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Jul 20

Jul 20

Starhawk, Comic-Con and YOU!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

When Sony asked us to do a panel we were like “hmmm, what is this Co-mi-con thing you speak of? Do a lot of people go to it? Is it full of awesome? And if it *is* full of awesome, what kind of awesome?”

Their response was “It’s a mega-con of film, games, toys, and comics. Yes, tons of people. Yes, its awesome. The unstable, explosive imagination isotopes of awesome.”

So after all of 3 seconds of deliberation, we were like “@&!*@#$, #@%!*$, *&!?!@#!!!”

That’s an enthusiastic YES. Comic-Con is just the perfect venue to talk about Starhawk’s universe, our characters and the story that drives the Solo Campaign. So, BAM! check this out:

It’s a video that we captured from the game and shows how we tell story in the Starhawk. It’s done with a really great kind of animated “wanted” poster style, punctuated with Rift Energy. They’re Emmett’s memories. His Rift visions. They’re being produced by a studio here in Austin, Powerhouse Animation (they worked on the Penny Arcade Adventures animations). We’ve also got some really cool tech that seamlessly blends between the animations and the game (as you can see in the video). This really makes the solo experience smooth and buttery. We didn’t want any experiential speed bumps in the solo campaign. You can sit down, start the game and smoothly flow from mission to mission with no loading screens!


So, yeah, we’re having our Starhawk panel at Comic-Con on Sunday July 24th, 10am – 11am in room 25AB. It’s gonna be moderated by Greg Miller from IGN and we’re going to be showing some never before seen art and videos of the journey and process we took from the initial game concept to the Starhawk that we have today. Getting really in depth with Emmett Graves (our hero character) the universe of the New Frontier, Rifter Unions, Outcast Warbands, and how Rift Energy took away the only family Emmett had.


Family is a classic western story element and for Starhawk, it seemed really, really fitting for us. Our writter, Koen Wooten, has really been able to bring the Starhawk Universe to life and he’ll be at the panel on Sunday too! Did you know he worked on the props for the Coen Brother’s movie True Grit!! Consider that random Starhawk fact a freebie, folks!

But it’s more than just the western elements for us. It’s been about striking the right balance of advanced sci-fi with the texture and warmth of the western themes. And it’s this balance that motivates all of our creative work — from the design of all the stuff in the Starhawk universe, down to even the compositions we choose for screen shots and illustrations.


All this stuff comes together to create Starhawk’s unique universe and we’re excited to let people at Comic-Con get their hands on some singleplayer gameplay. ‘Cause ya know, the solo mission was only available to the press behind closed doors at E3! So swing by the Sony booth and get your Starhawk on! Oh, and yes, I’m told there will be Starhawk bags being handed out.

Did you know that if you put enough swag bags *in* another swag bag, you’ll rip a hole in spacetime and be able to flap your wings like a butterfly and cause future hurricanes or some crap like that. I don’t know. I saw it in an Ashton Kutcher movie once I think.

OK, that’s it from me again. Time to get back to work.

Rock on!!

PS: And I *do* feel like I’m going through Uncharted3 BETA withdrawal! Maybe I should check myself into a clinic!!!

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TruRage said:

July 20th, 9:04 am

Oh man! What a horrid place to leave this trailer at! It was gettin’ good! Guess I’ll have to wait on Day 1. ^_^v

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:06 am

    You just need to get your hands on it at Comic-Con!!!


nikrel said:

July 20th, 9:06 am

omg, I can not wait for this game! Such a Firefly feel, going to be a blast.

Craazy said:

July 20th, 9:13 am

I would be there….if I was there, man this game IS AMAZING E3 made me a day 1 purchaser of this game FOR SURE.

Bloody_Marcel said:

July 20th, 9:22 am

Is that the actual game title screen or was it made for the purpose of this vid? Love it.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:20 am

    Good Question!

    There is very little “shell” in Starhawk. The game boots up to a real-time scene of Emmett Graves on the planet of Dust, in front of his home town of White Sands. And then, when you press start, the logo melts away and the game smoothly starts.

    So the short answer is that was *not* done just for the video, it is how the game works for the Solo Campaign!

MaverickXS said:

July 20th, 9:25 am

I’m REALLY looking forward to this. I just hope the trophies aren’t as outrageous as Warhawk…

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:23 am


    We had some pretty brutal stuff in Warhawk. Our Design Team is evaluating all of our awards, trophies, etc to make sure they are not “fair” and that act of unlocking them promotes good and beneficial gameplay and teamwork for the rest of the Starhawk players.

    I’m sure there will be a few random fun ones though thrown in good measure ;-)

Zezzler said:

July 20th, 9:27 am

I really wish I could go. Hopefully there are videos of it around the web after.
And for Greggy… BEYOND!

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:26 am

    I’m sure there will be some videos taken of the panel — everything is recorded these days!

Zookey said:

July 20th, 9:31 am

Dylan!!! Longer version of what I said on Twitter:

I wasn’t sure at first about StarHawk ignoring/leaving the story of WarHawk (I always wanted to know the whole thing between the Eucadian and Chernovan countries)–but I trusted you guys so I kept an open mind.

Then I played it at E3.

THEN I saw the trailer today….

SOLD 200% MAN!!!! This is like combining WarHawk with Trigun and I approve whole heartily!

Any chance you could link us to higher res versions of those photos so we could use them as backgrounds?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:25 am

    Glad you’re digging it!

    SONY will be releasing the higher-res shots as part of our Comic-Con media pack. But I’m not sure when. Should be very soon though (couple of days).

Falaut said:

July 20th, 9:37 am

I understand the push for single player on many different levels, but ultimately this is what I want to say. Because the world/universe is being created like a wild west/individualistic setting, I hope that you are able to translate this in multiplayer, where you make YOUR persona to the world, and through constant play there is this single player immersion but on a multiplayer battlefield, where you are one of these multitudes of rifters with his/her own drop ship and so on…or the “Native” side, protecting.

can’t wait.

Maybe a little too early to post that “brother’s stand off pic”, as you haven’t announced that your brother has fully turned, or at least I don’t think ;)


    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:06 am

    We have talked about Emmett and his brother both being infected, but Emmett’s brother was fully infected and became Outcast. But… he retains a bit of his human cunning and leadership which is why he has become the Outlaw and leader of a warband in the New Frontier.

    Think of Emmett as mostly human but with a bit of Rift Mutation and his brother, the Outlaw, is mostly Rift Mutation with a bit of human.


July 20th, 9:37 am

Starhawk = Warhawk on steroids!! = SOLD!!!

remanutd5 said:

July 20th, 9:38 am

man cant wait to play it !!!!! Warhawk still remains my best online experience on the ps3 thus far !!! too bad i couldnt attend E3 this year anyways i hope to get the chance to play a demo soon

CoreConspiracy said:

July 20th, 9:44 am

Looks awesome Dylan…could you buy me a plane ticket to San Diego please?

LightKiosk said:

July 20th, 9:46 am

@8; They said from the very beginning that his brother got exposed to Rift Energy and “transformed”.

On-topic: I can’t wait for this game, it looks so awesome!

While so many people don’t want it to be as challenging at Warhawk, I actually WANT it to be as challenging as Warhawk. That’s what made the replay value so high! :)

I check your twitter on a daily basis and on PS Blog for hopefully more info about Starhawk. Definite day one purchase for me, and most likely the limited/collectors edition if there will be one.

Keep up the good work guys! I have totally confidence that this game will be a hit. :)

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:37 am

    I think when players talk about wanting the game to “not be as hard as Warhawk”, I think there are actually 2 key underlying factors. Both of which are completely TRUE!

    #1) A better difficulty ramp. In Warhawk, there were some ranks, some awards that were just really damn hard to get. Way harder than the other ones. These were spikes and spots bad curvature continuity on the XP graph, medal difficulty, etc.

    #2) It was too easy for an unskilled player to get spanked by an Ace. This was bad because that unskilled player was never really given the opportunity to “safely” learn and improve at the proper skill.

    The Design Team is making sure that the awards and rank-ups are much more thought out than what we did for Warhawk. And trust me because my office is right outside the Design Department, they love, LOVE to debate and discuss this stuff.

    And on the second point, the Starhawk servers track and maintain all the player’s SkillScores so that the Match Maker *and* the Server List are aware of the player’s skill relative to all the other players out there. This makes the Match Maker better and allows players who prefer the Server List, to be aware that some servers may just be too challenging.

Falaut said:

July 20th, 9:55 am


I knew that, just didn’t know he totally transformed, and thought he was more like Emmit, with that special gear on his back. Now I know.

poodude said:

July 20th, 10:03 am

Very nice! I love Westerns (just finished watching Unforgiven) and I also love sci fi. I love Warhawk as well. What I’m trying to say I can’t wait for this game and it looks stunning, nice work Lightbox!

DeadSpider said:

July 20th, 10:07 am

The Green Dotted Line is back :)

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:38 am

    The objective line helps players know where to go. In fact, we currently don’t display the line if you are driving someone with the flag — and that is something that we need to fix!

Enigma777 said:

July 20th, 10:08 am

OMG! That cutscene was amazing! Starhawk is quickly becoming my most anticipated game of 2012!!!

NiteVersions said:

July 20th, 10:12 am

Hey Dylan, please tell me Generals have priority for the beta!

This isn’t my actual account it’s my girlfriends (I’m mywhitenoise).

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:44 am

    I can’t speak to specifics yet, but we *are* planning some “special sauce” for all of our Warhawk fans!!

    Stay tuned!

purelyhypnotic said:

July 20th, 10:22 am

I can’t wait Day 1 purchase for me hope there’s a collector’s Edition

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:45 am

    I hope there is!!! I honestly don’t know — I’ll keep my fingers crossed though!!!


July 20th, 10:26 am

Dylan Jobe and his crew are just amazing..this game gets me so excited.

Tone-Capone said:

July 20th, 10:28 am

the visuals are amazing! kudos to LBI ! Looking better with each new reveal. Cannot wait to see the space battles!

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:39 am

    We can’t wait to show them off!

    The team is working really hard on them they are incredibly fun to play on. We’re playtesting another Orbital Space map this afternoon and I’m really looking forward to it!

Kane22_ said:

July 20th, 10:28 am

please tell me that the single player isnt like unreal tournament. cause if it is then u should just cancel it. i dont want to play an online mode offline and then be told its a single player campaign when all it is is just online but offline.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:45 am

    I totally understand and our Solo Campaign is *NOT* just deathmatch or CTF with bots!!!

KidCommando said:

July 20th, 10:31 am

Can not wait for this game!!

When will we see space combat???

Seeing_Red_Again said:

July 20th, 10:38 am

This game is looking awesome! I’m also really loving the atmosphere of the game

Dylan, please tell me there’ll be a Starhawk beta this year?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:42 am

    Oh you know that I can’t talk about the BETA right now!!!!

    But rest assured that Harvard (our Sr. Producer at SCEA) and we at LightBox Interactive will make damn sure there is a really great public BETA for Starhawk — when the time is right ;-)

ryuuk said:

July 20th, 10:45 am

hey dylan! isnt it room 25ABC?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:48 am

    I have seen it both ways. So I just made sure what I wrote matched what Harvard wrote on the earlier blog post.

Arcadian_Rebel said:

July 20th, 10:45 am

Those screens look amazing! Especially the last one! I so hope we can ride those types of ground vehicles in the multiplayer. :D

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 10:47 am

    Oh you can! They are really fast and agile. Great for blitzing into a base, making a flag run, or getting out ahead of other players to stake your claim on some spot of land with Build&Battle structures.

Hellman said:

July 20th, 11:03 am

Game looks great Dylan really impressed what I’ve seen from this game. BTW how are you liking Austin? The city seems to a perfect environment for a game studio.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 11:23 am

    Austin is great. The music, the bars, all the fun stuff you can do. The team and I really love it here.

    The game meet-ups are cool too.

    But, its been veeeeery hot lately!

Basindo said:

July 20th, 11:06 am

Dylan or Harvard do we have ANY sort of guess on the release date? I heard some said sometime like January-March next year. Just whatever it is don’t do Fall this year. I already have to play Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Twisted Metal and more. My wallet is F’d.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 11:38 am

    We are always tracking a release date internally but the SONY Santa Monica team is really great about making sure quality comes first so we don’t want to formally announce anything until we’re all 100% happy with it. And we still have some work ahead of us ;-)

    Now does that mean we’ll release Starhawk “Whenever we want to” ?

    No, not at all. We have a release date that we’re working towards and things are tracking well for us right now but at the end of the day, we always have to be flexible on release date.

korgon117 said:

July 20th, 11:10 am

Looks good but I can’t go to Comic con so guess I’m waiting for the beta.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 20th, 11:17 am


mcduff32 said:

July 20th, 11:22 am


So are you wearing pants right now?

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 20th, 11:24 am


    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 11:40 am

    Getting into Comic-Con is hard these days — it sells out so quickly!!

shika1983 said:

July 20th, 11:34 am

Will you guys be at Eurogamer – Sept 22-25 in London? I know it doubtful but I can dream can’t I?

Also I know you won’t state exact numbers can you at least confirm their will be more multiplayer maps on release on Starhawk than Warhawk had (on release or after DLC)?

Go on Dylan ….. make my day ;)

Dylan Jobe's Avatar

Dylan Jobe said:

July 20th, 11:53 am

Ya know what, I don’t know! I hope so, I am a big fan of that site.

And you know I can’t talk specifics… For really 2 reasons. The first is because we don’t want to say “features 50 maps!” and then ship less than that number and have our fans be bummed. And secondly, because there is a great deal of editing that happens. Some maps we like, some we don’t some can be refined and made to be great, other are just not working and have to be cut. It’s a normal part of the process.

But I think you’ll be happy ;-)

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 11:55 am

    This comment was suppose to be a reply to shika1983

    *comment fail*

Moshbag said:

July 20th, 11:56 am

Dylan, it’s looking ace, but where’s the tank? Please tell me this game has a tank!

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 12:04 pm

    There is a “tank” and its very cool. But you’ll have to wait until we unveil that vehicle and then let us know if *you* think its cool — Don’t just take my opinion on it!

Stringer2355 said:

July 20th, 12:02 pm

Is starhawk going to support 3-D ?

TheGuardianFID said:

July 20th, 12:07 pm

Dylan, you’re the MAN lol!!! I loved Warhawk and this baby looks awesome, consider it SOLD and if you give us a collector’s edition consider that one SOLD too!!! 8)

footballrule said:

July 20th, 12:08 pm

Will there be a game Beta sometime in the future?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 12:26 pm

    We are most certainly planing on doing a BETA for Starhawk but SONY Santa Monica and the team here at LightBox Interactive are still working on the schedule and plan so we can’t talk details yet because they aren’t locked down yet.

JackBauer_85 said:

July 20th, 12:09 pm

This game is awesome!!!

JackBauer_85 said:

July 20th, 12:12 pm

Hi Dylan, you are a genius!
I have only two question for the split-screen:

1) Is there a Log-In system for the split-screen?
For give to the players the possibilty to use the own ID for playing, like Resistance 2, Little Big Planet and the upcoming Uncharted 3.

2) Can the split-screen’s players join in the ranked server? I hope yes, this thing was too restrictive in WarHawk.

I think, if there were a Log-In system for the other players that join in split-screen, these players could participate to the ranked server, because any player would the own ID with own points and statistic.

I hope you can answer me, and sorry for my bad english ^^

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 1:23 pm

    #1) We are still evaluating the dual PlayStation Network login for split-screen so I can’t give you a definitive YES right now, but there is a good likelihood.

    #2) Short answer is YES, Split-Screen can be used. We are going to be taking a different approach than what we did on Warhawk though. Our current thinking is that all servers will allow you to play split-screen however you must be on the same team UNLESS…the player who created the server specifically enabled the “allow split teams option” which allows Rifters and Outcast to play on the same PS3.

Airwalkinman17 said:

July 20th, 12:40 pm

I really like those questions!!!

I was also under the impression that StarHawk would also allow for multiple PSN logins. All the newer PS3 exclusives are doing it along with Uncharted3, Resistance 3, and Twisted Metal. I’m sure Starhawk will do the same, but I’d like to know for sure. I’m a HUGE split screen online/offline gamer. Either way, I’m supporting Starhawk all the way. Day 1 purchase :D

Budapesti said:

July 20th, 12:43 pm

Is this the place to plug my Comic-Con 2011 LittleBigPlanet 2 level?

It is?? Excellent!


“All the fun of San Diego Comic-Con, without having to get stabbed in the eye with a pen.”

Kane22_ said:

July 20th, 12:53 pm

well i hope so Dylan cause i was really disappointed in unreal tournament 3 and brink for pretty much taking online and making it offline and try to pass it as a single player campaign. im a storyline gamer that’s why im so interested in the single player storyline. but don’t get me wrong i do tend to play the hell out of starhawk multiplayer when it releases next year:). also i hope starhawk has co-op in in please:)

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 1:12 pm

    Starhawk does have a really fun Co-op Mode that is separate from the campaign were 4 players are Rifters and there mission is to hold and defend a Rift Claim as the server sends wave after wave of Outcast units to try and take over the Rift.

    Co-op Build&Battle is really fun.

T-Jani said:

July 20th, 1:00 pm

All i wana know………………….is there XMB status updates like COD and LBP2?

Game looks great!

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 1:29 pm

    I’m not sure if I understand specifically what you’re asking — can you clarify for me?

MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:05 pm

I’m asking this out of pure curiosity :

Dylan, would you consider Starhawk will be *worth buying/playing* just for single-player campaign? And why? (throw some bones here if you will ;) about single-player content/modes, replay value, etc)

Are you actually striving to make the game able to stand on the single campaign by its own? If someone didn’t intent (for whatever reason) to fire a single shot in multiplayer, would they be satisfied with single player alone?

And do you, seriously, believe the single-player campaign could drive a solo-gamer into trying the multiplayer?

I seriously think, by the looks of it, this will be the first game that by playing its Story mode you can actually become quite good in order to tackle Multiplayer mode. Why I think that? because there’s quite a few game mechanics at work like B&B that players will be better-trained for once they face the challenges of the Story mode.

Mmm….challenges. Will there be any sort of Mission/Challenge Mode in Starhawk? C’mon! That could make a great cooperative mode!

Thanks in advance for your answers.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 20th, 1:08 pm


MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:14 pm

I post but nothing happens…sorry if I’m double posting…..

MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:18 pm

I give up

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 1:41 pm

    Don’t give up!! Maybe the internet just hates you right now!

Draven71 said:

July 20th, 1:26 pm

@39 and @40.

I wanna know the same thing! Multiple PSN accounts should really be a standard with all multiplayer and co-op games these days, that just seems like a no-brainer. I really love Warhawk and spent many hours playing hit but hated that my friends had to play as a guest and thus wouldn’t get rewarded for their efforts. I know I have the most fun when I can sit and play with my friends in the same room with them but not having multiple PSN logins makes them just wanna stay home so they know they are getting the credit for their work as well. Have this feature would be a major benefit for sure.

Dylan: Starhawk is looking absolutely fantastic, especially the awesome Build & System, and I can’t wait to get to Comic Con to try it out. Will you and some of the other guys from the studio be on the floor talking to us fans as we try out Starhawk? I’m really looking forward to your panel as well. Starhawk is definitely a day one purchase for me. Keep up the great work.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 1:46 pm

    We hear ya! Dual PSN logins for split-screen is a big deal and we just want to make sure we can support it properly before we commit.

    Are there things that we want to do in Starhawk that it can’t support? Or vice versa? Do we store a player’s customization info on the PSN so when he logs into a split-screen, he is automatically displayed with his character and vehicle customizations? Do we store control configs on the network so that he automatically gets all of his options when he logs in to split-screen too?

    There are all kinds of things like the ones I’ve mentioned above that we are evaluating.

    We’ll keep you posted!

Marv2K11 said:

July 20th, 1:29 pm

Hey Dylan, I uh…I love you :|

MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:46 pm

@Dylan …heh heh, it’s posting everything except what I really want to get posted lol! Well, I guess now the world will never know the cure for cancer….

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