. I asked on the blog several times as I usually downloaded Qore only for the downloads (though I may have to check out the No More Heros preview… been waiting on this one).

Also would be interested in the answer to @4…

D-Squad3 said:

July 5th, 1:51 pm

Always good to have Qore to watch when I’m sitting around doing nothing.

D-Squad3 said:

July 5th, 1:52 pm

Wish that Ted Price would have also talked about Overstrike but I guess that’s still a long ways off.

KingLazy93 said:

July 5th, 2:02 pm

Can’t wait for No More Heroes!

TheGuardianFID said:

July 5th, 3:00 pm

Journey is gorgeous, the beta is fantastic, thank you TGC and Sony!!! 8)

KingKong80 said:

July 5th, 4:56 pm

Captain America segment?! Lame, talk about games we care about

MiiAmigo said:

July 5th, 6:33 pm

I might get this again. Journey stuff sounds enticing.

MiiAmigo said:

July 5th, 6:34 pm

Hey! My avatar is not showing… ??? ?!? WHY?

GoombaSquisher said:

July 5th, 8:00 pm

I like Qore’s new format, especially the addition of fast forward and rewind to the videos. But, I miss the section that details what Blu-rays and games come out during that month. I’m lazy and I liked having this information in one place. :P

Also, can’t wait to play Journey. Always nice to have games like Flower and Journey as a breather from all the shooters and other violent games I play.

KMA_Jackson said:

July 5th, 8:03 pm

Lava Lamp Dynamic Theme in Downloads Section gets a thumbs up….

NINTENDO2000 said:

July 5th, 8:31 pm


MiiAmigo said:

July 5th, 9:04 pm

Is the Journey theme only for Qore subscriptions or is PSPlus getting it too?

sheik_ah said:

July 5th, 10:13 pm

Veronica Belmont?!? What a cool name. It makes me think of vampires, and vampire hunters, and spooky castles and eerie music. I’m not sure why…

Kchow23 said:

July 6th, 1:01 am

Great episode! loved and would like to see more parts like the Insomniac studios feature of Qore.

lisatsunami said:

July 6th, 1:34 am

I really like your reboot of Qore. The layout is so much better and thanks for eliminating that irritating cacophony that used to pass for theme “music”. The feature on Journey is beautiful. Very impressed with the art work. And thanks for the Journey theme.

RavenSPe said:

July 7th, 2:47 am

Please bring back “What’s Hot”. Other than that I’m loving this new format and can’t wait for Journey!

Byozuma said:

July 7th, 8:50 am

Is there a difference between proper subscribers and the Welcome Back ‘subscribers’? I’ve been trying to download this episode but it doesn’t give me any options to download it. I can ‘purchase’ the episode but that’s all I can do with it.

betaswitch said:

July 7th, 11:01 pm

I can’t download it. After I accept the terms of the Plus agreement, I get sent to a blank screen. =(

EnigmaNemesis said:

July 8th, 12:01 pm

Qore subscriber here, and there was no download section in episode 37, gonna see about 38 soon.

memberop said:

July 14th, 2:16 pm

@Kevin Furuichi (In regards to his response to 3)

Greetings Kevin,

Not sure if it’s a bug / glitch in Qore, but I downloaded it (Got it via plus). The download section was / is there.
the theme’s was / is available for me to download. While 26 seems to be a subscriber, and is lacking said
download option.

memberop said:

July 14th, 2:19 pm


There needs to be an edit button. Awesome Journey theme btw.

Bioswat96 said:

July 16th, 4:01 am

Hey don’t anybody know Journey’s release date and cost?

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