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Jul 11

Jul 11

Wary of Long-Term Commitment to Catherine? Try the Demo First!

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

No one wants to get tied down to a game purchase they can’t stand to live with. Right, PlayStation Blog friends? Of course not.

Even when you read up on what a potential game mate has to offer, even when you read previews or an early review or two, you’re still left wondering: is this the game for me? Will it satisfy my gamer needs? Will it leave me feeling complete?


That’s why we’re so excited to reveal that tomorrow (7/12), we’ll be releasing a demo for our upcoming game that explores of the psychology and horror of relationships, commitment, and love—Catherine. What exactly is the game’s story? What kind of play style can you look forward to? All such questions and likely many more will be answered with the demo. And all you have to do is download it and play!

The demo will take you through the opening hour or so of the game, learning about Vincent (the protagonist) and his life. Catherine is all about its story and characters; the fact that you’ll meet Vincent, his girlfriend, and his close circle of buddies in your short time with the demo should give you a great idea of what to expect in the full game. And then there are the nightmares… You’ll have to contend with a couple of those. The experience should give you an idea of just how much stress Vincent deals with throughout the game. And just how much fun you’re in store for if you opt to pick a copy up.


We’re also thrilled to start teasing glimpses of the finished goodies to be found inside the limited run “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition available at select retailers. You know, the one with the t-shirt, boxers, and pillowcase taken directly from or inspired by elements in the actual game? The one that even gets its packaging into the “straight from the game” act by bundling everything together, including the game, in a collectible pizza box emblazoned with the logo of the bar Vincent and his friends frequent in the game. Yes, that one.


Catherine lands in a store near you on July 26th, and of course, the aforementioned demo hits a couple weeks earlier on July 12th (tomorrow!). Be sure to pre-order (either the regular or deluxe version) from a participating retailer to guarantee you receive the free artbook and soundtrack CD combo.

Think the demo won’t answer every last question? Interested in seeing even more of Catherine? Have you ever pondered the meaning of life? Good news! ATLUS PR Manager Aram Jabbari (that would be me) will be visiting PlayStation Blog HQ this week, looking to address two of the three aforementioned outstanding items and also to answer as many of your questions as possible, so ask away in the comments section and be sure to check back soon for more Catherine awesomeness!

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TheTwelve said:

July 12th, 9:41 am

This will be one of the most downloaded demos in PSN history.


TheGrimHeaper said:

July 12th, 9:49 am

To everyone complaining about a large size shirt:

Just shrink the damn thing and leave it at that.

PaganNyte said:

July 12th, 10:57 am

Is this like a virtual dateing game? I may have to demo it when the wifes out, so I don’t get smacked.

xBarritx said:

July 12th, 12:25 pm

That’s so unfortunate about the lack of dual audio, but I was kinda expecting that answer :( NISA sure has me spoiled with their dual audio releases. From the English videos I’ve seen so far, I have to admit that Vincent, Catherine, and Katherine’s seem pretty well done. Jonny’s really does not fit at all though in my opinion. Maybe the demo will help me decide, but unfortunately I think I’ve already seen all of those scenes in English.

GalloCMSV said:

July 12th, 12:43 pm

Hey Aram!

First of all, super excited for this game and can’t wait to try the demo. But the reason behind my message is to ask you if you know anything about a sequel to Persona 4. I love that series and would love to see a persona game on ps3!!! Any info would be appreciated.

Buchi1324 said:

July 12th, 12:48 pm

lol just preorder it online if you “embarrassed to pick it up tho i wouldnt see why i cant wait for the game looks freaking awesome been following it for months glad it came to the US was worried it wouldnt at first thanks guys cant wait to play

station3fever said:

July 12th, 12:49 pm

my comment is waiting moderation????
never seen that but ok???
thanks again :)

marlyt said:

July 12th, 1:02 pm

@ Aram

I only want this game if it’s in a language I don’t speak. Since it’s not in the native Urdu language…sorry NO BUY!!! By the way, I’m stupid.

LuVjHoNiSPINOY said:

July 12th, 1:04 pm

I’m intrigue by this game, is this like those SIM games where you have to interact to NPCs *answer their question the right way* to get a 100% ending and puzzle experience? or is it just like those typical puzzle games, where every mission is just full of puzzle and question answering type?

magdix5 said:

July 12th, 1:21 pm

hi, when does the store update?

Rarutos said:

July 12th, 1:24 pm

Thank you Aram and Atlus for giving me the opportunity to play Catherine in English! While I do generally prefer Japanese voices, I do generally think that your dubs are great! So I’m sure I’ll enjoy it either way. (Although I am a huge fan of Sawashiro Miyuki, so it’s shame I won’t be able to hear her in this game.)

Also, definitely looking forward to Persona 2: Innocent Sin later this year as well! Thanks for continuing to support the PSP despite it’s supposed lack of market, it really needs it! So many great games are seemingly being skipped because of that, and I’m glad Persona 2 isn’t one of them!


July 12th, 1:43 pm


LMFAO!!! Wow that was so funny!! You make a great point!

marlyt said:

July 12th, 2:11 pm

@ 115 –I don’t get some people.

If anyone else cares–the store has not updated yet, BUT if you search “Catherine Demo” in the store U CAN DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! Hooray!!

greyfeast said:

July 12th, 2:27 pm

@Aram: thanks for taking the time to reply. Since you asked me a question, I’ll comment once more. Yes, I do understand a moderate amount of Japanese, that’s why I enjoy the option for original audio so much, but I can’t read kanji, hiragana, katakana very well so playing an import is a bit of a chore unless there’s a repeat button on everything to make sure I can follow what’s being said. I don’t think you need to speak the language to appreciate it though. Like I said, for many people it’s similar to watching a foreign movie with subtitles. We just want to experience the story and characters as they were originally intended. It’s not a criticism of the English dubbing (at least not in this case) in any way. I guess I’ll be getting the import when I can get around to it… but in the future I really hope you guys keep the Japanese audio as an option. btw I do enjoy many of your releases! Not everything needs to have dual audio, I just think something with this much dialogue should.

Jin_Kusanagi said:

July 12th, 3:26 pm

Hmm…I think I shall may try this demo


July 12th, 5:46 pm

I played the demo, and I LOVE IT! There were things that need to be known before buying. I know this is a DEMO but I have some questions:

1. Can I fix the screen ratio to fit by TV screen?
2. The volume was pretty low when in some cut screens, sometimes the volume got high…will the volume be consistent?

FearMonkey said:

July 12th, 6:02 pm

Aram – As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog and other places, I am not getting this game without a Japanese dialogue option. I am not a native Japanese speaker, so I’m not importing it as I’ll have no idea what’s going on. I understand that the game takes place in an American city, but I *prefer* to hear the original voice cast. As someone else here commented, it’s the same for movies. In regards to the voice-acting, you say you have a great cast, but you have Troy Baker as Vincent and he sounds just like Troy Baker. Everything he’s in he sounds like Troy Baker. I am *SICK* of hearing Troy Baker. Get some other voice-actors for these games. He was Snow in FFXIII and he was terrible in that too. I am also not a fan of Laura Bailey. She was Serah in FFXIII. Ugh. The little I’ve heard of the English voice-acting doesn’t appeal to me at all. However, I am going to download and try the demo.

Falaut said:

July 12th, 6:09 pm


Just played the demo, wow, I didn’t know this game was so good. My GF came into the room and got drawn right into it.

On a more serious note, I know its been killed to death, but Atlus…Japanese Dialogue option would of been king, and you would have another sale on your hands. Fact of the matter is parity, and I understand that to a particular degree. You can’t have a PS3 version with dual language option and then have the box’s version with one due to space constraints.

I know people like me are rather niche, but not having that option on my PS3 results in this just being plane jane multiplat, and those get picked up used. Sorry Atlus.

StygianOverlord said:

July 12th, 6:31 pm

I’ll add a 3rd question to DZORMAGEN’s comment. It’s just a minor annoyance.

Is there a way to turn off subtitles in the retail version? I couldn’t find the option in the demo and I find the subtitles kinda distracting since I like to pay attention to the art and look for all the subtleties in it. I know demos are usually stripped down compared to the retail version. Almost every game gives us that option so I’m pretty sure Catherine does, right? …Right?

P.S. Thanks for bringing us this amazing game. I’m sure I will love it just as I do most Atlus products. I see a lot of bickering in every update about including the Japanese audio. I just want you guys to know that I’ve been a fan since Digital Devil Saga in 2005 and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the localization for any Atlus title. I can tell you guys give 110% when localizing these games and as a fan I love you guys for that.

DJNorthSky said:

July 12th, 7:28 pm

Thank you so much for the demo. It was really good to try it out. I have a few questions for you Aram. Are Atlus and From Software planning any more games in the near future? You both have brought us some great ones (sorry that you guys aren’t doing the next Demon’s Souls). Will Atlus be bringing RPGs to us? I knowthere was talk that Catherine is the prelude (engine wise) to the next Shin Megami title. I’m sad because it seems like turn based rpgs are dead on consoles. In fact, Persona 4 and Lost Odessey were the last turn based games i remember playing on a console. Thanks for listening and I hope to receive answers.

DJNorthSky said:

July 12th, 7:34 pm

Also, you lots of these people posting about the language need help. A game is a game. The language it comes in should be the least of your worries but lots of you are putting it as number one on your list. Yes it looks to be dialogue heavy but are you really just going to buy a game cause you get to listen to it in another language. I don’t care if the game is in English or Aramaic. Give me a good story and some awesome game play that doesn’t get boring after two hours and I’ll be happy. Oh yeah, sone subtitles would be nice! Specially if it’s in Aramaic! Ha

Jedah_PR said:

July 12th, 7:47 pm

I’m pretty sure the only reason this game didn’t get dual audio japanese/english VA it’s because this game is multiplat, so we all have to thank the 360’s old DVD format for this one… and many others.

I have to agree that after playing the demo, I really found Vincent & Catherine VA’s to be very annoying…Laura Bailey was a terrible choice as Catherine. She doesn’t sound like a seductress at al; like she’s suppose to be.

Laura Bailey sounds like an annoying 13 year old girl you just want to punch in the face, just to have her shut up.

I guess it’s Katherine for me then…Sad Panda.

jose213jose said:

July 12th, 9:04 pm

embarrassed to pick Catherine up in store. Why would anyone be, it funny and cool looking game. And i want to know if there will be download version of this too? I would go out to the store to get it then buying it online and shipment gets lost or something. Happen to me 10 times before and i would choose to download in dital version then disk copy. anyway please asap let know me if there going to be download version okay.

WeatherMan said:

July 12th, 10:07 pm

ATLUS I know its off topic but what I have been hearing that Dark Souls is the sequel to Demon Souls so why is Namco Bandi the publisher and not you? Did you sell the IP to Namco Bandi? or are you working together on the game? I was just really confused to find out one of my all time favorite RPG is not going to be made by the company who made the first one. Not really thrilled to see anything go to Namco Bandi they have a habit of breaking sequels on the consoles. Example being making Ace Combat 6 for the xbox only even though all of the other games were on the Playstation how stupid is that.

SpeedRacerTurbo said:

July 13th, 1:07 am

I barely knew about this game and now after playing the demo MY MIND IS BLOWN!!! I must pre order this so I can get more fun crazy gameplay in. It took things I love and made them soooooo PANDA!!! hahaha WAY TO GOOOOO ATLUS!!!!!

rochha said:

July 13th, 8:07 am

I was expecting a relationship game, but its like a puzzle game. Is this good for your brain? because it took me awhile to move all them blocks around, makes me feel stupid.

jose213jose said:

July 13th, 10:00 am

I hope my question gets answer soon about it having download. No place i go to don’t has this game as pre-order and it all says no more lefft.

Clockwerk322 said:

July 13th, 10:32 am

Hey Mr. Aram, any news for us about the upcoming The Cursed Crusade? Isn’t it coming out this year? Please share some details about the co-op aspect of the game when you visit the PS Blog HQ….thanks :)

mrdeadhead said:

July 13th, 12:19 pm

so it’s a dating sim? what?

StygianOverlord said:

July 13th, 5:50 pm

So I found the subtitle option. Just pause the game. Of course! What dummy couldn’t figure that out? >.>

dokoganryu said:

July 13th, 7:57 pm

Unfortunately you’re right in that this does indeed seem to be the case here. If they aren’t using the full capabilities of my console and its file format, and are more interested in limiting the game’s options in order to pander to other console users, then I see no reason to support them myself; in fact, it puts me off the purchase. It’s not a question of a simple language option; it’s about the opportunity to the play the game in its original language and what it was envisioned in. Would you watch the Seven Samurai in English dub, or a dubbed Amelie? The fact that you’re not even getting the option is therefore inexcusable.

bentl78 said:

July 14th, 12:06 am

I Think part of the reason why the japanese voice over is not in the game is due to it being on the “other platform”.. if they wanted to fit all the voices on dvd.. it will prob have to be more than 1 disc.. which wont make sense.. making it only available on the ps3, will mean, redoing menus and a lot more coding required… not sure if that’s the case.. but just a guess.. i for one studied japanese for 2 years.. can hold a conversation, and can read some hiragana, and kanji.. but would rather play it with english subs, so i can 100% understand what is going on.. if i play the imported version, sometimes i wont get everything… :( oh well.. too bad.. i guess i’ll have to settle for the english vo..

Eileithyia said:

July 14th, 11:38 pm

for those of you who want the Japanese voice with English sub title. wait might be your best option. Sometime(not always), some games will release an Asia version with jp voice and Eng sub later after the US released the game.

TJF588 said:

July 15th, 4:14 pm

@85 – Wow, a Catherine* cameo in P3P? Noice. And I agree, it would be cool if that could be worked in, maybe as part of a DLC or somethin’ (if you guys have any say-so in that).

Anyway, I, for one, would probably never play with the Japanese audio track. Typically, a dub would have to be pretty damn bad for me to immediately choose the original language over English, and even afterwards, I’d likely only watch something in the original language for curiosity or comprehensiveness’s sake. Unless I’m watching what my friends are showing me, since they more often than not opt for the original audio. (But, maybe, there could be a DLC that incorporates it back in? IIRC, Dynasty Warriors 7 had one, though I don’t know how involved the visuals are with their dialogue.)

Also wanna express the concern brought up in post 119: Some of the dialogue is very quiet, usually in real-time cutscenes. Most recently encountered this problem with the male characters in Princess Tutu, too.

*Pretend there are italics there.

FearMonkey said:

July 16th, 12:08 pm

@135 – I don’t think that should have anything to do with it. If it won’t fit on a single DVD, they could have a downloadable language track like Ubisoft had for Naruto: Rise of a Ninja.

It also can’t be because licensing the track is too expensive. If NIS America, a much smaller company than Atlus, can afford the Bleach audio track, then Atlus should be able to afford the audio track for a game they themselves own overseas.

There is simply no excuse for a lack of a Japanese language track.

Solid_Fish36 said:

July 16th, 8:41 pm

Every game I play if there’s a subtitle option I turn it on immediately. And as a fan of japanese animes and such I would love an option for japanese language with subtitles. But dubbing it was for the best because not everyone is a fan of japan. Plus, the dubbing isn’t that bad it’s usually horrible.

Jedah_PR said:

July 16th, 9:59 pm

Like some posted, I moved my $10 from the deluxe version of this game to WKC2 & Arkham City 2.

I made my consumer decision in not supporting a game with such terrible VA’s, and Atlus incompetence in not going dual audio just for the “other” console.

I guess I’ll eventually rent this game further down the road, or check if the Hong Kong version is truly original Japanese voice with English subs.

Sorry Atlus you lost a sale & a fan.

CitizenThom said:

July 19th, 1:13 am

If the only way you can enjoy a game is to have it in Japanese, then order the Japanese version of the game. Not that complicated. Dual audio would be a nice ‘bonus’ but it’s hardly a core game mechanic required to make a game enjoyable. I can appreciate stands on principle, but not when the principle being stood on is a silly one.

animekitty11 said:

July 26th, 9:06 am

I am really disappointed there is no Japanese voices. I would import it but I cant read Japanese… Anyways I have an important question. Will Vincent’s boxer be up for sale? I REALLY WANT THEM *_*

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