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Jul 20

Jul 20

Starhawk, Comic-Con and YOU!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

When Sony asked us to do a panel we were like “hmmm, what is this Co-mi-con thing you speak of? Do a lot of people go to it? Is it full of awesome? And if it *is* full of awesome, what kind of awesome?”

Their response was “It’s a mega-con of film, games, toys, and comics. Yes, tons of people. Yes, its awesome. The unstable, explosive imagination isotopes of awesome.”

So after all of 3 seconds of deliberation, we were like “@&!*@#$, #@%!*$, *&!?!@#!!!”

That’s an enthusiastic YES. Comic-Con is just the perfect venue to talk about Starhawk’s universe, our characters and the story that drives the Solo Campaign. So, BAM! check this out:

It’s a video that we captured from the game and shows how we tell story in the Starhawk. It’s done with a really great kind of animated “wanted” poster style, punctuated with Rift Energy. They’re Emmett’s memories. His Rift visions. They’re being produced by a studio here in Austin, Powerhouse Animation (they worked on the Penny Arcade Adventures animations). We’ve also got some really cool tech that seamlessly blends between the animations and the game (as you can see in the video). This really makes the solo experience smooth and buttery. We didn’t want any experiential speed bumps in the solo campaign. You can sit down, start the game and smoothly flow from mission to mission with no loading screens!


So, yeah, we’re having our Starhawk panel at Comic-Con on Sunday July 24th, 10am – 11am in room 25AB. It’s gonna be moderated by Greg Miller from IGN and we’re going to be showing some never before seen art and videos of the journey and process we took from the initial game concept to the Starhawk that we have today. Getting really in depth with Emmett Graves (our hero character) the universe of the New Frontier, Rifter Unions, Outcast Warbands, and how Rift Energy took away the only family Emmett had.


Family is a classic western story element and for Starhawk, it seemed really, really fitting for us. Our writter, Koen Wooten, has really been able to bring the Starhawk Universe to life and he’ll be at the panel on Sunday too! Did you know he worked on the props for the Coen Brother’s movie True Grit!! Consider that random Starhawk fact a freebie, folks!

But it’s more than just the western elements for us. It’s been about striking the right balance of advanced sci-fi with the texture and warmth of the western themes. And it’s this balance that motivates all of our creative work — from the design of all the stuff in the Starhawk universe, down to even the compositions we choose for screen shots and illustrations.


All this stuff comes together to create Starhawk’s unique universe and we’re excited to let people at Comic-Con get their hands on some singleplayer gameplay. ‘Cause ya know, the solo mission was only available to the press behind closed doors at E3! So swing by the Sony booth and get your Starhawk on! Oh, and yes, I’m told there will be Starhawk bags being handed out.

Did you know that if you put enough swag bags *in* another swag bag, you’ll rip a hole in spacetime and be able to flap your wings like a butterfly and cause future hurricanes or some crap like that. I don’t know. I saw it in an Ashton Kutcher movie once I think.

OK, that’s it from me again. Time to get back to work.

Rock on!!

PS: And I *do* feel like I’m going through Uncharted3 BETA withdrawal! Maybe I should check myself into a clinic!!!

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cldfusion said:

July 20th, 1:46 pm

Makes me want to play it sooo bad! You’re torturing me -In a good way;)
I know you’ll get really creative with the game modes and SP/Co-op. I can’t wait to see all the shiny space missions. Going to be awesome! Please leave in Zones(the best), and the observer cam(only unranked).

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    July 20th, 2:57 pm

    Oh yes. In fact, the designers have some really cool ideas for how we’re going to sweeten up Free for All (Deathmatch) mode in Starhawk too!

MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:48 pm

Well, just out of pure curiosity:

Are you actually striving to make the game able to stand on the single campaign by its own? If someone didn’t intent (for whatever reason) to fire a single shot in multiplayer, would they be satisfied with single player alone?

And do you, seriously, believe the single-player campaign could drive a solo-gamer into trying the multiplayer?

I seriously think, by the looks of it, this will be the first game that by playing its Story mode you can actually become quite good in order to tackle Multiplayer mode. Why I think that? because there’s quite a few game mechanics at work like B&B that players will be better-trained for once they face the challenges of the Story mode.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

MarinoBrea said:

July 20th, 1:54 pm

what do you know, my hostile post now appears as #44…I guess it has a mind of its own, lol

Draven71 said:

July 20th, 2:21 pm

@Dylan (In response to post 48)

Thanks for the response, clearly there are numerous design, network and performance issues that have to be taken into account in order to accomplish something like supporting multiple PSN logins. Hopefully it is something that that your team at LightBox Interactive can take a look at and include, even if it isn’t at launch. For me it isn’t even close to being a deal breaker for a game like Starhawk. I’ve had plenty of great “Oh [DELETED]!” (In a good way!) moments while playing Warhawk and I’m totally confident that I will have the same experiences, if not more with Starhawk. I’m so looking forward to getting to play a bit of Starhawk on the showroom floor at Comic Con that I may not want to leave.

Damn, now I wanna play some Warhawk….See ya on the battlefield!


July 20th, 3:44 pm

Dylan i want to bring my champions blade into StarhawK, can you make that happen?

bitbydeath said:

July 20th, 4:11 pm

Hi Dylan, can you make the knife a selectable weapon rather than just a button. It is my favourite weapon. Also will there be any stealth in this game?

ATLRoAcH said:

July 20th, 4:35 pm

Could you guys push for a spring release date please? I want to get in a bunch of play time before the world ends. : )

SkyXhawk said:

July 20th, 4:36 pm

I’m not sure about the aerial combat anymore. It looks like the arcade mode got dumbed down. It’s just that some of us feel more comfortable flying on the arcade than “pro” flight mode :( no more training wheels for us xD.

Commandofin said:

July 20th, 4:42 pm

Forget Dual logins, how about quad logins if the game supports 4-player splitscreen.
And please add possibily to change chaff from R3 to R2 or L2 because I might accidently push R3 which happens a lot for me.

PK-Deviluke25 said:

July 20th, 5:02 pm

Dylan will there be XMB Status updates like. Example: PK-Deviluke25 (below my name it will say) Starhawk playing single player on (Mission Name) name or Starhawk Multyplayer Capture the Flag on (Map Name)

I would really like this feature since when i played Warhawk I couldn’t know what was my friend doing so i couldn’t send them an invite without asking them if they’re currently in a game.

marlyt said:

July 20th, 5:38 pm

Great motion comic. Any chance of a print mag or movie like this one to tie Warhawk and Starhawk together? And any chance of just releasing this game now? We would like that a great deal.

Ethereal said:

July 20th, 5:44 pm

Holy crap! That is one of the coolest start screens I have seen! (other than god of war) Seriously this is looking fantastic guys keep working hard, we are all waiting to give you our money for such an awesome game. If it was anything like the E3 demo I played I am expecting the fans to eat it up.

PoisonDart said:

July 20th, 8:29 pm

This game is lookin BEASTLY, a Day 1 buy for me also but 1 question I have is will this game support 3D cause it lookin like it’s made for it.

aquastorm said:

July 20th, 8:43 pm





DeadSpider said:

July 20th, 11:53 pm

@aquastorm #62:
Hi there,
If I’m not mistaken StarHawk will have some sort of cross clan chat. Even though I’m not a fan of that kind of stuff I think the majority of the playerbase will be satisfied.

On another note: I’m sure the crew at LightBox would love to make a FirmWare update for the PlayStation to add support for Cross Game Chat but that’s not what they do.

xAToMiC--GaMeRx said:

July 21st, 12:48 am

Now I know everything from your Replys Dylan !! Thanks Man I Love You :) !!

xAToMiC--GaMeRx said:

July 21st, 12:50 am

Ammm… Sorry I mean Replies** :(

Sharp_Dagger said:

July 21st, 3:24 am

1. Do you think you will offer the XML feeds for whitelisting again? Even though you will have your own site, it was great what MyHawk did with their creativity and a free market of ideas sounds exciting.

2. People have been wondering if we are going to get our individual soundtracks that alter with the activity going on around us like we had in Warhawk.

T-Jani said:

July 21st, 6:08 am

Reply@Dylan on comment 43

What i mean is alot of first party games from Sony that feature multiplayer like Socom, Killzone 3 and GT5 dont have Cross Media Bar status updates!!!! If you have ever played COD MW2 on the ps3 near your friends name you can see exactly what they are doing in the game> example

Modern Warfare 2 playing Team deathmatch on Vacant


LittleBigPlanet 2 in the menu’s

Its so helpfull when you know what mode your friends are playing as you can say “oh his playing free for all, let me join in”

Not enough sony games have this, please include it in Starhawk as multiplayer is so important.

Spread the word to all sony devs lol. Oh yea day1 for me :-)

Sharp_Dagger said:

July 21st, 6:23 am

Dylan, Is 202-B supposed to represent 202-B-TC-P which represents a universal fluorescent lightbox as a shout out to “Lightbox” or is that some kind of date or message we are supposed to decode (like on the gun)?

Buckis2002 said:

July 21st, 9:14 am

How deep (if there is any) can you edit the cosmetic appearence of your character will it be like customizing you look with clothes (like UC3) or something like that (editing your charcters facial appearence like how your face looks would be nice but necessary) also if I can customize my character I want a sweet pair of shades

BLL00 said:

July 22nd, 7:29 am


I have been playing this game since 2007 and I fly Warhawks (That’s what I do). My question is, will there be a flight mode similar to pro flight, as in full manual control ?

Thank you.

SkyXhawk said:

July 22nd, 5:31 pm

I know i’m not Dylan, but in one of the videos it was mentioned that there will be two flight modes. One for the newbies-mediocre players. The other one for the warhawh aces a.k.a “pro” flight. So I guess you can say there’s one that has full manual control.

SkyXhawk said:

July 22nd, 5:34 pm

Dylan, is it possible to add another flight mode in or is it too problematic?

In warhawk someone of us prefered to fly the “arcade” flight opposed to proflight. I don’t know about starhawk, but you mentioned the arcade flight is for newbies-mediocre pilots.

vissanity said:

July 24th, 6:25 pm

Hey Dylan, I was wondering if there was going to be A LOT of customization. Customizing my character in Warhawk was what made all the time in ranking up so worth it. I would be VERY happy if there was thorough customization in starhawk. P.S. I was a tester for Warhawk with my friend and his dad Mike Badger. Wondering if you still remember him?

MeXlMlLlaN said:

July 30th, 12:30 pm

Dylan, Warhawk is just the best game I’ve ever played. Since I have started playing it in 2007 till now. Hope you keep in Zone servers, the costumizations, the clansystem and ranksystem. AND THE PRO FLIGHT MODE ;)

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