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Jul 07

Jul 07

PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

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Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Starting Tuesday, July 12th, 11 hot PS3 games will be available for a cool 30% discount in the PlayStation Store. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to download the games at a 50% discount. We’ve got a sizzling lineup of software, including Scott Pilgrim, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game, all deeply discounted, as part of the PSN Summer Sale.

Summer Sale 2011

For one week only, escape the heat and humidity with big discounts on titles that will entertain you all summer long. Check out the full list of PS3 games that are part of this year’s PSN Summer Sale:

  • Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series (Sale price $13.99; Plus price $9.79; Regular price $19.99)
  • Chime Super Deluxe (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Dead Space Extraction (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Hard Corps: Uprising (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Risk: Factions (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Shank (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Swarm (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99) (Sale price $10.49; Plus price
    $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)

Don’t hesitate because this limited-time offer melts on July 19th, and the games will return to full price. Head on over to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday and take advantage of this season’s best deals!

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potatoboy8 said:

July 9th, 11:14 am

@246 once i get my ps3 fixed 1v1 qs war mw2 how bout that HEHE!!!

PirateHarlock said:

July 9th, 3:10 pm

[DELETED] is wrong with you marketing clowns at sony? Yes I’m talking about this psn pass garbage. Do you really think your fooling anyone? Calling used games “immoral” and “robbing developers”, thats just idiotic in the extreme. Nobody is stealing from you marketing trolls. People who buy used games are paying customers not theives, criminals or terrorists. Get that through your think skulls already. Devs, Publishers, And sony all got their cut when the game sold NEW! Really its time the bunch of you maketing monkeys got a clue of how the real world works. The the rest of us do our work get paid for our work ONCE and if we want more money we must do more work plain and simple. Online passes are a ripoff no IF’s AND’s or BUT’s. You don’t see Ford, GM, or Toyota screaming THIEF at people buying used cars. And that house your living in, unless you had it built then you bought it USED! SHOCK HORROR! by your own twisted logic that would make you an IMMORAL THIEF then doesn’t it cause after all you robbed contracters and land developers out of their profits.

dlowbhb said:

July 9th, 6:57 pm

@potatoboy I wasnt trying to start a arguement i was just saying.Plus you didnt state that you have had it that long so how would i know.Dang 4 years you doing good,i have 3 PS3’s and only one has worked past 5 months so i would be happy if mine lasted that long instead of having to go through all the BS just to get it fixed.

potatoboy8 said:

July 10th, 8:11 am

@dlowbhb ok, sorry, wanna add each other once i get my ps3 fixed?Tell which games you have but im not going to be able to add you (if you want) in 7 or less weeks:(

potatoboy8 said:

July 10th, 8:20 am

i have a ps3 fat not slim. just sayin :)

PimblyCharles said:

July 10th, 10:13 am

@CyberMeerkat on July 7th, 2011 at 9:24 am said:
im not very happy with sony i just made a United states psn account and i live in the uk and you guys get much better stuff you have a better ps plus catalog you have much more free games and themes its unfair yet ps3 sells more in the europe.

That’s entirely debatable and in my opinion not true. I always thought Europe has had much better PS Plus support & content along with lots of games before we get them. This is an extreme example, but look at Beyond Good & Evil HD. You all, in Europe, had it for a month or so before we finally got it here in the States. Take a look at your Home content and then look at ours. You have FAR better Home support & content. Heck, even the game selection offered for the Welcome Back Program was better for y’all. Again though, I suppose this is all subjective. Not everyone has the same tastes in games.

G1_Burgertime said:

July 10th, 1:08 pm

Oh come on! I JUST bought Pac-Man yesterday and didn’t find out about the tuesday sale until today. Wish you guys would discount money back to those of us who bought stuff within a week of a sale like many big box stores do.

Kikowz said:

July 11th, 1:00 am

Pixeljunk Shooter 2 YEAH! got 100% on the first yesterday…

dlowbhb said:

July 11th, 7:17 am

@potatoboy I have 70 games so im pretty sure i got something you got.Send me a request when you get it back.

FireDog42 said:

July 11th, 11:04 am

my psn friends are going to hate me and this. they payed full prices on all of these games on this list. and im geting them %50 off! :-)

DeathGazer said:

July 11th, 12:56 pm

PS+ comes through again.

IsraelCommander said:

July 11th, 2:42 pm

that pac man dx, is a great game try the demo.

popandog said:

July 12th, 12:35 am

how come the prices are not yet updated? come on sony, update the prices already. got $20 to spare. :)

Nano1124 said:

July 12th, 4:29 am

YES a sale!Would there be anything more added to the summer sale?

potatoboy8 said:

July 12th, 8:33 am

@dlowbhb 30 games for me but one question, are you fully added

axneck said:

July 12th, 8:47 am

What time of day does this sale go live? I’m in the US (EST) and it’s almost noon, but no price change yet.

Cancerebro said:

July 12th, 8:57 am

Well? Has the prices changed yet? I can’t check it right now.

Genomicinsight said:

July 12th, 11:04 am

They usually update it in the later part of the afternoon.

kingsting5150 said:

July 12th, 11:50 am

i have 2 things i’d like to know… 1. is sony planning on giving us a way to get older psn games and 2. will we be seeing more psone classics like tekken 3 , n4s and mortal kombat trillagey?

kingsting5150 said:

July 12th, 11:52 am

any word on RE4 HD?

dlowbhb said:

July 12th, 1:35 pm

@patatoboy Fully added to what?

TheZedWord said:

July 12th, 1:55 pm

You have me hook, line and sinker Sony. I’m sitting here with $50 in my wallet just waiting for these sales to go live, so do me a favor and put these out asap :D

dlowbhb said:

July 12th, 2:06 pm

Im bored where is everybody need some comments to read thats about PS3 topics.Just got a new ps3 and im transfering all my save data and things from one ps3 to the other and it takes about 4 to5 hours,And i dont feel like doing anything else unless its playstation talk.

TheZedWord said:

July 12th, 3:07 pm

Looks like it’s gone live everybody. Just got 8 awesome games that were on my wish list for the price of one retail game, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Sony! ^_^

DeVeAn said:

July 12th, 4:16 pm

Okay, thought I would pop here and gives my 2 cents.

Japanese Store is far more appealing to the eye art design wise. US Store Icons don’t look as nice. Also the PSP selection is unbelievably better. They have Mega Man Powered up for example.

The Psone selection is the same much better. More content overall. Last bit is you have to make better sales. So many games at retail waaay cheaper are full price on the PSN, also killing the comics service is sad for those you invested in it I would be VERY upset.

THE-Young-IRISH said:

July 12th, 6:34 pm

Thanks PS3 for the best game play

HaVoK308 said:

July 12th, 7:35 pm

Argh…Just bought Pixel Junk Shooter 2 last week! Oh well…still gonna pick up Pac Man Championship Edition and Scott Pilgrim with my Plus discount. If I did not already have Shank on XBLA I would be getting it as well. Great games here!

Gammazan said:

July 12th, 7:41 pm

I love how this started right after the steam summer sales, these are bad games anyways, all but pac man

DPsx7 said:

July 12th, 8:04 pm

Now how is that fair? PSN goes down and we know that story. The welcome back package shows up, offering all old games I bought a while ago. As a side feature they throw in 30 days to PSN+. I watched the entire time waiting for new material to show up, maybe SOMETHING to make the trial worthwhile. Only NOW do they add new games? Yeah thanks a lot Sony. It’s bad enough I had to refuse the entire welcome package since we can’t keep the free PSN+ games and I owned the other freebies on disc, but then you rub it in by ending the offer right before putting up a 50% off sale. I think they should be 50% off for everyone. Leave PSN+ on the side until something good can be done with it that doesn’t require a constant subscription to prevent losing all our content.

DPsx7 said:

July 12th, 8:13 pm

Oh, and to those complaining about the pass, it’s not really THAT big a deal. See, just do as I do. Wait a month or two, the games will drop in price guaranteed. Sometimes a sale will be found sooner. This is how you get a new game for $30 and still get all the perks of a new copy. If I can get 2 or 3 games for the same $60 why would I ever buy a title near a launch? I save money, try more games, the devs can’t deprive me of features since it’s still unused (and I’m not opposed to buying used if the deal is good enough), it’s win win. Finally I don’t require all my games to work online anyway. For $20 an offline game is just as good.

Accuracy158 said:

July 12th, 9:29 pm

I love PlayStation but I just spent over 200 dollars on Steam sales. These sorts of deals will never come anywhere remotely close to that.

Tarkona said:

July 13th, 9:08 am

1) This selection isn’t all that good.

2) the online pass is rediculous. Thanks EA for starting this trend.

We all know this is just pure greed. This is an multi-billion$ industry and you’re worried about the used game market? I buy both new and used games and this move is making me consider buying only used from now on. I stopped buying EA games when they announce this at E3 last year.

You are alienating your core fanbase by implementing the pass. I’ve owned 3 of each system you’ve put out to date except the PS3 since my first 1 still works. $60+ for an game that my 6 yo can beat in an afternoon is insane. I know prod costs go up, but considering 10 years ago we could get a game for $50 or less and it took days or even weeks to beat, that price is still hard to swallow.

It really enrages me that games have DLC that costs $10-15 for ON LAUNCH DAY. It makes me feel even more3 ripped off, especially since most games these days are medicore at best.

Tarkona said:

July 13th, 9:17 am

Just think about how hard many of us have to work to buy your products. The state of the economy makes me less willing to pay top dollar for 2nd rate gameplay. Just look at how many people are already threatening to leave the Sony brand behind because of this. You’ve really screwed the pooch this generation and many of us have been supportive regardless and this is how we are thanked for our continued support?

We all know that you are a business and a business is designed to make money, but if you piss off enough of your loyal fanbase, you are only gonna hurt yourselves in the end. We have other choices for our gaming and entertainment needs and you are making even Microsoft look good. (Which is no small feat.) I hate MS but you are making me consider getting a 360 and never spending another penny on your products.

Just to give you an idea of how much money you’ve made from me just on PS products alone, I’ve had 3 PS1s, 3 PS2s, 3 PSPs and 1 PS3 and have had an average of 70-80 games per system. As much as I want a Vita, I am considering getting a 3DS instead now beacuse of the online passes.

mrdeadhead said:

July 13th, 12:10 pm

30% off on PSN… 75% off on Steam…

either way, i’m getting Scott Pilgrim, and calling it a day.
i love that game.

DVD-esperto said:

July 13th, 8:18 pm

Please, we want some discount on big games, like: borderlands, assassins creed, mass effect 2…. These summer sale games arent interesting.

donkey4200 said:

July 15th, 12:43 am

i been getting messages saying if isend the same message 2 all of ur friends . u recive free ops 120 in credit. true or not
game &

archangel38834 said:

July 16th, 2:53 pm

i aint being rude but dont yall think there should be more than arcade games on a summer sale

herdis21 said:

July 17th, 1:36 pm

be Cool DON’T BE A JERK.

gamer-plan-b said:

July 20th, 10:42 pm

LOL @ herdis21

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