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Jul 12

Jul 12

MLB 11 The Show Predicts the 2011 All-Star Game!

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It’s that time of year again…Major League Baseball’s Midsummer Classic, where the best and brightest stars will battle it out for bragging rights and home-field advantage in the World Series. For this year’s prediction, we’ve tapped the top-rated, most authentic resource available – MLB 11 The Show. What did we find out? After simulating tonight’s 2011 All-Star Game, the win will go to the National League All-Stars, who will make it two in a row after a 13-year winless streak, hanging on to beat the American League by a score of 5-3 at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here’s a look at some highlights from the game. A sneak peak was also posted on ESPN.com yesterday…

As you can see, Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez opened the scoring with an RBI single, but the National League wasted little time in re-taking the lead behind an RBI single from Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun’s solo homer. Pitching on both sides dominated the middle innings, until the bottom of the sixth when the NL loaded the bases, and Colorado’s Troy Tulowitski cleared them with a booming double. Still, the 5-1 lead was far from secure. The AL chipped away behind RBIs from reserves Asdrubal Cabrera and Michael Young. Though the AL would bring the tying run to the plate in both the eighth and ninth innings, the National League’s bullpen would hold fast, with Atlanta’s Jonny Venters nailing down the final out for the victory.

With two hits and three RBIs, Tulowitski took home MVP honors. Justin Upton, the D’backs lone representative, made his hometown fans proud with a single and a nice running catch late in the game.

This was the ninth time in the last ten years that the All-Star game was decided by two runs or less, and this time, the National League had just enough to win the battle of baseball’s best.

MLB 11 The Show is the top-rated, most authentic baseball game available. Find out tonight if our prediction was accurate.

Enjoy the game!

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GoodFella2487 said:

July 12th, 8:10 am

Reyes is the only reason I would have watched the All Star game, and he’s out =/

Benmo316 said:

July 12th, 8:23 am

As long as the NL wins I’ll be happy, even though deciding home field advantage at an exhibition game is bs, that’s another story.

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    July 12th, 10:46 am

    Yea, I kind of agree, not a fan of home-field in the WS being decided this way, it’s too important…

tacotaskforce said:

July 12th, 8:23 am

So how accurate was the MLB 10 prediction?

Dante989 said:

July 12th, 8:42 am

This year is gonna suck…. too many players have backed out of this years game. I’m sorry, but unless you have an injury, Reyes and A-Rod (who had surgery). You should play.
It seems as if the importance of the game, deciding home field advantage for the WS, isn’t important to these guys anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if this type of action carried over the next few years with players dropping out and baseball finally realizing they can’t have this game decide home field for the WS.
But I don’t see why the NL can’t win this and go 2 in a row.

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    July 12th, 10:48 am

    How bout Jeter not playing? As a Yankee fan, it’s a bit of a head scratcher. MLB isn’t happy about it either…

Latin_Player_10 said:

July 12th, 9:24 am

Yeah, Ryan Braun!, Go Brewers!

SalMoriarty said:

July 12th, 9:52 am

I liked how the guy at the Home Run Derby had no clue how to use the move controller. He was thoroughly heckled at least in my section.

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    July 12th, 10:49 am

    Ah, so you saw the Move integration, huh? How did it look on the field and on the jumbotron?

JaY_Ci_415 said:

July 12th, 10:23 am

Let’s go NL! Way to represent this year, Giants! Hopefully Wilson get’s to pitch at least an inning. Timmy, Cain and the others probably won’t play except for Panda. Regardless, Go Giants!!

M-Easy said:

July 12th, 10:42 am

You should post the box score. I want to see if the Panda got into the game. And why the heck didn’t The Beard close the game out.

    Eric Levine's Avatar

    Eric Levine said:

    July 12th, 10:50 am

    That’s a fair request. I’ll have to check and see if we still have the info. If not, there’s always next year!

Hooligantuan said:

July 12th, 10:54 am

Ha ha haha, Pandas and Jeters and Beards, oh my.

MikeHC69 said:

July 12th, 11:08 am

You know whats fantastic? I’ve owned and played this game since its release date (and still do) and I still am in awe at these gameplay videos. Such a great baseball sim and easily one of the best game franchises ever.

Falaut said:

July 12th, 11:27 am

Not a big regular sports guy (Sony, please give me a exclusive Snowboarding Sim and you’re boss), but for the first minute of the video above, it seriously felt like I was watching TV. Really good job on this, wow!

DIGGY305 said:

July 12th, 12:58 pm

Go Marlins! heck yeah I finally get to see my avatar :)

SalMoriarty said:

July 12th, 2:17 pm

It looked impressive on the big screen, but the little nerdy kid schooled the clueless old guy. The kid hit more than Rickie Weeks.


Let’s go Diamondbacks!

Hobartbob said:

July 12th, 4:05 pm

Awesome game!!!

NyPrince said:

July 12th, 7:26 pm

Why didn’t you guys use MLB 08, all MLB the shows have been the exact same since 2008.

Bantanbugi said:

July 13th, 11:31 am

It Look So Cool!


davivman said:

July 13th, 11:43 am

The prediction was pretty close since the final score for the actual game was 5-1 for an NL win. I’d like to personally congratulate Tyler Clippard on a dominant 3 pitch performance that secured the win for the NL.

aquastorm said:

July 13th, 4:19 pm


renomano said:

July 13th, 6:53 pm

Pretty good prediction

lui902 said:

July 14th, 12:25 am

glad that the NL won and by the way are there any upcoming dlc in the future like candlestick (home of the world series between the giants and the A’s). and more jerseys.

gd0495 said:

July 14th, 1:28 am

LOL @#18… its in the ps vita. i would just give up on cross game chat for ps3.

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