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Jul 15

Jul 15

Incoming: Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Maps Hit PS3 July 28th

Dan Amrich's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Ubisoft

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3 (Zombies: Shangri La)

First Strike was fun. Escalation rocked. But Call of Duty: Black Ops fans want more – they crave new battlegrounds and new experiences. Black Ops developer Treyarch knows this, so they’ve been busy creating another fresh batch of DLC maps: Annihilation. The newest add-on content will be ready for download from the PlayStation Store starting Thursday, July 28th.

Annihilation features four new standard multiplayer arenas – Silo, Hangar 18, Drive-In and Hazard – and the deadly jungle Zombies experience, Shangri-La. “The goals we set were about quality and variety,” says Treyarch’s Online Director, Dan Bunting. “We wanted to make everything feel unique and distinct.”

Annihilation delivers on those goals with five all-new environments:

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Drive-In: This one-time American movie paradise once showed war movies; now it’s the location for one. The holes in the screen have been filled with snipers. The popcorn is stale, but they’re still serving up hot lead in the concession stand. “Drive-In is a small map, very fast paced,” says Treyarch’s Online Director, Dan Bunting (the nice bearded man from all those behind-the-scenes videos). “It’s similar to Nuketown in that it’s a fast, close-quarters map.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Hazard: Ah, the Cuban good life! This swanky golf course features lush greens, oceanic driving ranges, and long-range sniping opportunities straight down its deadly fairway. Never mind getting a hole in one — try not to get lots of holes in you. Those skilled with assault rifles and sniper rifles will enjoy this one.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Silo: If you’ve ever said to yourself, “This is a great map, but what it really needs are missiles launching right next to my ear, so every time I line up to snipe someone, I pee myself instead” – and really, who hasn’t? – this is the map for you. Muddy sloped terrain, a smattering of construction equipment, and a few carefully placed sniper towers make this military outpost a tactical challenge regardless of game type.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Hangar 18: This one’s a tribute to the Groom Lake military base where the government developed the SR-71 Blackbird – or, depending on the conspiracy theories you choose to believe, where they stored a recovered alien spacecraft. Either way, you’ll be in an out of buildings frequently here, not to mention using a multi-million-dollar piece of reconnaissance aircraft for cover. But that’s not the only secret project it’s hiding. “Hangar 18 has a couple of fun easter eggs,” hints Bunting. “I can’t talk about them because it would ruin them.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3 (Zombies: Shangri La)Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3 (Zombies: Shangri La)

Shangri-La: Welcome to the jungle, where the Zombies have taken over an ancient shrine. But be extra careful – the environment’s many hidden tricks and deadly traps can be used against you as easily as your undead enemies. “It’s one of the more creative and clever map designs we’ve got so far,” says Bunting with pride. “The diehard fans are really going to appreciate the story hooks in this one as well.”

Annihilation will be available in the PlayStation Store July 28th — less than two weeks away. And as is the custom, the weekend that follows will offer all players double XP in celebration. See you at the drive-in!

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Abelheredia said:

July 16th, 12:35 am

They Look Hella Sick!!

MaximA509 said:

July 16th, 12:41 am

Will only get these if someone gives them to me. These mappacks are not worth paying $15 for especially since they release them like every couple months to get more money.

Thugnificent87 said:

July 16th, 2:33 am

When are you guys going to have a retro map pack from world at war those maps were awsome I want play in castle again.

daquijones1223 said:

July 16th, 4:30 am

i personally will love a dlc with just zombies alone…that would be sick…or atleast give the non-hardened edition owners a dlc with the world at war zombie maps…lol

i love playing video games…but they’re just that and that alone…VIDEO GAMES so for the whole fanboy-ism…”y does xbox get it first…blah blah blah…the ps3 is a better console…blah blah blah”… just grow up…it’s just a bloody game.

TinieRecon said:

July 16th, 4:39 am

How come Xbox Live gets everything first over the PS3?

PantherX said:

July 16th, 5:36 am

I’m probably late for a reply but what upsets me as a customer is the lack of customer respect. Activision is well aware of the lag problem and doesn’t do major repairs like other companies do. They are well aware of the camping problem the big maps create. So what do they do, make bigger maps to encourage even more unbearable camping. It’s almost like they’re laughing at us. “Go ahead complain about something else we’ll do the complete opposite.” And the KO is the 15 dollar price tag that I wouldn’t mind spending if they at least tried to address these issues that are on THOUSANDS of vids posts blogs and forums.

TONY-Q said:

July 16th, 7:27 am

i get that camping can be annoying… but isnt it part of the game? i mean whats the point of being a sniper without camping. and isnt the whole point of the game survival? most kills least deaths, ur not gonna get the least deaths gunnin n runnin all the time… dont get me wrong, i hate campers too sometimes n i know a lot of people get carried away with it. but i also camp when i need to, in my opinion i think it is part of the game.

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    July 27th, 6:21 pm

    I think it depends on the game mode. While I don’t really like it when I see players just hanging out in a corner in TDM, when they are guarding a flag in CTF or Domination…well, that’s guarding. The objective of the game is to capture and protect those specific areas or objects, so playing defense is not the same as camping in my book.

    I think some players assume you are either runnin’ & gunnin’, or you’re campin’. I don’t feel that’s true.

Russiangiant54 said:

July 16th, 7:43 am

finally! but too bad i ain’t buying no more psn cards, i bought two (20$) cards, and the vouchers were invalid, and i never got a refund, well i guess ill just pay my friend for the maps, and he’ll gameshare..

Mac_Nastee said:

July 16th, 8:10 am

@PantherX I understand and agree with ur point. The fact is, people are gonna play however they please regardless of how u feel. You just gotta roll with the punches. However, like Tony-Q said, it is part of the game–Survival. Truthfully, yes there are a lot of campers but IMO, there were a lot more in MW2. At least in COD:BO there’s gadgets the motion-sensor to slightly decrease the amount of campers. But let’s be a little realistic here, who in war runs n guns? On a sidenote–with all the success Black Ops have had since its release, you’d think they’d lower the price a little, in light of all the problems its had and as token of appreciation to the fans but…

dirt-squid said:

July 16th, 9:12 am

I look forward to playing this at my buddy’s house before I pay for it myself.

Ace_XG said:

July 16th, 9:55 am

I would pay a monthly fee for dedicated servers and nix the laggy client/host model.

diegoevil said:

July 16th, 10:10 am

The contract whit microsoft of mappacks ends in 2012 but in the first month or in what month ?

eman---001___ said:

July 16th, 10:19 am

hey dont you think yall should add new guns and let us play with the xbox player bc some time i want to play with my cuzin on blasck ops but its doesnt let us play with the people that play on xbox ?

psychoqwirk420 said:

July 16th, 10:34 am

This map may be “THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD” as promised of the other maps, but they ALL fell short in someway. I think it’s funny how JD_2020 says that they listen to the community and give them what they want. What part of the Call of Duty community ACTIVELY asks for more maps that they can camp on? Must be everyone! This franchise has screwed us over again, and again, and again. Do I blame a certain system? No. I blame Treyarch and Infinity Ward (and whoever else may be involved) for making bad decisions! It’s all about the money, it’s not about the fans. When companies, bands, people, etc. come to the point to where it’s no longer about the fans (that made you who you are mind you), but it’s about the money that I make…I walk away. FAR away…and I never look back. Good bye Call of Duty.

On a side note, Xbox 360’s are a “good enough” version of a PS3. They’re for the little boys and girls who just aren’t cool enough to own a PS3. You rock Sony! Playstation till I die!

MR_2FACE said:

July 16th, 11:07 am

People stop being cheap and buy it urselves! bunch of BUMS

divineyusei44 said:

July 16th, 11:36 am

I dont understand how ppl hate this game but still find time to comment on every cod related story! Trolls juss doesnt make sense

E-Phoenix- said:

July 16th, 1:21 pm

I got tired of all the problems this game has and sold it. Why are the map packs 15 bucks?? Just keep them at 10 like before…

ventusisra said:

July 16th, 1:30 pm

ok so many of you are mad because 360 got em first its not psns fault its just that 360 has a deal with the call of duty franchise to get the dlc first but thats not really a reason to satart saying xbox or ps3 is better i mean i hate to wait a month but i rather that than wasting my money in buying an xbox just for what? getting cod DLC sooner and break my hands with those messed up controllers i dont think so

ventusisra said:

July 16th, 1:34 pm

see?… that IS an honest playstation fan i agree with you man

LuVjHoNiSPINOY said:

July 16th, 4:12 pm

Still thinking about it, I didn’t but the 1st DLC because i didn’t like the maps specially the zombie map. I bought the second one because i like the zombie map it alone is worth 14.99 for me the 4 MP are just give away for me, and now this. Meeeehhh i will think about it and see more gameplays till it pass to my tastes so far i’m more on the side of *Hmmmmh?

DragonsBREATH69 said:

July 16th, 6:07 pm

Dan I’m wonering why all these people are crediting microsoft. Microsoft makes you pay for online and even there systems make it easy to share map packs. I know eight people who do. Playstation gives you allthis stuff free and don’t use the stupid points exchange rate. I think Ps3 has much better games. While i did enjoy halo its all little kids now.PS3 has God Of War which is four times better. And many games xBox fans love are made special for us. Like Rockstar North for GTA4 and Assasins Creed. And we play Blu Ray discs, the way of the future. Sony had paitence and made the system better. So whatever. I can wait for map packs.

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    July 27th, 6:23 pm

    It’s really one of those “to each their own” things. Some people really prefer one console’s way of doing things over another. And you know, honestly, that’s fine! It’s like saying “Grape soda is awesome, but orange soda sucks.” You know, it’s all a matter of personal taste, and either grape nor orange is “wrong.”

Scorpionfire12 said:

July 16th, 6:33 pm

why does it cost so much?

xDCDanx said:

July 16th, 6:47 pm

Hey Dan,

(from other post to this one)

Third of all, I hope i can download this map pack cause i was unable to install escalation pack, but i was able to install First Strike.

I also think, if you can, is to add more guns and other attachments, rocket launchers, special weapons, more weapon camo, more face paint etc. because this would be great if you could, also maybe add a baton, and a bayonet attached to guns? (put me on treyarch team, haha).

If i think of anything else, I’m sure I’ll let you know. :)

Thanks, Dan.

wowowowo1 said:

July 16th, 6:47 pm

please stop complaining ok please why they do it a month later is because XBOX has to pay for online and in the user agreement they probably said you can get stuff earlier or something ok we dont they get more business.

PantherX said:

July 16th, 9:41 pm

@207 I think u mistook what I was saying as a camper discussion. My topic was about what the loyal customers want and Activision won’t do In regards to that. The simple fact is the majority of fans hate camping and I don’t know anyone who likes lag. These are issues that are getting worse and not better. And trust me they know all about it as Robert Bowling has addressed it in his interview about hotspots and returning to the roots of COD4. THATS what ppl want run and gun not run and get shot by someone hiding too afraid to come out a dark corner. And the issue of lag speaks for itself. Many companies do regular server maintaining to keep things as smooth as possible, Activision does not. These issues I just mentioned are results of no competition and just lack of customer appreciation.

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    July 27th, 6:34 pm

    I’m not sure I agree with you. Camping is entirely a player behavior issue, not a game design issue. Some games do encourage run-and-gun gameplay, but in a game that gives you the choice, players choose as individuals. To put it more directly, just because everybody does not play the way you play does not mean the game is broken. It means…people play differently.

    Also, lag is a reality of online gaming — it has been since I was dialing up on a 28.8k modem for PC games in the mid-90s. There are things you can do to minimize that lag — check facebook.com/ActivisionAssist and with your local ISP for advice. But even when I have everything dialed in…I sometimes experience lag. That’s because the game I’m playing is sending data hundreds if not thousands of miles away from and and sending it right back, often while 500,000 players are asking for the same exact thing! What happens in-between is unpredictable; things can’t always be controlled. Lag is a reality of online gaming and I suspect it always will be.

    So…to blame lag on poor server maintenance is like saying it rains because you made the angels cry. Living on earth, sometimes it rains, and you have to wait for it to stop.

Justp94 said:

July 16th, 10:10 pm

Killzone > Call of Duty

BLaCkOpsXsNiPeR- said:

July 17th, 1:38 am

would you be able to consider to treyarch if we buy annihilation then we all can use the spike clamores on other maps & online multiplyer

WWF98bc said:

July 17th, 5:26 am

well i think why people are getting so mad about the delay of the new map packs is because we don’t get are own commercial like the xboxs has i think treyarach if you give the psn owners the same advertisement maybe less people will be mad think about it if you put one commercial for xboxs and then also put the same one on the ps3 but with a different date i think some people will be happy cuz hell i get mad when you guys have a in dept commercial for the xboxs but not on the ps3 if you can plz replay on that

gold1617 said:

July 17th, 5:40 am

I don’t mind waiting, it’s just that 14.99 is a lot of $$ for a 5 map pack

DeMon314noMeD said:

July 17th, 8:22 am

with MW3 around the way, why waste another 15$ …ill wait. wouldve been nice to get when i first heard about it and seeing it in stores for a month.

Autoxfool said:

July 17th, 11:56 am

Let’s see, more maps for $15 or a whole game (like Section 8) for the same price? Easy choice since I gave Black Ops a shot and I thought it was….ummm, well I sold it back so there’s your answer. Had a shot to win me since always a PC FPS guy. Wasn’t even in the ballpark.

COD worth $100+ with game and all the packs (aka more places to run around doing and hearing the same garbage over and over again)? LOL dream on.

Someone’s price point for DLC is absurd.

TinyTiger53 said:

July 17th, 1:02 pm

All i really would like from Treyarch is lower pricing on the DLC. 15.00 US dollars each, that’s over 100.00 US dollars all together depending on whether or not they dropped the price of the game yet.

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    July 27th, 6:40 pm

    I think there is a mental barrier for DLC pricing that has nothing to do with its actual value. That is, $10 for DLC “sounds reasonable” while $15 “does not sound reasonable” to a lot of people. Yet, five maps…that’s $3 each. Would you pay $3 for an individual map? I suspect most people would not think that sounded like too much, if they were the type of player who does a lot of online MP gaming. But five of them bundled together at that price rubs people the wrong way.

    Everybody always wants gaming stuff to have a lower price — me too, I hunt for sales and deals like everybody else. But when I look at the value I’m getting for the money? All I’m really doing in this case is buying a bundle of things at prices I feel I’ll get my money’s worth for.

    If your play style is different, or if you simply don’t enjoy multiplayer online, then, well, of course the DLC packs are not going to be worth your money. But of course, nobody’s suggesting these would be in that case!

TinyTiger53 said:

July 17th, 1:04 pm

I really should have read the posts before i actually commented, but that same exact thing has probably been said at least a dozen times by now

DA_808_KUSH said:

July 17th, 7:58 pm

after reading all of these comments,

it makes a call of duty lover such as myself want to quit both systems and go back to computer games.

i mean seriously people, if you don’t want to spend another $15.00 on a great map pack that treyarch is working hard on making after the release of escalation makes “you (the people)” greedy….

and there’s no difference to who gets the map packs first, be happy we’re even able to get our hands on it after a month later? why complain and say “why is xbox360 getting the map packs before us?, what’s so special about them?”

narut2345orules said:

July 17th, 8:02 pm

this is going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThAtZ_StUpId said:

July 17th, 11:22 pm

i dont really play black ops and i´m only prestiged 7 times

ThAtZ_StUpId said:

July 17th, 11:23 pm

probably going 2 get it

crockiller7 said:

July 18th, 10:02 am


furykiller972 said:

July 18th, 11:59 am

@234 isnt it a little greedy to make an entire community wait a month before getting a dlc just so that they can get ther hands on more money and isnt it a little greedy spending 15 bucks and 5 maps ive never seen that pricy of add on content on any other game at least other games that charge 15 bucks or more for dlc actually make it the players money worth

    Dan Amrich's Avatar

    Dan Amrich said:

    July 27th, 6:42 pm

    Hold on a second — “five maps you’ve never seen” is a bad thing to you? Last year, when IW put out some updated versions of earlier maps, people went ballistic that it was not really new content — “it’s the same stuff I already own” was a common complaint.

    Personally — and this is just my choice — I’ll take five new maps I’ve never seen before, knowing I will be having an entirely fresh experience with them. I don’t see that as a bad thing at ALL.

GotYou14 said:

July 18th, 1:04 pm

The guys that made the Black Ops game worked hard to make it. They spent a lot of time working on it, in fact, a lot longer than it seems the people making the map packs are spending. It seems like the map pack makers are just trying to make money and make people want them. Some of the things in the map packs are nice. For example, I like that the zombie maps are changing up the format of the game so that we can have different things to look at. Even so, it feels like the map pack makers are forgetting that as gamers we still like the old stuff even when we like the new things. I liked being able to hunker down with a friend or jump off a hovercraft and land on a roof instead and not die. That was fun. Could you bring back those parts?”

FatCap47 said:

July 18th, 1:16 pm

yeah yeah! I heard it all before xbox pays more to get addons first. This ain’t the first time this has happened anyone remember a little game called GTA. I think that’s were it all started, Xbox got the lost episodes first, and Playstation could have gotten them at the same time, but like Sony said they will not pay more. In a way it was a smart move because no matter if Sony paid or not they were still going to get the addons either way. But Sony if customers are starting to get mad because of this like OBAMA said don’t you think its time for change. PS. you have to admit Battle Filed 3 looks sicker than your average :D

FatCap47 said:

July 18th, 1:35 pm

By the way when in the [DELETED] are you guys going to fix Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty World at War. I can’t join a game without a hacker being in a match. Its driving me crazy to the point i want to commit suicide. Patch it already or else i will. This just shows you how little the call of duty franchise cares about the ps3 connect the dots people call of duty 4 hackers took over it call of duty world at war hackers took over it next hackers are going to take over MW2 and Black ops. So why buy a game and spend 12 days to get to 15th prestige ps. that’s how long it took me if sooner or later its going to be taken over by hackers. I thought Sony was going to take hackers more serious after what happened but i guess not. Sony is to scared to make a move because if they do they might make hackers angry again and that’s a no no no :D

dnavarro111 said:

July 18th, 1:44 pm

u guys think its gonna suck bu then your gonna love it

Xx_AwEsOm_BrO_xX said:

July 19th, 1:13 am

Its annoying because xbox get it first and all the xbox people bag out all of the playstation players :/ And also they are so expensive i wish they were like $20….

kidvideo12 said:

July 19th, 12:16 pm

why can’t you make an all zombies map.i mean what about all the zombie fans like me, i don’t even play multiplayer.


July 19th, 12:24 pm

due i want that map pack


July 19th, 12:25 pm

zombies is going to be awsome!!!!!! :)

TONY-Q said:

July 20th, 6:27 am

so how many map packs are comin out for black ops? this is what, the 3rd? im not complaining or anything… but one more and thats as much as the game its self. lol, ill still most likely buy it. but i do agree with most of the people in here, should come down to $9:99. n if u were a PS+ member for $6.99. but that would only be in a perfect world huh? lol.

skywire15 said:

July 20th, 3:52 pm

dan i just spent my whole day creating a dream zombie map called sugar cry do u have any contact with activision


July 21st, 7:45 am

i think its might be pretty good

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