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Jul 14

Jul 14

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Hunt Mutants With PlayStation Move in 3D

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Public Relations Representative, Tozai Games

We barely escaped a horde of flesh-hungry mutants to bring you this PlayStation.Blog exclusive! *panting* But today we are proud to reveal the box art for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut, the latest b-movie blood fest from SEGA and Headstrong Games.

The House of the Dead Overkill

We announced The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut just before E3 this year, and were amazed to see that there were so many who were eager to take aim at the mutant infection springing up in Bayou County. This is the first time we have released The House of the Dead on an HD console, and we feel that the PS3 is the perfect home for an arcade-style shooter like OVERKILL. With 3D and PlayStation Move support, two brand new scenarios added, and all seven stages of the original remastered, the ‘baddest’ just got bigger! We are really working hard to make this the best in the series to date.

The House of the Dead OverkillThe House of the Dead Overkill The House of the Dead Overkill

These posters and our box art pay homage to our signature retro b-movie look, and hopefully you recognized the legendary Agent G and Detective Washington. This time around, we also wanted to give Varla Gunns a bit more top billing, so she became the headline character on the box art. This is no fluke however, she plays a bigger part in this Extended Cut and we’ll have more details on this soon. Exclusively for you PS blog followers, we are also releasing some fresh screenshots and the fact sheet detailing all the new features of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut.

The House of the Dead OverkillThe House of the Dead Overkill

The House of the Dead OverkillThe House of the Dead Overkill

The House of the Dead OverkillThe House of the Dead Overkill

List of PS3 exclusive features:

  • PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter compatible
  • OVERKILL fully remastered – available in high definition, with stereoscopic 3D for the first time ever
  • Extended with 2 additional levels not featured in the original game
  • Exclusive crossbow weapon
  • New baby mutant type
  • New Hardcore Mode – mutants can only be killed with headshots
  • New Classic Mode – play through the entire game using only the AMS Magnum
  • Exclusive Missing Reel – an extended boss fight with “Mother” in “OVERKILL”, the game’s final level
  • Online leaderboards to track high scores and player statistics
  • Collectibles to grab throughout all levels to unlock bonus materials; comic pages, music tracks, 3D models and 2D artwork
  • New PlayStation Trophies to unlock
  • Improved boss fights in all levels
  • New and improved cutscenes using motion capture
  • And more still to come!

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut will be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 3, and will be available in stores across North America on October 25, 2011. We will be revealing more details in the near future so keep it tuned to the PlayStation Blog and our official game page. You can also keep up with SEGA via Facebook and Twitter.

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headronefish said:

July 14th, 10:09 am

I really enjoyed the Wii version. Hope they make this one a bit harder though. I don’t have move but I wouldn’t mind getting it for something like this, a bundle would be cool.

Ethereal said:

July 14th, 10:11 am

This look pretty awesome…

IceColdEskimo said:

July 14th, 10:14 am

Releasing HD remastered versions of the older games would definitely be sweet but to much to be a pre-order bonus lol so I’d suggest making a collection if possible.

…Also! Please tell me there’s Dualshock 3 support!

YungShep said:

July 14th, 10:19 am

Sign me up! I still need a sharpshooter tho :/


July 14th, 10:30 am

Can you guys please have Sony package this game with the MOVE controller!

mcbuttz78 said:

July 14th, 10:40 am

Sega alwys comes through in the clutch. october is near halloween. very good marketing, very nice. You guys at sega are getting to good at this type of stuff. Another very good seller to had ..

vp-psn legionairre group

tacotaskforce said:

July 14th, 10:41 am

Awwww, you removed ‘This is like something out of a videogame!’ from the boxart :(

Schobeleth said:

July 14th, 10:45 am

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!! I HAVE MY PS MOVE READY!!!!!!!! :) Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

MrPink78 said:

July 14th, 11:04 am

Can’t wait!

Some_Jerk2 said:

July 14th, 11:07 am

Awesome! I do think it would be a cool idea if you can download all the music tracks you unlock straight to your hard drive. I’ve always wanted an official soundtrack to the original game. :)

Random80media said:

July 14th, 11:07 am

This is gonna be great. I have sill got the original Collector’s Edition on the Wii and still play it even tho I have completed it :) I will getting this when it’s relesed… Keep up the good work SEGA…

Oh just a fought how about doing something in Playstation Home to tie in with the game release date??

itachi3xa said:

July 14th, 11:11 am

how much will it be ?

EdEN_Zardos said:

July 14th, 11:11 am

Any chance of the PS3 version getting a CE with the pre-order comic included for the Wii version? Missed out on it when I bought my Wii copy and all the extras included on the PS3 version will get me to buy it again… but a CE with the comic and a soundtrack CD (or soundtrack code to be redeemed on the PSN store) would be great news for me.

    David Bruno's Avatar

    David Bruno said:

    July 14th, 11:59 am

    While I cannot comment on any sweet pre-order or bonus items at the moment, I think that we have some of those mini-comics floating around the office. I’ll see if our community team can give one or two away in an upcoming Free Stuff Friday. Keep your eyes peeled.

WelmoscaBR said:

July 14th, 11:33 am

everything is better on PS3…so house of the dead not going to be different….great game….must buy.Good job guys…I remember when I wasted a lot of money in coins to play the old HOTD’s in arcade.

    David Bruno's Avatar

    David Bruno said:

    July 14th, 11:53 am

    You and me both, sir. They had a HotD 2 cabinet at CA Extreme last weekend. Lucky for me, everything there is set to free-play. :D

arkard1000 said:

July 14th, 11:56 am

is there gonna be a demo of this?

theultimatenub said:

July 14th, 12:01 pm

This game looks awesome and would be a great addition to my move games

Wez455 said:

July 14th, 12:02 pm

Is there any chance we can see the first 3 released? Possibly in an HD collection or even released to PSN?

Darewind said:

July 14th, 12:58 pm

With a $39.99 price tag I will wait a few months until it is $19.99.


July 14th, 1:34 pm

Is this game the same on the wii, you know the same missions but adding other new missions too? I love The House of The Dead so much! :D

EdEN_Zardos said:

July 14th, 1:42 pm

+ David Bruno on July 14th, 2011 at 11:59 am said:

While I cannot comment on any sweet pre-order or bonus items at the moment, I think that we have some of those mini-comics floating around the office. I’ll see if our community team can give one or two away in an upcoming Free Stuff Friday. Keep your eyes peeled.

Can’t we just cut the middle man and I email you my address so you can send one my way? I’ve bought lots of SEGA games so I’m good for it hahaha.

While you’re here, any chance of House of the Dead 2, 3 and 4 getting a retail trilogy release or a separate release on PSN with all the bells and whistles we require in this day and age? Let the rest of SEGA know! Oh and finally, for a different franchise, all Panzer Dragoon needs to get ported ASAP since I missed the Saturn (do own a Dreamcast!).

Thanks for your help!

Hooligantuan said:

July 14th, 2:06 pm

I could tell that this game SHOULD have been cool as heck when I played it on the Wii, but it was so blurry and the Wii motion tracking made it unplayably bad. I mean, really – no HD, Wii? That’s a good idea? HA!

So if I ever dip into the Move scene, I’m definitely going to get this. This looks like the second chance this game needed. High Def FTW!

EdEN_Zardos said:

July 14th, 2:08 pm

@Hooligantuan: Huh, that’s weird. Game looks great on my 40″ LCD at 480p and I’ve played it start to finish over 10 times and never had a problem.

Deathspear666 said:

July 14th, 2:56 pm

Nice…Any of you can add me if your not a tard

JEC94 said:

July 14th, 3:11 pm

cool, but i don have the move :(

JEC94 said:

July 14th, 3:11 pm

I don’t have the move*

RE_Player said:

July 14th, 4:02 pm

Very happy about the Sharp Shooter support, this game will probably put me over the edge and make me buy one. Any word on pricing David or possible bundles?

Mystikchic said:

July 14th, 4:08 pm


JohnnyX said:

July 14th, 4:18 pm

HOUSE OF THE DEAD!! How long I have waited for this game. I dont own a move but will def pick one up for this game. This game was one of the main reasons I picked up a DreamCast with 2 light guns. Since I dont own a move, Please say there will be a game and sharpshooter bundle :)

Enforcer_X said:

July 14th, 4:29 pm

Day 1, Online Co-Op please!
This is going to rock!

mikedo2007 said:

July 14th, 4:31 pm

As soon as I heard about this around the web, I was happy. Now all we need is House of the Dead 4 with PS move and PS3 port. This is one HOTD that doesn’t have a console port and I think PS3 handle it. I play HOTD 4 at the arcade and I think the Move will work for the game. Also, HOTD 4 used the Lindbergh arcade machine, the Lindbergh arcade machine’s technical spec is equivalent to the PS3 (they even use. I know this because I did some research and I believe another game Virtual Fighter 5 used that same machine and it was easier to port the game to PS3 then the 360. Both Lindbergh machine and the PS3 used the same GPU so that makes HOTD 4 easy to port for PS3 and the Move just fit well for the gameplay for that game. IN other word, PLEASE PORT HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 TO THE PS3 WITH MOVE SUPPORT.

bestplayer562 said:

July 14th, 4:36 pm

cant wait to scare the heck out of my nephews with this game^^ Thank you PlayStation

Lugoves said:

July 14th, 4:44 pm

I’m just checking to make sure my Avatar is back. thanks for the info Jeff.

BakaHirata said:

July 14th, 4:56 pm

And suddenly I want a PlayStation Move bundle.

Rustbucket80 said:

July 14th, 5:56 pm

I really want to use the two Move controllers I spent a 100 bucks on but not enough to spend 60 bucks on this game. Absolutely not enough content to justify a 60 dollar purchase. I hate it when games like Time Crisis and other shooters are ported to PS3 and then retailed at 60 dollars. If SEGA wants to move a good amount of these, pricing needs to be 40 bucks or less.

Not trying to hate, but a lot of games that get released now have less content but the same $60 price tag :(

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

July 14th, 5:59 pm


J_Scroggs said:

July 14th, 7:26 pm

this looks awesome!

vza004 said:

July 14th, 8:51 pm

I don’t have PSMove so, I’ll have to pass this. BUT, If you guys release a bundle “game + move controllers and cam”, I’ll definitely get this!!

Logical_Dolphin said:

July 14th, 8:57 pm

I hope you will consider making a “House of the Dead Anthology” HoTD 1-4. House of the Dead 1 was only released on PC and Sega Saturn, and House of the Dead 4 has never had a home release…

lisatsunami said:

July 14th, 9:51 pm

Dear Sega person: slightly off topic, but I am highly intrigued after watching the Binary Domain trailer. I watched 99% of the Sony E3 content & I don’t remember this. Please blog about that game, too.

Boots777 said:

July 14th, 10:20 pm

Super pumped to play this! HotD and MadWorld made me think about getting a Wii…but no. Move is looking a lot better with titles like this. Bring MadWorld next!!! Grindhouse Rules!

ZiCrOn007 said:

July 15th, 12:20 am

finally the house of the dead for PS3!

Dr_Rotten said:

July 15th, 1:50 am

This looks bloody awesome.cant wait to buy.just wish release date wasnt so far away. =(

Souledge94 said:

July 15th, 2:08 am

I love hotd2 on dreamcast and im happy you brought this to us ps3 owners so we dont miss out on this gens hotd. Im curious do I need the move to play? I know its the right way to do it but I dont own one,but I still wanna play this game. Since I did the same on hotf on dreamcast.

SarshelYam said:

July 15th, 8:22 am

Hey David! I’m pretty sure you can’t comment on this but…why the change in cover art from Europe to North America? For those of us who are familiar with the first release of this game, as well as the character of Varla Guns, the conservative approach seems to be something of a disservice to both the message of the game and the character…

…not to mention it makes NA look like we have phobias where phobias shouldn’t exist, you know? Just curious why such a minor change would even need to happen. Cover art doesn’t usually factor in where an ESRB rating is concerned, does it?

David Bruno's Avatar

David Bruno said:

July 15th, 10:32 am

My utmost thanks for all of the HotD love going down here. You guys seriously rock! Things like this make me proud to call myself a gamer!

So to shine some light on a few reoccurring questions:

• For those asking about the price, I would check online with your preferred game retailer. ;)
• As far as pre-order bonuses go…rest assured that if we do include a pre-order item, be it tangible or digital, you’ll be amongst the first to know.
• Different regional box art? I have no idea what you’re talking about. ;) No, unfortunately, this was out of our hands. Same goes for most publishers though. It’s rather unfortunate, and I’ve noticed this a lot lately with games like: Otomedius Excellent, Catherine, Hyperdimension Neptunia, etc. You’d be surprised at some of the things that have been censored in video gaming over the years.

So until next time, I recommend greasing that PS Move trigger and get ready for some serious Bayou County Mutant mayhem! The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut will be here before you know it.

EdEN_Zardos said:

July 15th, 10:46 am

Thanks for the info Bruno! And for those lazy enough as to check the price? Game is $40! What’s your excuse now for not pre-ordering it?

H8_is_Bad said:

July 15th, 10:50 am

Same day as battlefield 3?? SMH guess i will just have to wait till next year to pick this up.. Too many awesome games come out late in the year to even care about this.. Wish this game was coming out aug or something.

EdEN_Zardos said:

July 15th, 11:01 am

@H8_is_Bad: You’re picking Battlefield 3 over blaxplotation cursing straight shooters and zombies?

lol4gamezzzz said:

July 15th, 11:42 am

Hell yeah cant wait to do some F-BOMBS with Issac xD this game gonna pwn

H8_is_Bad said:

July 15th, 12:46 pm

@98 yes! lol don’t get me wrong now HOTD looks sick and i’m a long time fan of the series but i think i’m gonna wait it out lol like i said too many good games are coming out around that time.

    David Bruno's Avatar

    David Bruno said:

    July 20th, 1:48 pm

    Start mowing some lawns, or doing some extra work. You have a little over three months :)

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