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Jul 15

Jul 15

White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

Miki Takahashi's Avatar Posted by Assistant Producer, D3Publisher

White Knight Chronicles II is the sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, a unique role-playing game that combines an expansive story mode with strong multiplayer elements. Created by LEVEL-5, the acclaimed RPG developer of Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG and even includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus!

The tale continues one year after the events of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. Leonard, the pactmaker of the White Knight, and his team are the last hope to save the world from the Yshrenian Empire, which has set its eyes on dominating the three kingdoms of Balandor, Foria, and Greede. While the first game mostly focused on the love story, White Knight Chronicles II features a grander vision that unravels the truth behind the Incorruptus through 10,000 years of history, culminating in a true finale to the epic saga that may leave you touched by its conclusion.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The extensive multiplayer component enables you to tackle unique online quests with up to six players. The extensive Georama feature also returns, enabling you to build your own town where you can unlock materials to create powerful items to use during your adventures. Some materials can be collected only from the Georama and will give you an advantage in the story mode.

White Knight Chronicles II boasts various improvements based on user feedback regarding the original game. The battle system has improved dramatically over the original, with enhancements including new skills and spells that make combat more strategic, as well as a faster Action Gauge for speedier battles. You can also earn AC (Action Chips), used for transformation and combos, much more easily in White Knight Chronicles II. A new Auto-run feature helps you search a vaster area of maps. Finally, for the first time, you will also be able to create and upgrade a unique Incorruptus for your player avatar.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

The North American version will include a fully localized version of the Japanese game with additional on-disc quests that were originally released as downloadable quests in Japan in January 2011. In our North American version, players can start from White Knight Chronicles II without completing the original game — an important point, as the Japanese version requires players to clear White Knight Chronicles: International Edition in order to play the sequel.

We are currently targeting September for a North American release. The gameplay time will easily go over 100 hours. Prepare yourselves, folks!

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Dice_for_Death_ said:

July 15th, 3:10 pm


Superstrokey1123 said:

July 15th, 3:17 pm

I never played the first, is it a must?

Leo020 said:

July 15th, 3:19 pm

Wait a sec, will I not be able to make a new character? Do I have to transfer my old char?

Superstrokey1123 said:

July 15th, 3:23 pm

What does “remastered” mean specifically?

LionHeartX83 said:

July 15th, 3:23 pm

Can’t wait for this! Huge fan of WKC, and I’m so glad you guys and gals at D3 picked it up. Day one purchase for me!

aquastorm said:

July 15th, 3:23 pm


jkuc75sj said:

July 15th, 3:47 pm

Never played WKC before, but I absolutely enjoyed Rogue Galaxy! And I wasn’t even a fan of RPGs back then. I may pick this up.

BuchNasty said:

July 15th, 4:02 pm

The first one had the crappiet combat and level system. The mp was also worthless.


July 15th, 4:04 pm

Will this contain dual audio?

colstripcapn said:

July 15th, 4:04 pm

I have a question for you, how was the 100 hours calculated?

Is that including online? The original game?

I don’t know, with the first only taking 20 to at most 30 hours to complete I find it hard to believe the second is 70-100 hours long unless you are counting online play.

Lord_Rinja said:

July 15th, 4:14 pm


I have the Japanese Import of WKC II. You can create a new character if you want. Even if you have an existing save file, its worth it to start up a new character and play the first game again because the battle system has been revamped from the original and International Edition. Although its not required to play though first one in order to play the second in the US version (You had to play though part one to play part two in the Japanese Version), I would suggest playing the first game before going into II because WKC is meant to be a trilogy and the storyline is progressive.

The_Ottsel said:

July 15th, 4:16 pm

It`s very sad, but even Sony know this game isn´t good. They didn´t even bother to publish it here. Still waiting for a new Rogue Galaxy or Dark Cloud!

logicsquirrel said:

July 15th, 4:51 pm

Thank you for releasing this in the U.S.

joh4nlee said:

July 15th, 5:03 pm

aargh, cant wait

Mister-Nep said:

July 15th, 5:10 pm

Very glad to be getting this game. I’ve imported both 1 and 2, and can’t wait for a localized part 2. Very looking forward to this.

mikedo2007 said:

July 15th, 5:52 pm

That’s really nice, but we also want to see the White Knight Chronicles on PSP to come to US too. Please release that here (and also in Japan, since I heard that hasn’t gotten a Japanese release).

DuoMaxwell007 said:

July 15th, 6:12 pm

When can we expect to see more of the DLC thats already out i Japan? Such as the avatar storyline quests?

Also what about update/patches (not DLC) I mean I can understand holding out on DLC but we should be getting the most up to date version of the game.. like the patches that include:

The way GR points work being changed
Being able to create Guilds

Those arent DLC those are patches/updates so will we have those on the disc when the game ships? (i Know the EU version doesnt have these updates). If not when can we expect to get them?

Finally what about the PS Store items you can buy? Such as the GR/Gold/exp tickets or colors for your Knight and different hairstyles fo your avatar?

Thanks in advanced.

Leo020 said:

July 15th, 6:37 pm


Thanks, and it’s great to hear that.

I don’t like my char to begin with but I stuck with it to the end.
Thanks again.

jimmyfoxhound said:

July 15th, 6:47 pm

Can’t wait!!!! Gonna pick this up day one! Thank you Miki!! :D

Cagalli said:

July 15th, 7:06 pm

Will the game have dual audio?

Jedah_PR said:

July 15th, 7:56 pm

Great, I loved WKC1, I thought it was better than FFXIII. Gotta love a great JRPGS, which are rare these days.

I think this is one of the many under rated games for the PS3.

vza004 said:

July 15th, 8:09 pm

Noob Question!

Do I have to play the first WKC in order to understand what gonna happen in WKC2?

Robbie_G_lrish said:

July 15th, 9:46 pm

@71 vza004
I’ve heard they have a recap video at the beginning of the game which should give you the gist. There’s really no reason not to play through the first though considering it’s included with the second game and is remastered to include the new battle system and better graphics.

Rinaldus91 said:

July 15th, 10:37 pm

Any word on the difficulty of the main quest line? I loved the first game but felt it was a bit too easy.

Also, can I transfer my save from WKC1:IE, and if so, what gets transferred?

CANAAN-82 said:

July 16th, 2:11 am

JAPANESE VOICE ACTING ONEGAI SHIMASU !! White Knight Chronicles 2 no koto, Miki-san, Hontoni Arigato !!

Quantum-Data said:

July 16th, 3:09 am

Any plans on removing the region lock on the Geonet Pass?

ericscolon said:

July 16th, 5:30 am

OOOOOOH, didn’t get to play the first game but now i can ^_^
I like Level 5 games but not all of them, same goes for ATLUS even though they don’t all appeal to me i know they are decent to great games. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this one though.
Since Square failed me only ATLUS, Level 5, and NIS to rely on now for Great RPG’s

mcbuttz78 said:

July 16th, 7:12 am

Another big win. keep the rpg’s raining sony that is the money is for this console. Keep all the genre in good health.

vp-psn legionaire group

aquastorm said:

July 16th, 7:18 am





KazeEternal said:

July 16th, 9:33 am

@71 vza004

You could probably get through most of WKC2 without really playing much of WKC1, so a recap could do it for you. The first game more or less serves as an introduction to key players of the series, as it was a pretty weak game story and game play wise.

However I’ve heard a recap video is included with WKC2 and the US version of this game is getting a revamped version of the original WKC. So you’ll have a choice of playing or not playing at no extra cost to you. The revamp seems to be of benefit to everyone including those who played the original WKC. I plan on giving it another go myself.

Just hope that 90% of the trophies aren’t online, that really annoyed me about the original.

AutomaticOcelot said:

July 16th, 11:01 am

Superb. I found WKC to be too slow paced for my tastes, more like Suikoden III with only one protagonist, which is a compliment in its own way I suppose. And the online was novel but never clicked with me. The early hours of Rogue Galaxy were much more captivating. Imagine my surprise to learn I like pirates more than knights!
I look forward to more coverage of WKC2 and learning how “remastered” the original is. Forcing a playthrough for Japanese players seems like exactly the sort of shenanigans I would expect from LEVEL-5, so nicely done.

vza004 said:

July 16th, 11:38 am

@72, Robbie_G_lrish
@80, KazeEternal

Thanks for the answer. So, you’re saying that I get 2 two games in one?! Now, this is a must get for me.

I’ve always wanna try this game out but never really had chance to and I think this release will be it.

Mo-green28 said:

July 16th, 1:15 pm

This game needs a demo, it looks interesting, but what’s holding me back is I want to try it our before I buy.

harmony102 said:

July 16th, 3:58 pm

Will be looking for a demo!
I heard not-so-nice things about the first one.
So here’s hoping the 2nd one will be better.

DarkOne_PR said:

July 16th, 5:51 pm

I hope u know about the bad reviews for the game… I have my copy of WKC2 reserved and fully paid! I want to give u all my support guys but u need to give me something good too guys! im here hoping u addressed all the problems form the first one! including enemies hitting u from far away even when its a melee attack…. and XMB friend list use instead of an internal friend list….. anyways… IM BUYING IT FOR LOVE TO EXCLUSIVE PS3 JRPGS WE NEED MORE! now we only need Tales of Vesperia for US!

SuperZay said:

July 16th, 8:04 pm

Did you include the trophies from White Knight Chronicles 1 in this disc? Because European version doesn’t have them.

Quantum-Data said:

July 16th, 9:27 pm


No it doesn’t have trophies from the first game since this is all about the 2nd game after all.

Elvick_ said:

July 17th, 12:57 am

I can’t wait, wish the first one wasn’t so hated by people who probably never played it. It’s awesome, can’t wait for this one.

dagowop66 said:

July 17th, 7:33 am

Play 1st one EVERY week, sometimes 5-6 times. Already have new one Pre-ordered @ GameStop !

KrisX7 said:

July 17th, 9:54 am

Is the psp WKC not coming out at all now? If not then why!?!?!

DrunkRaba said:

July 17th, 11:28 am

Can’t wait for the second!

FonFahbre said:

July 17th, 8:00 pm

The game is really good. My brother is especially addicted to the game because of how great the community is. Definitely picking this one up!.

khel_rono said:

July 17th, 8:27 pm

“White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG and even includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus!”

…so this means it’s like buying 2 games (WKC I and II) for the price of 1? good thing i haven’t bought the 1st game yet! i’ll just wait for this in September! :)

lilmp89 said:

July 17th, 8:58 pm

I didn’t look much into the first game. I did get interested when I heard this would have the original. My question is about the style of RPG. I’ve gotten the impression that it is kind of like FF12 in the sense that it has a large explorable world with towns and all, which I can return to and find sidequests. If so, are there also significantly-sized and challenging areas that are not explored by the main story lines, but there for us to find, explore, and enjoy?

DosyMcAwsome said:

July 18th, 6:35 pm

Sad to see it coming in september, but still excited for it. Also since they reset our levels to 35 will our GR also be sacked some or what?

wolfflame21 said:

July 18th, 6:53 pm

Thanks Miki, you and the other folks at D3 helped us rpg fans out, unlike sony who left us americans to rot while Europe gets WKII way in advance. I dont see why though, has sony given up on us? I may be done with sony they are pissing me off lately

Lyndan said:

July 19th, 10:43 am

What the mess is up with their singing? It’s painful to hear! >_<
The game looks okay, though.

Katsumottojp said:

July 19th, 3:04 pm

the song is so much painfull…., why didnt maintain the original ones????, gawsh, i wish there was japanese audio as well…

Ragnawind said:

July 20th, 9:25 pm

@ comment 1: It is doubtful that there will be a demo, especially since the first game didn’t have one. There isn’t really a need for one, either.

Ragnawind said:

July 20th, 9:27 pm

@DosyMcAwsome: About your question with GR, yes, there will be a blow to it, but your level won’t go down. Instead, it just starts you a 0 points into the GR Level that you were in. Basically, it just makes you lose the progress into that GR Level.

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