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Jul 05

Jul 05

SOCOM Mobile HQ Now Available on Android Marketplace

Alex Lee's Avatar Posted by Senior Technical Product Manager, SCEA

SOCOM Mobile HQ for Android

Today we’re announcing the availability of SOCOM Mobile HQ, a free Android Application helps you stay connected to the world of SOCOM even when you’re away from your PS3.

Put your career, friends and clan in your pocket and experience the new SOCOM Challenge System available exclusively for SOCOM Mobile HQ users. Each challenge is tailored to your unique player experience, with tasks ranging from being the master tacticians by getting the job done in all online modes, building your kill-to-death ratio (KDR) or always being the guy with the assists.

SOCOM Mobile HQ for Android

SOCOM Mobile HQ keeps you connected and field ready:

  • Prove your tactical discipline and combat skills by accepting our challenges, gaining experience and badges that represent your cunning and perseverance.
  • Plan and track your advancement by studying challenge history and leaderboards. Watch your experience climb as successive rounds push you further.
  • Review your career profile to see vital SOCOM 4 stats and rank advancement potential. Compare your progress to those around you.
  • Stay in contact with SOCOM 4 news and events by accessing the official Blog.
  • Use our convenient clan and friends features to check stats and whereabouts of your friends in the PlayStation network.
  • Share your experience and progress via Facebook through our social networking feature.

The application is now available in the Android Marketplace or visit for more detailed information.

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MrPink78 said:

July 5th, 10:56 am

Pretty cool. I hope to see more stuff like this for more games.

XxEnd-LeSS713xX said:

July 5th, 11:02 am

Nice love Socom

askee360 said:

July 5th, 11:06 am

Kool, but can we get a PlayStation Network App.

DaRkS1LeNc3 said:

July 5th, 11:08 am


DaRkS1LeNc3 said:

July 5th, 11:08 am

AWESOME… downloading

Shin-Ra said:

July 5th, 11:09 am

Will these sorts of apps be PlayStation Suite apps, PS Vita compatible in the future?

remanutd5 said:

July 5th, 11:11 am

nice , can we get LBP 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse too ?

RossR89 said:

July 5th, 11:11 am

When is the iPhone app coming out? And yes, I concur: A PSN app would be great! :)

G-Force08 said:

July 5th, 11:14 am

Thats pretty sweet. Any word on when the PSN app is coming to NA as well?

NINO_23-nYc said:

July 5th, 11:18 am

No iphone app LAME!

bigredsc said:

July 5th, 11:20 am

This is a pretty cool idea. doesn’t europe have a psn app already? Hope to see it come state side sometime soon.

JaY_Ci_415 said:

July 5th, 11:21 am

For real…what’s up with the Iphone app?

FORMIK said:

July 5th, 11:25 am

This is a great idea for a community-oriented game.

I don’t think Sony would publish any iPhone apps, and considering Sony Ericcson phones run Android, I’d expect it to be the OS of choice.

A PSN app would be cool!

Chaotic_Renegade said:

July 5th, 11:26 am

cool Im downloading the app right now

KazeEternal said:

July 5th, 11:28 am

Can we expect this for Killzone 3, Starhawk, and Uncharted 3?

KazeEternal said:

July 5th, 11:36 am

Force Close on Samsung Fascinate when logging attempting to log in.

hush404 said:

July 5th, 11:43 am

…and here I thought it was a kewl new game….

ChaseHammerJ said:

July 5th, 11:43 am

what the crap. Not Compatible with my Device? a Droid 2….


Devin93 said:

July 5th, 12:16 pm

hoping to see this with more games, but this is pretty great.

Partnur said:

July 5th, 12:18 pm

Nice! Just in time for new DLC too? :)

shadysaiyanz said:

July 5th, 12:50 pm

Are we ever getting the official PSN app here in the US?

Flatline51 said:

July 5th, 12:53 pm

Cool app but when with the US get the official Playstation app like the UK has?

Rustbucket80 said:

July 5th, 1:37 pm

Great, now if you can get more than the same 50 people to play SOCOM this game would be awesome.

thaSLAB said:

July 5th, 1:46 pm

Works great on my EVO! Thanks!

For those requesting the official PSN app, it is possible to use the EU app on any phone, all you need is the .apk file. There is a 3rd party app on the Android Market (I won’t mention it by name), that is a lot better than the official app, IMO.

The-Traveler said:

July 5th, 1:52 pm

Awesome! big socom fan, and yes please make a PS Blog app!

ExPresident said:

July 5th, 1:59 pm

Um wow, it amazes me that stuff like this comes out for a game that is getting so much hate. Still no party system but hey, here’s a phone app!

Amazing…. or not.

Exalted_Knight said:

July 5th, 2:45 pm

Now Get Resistance, Killzone, MAG, Uncharted, GT5 On this ASAP!!!

zech678 said:

July 5th, 2:51 pm


T3mpr1x said:

July 5th, 3:14 pm

Can’t install this to an SD card! I have very little space left on my internal storage, but plenty on the SD card…

Sharingan_itachi said:

July 5th, 3:20 pm

I hope we can get something like this for all upcoming Sony’s first party online game.


July 5th, 4:41 pm


KingKong80 said:

July 5th, 4:53 pm

How about some more maps

Deadly-Survivor said:

July 5th, 5:58 pm

I had the first one out for socom for my website ive told dunham and roper about this long time ago lol

Deadly-Survivor said:

July 5th, 5:59 pm

T3mpr1x for android there is an app where you can move apps to SD cards !!! Look it up !!!!


July 5th, 9:04 pm

Love it, now tell the rest of sony to do the same thing.

Devin93 said:

July 6th, 12:16 am

Not working on my evo 3d, please fix.

Suzzopher said:

July 6th, 2:26 am

Is this coming to the UK? I play SOCOM a lot and would love this app, but it’s not on the UK Android Market place.

logicsquirrel said:

July 6th, 4:05 am

Hmm, would love to have an official psn app

BigBoiBalu said:

July 6th, 4:19 am

Will u come out with an ipad app ?

OrangE_KusH_SodA said:

July 6th, 5:52 am

Can you please expand to other phones then just sony brands? 0_o

gold1617 said:

July 6th, 6:40 am

iPhone app?

gold1617 said:

July 6th, 6:40 am

for GT5

GordaoPreguicoso said:

July 6th, 8:49 am

Where do we go to report issues with this app?

ski2bbad said:

July 6th, 9:07 am

It’s all fine and dandy, but how about spending time to work on a PARTY SYSTEM for the actual PS3 game? Major FAIL on that department.

mcbuttz78 said:

July 6th, 12:26 pm

nice.. I think unversail app is needed. for all phone but no worries or rushies. this great for socom 4 and the franchise a step inthe right direction.

NightHawk17 said:

July 6th, 1:27 pm

When is the US gonna get the PSN app? Europe already got theirs.

Fatique said:

July 6th, 1:44 pm

The app looks cool, I already downloaded it. Although I haven’t gotten SOCOM 4 yet. :(

GhostAce22 said:

July 6th, 3:10 pm

aww man how cool now all i need a a psn app, plz!!! :)

Creative_ae said:

July 6th, 4:35 pm

AWESOME, but we need to download it on our iOS devices !

Am so exited

TokyoKid said:

July 7th, 12:18 am

This application looks great, but it is not available in the country where my phone is (Japan) (received this message in the online store through a pc). I cannot find the app on the market place and went to the app store online.

What is the big problem with releasing this app in Japan!!!! I WANT IT!!

Oh, regarding the comment of no party system but there is an app released (i.e., Zipper is lazy or not focused on the game), Zipper is working on the party system, the app was made by Sony Entertainment.

They are different companies.

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