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Jul 07

Jul 07

PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

Ro Hernandez's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Starting Tuesday, July 12th, 11 hot PS3 games will be available for a cool 30% discount in the PlayStation Store. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to download the games at a 50% discount. We’ve got a sizzling lineup of software, including Scott Pilgrim, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game, all deeply discounted, as part of the PSN Summer Sale.

Summer Sale 2011

For one week only, escape the heat and humidity with big discounts on titles that will entertain you all summer long. Check out the full list of PS3 games that are part of this year’s PSN Summer Sale:

  • Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series (Sale price $13.99; Plus price $9.79; Regular price $19.99)
  • Chime Super Deluxe (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Dead Space Extraction (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Hard Corps: Uprising (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Risk: Factions (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Shank (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Swarm (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99) (Sale price $10.49; Plus price
    $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)

Don’t hesitate because this limited-time offer melts on July 19th, and the games will return to full price. Head on over to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday and take advantage of this season’s best deals!

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lisatsunami said:

July 8th, 1:37 am

Oh, and to Ro Hernandez, who probably stopped monitoring the blog after 1 page but I’ll say it anyway because I detest mean anonymous posters who would never have the ballz to talk that way in real life:

Ro, no reasonable person thought your reply was rude or smarta$$ or whatever that jerkwad said. One early poster made an observation about the euro blog & their mods giving more replies. I’ve read the euro blogs too. In fact, I once posted there how vastly more civil the posters are than here on the US blog. I don’t think those 2 observations are unrelated.

DragonOwari said:

July 8th, 2:54 am

Uh, Guys do you have any news on Street Fighter 3 Online??? They said this summer but i havnt heard any other news since then. ( Sorry if im off topic but that game is classic and I really want that game)

ATTILA11 said:

July 8th, 3:26 am

One question if we are going to get across game chat, are we going to get it when psVita comes out?

TheGrinch216 said:

July 8th, 3:46 am

Less than $13 bucks for Hard Corp and Swarm together huh?
I’ll be picking those up, yessir.

When does PSN get Black Ops: Annihilation though, if you don’t mind me asking? I need some Zombie paradise…..

Jootino said:

July 8th, 4:13 am

Nice! I’ll be grabbing Pac Man and Scott Pilgrim. I reccomend Shank and Hard Corps if you don’t already have it. Can anyone vouch for Back to The Future? Also I’d like to see the X-Men Arcade game go on sale, I feel like $10 is a bad price for such a simple game (compared to Streets of Rage 2 @ 4.99). Stacked and Fat Princess also should have a sale soon!.

XavierStar said:

July 8th, 4:30 am

Just a question but, can you play Scott Pilgrim vs the World online multiplayer?

brafix said:

July 8th, 5:28 am

I can’t think of anything more American than finding the best deal by buying second hand. Flea markets, garage sales, pawn shops, ebay, thrift stores, who doesn’t love to find a good bargain? I have NEVER heard anyone ever apologize for large corporations (cars, clothes, electronics, movies, houses music) losing money via second hand until now. Why are video games different?

The supreme court upheld that when you buy a copy of software, you OWN that copy of software and have full control over its use, including the right to sell, provided you destroy any backups/installs created. The PSN Pass is simply a way to skirt around the First Sale Doctrine, by lowering resale value of YOUR property.

Having no games in my library with such a pass, I hereby pledge for the future never to buy any game for my PS3 with such an anti end user gimmick, and ask that others join me, lest this WILL become the norm. Don’t be fooled, we all know where the money is going.

EggySong85 said:

July 8th, 6:24 am

I’m thinking of hopping on and picking up the BTTF game ( I like TTG after playing Sam and max), but the PSN can no longer read my credit card ever since I tried to buy Beyond Good and Evil HD. The apple app store hasn’t had any issues so I need to figure out what’s going on. There’s still plenty of money in my bank account so I don’t know what the deal is.

EggySong85 said:

July 8th, 6:28 am

I’m with you there, but there are only 2 games I Would make an exception for – although I won’t reveal their names. Resistance 3 is 100% no buy for me.

Redrizer36 said:

July 8th, 6:39 am

Can we have Section 8 on sale?

Chuckbait said:

July 8th, 6:54 am

Awesome, was hoping that Risk would eventually be 5 bucks… I’ll prob pick up SJS2 and About a Blob as well.


Thanks Sony!

Chuckbait said:

July 8th, 6:55 am

oops, typo **SJS2 was supposed to be PJS2 (pixel junk of course.)

Genomicinsight said:

July 8th, 8:29 am

Why is the PS Plus sign still next to my avatar on the Ps3 when my subscription ended on the 5th of July?

Genomicinsight said:

July 8th, 8:29 am

my free Welcome back subscription that is.

TwinDad said:

July 8th, 8:34 am

Thank you for posting advanced notice like this. I can now prepare and get a PSN card to purchase what I want.

I definitely agree that a PSP Summer sale is warranted.

exor1000 said:

July 8th, 8:46 am

This is nice and all but you know what would be better? A Ratchet and Clank collection that would contain the original ratchet and clank, Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, Deadlock, Size Matters, and maybe if you beat all of them you unlock Secret Agent Clank. If this was made i would buy it and so would a LOT of other people.

mgsnull617 said:

July 8th, 9:24 am

if the game was used 2 begin with then someone already paid the publisher for online rite? why should developers profit off multiple people….ps pass doesnt sound good but sony will give us a bitter taste like they did with plus subscription….

mgsnull617 said:

July 8th, 9:33 am

I agree X-man deal equals buy for me…..but seeing how many quarters I would pop just to play it anyway I might as well just buy….That game is friggn classic
“x.x.x xmen x x men yeah yeah” dont mind me video game music lol

FireDog42 said:

July 8th, 9:39 am

i see swarm got a price changed.

“Swarm” \\\\\\\”(Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)”////// <-old price "(Sale price $10.49; Plus price
$7.34; Regular price $14.99)" <—new price

anyone who plan on geting it from the summer sale feeling alittle disopointed?
(just asking)

theXsilentXchild said:

July 8th, 9:44 am

Well there goes the swarm downloads. More people would of probably bought it for the cheaper price. Wish someone would proof read these post before putting them up. Its like every other week sony is editing the posts.

wushukan said:

July 8th, 9:45 am

1. when will Sony admit they have ripped off everyone who has sent their YLOD machine in for repair, knowing it was sonys inept ability to use common sense that is the cause for the YLOD?

2. When was the last time a PS3 game was offered as free for Plus members?

Up until now, i have been ripped off with my plus membership, because the offerings have been for kids, nothing that i would enjoy or want to play. They seem to think it is ok to advertise plus with all these major titles in adverts, but when you buy you get that huge gut check and will not be satisfied with the offerings unless you are 15 or younger.

Also, you people are to blame, because you continue to allow sony to bend you over and insert. They are to blame for all those units that went bad due to inferior materials they used when they built them. Yet, they still want you to pay for their mistakes, and guess what. YOU allow them to get away with it.

wushukan said:

July 8th, 9:45 am

Also, on these blogs, the majority of positive responses are always from the same people, injected by sony to counter all of the negative feedback. And when you do give negative feedback, the sony mods will not answer, as if you dont matter.

So sony, if you only care about the ones who kiss your ass all the time, maybe you should just start refunding.

For all you out there who are not happy, do chargebacks with your credit card company. Check the law, you have a right to negate any purchase you are not happy with. let sony know you wont take it anymore.

Genomicinsight said:

July 8th, 9:57 am

I’ll be getting Chime Super Deluxe this Tues.

Lil_Mermaid_Girl said:

July 8th, 10:02 am

PSN Passes aren’t fair. We own two PS3’s in our house used on two TVs and both myself and my husband play games we buy on our own PSN names. So if we buy Resistance 3 and we both want to play online, we will have to buy the game and an extra PSN pass so we both can play on our own PSN names. How is that even remotely fair?

B1ack_Magic said:

July 8th, 10:15 am

Any news if this promotion will be coming to Europe? Really want the discount on Dead Space Extraction :(

TapDatApp said:

July 8th, 10:19 am

Ahh I just bought Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game after seeing the movie and now I could have gotten it for just $4.89! Oh well, the game is worth the extra money anyways :)

Lil_Mermaid_Girl said:

July 8th, 10:43 am

If developers are so worried about used game sells, they could just lower game prices 10-20 dollars after the game has been on store shelves for 3 months, since generally if you buy on Ebay you’d be saving about 10-20 on a game that has been out that long. You’re lowering the price yes, but making more money since people will be more inclined to just buy new instead of buying used since the price is very close to the used-games market’s price. This would probably cause more people to buy your game new than having a “pass” that 1. ticks people off causing less trust in your company, and 2. a lot of people will avoid those games that have the pass anyway.

Or how about a note on the back of the case “If you’re buying this used saving $5, the developer who made the game recieves nothing for the purchase”. Books have that note on some of the first pages that “if this book was sold without a cover it was sold in the black market and the author recieved no money for the purchase”. Then people might think twice about saving $5 at Gamestop on a used game.

Lil_Mermaid_Girl said:

July 8th, 10:43 am

I have nothing against putting Gamestop’s used sells out of business, but players should be able to freely sell their owned copies on Ebay or to friends, or for multiple people playing in the same house on the same PS3. You can’t tell someone that even though they bought the game new, their spouse/brother/child etc. must pay to play the game online. Think about that Sony.

Lil_Mermaid_Girl said:

July 8th, 10:51 am

Or why not give an incentitive to buy new? Something extra with a new copy of the game (even if it’s just an extra exclusive map or gun or character or whatever) and don’t let that go to any used copies.

wushukan said:

July 8th, 10:59 am

@227, great post! but that would go against their plan on making more money for nothing. besides, they want to have total control over that system you paid good money for.

it wont matter, its been shown time and time again that theres smarter people out there, and the pass wont last for long, except for those who are not aware of any bypasses that have been made.

nightstalker said:

July 8th, 11:18 am

Great so now I have to pay $70 for a game so myself and my family member who lives with me can both play online. Thanks for ****ing on people who buy new games but have more than one person who plays games in their house, which is probably a lot of people.

I buy the game, $60. Plus an extra $10 so my family member can play the game (THAT I BOUGHT NEW) on their PSN name. This is shady, shoddy tactics. You might stop a few used game sales, but you’re also punishing a lot of people who buy games new but have a family member in the same house who plays on their own name. This is BS. I’m not paying $10 more for every game because I have a family member who plays games also!!

So a parent who buys child 1 a multiplayer game will also have to spend $10 so child 2 can play online on their name, even though they ALREADY PAID THE DEVELOPER THE FULL PRICE OF THE GAME WHEN THEY BOUGHT THE GAME NEW.

Same thing for a couple who both play online. Husband buys the game, wife has to pay an extra $10 to play on her name online, even though they ALREADY PAID THE DEVELOPER THE FULL PRICE OF THE GAME WHEN THEY BOUGHT THE GAME NEW.

FireDog42 said:

July 8th, 12:10 pm

PSN+pass= anti-barrowers/anti-used game buyers. thats how i see it for the psn pass. only way i see the resean sony will do this is because they dont get any money back from people buying the game used at gamestop/eb games/Rhino’s game/any store where you can buy used games. and this is there way of geting any money from used game buyers. thats there postive. our negtive. for the people who have more than 1 system, like to barrow games from a friends to see how the gameplays works, and/or people who reather save a couple of dollars by buying it used have to pay more money just to get the online multiplayer feature of the games that uses the pass. and that will make people unhappy.

now i already talked about their negs and our pos. about if they dont used the pass. and we barrow or buy used games. but its very hard for both side to be happy and to stay happy. but its real easy for both to be unhappy (ex.not buy anything made by sony at all for a long period of time. <-using it for a example).

FireDog42 said:

July 8th, 12:10 pm

and far as the PS+ stuff goes. “beggers cant be chosers” sony hype the PS+ when it came out so they can earn money. but they didnt say what age group it was for. and if you bought the PS+ and subspecting to have games age only set for older crowd. your sadly mistaking. sony is aiming for ALL age group most likely the younger crowd because they know that hyping the PS+ at a younger crowd will make them want to buy it. and that case they put games ment for younger crowd because they know it will be easy for younger kids to get it. its alot harder to get the older crowd to get the ps+. …..(more)

FireDog42 said:

July 8th, 12:10 pm

……….(because most of them will reserch about the ps+ to see if its worth buying it). and order to get the older crowd to get the ps+. they offer discount, game trails for T-M rated games, and first accuess to betas before the rest of the public can play it. and with that they will be able to get the older crowd to buy the PS+. (like me i to fell into the discount, game trails for T-M rated games, and first accuess to betas before the rest of the public can play it stuff. and yes some games that are “free” happen to be aimed for the younger crowd. but the least i can do is ether: let my younger sister or brother play those games or boost my throphy rank alittle bit.)

now back to on topic:

some of these games i might get

duke301 said:

July 8th, 12:43 pm

OK, this seals it. I’m not buying anything anymore unless it’s on sale. The only game there that I don’t have and want is Pac-Man. Everything else, I paid for at full price. The way I see it, everything will go on sale sooner or later and I have plenty to play in the meantime.

sizzlewick said:

July 8th, 1:26 pm

ummm, Do you know if Siren: Blood Curse will ever be on sale again?

jqtaxpayer said:

July 8th, 1:34 pm

@ Everyone who doesn’t like PSN Pass:

If you refuse to buy the games that requires it, then Sony will have no choice but to re-evaluate their strategy. Personally, I’m not buying a single game that requires PSN Pass, and given that I’ve purchased like 60 PS3 games, that’s not an insignificant assertion.

I can play Killzone 3 forever… I don’t need Resistance 3. Killzone’s better anyway. Of course, maybe I’m alone here. I hear a lot of people complaining about Call of Duty’s lack of improvement across their annual installments, but then I see that each one outsells the one before it. Trouble is, most of the people who complain about this stuff operate on impulse, and find it impossible to muster the insignificant amount of self-control that it would take to avoid buying a video game when they’re clearly getting screwed over.

jqtaxpayer said:

July 8th, 1:35 pm

[continued from post 237]

Personally, I’m tired of Sony. I’ve been absurdly loyal to this company, particularly after the security breach and all, and what do I get? Well, each day I get a unique display of bad faith. I’m not going to throw my PS3 out the window or anything, but I’m certainly not supporting PSN pass, and if it so happens that all games will require it? Well, c’est la vie… I’ll stop buying games altogether. I’ve already got plenty, after all.

jqtaxpayer said:

July 8th, 1:38 pm

@231: Yep, that more or less sums it up. Sony has found a way to charge for PSN while claiming it’s free. The funny thing is, if each game should require PSN Pass, hardcore gamers will find themselves paying SUBSTANTIALLY more than the $50 (give or take) that the Xbox gamers pay per year for Xbox Live — which, I might add, actually runs much more smoothly and (obviously) securely than PSN. Hopefully Sony has the common sense to at least put the proceeds from their latest swindle towards an upgrade.

DazeOfWar said:

July 8th, 3:38 pm

One thing I think is nice about the PSN pass is that I won’t have to listen to many of you, not all but some, complainers when I’m playing. I buy many games new so this does not bother me. I do see how it sucks for the people with multiple users on one system. I don’t have to worry about that myself since my wife doesn’t play games and the kids are to little for online.

If it bothers people so much just wait till the price drops or find it on sale. I picked up Alice: Tha Madness Returns for $35 last week. I found ME2 on EA’s site for $32 new. A good site to watch for deals is cheapassgamer.com. I do buy games used but it’s usually when they are really cheap or deals like B2G1 free.

Sony does have it’s flaws, which mainly come from the blog, but I don’t see the online pass as something terrible. It’s just something that will get people looking better for deals.

Juststeveplease said:

July 8th, 4:08 pm


MalachiRuffy said:

July 8th, 7:41 pm

Back to the future, Pixel Shooter 2, HardCorps, About a blob, And then borderlands for $15. Damn I’m broke

potatoboy8 said:

July 8th, 9:31 pm

@$#*! my ps3 got the yellow line of death! YESTURDAY! june 7th and now this has to happen to me NOW!!! i dont have $150 dollars to pay to send my ps3 to Sony and recieve in 3 weeks! My summer amost would be gone by then! i put an idea in the idea box for ya guys to lower the price of YLOD repair fix thingy today. hope you respond to this maybe discount LOL! :(

potatoboy8 said:

July 8th, 9:32 pm


potatoboy8 said:

July 8th, 9:38 pm

ohh and when you said it melts on the 19th well thats good because something melted in my ps3 causing it not to work ME SADY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dlowbhb said:

July 9th, 12:07 am

I hope they dont start doing the online pass thing because its just not agood idea we already spend enough money buying multible PS3’s because they make so cheap after a year or so they wear out.Not that it will hurt me cause i buy all my games new but that would suck for alot of your customers.For those of you who PS3’s get the YLOD or the many other reasons that it stops working whenever you by a PS3 get a WARRANTY.

rabidninjamonky said:

July 9th, 2:00 am

Almost got hardcorps uprising last week for $15. Glad I waited. Now i get hardcorps and deadspace extraction for $14.68!! By the way i bought fancy pants adventures a couple weeks back when it was $5. That was probably the best $5 i’ve ever spent. Anybody that likes platformer games needs to buy it, so we can get a sequel.

Spiral-INfinity said:

July 9th, 9:10 am

Blob, Future, Chime, Pilgrim All will be purchased on Tuesday

potatoboy8 said:

July 9th, 11:06 am

@246 HEY IVE HAD IT for 4 years and i think i got the warranty if i did its expired by now, plus im not rich. I got it when it came out it was $500 or $400 dollars i didnt have an extra $100 dollars or $150 SO GREAT COMMENT!!!!!

potatoboy8 said:

July 9th, 11:10 am

anyone else wanna try to say something stupid or useful ANYTHING IS EXCEPTED EXCEPT ABOUT NUMBERS AND APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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